Cinderella Matty?

It seems Matt (aka Matty, aka Poostain, aka threats of murder) is currently posting on the KORA FB, one thing he has said so far has caught my eye.

Matty said:

just been working and trying to save some money, want to go on a big holiday half way through the year so I am just saving up for that.”

When I read that, I thought “millionaires Miranda and Orlando couldn’t give/loan poor Matthew some money to go on holiday??”.

I then thought “maybe Matt wants to go somewhere extravagant and Mr and Mrs Rothschild don’t justify Matty taking a break somewhere luxurious”… until I read…

I will probably head to America and see Miranda, Orlando and Flynn. =)”

Then I thought “maybe Matty is proud and won’t take any money from his rich as croesus sister” but then remembered he actually works FOR Miranda as her skivvy so, as far as I’m, concerned, all his pride went out the window!

If this really is Matty, he seems to have dreams and ambitions and has put them on hold for Miranda and KORA (“Kora started to get really busy so I decided to defer for a year and help out with the business.” ) yet he has to pay for his own “holiday” to go and see his sister? Ok, now I feel sorry for Matty! Just a little.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on March 1, 2011.

24 Responses to “Cinderella Matty?”

  1. WOW! I don’t even get why Matty would defer just to work for Kora, couldnt she get someone else to work for them? That’s if you believe that version which I don’t. I reckon Matty was going nowhere, after all his only work experience was at Denny’s burger bars, I think she gave him a job because quite frankly he was unemployed, while I think his ideal job would be in fashion (hahaha!) I can’t see him ever making it, you need more qualifications than having a panty model for a sister, so I think thats more likely the truth, I also think it is more than odd why she has a whole family working at Kora and just one best friend- why on earth would you just not employ normal workers rather than her family- i think the reason is obvious, they can’t afford to pay anyone who isnt a leech (her family and friend) to work there, and I think kora isnt doing very well, regardless of what they claim, so having the family working there keeps that under wraps.

    Either way Matty isnt making his sis look good is he? A millionaire cant afford to pay for a plane ticket for her “beloved” bro to come and stay with her, she let him defer his DREAM to have him work for Kora rather than just employ someone else. How nice!

    • I do think its odd how her entire family work for KORA. Its like theres a secret that must not get out and she can only trust her family and closest friend(s) to keep it lol What is bothering me of late is the way MK goes on her KORA FB, people ask her questions about KORA (like they would considering its the KORA FB) and, more often than not, she tells them to email Tammy for an answer. If she doesnt want to answer questions about her amazing and miraculous skincare line, why go on at all? Is she getting sick of it? I mean she gets asked the same quesrions time and time and time again. How are you? How is Flynn? Where can I buy your book? What would you recommend for…? Where can I buy KORA? etc etc I get sick of reading it so she must tear her extensions out lol

      • I think the reason she’s pointing everyone in to Tammy’s direction is because everytime she opened her mouth before, absolute crap fell out and she gets bitten on the butt with what she’s stated, so now, with Tammy answering any queries, if anything goes wrong with what is said/claimed, Tammy will be thrown to the lions and Ms Earth Mother can still be seen as oh-so-virginal and pristine. You better start wearing armor plating, Tammy, for that target that’s painted on your back.

        Maybe Matty’s hoping by saying that, more people would sympathize with him and buy more Whora crap so he can get more commission, or maybe he read on the Delphi site that people there were taking “donations” to enable Sonia to go see her “first grandchild”, and hoped to get such a “donation” for himself too. lol

        As to him wanting to save money for his holiday, may I suggest getting a REAL JOB??

      • PMSL! I can totally see Tammy being the fall guy now MK seems to have stopped giving people the wrong advice.

        LOL Matty should totally try standing on his own two feet, like he did when he lived in Canada and like you say, get a real job if he can’t afford the ticket to see his beloved sister. But I think “copy and pasting” stuff about essential oils from other sites is all Matty is good for tbh! His drawn on cassette tapes were a bit lame, same goes for the tee’s he created with all his friends faces on lol Spitting in burgers and issuing death threats on forums is all he will ever amount to.

    • Said millionaire couldn’t be bothered to help out HER OWN GRANDPARENTS who’s house(where she spent her loving childhood in) burned, what makes us think she’d help her only brother. She’s got more emotional ties with the dead boyfriend than she has with her own “living” family.

      And I very much doubt poostain actually deferred anything to go work at Whora, he prolly thought it was easy money working there, just get people to buy the shit and collect the money.

      • Ah yes, keep forgetting about her grandparents… I mean, her fathers parents! Maybe Matty is hoping that if he keeps screaming about his poverty long enough, DJ’s will step in and come to the rescue like they did for poor Mr and Mrs Nan Kerr lol But yes, her dead ex is obviously more important to her!

  2. I always saw her family working at KORA as a way to get the family into the “showbiz” that she’s in. I always imagined she was paying them too much, but maybe not if he can’t afford to come see her. Then again, maybe he’s actually a dead beat and she felt sorry for him or some version of this. Family businesses aren’t uncommon and hollywood is full of “not what you know, but who” kinda crap.

    I do get the sense that, as Nefratiti said, KORA’s not the cash cow the all imagined it would be. Seems things just keep going wrong with it. No eco cert, people are getting rashes, it’s over priced, it’s not distributed well, people can’t find it etc. On the other hand, starting a business is hard and full of flubs. It’s how you manage them that decides your success.

    • I get what you are saying about how starting up a business can be hard but KORA has George Moskos’ backing and I think he is some kind of businessman and I dont think he would take too kindly of a bunch of amateurs flushing his financial backing down the drain coupled with the odd fraudulant claim thrown in.

      • Dunno who this George person is but I’d think if he was such a savvy businessman, he’d make sure that if the business that he’s financially backing, claimed to be Eco-certified organic, the claim would be concrete and not just a claim made without stamped proof. I’d say he’s phail too…

      • Like anyone else who seems to be connected to KORA outside of the Kerrs (Moskos, DJ’s), they never seem to have a clue regarding the certified organic shiz. Maybe they all just let her get on with it which is such a bad move.

      • I definitely agree with you that she shot herself in the foot by claiming this shit was certified before it was. Considering how much she loves quoting other people’s wisdom you think she’d heard of “don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” I mean, come on, didn’t she grow up on a damn farm?

        I still like her, but my opinion of her changes more and more each day thanks to this site. Thanks for taking the blinders off.

      • @ Lydia, you’re quite welcome about the blog 🙂

        I do have one serious question for you though. You say you still like MK. Can I ask what you like about her? I’m not going to try and change your mind or anything, just curious because of all the shit we’ve proven.

      • I know you’re not trying to change my mind & I’m not trying to change yours. I’m not as big a fan as I was. I think I got caught up in the whole fantasy thing (willingly I admit). I’m not as big into the OB fandom as I was before. I saw the cute pics of them together being affectionate (which he never was with KB) and went with it. Why not? She seemed nice enough though pretty damn dumb. I never thought she was a genius. I never believed she wrote that book on her own but thought it was good of her to try and help young girls blah, blah, blah not much sleep lost on that. I like that she’s at least preaching health (whether or not she practices it who knows) instead of these models that claim “I just have a high metabolism. I eat nothing but pizza, cookies and chips allllll day and I NEVER work out. I just look like this with NO effort.” which I think is a bad message. So I like that she admits she works hard at it. I like that she’s interested in environmental causes and tries to focus on the positive. I can be a very bitter person very easily & i’ve been trying to be less so. In general I think she’s a well-intentioned person. I just think she’s gotten herself trapped in her own illusion that she can do anything and that her life is perfect. When you’re successful people always want to see you fail. I don’t know. I’ll fully admit I was blinded by the beauty for a while (I go both ways). I let it happen.

        It’s weird. I had doubts about her at the beginning considering she was a model & my general opinion of models is not a positive one, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. (I had no idea who she was before OB) I still think she’s physically perfection. Now, (after everything y’all post) I guess you’d say I see the more human side to her rather than the image. Human’s aren’t perfect, they lie, they mess up, they let people down. For better or worse I believe that she believes she’s giving good advice.

        I didn’t express this very eloquently & I’m sure some of you still think I’m an incredibly stupid “phan” but this is all for fun for me. It’s not life and death, ya know? But I can get where y’all are coming from. I loathed KB and was always dismissed as being a stoopid jelus fattie h8ter!!! Despite having valid reasons so I won’t rain on your parade. I might disagree on certain points though. 🙂

      • @ Lydia. Its fair enough you think what you think and I have no problem with anyone liking her for whatever reason. Thanks for answering my question 🙂 Appreciated!

  3. I agree, tried not to laugh when I read that! I also love how dingho is always saying she has to go because the “little one” needs her. WTF, where is her “husband”? Why can’t he help take care of him.

    I have my doubts that she even takes care of the child (as she seems more harassed than happy with him). I suspect she gets offline because she hates that all the questions are about Orlando or Flynn and she doesn’t like it.

    Just my opinion

    • Yep, I think you hit the nail on the head! She is too self absorbed to be a mother because I think she hates sharing any kind of attention with anyone else, even her own child so the constant questions about others will bug her no doubt!

      I also agree with you about her taking care fo Flynn. Why is she not appearing with Flynn in any pictures we see? She’s never carrying him, pushing him in a stroller. I think she only posted the breast feeding picture because she knew it may cause a stir and get her attention because, lets face it, she looks the star of the show in that picture!

    • I agree. Majority of the reasons as of late are her claiming that Flynn’s crying to be fed. Really then, why get online if you know his feeding is coming up. Oh right, promoting your breasts[feeding].

      She’s a broken record when it comes to the questions of how Flynn and/or Orlando are. It’s always “we’re going great” or for Flynn it’s constantly “he’s such a good little boy”, “he’s gorgeous”, “he’s going great”. It’s like her and the overuse of “excited/exciting”.

      • Wahahaha, it’s not like she can say, “oh god, what the hell. I just fed the little bastard and now he’s crying again. Why, WHY can’t he leave me a little PEACE to get in touch with my best friends on FB. Damn that O, partying at all hours of the night and riding his damn bike, and leaving me to tend this little demon all by myself. I have to pretend to be oh-so-happy when my stretchmarks just won’t go away, my face is still phat and greasy, and I can’t fit into my skinny-jeans anymore, even when I go out in pap setups, I have to suck in my tummy and make like I’ve gone back to my pre-baby body. I was gonna be set for life when I trapped O with Fling but now I’m trapped at home, catering to this little person’s caterwauling all the time and O makes like he’s still single!!!” (sorry, I don’t do dingho speak so it’s in straight english)

      • @Bellz
        Still laughing here…Lol

      • Same here… 🙂
        I can really image this Scene, beliz. *LOL*

  4. What exactly did Matty defer? The inevitability of failure?

    • This.

    • LMFAO!

      Well, every family needs that greasy haired douche bag that sits on the sofa all day smoking weed and talking about what an awesome future he/she would have if they could just get a damn job. They got skillz, man!

      I don’t know why, but I get the feeling he is that dude in the Kerr family. I could be wrong though.

  5. also this is known for a fact that when she does charities, she only lends them her image, as far as donations and time are concerned, she doesn’t give or a very small amount. if i was earning even 200,000 a year, i would be paying roundtrip for my sibling’s vaca.

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