The Dangers Of Noni Juice, Maca Powder And Coconut Oil

Thanks to Melissa for the heads up.

Miranda constantly bangs on about how wonderful TNI Noni Juice is and now she says how she uses Maca Powder in her protein shakes. Well, it seems Maca Powder has it’s dangers and Miranda does not warn anyone about them.

Side effects associated with Maca Root supplements focusing specifically on the central nervous system and brain include mood swings, headaches and insomnia. People who suffer from Thyroid conditions should also avoid taking Maca. (source)

A lady also gives her account of Maca here where she suffered similar symptoms to the above.

Also, as we have discussed previously, Noni juice can also cause liver failure (you can find the thread here). It also seems TNI (you know, the company Miranda’s mother used to work for) had a bit of a to-do a few years ago where they failed to warn their customers of the chemicals they were drinking in their Noni (one chemical being Testosterone and its esters as carcinogens – known to cause cancer). TNI settled out of court. (source)

Wow, who would have thought things so natural would be so deadly!! Yet again Miranda FAILS to provide adequate warnings to her adoring public. Liver failing, cancer causing Noni. Nervous system/brain fucking Maca. Pimple causing, skin reddening KORA (and that’s without the lack of warning of the essential oils episode).


“Where Is The Evidence?

Coconut oil has some heart-friendly fatty acids (myristic) but more heart-unfriendly fatty acids (lauric), says Roger Clemens, DrPH, spokesman and incoming president of Institute of Food Technologists and member of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines committee.

A meta-analysis of 60 studies evaluated the effects of individual fats on risk of coronary artery disease. A few studies looked at coconut oil and found the combination of fatty acids improved the ratio of total cholesterol: HDL (good) cholesterol but they also raised LDL (bad) cholesterol.

“Saturated fats can increase LDL (bad) cholesterol and even though a few studies showed it may improve the ratio of cholesterol to HDL cholesterol, they also showed an increase in LDL cholesterol and bottom line, any food that increases LDL cholesterol should be limited because LDL cholesterol is the main treatment target for heart disease,” Kris Etherton says.

However, there is debate over the role of saturated fat and the role of LDL cholesterol.

Mozaffarian says LDL cholesterol is just one of many biomarkers for heart disease risk. “LDL is important but so is HDL and which is more important and relevant to good health is speculative so we should look beyond LDL in isolation to determine a food’s health impact.”

Most experts agree that to reduce the risk of heart disease, replacing saturated fats with healthier unsaturated fats is preferred. There is further agreement that more research is needed in the area of fatty acids and its relationship to health.”  (source)

~ by Kerrazy Lies on March 11, 2011.

15 Responses to “The Dangers Of Noni Juice, Maca Powder And Coconut Oil”

  1. TBH, she shouldn’t be recommending ANY supplements to her fans. They follow her blindly and any of the things she mentioned can be dangerous if you’re not careful. The blood type diet is a sham and her gluten free diet is a waste of time for anyone who doesn’t have celiac disease, which only about 1% of the population. Gluten free foods are not more nutritious and don’t have fewer calories then products with wheat gluten. The only reason to be on a gluten free diet is if your doctor recomends it, beyond that it’s just another celeb fad. Anyone that would take nutritional advice from a model who starves herself for a living should ask their doctor what s/he recommends to fix what is wrong with their head, imho.

    • Very true. I was reading the comments of that blog post and noticed someone say how they are following her lifestyle to the tee. It irks me! Like when people post on her KORA FB asking about some supplement, like she is the only person in the world who will know the answer. They will also wait weeks for a reply (if they ever get one) when it would be quicker to Google it or ask on an appropriate forum.

      • Srsly. I can’t get over the fact that they ask an underwear model of all people these questions when they can find the answers themselves with just a few seconds on Google. She puts herself out there as an expert and they believe that she is. Yes, she does disclaim her statements (on rare occasions) but those zombie minions of hers already see her as a doctor/nutritionalist so the damage is already done.

      • Totally agree with you both. If people need health or nutrition advice they should go and see a DOCTOR.

      • they ask an underwear model, who happens to be a qualified health coach and who studied psychology and nutrition. you’re lucky enough that she is giving any answers, as that is not her job and she does not get paid for it. however, of course people do need to contact a healthcare professional before taking any of the supplements, and miranda tells people to do that.

      • Actually, Miranda DOES NOT have a qualification, you will find that out by reading the most recent entries on this blog and again, she only starting saying contact a health pro since we caught her giving medical advice. I mean not once does she say “be careful with Noni” as Noni is dangerous for people with underlying health problems but no, she just dishes it out at her yoga class and doesnt tell anyone to consult a health pro before taking it. Oh, Im so SO glad she answers questions, trust me on that, this blog wouldnt exist if it was for Miranda and her lack of keeping her mouth shut.

      • She studied (not finished) nutrition, NOT psychology. You can see that in this video at 2:00:
        And we’d be luckier if people like Miranda Kerr were a little more responsible and give no answer. But like Nefratiti said, without her answers we would not have this blog…

  2. What knowledge does she have to be giving her minions any advice.

  3. Why does she do this? never WARN people about the dangers of the things she recommends? You know one day I can see a lot of her fans having health problems due to all her recommending this shit, and will she care less? Will she hell! If she cared she would give people all the info there was. But if you follow a model who obviously starves herself, probably chain smokes and maybe takes a lot of drugs to keep off the hunger pangs, then you deserve all you get, she probably doesn’t follow her own advice, that is the joke. Being healthy is such easy, common sense, you really dont need to take her advice for anything, what will she be telling people next? That the sky is blue and bears shit in the woods?

  4. Ohhhhh my goodness. I have never seen such a NEGATIVE blog in my life! I have been taking coconut oil for the past 2 years, and blood tests reveal absolutely no increase in my cholesterol, and my weight has decreased! I use Kora skincare often, and my skin has not broken out or developed any redness!. I have met Therese Kerr and had conversations about the products. She admits that they do not aim to promise to be a miracle cure for any skin condition, but believe that using natural, healing ingredients will be a lot better than the chemical laden products available today. All these comments have no real justification, and are simply accusatory.

    • “Ohhhhh my goodness. I have never seen such a NEGATIVE blog in my life!” Then you have lived a very, very sheltered life.
      “I have been taking coconut oil for the past 2 years, and blood tests reveal absolutely no increase in my cholesterol, and my weight has decreased!” Good for you, other people haven’t been so lucky.
      “I use Kora skincare often, and my skin has not broken out or developed any redness!” Again, good for you. Tell that to the lots of legitimate people that have had a bad experience with the wonderful KORA.
      “I have met Therese Kerr and had conversations about the products.” Interesting!
      “She admits that they do not aim to promise to be a miracle cure for any skin condition…” Actually, both MK and Therese have stated AS FACT in their FB replies that KORA WILL help and PROMISE to make peoples skin beautiful. No, IF, BUT, MAYBE. Its all on this blog if you can be bothered to go find it.
      “All these comments have no real justification, and are simply accusatory.” What comments? The ones where people say MK should warn or give a disclaimer before giving advise? Or do you mean the comments in my post? As you can see, I link to the sources of the information I post. If that is your problem, take it up with the people I quote from. Either way, nothing accusatory in the slightest.


  6. What I now find interesting is how she was promoting taking these supplements wihile breastfeeding her son. Is she implying these are ok to take while breastfeeding??

  7. well, she never recommends anything, instead people ask her what her diet is consisted of. people want to know her dieting secrets and it is what she personally uses, and something that has worked for her. miranda always says in her blogs to contact a healthcare professional before taking any of the supplements. peoples use of supplements is their own responsibility and therefore the misuse is their own fault.

    • Sometimes shes asked, sometimes she isnt and gives her advice on everything under the sun off her own bat! Oh and she only started saying “consult a health professional” when we caught her out saying inaccurate an dangerous things on her blog. KORA products did not state on its packaging that essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women so I think you will find that is Miranda’s fault, not the consumer!

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