Update: KORA / Ecocert

Just a quick heads up. Received an email from Ecocert and they have confirmed that KORA have actually applied for certification on more of their products and these products are currently going through the certification process as we speak.

The application in dribs and drabs still makes no sense to me but there you have it. Shame it took you so long to apply for the cert and that you fraudulently made a few bucks using Ecocerts name along the way, but glad you are going through the proper channels now and I sincerely hope all your products pass and get certified.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on March 4, 2011.

12 Responses to “Update: KORA / Ecocert”

  1. Wonder if the next certification announcement will feature one or two new items.

  2. I have a feeling all the products were initially sent for certification but because of the ingredients in them, all but the 3 mists, failed the certification. So they’d had to go back and change the ingredients and send them for recertification. I guess the only way to know would be to check the ingredients of all the products if/when they get certified. I doubt anyone with even half a braincell would send them for certification in dribs.

  3. Good on ‘er for backing someting up. I hope it works out for her though she should have done this a long time ago.

    Kinda OT for this thread, but did you notice in a lot of the new candids she’s been holding Flynn now? I’m starting to think she or her people do read this blog because almost every comment is “answered” and it seems too often to be coincidence. The cert is another example though she should have done that one regardless.

  4. I’m starting to think she or her people do read this blog because almost every comment is “answered” and it seems too often to be coincidence.

    They read this Block, Lydia, definitely!

    I for myself hope, that O reads this Block too and this threads open his Eyes (if he still don’t know the character of his wife and her Family). 😉

  5. I still think she’s a sellout and a whore.

  6. I hate how she claims to be so down to earth. Especially how her bro matt was saying that she’s with a real man that can buy her everything she wants. If she was so down to earth she wouldn’t care about designer brands and money. But she obviously does.

    • I go along with you, Isabelle.

    • Exactly. Like how she tells everyone to wear organic clothes yet she is usually dressed head to toe in designer clothes and carries designer accessories. Im sure she did an interview around 6 months ago or so and everything she named was a designer brand.

    • She’s always wearing designer clothing and hand bags, which brings me to another case. Perhaps I’m nitpicking, but majority of the hand bags she carries besides her “husband” are Prada. I know next to nothing about Prada, but what she carries always seem to be real leather hand bags. Now I could be wrong and they could be faux leather, I haven’t a clue; but for someone who praises herself as being organic and all things natural, real leather hand bags are hardly natural or organic.

      Then again, she most likely got them for free, so what would she care if they were real leather or not.

      • I know Prada do some faux leather items but not sure if these items are bags. I Googled Prada faux leather and found more stuff about beds than anything else. I then Googled Prada faux leather bag – I couldnt find anything apart from how to tell if a Prada bag is real or fake so I have no idea.

      • I just googled it as well and it seems all that comes up with is real leather (I’ve seen from deer skin to calf).

        So much for Earth Mother.

      • OMG deer skin to calf?? Why?!? Leather is usually a biproduct but dont agree with it regardless, hate wearing any kind of animal!

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