How Many KORA Products Are Certified?

Did anyone find it odd how Miranda and the KORA Team displayed their Certified Organic Certificate for our benefit so proudly, yet didn’t display the extra product certificate which stated exactly which products were certified?

The reason? Only 3 out of the 13 KORA products are now certified organic. Yes, you heard correctly… 3!

Here is the email from Eco Cert.

Did only 3 pass?

Are KORA getting certified in dribs and drabs?

Im thinking the former, as doing a few at a time will take longer and may cost more cash.

I’ve not heard of the Calming Lavender, maybe this is one of the new products Miranda has been promising for many, many months?

Now the proof is there (and, feel free to email Eco Cert to check for yourselves), will MK claim all her products are certified and try to get away with it? Will she be honest? Or will she not answer those who ask for such details? Time will tell but… 3? Epic fail!

A huge thank you to the lovely person (who wishes to remain anon) who went to the trouble of emailing Eco Cert and sending me the screencap!!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 24, 2011.

24 Responses to “How Many KORA Products Are Certified?”

  1. She lies all the time.

  2. I was wondering about which products were accepted. Only 3? Not even her precious rosehip oil?

    Shall we see another KORA blog post about this now?

    • I know, Im shocked only 3, I would have thought at least 6 or 7 but I dont get why not try to get all your products certified at once… makes one wonder (or not lol). Very surprised the Rosehip Oil isnt there. Maybe KORA couldnt afford to get everything certified and just went for 3? Not sure if it costs per product to be certified, Im thinking so but lol anyways!

      • I don’t know if it costs per product (one of which looks to be new) or if they go by the ingredients. Could be a combination of both.

      • After thinking about this some more and Googling EcoCert’s “standards” and how the inspection works, it seems that when you have a range of apparently organic products they all get inspected and go throught the process together, as lets face it, why would you or they do it in dribs and drabs, especially when you already have out a full apparently organic range and especially considering that EcoCert come and visit you once a year (and do surprise visits), as the THREE mists are certified from the 1st Jan 2010, they expire in December this year, so what is it? She does another three that get certified in another few months, it would pretty much a pain in the ass for her to have all these different certificates and EcoCert having to come out inspecting these different products all year round, so it isnt making sense, it only makes sense if you have an already certified organic range and you add to that range with new products- I could be totally wrong on this and if I am cool, but I think all the the other products maybe didnt fit with EcoCert’s standards and failed, and is it is only the mists that have passed to be certified organic, if that is the case she can do one of two things, change the ingredients to EcoCert standards, or do nothing and have her customers or potential customers believe that everything is certified organic because the three mists are (even though she didnt give that info when bragging about her license the other day), I am actually now interested to see this new packaging and to see if she has put it on all her products that they are certified organic when they aren’t- time will tell.

      • Ecocert has two different labels from what I understand, natural and organic cosmetic label and natural cosmetic label.

        From their website:

        For the natural and organic cosmetic label: logo-organic-cosmetics
        A minimum of 95% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 10% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming.

        For the natural cosmetic label: logo-natural-cosmetics
        A minimum of 50% of all plant-based ingredients in the formula and a minimum of 5% of all ingredients by weight must come from organic farming.

        Could it be that majority of her ingredients didn’t come from organic farming and/or due to chemicals?

        Only the two mists and a lotion (which isn’t even out or is it one of the lotions she has (there’s one with Organic in the name) that’s been repackaged and renamed?) passed the audit. But she’s lacking the mention of that, the only way you’d know there’s a certificate is if you look at the blog, it isn’t posted on the site itself (unless I missed it which is possible).

      • that should read 1st jan 2011 sorry lol

      • @Rick “Could it be that majority of her ingredients didn’t come from organic farming and/or due to chemicals?”

        I did wonder this! But if she is that close with the Middlebrooks, then maybe she got her ingredients from them as they are Aerial Crop Dusters/Sprayers (pesticides OMG) so maybe thats why she failed lol

  3. Yes, thanks to anon for sharing this with us 🙂

    Only THREE products? Why the hell didnt she have them all go through the process at once? She is saying like all the range is now basically certified organic because she has her “organic license” what she should be stating, is that she is only certified organic for her three mists, nothing else. Like you also say, she didnt show the product list, that comes with the certification, now it is clear why, she is wanting people to think most, if not all the range is organic, if you look on other organic skincare sites you will see them have the organic license AND the product list of what has been certified on their websites, she didnt even list the THREE things that are only certified organic out of the whole range, why didnt she do that? I find that odd, especially coupled with her usual lying behaviour.

    I know for a fact though, that she will now say something about this on her FB/Blog now we have called her out on just how many are certified, if it is a price issue the reason they havent had it all done together, that tells you right there that Kora isnt doing very well financially if they cant afford it, they really should have gone through this certification process BEFORE they even put Kora on the market, nobody who is professional does it like this! My bet is she only got the three products certified and hoped people would take it for granted that the rest are certified too, after all look how easy it is to pull the wool over these blind fan’s eyes, after all she lied to them that kora was already certified and in the process from the minute she put it onto the market! and stupidly they believed her! But then we know she wouldnt have gotten anything certified by EcoCert if Kerrazy hadnt have found out that she was lying and forced her hand otherwise EcoCert would have sued her ass.

  4. Oh dear, I don’t even wanna watch this train wreck. It’s gonna be ugly. Then again, I’m sure they’ll have their PR folks putting some positive spin on it. Once again glad I never ordered anything. I’ll stick to my cheap as hell CVS brand products lol!

  5. A lie by omission is still a lie and by posting that certificate she was implying her whole line was certified when it’s not. Of course, none of her fans are going to care about that, they just swallow whatever she spoonfeeds them. I almost feel bad for them, being so dumb. Almost.

  6. Have to wonder now, whenever the repackaging takes place will ALL her products have the ecocert logo on them or just the three?

    • I’m curious about that, too. I’ll bet that she has the gall to put it on all of the products because that woman’s cup overflowth with gall.

      • I hope she does put that logo on ALL her products but in reality, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t change any of the labelling because of the cost involved. The fact that she didn’t want to send her products to get certified organic until forced, says a lot about her not wanting to spend on anything, unless she could get a sucker to pay for them.

  7. Might not matter, but I thought it was interesting to post this.

    Now, I don’t know how the labels for Ecocert in Australia look like (state side here), but I came across a product while on a search for an organic tinted moisturizer and happened to find one that has the Ecocert label on it. The Ecocert label is front and center on the front of the box [see here], while on the back of the packaging, there is a box with the guidelines/description for Ecocert [see here].

    I’m assuming that not only will KORA need that label front and center, but will also need something similar to that Ecocert box with the run down.

    • Oh, dear, that’s gonna cost a fortune and make it pretty damn obvious which ones are accepted and which aren’t. Not very good for her since she already led people to believe they were ALL certified. Best get back on that catwalk soon, hon. Gotta generate more $$$

  8. OMg! are we talking about fraud? why on earth must she lie all the time and doing this? hasn’t she had all she wants??? A “husband” a baby… fame, money??? where is the need of doing such drity thing?

  9. Surprise, surprise. A post appeared on KORA’s blog in regards to the three certified products, all three items are mists.

    • LOL @ her statement why it has taken so long and no info why only 3 products are certified. Team Phail at it’s best.

      • She’s also giving the impression that more of her products are being certified though, I just noticed the last paragraph on it.

      • @Rik – she not only gives the impression that more of her products are being certified, she blatantly says so:

        “The balance of our products are currently still being processed by Eco-Cert and we should receive our additional certificates shortly. Once we receive the balance of the certificates we will let you all know.”

        It’s not ‘IF’ it’s ‘ONCE’ – as if it was for sure and only a matter of time.
        Why would Ecocert just certify three products ahead, and waits with all the other Kora products to be tested later?
        This is fishy. I’m sure she wants to create the impression that all her products, the complete list, are practically certified by Ecocert, she just hasn’t got their letter yet.
        A special sort of lying – but lying nevertheless.

  10. “It has been a long process and anyone who has travelled the certification path will understand just how long and stringent the process of organic certification is.”

    Yeah, especially when you wait until your product has been out for a year or so before you even bother to apply.

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