Miranda, Peddling Backwards Is Harder!!

Miranda stated quite clearly that she gave Flynn the middle name of “Christopher”, because “Christopher” was the name of the dead ex boyfriend that died in a car crash.

So why now is she saying (thanks to Dea for both caps 🙂 )”we just both loved the name and when he arrived we knew he was going to be “Flynn Christopher””. No mention of the dead ex!

This quote also doesn’t tally in with the the apparent “struggle” both of them had choosing a name (according to Sonia/Kentish Gazette).


Not really! Ted C commented how creepy the whole dead ex middle name was, so did we, so did Delphi, so did one or two on her Facebook. So it does not surprise me that Miranda has seemed to back track as to why she gave Flynn the middle name she did. Lying and back tracking are MK’s middle names.

Oh, and thanks Miranda for the picture of your certified organic certificate! I really don’t think less than 3 months is a long time to wait do you? I know you have been claiming your KORA was “in the process” over a year ago, but we all know (and so does Eco Cert because they told me) that you applied for certification in November 2010! 3 months is not the same as 12+ months hon, but calculating months doesnt seem to be your strong point!

And to those who think being certified organic is such a wonderful and cool thing – think again. In 2007, Anheuser-Busch had its “Wild Hop Lager” certified organic even though it uses hops grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with pesticides. [source]. So being certified organic isn’t all that, just takes MK five times longer to be something she claimed KORA to be over a year ago!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 21, 2011.

15 Responses to “Miranda, Peddling Backwards Is Harder!!”

  1. Someone should really tell her that once she’s put something out there on the INTERNET, it’s out there FOREVER, and no amount of backpeddling is going to make people forget what they read…unless of course, they’re her brainless minions.

    Does this mean that she’s gonna change the labels on all her products and put that ‘Ecocert certified’ claim on them, because i think that’s what you need to do if you want to claim your products are certified, have written prove and not just by saying it. Anything can be claimed as certified organic when they’re really not, like Ms Thang had been claiming for nigh on 2 years.

    • She is going to have to put it on her packaging now. I dont know if some or all of her products are certified, I guess time will tell but saying you are certified when you arent is illigal and she should have been sued by Eco Cert. I use Aloe Vera gel that is certified organic and has the logo on its packaging, she will have to have the same. More cost to change the packaging but she knew this when she applied in November… I mean, 2 years ago 🙂

      • She said a while ago that the packaging was in the process of being changed along with all the other products she kept promising that would be out by November. If the process for repackaging goes up, do you think the prices of her products will as well in order to accommodate the sparkly new logo for eco-cert?

      • @Rik, Correct me if Im wrong, but didnt she promise new packaging before she even applied for certification? I think she did say that the price would go up on her blog because of the new packaging, then back tracked by saying its because its full of wonderful ingredients. Here is the cap:

  2. I can’t believe that she thinks she can change her story and get away with it. She is either a total narcissist or else a freaking moron. Good choice Orlando! Will someone explain to me what is her appeal to him? I don’t get it at all!!!

    • Thats what confuses me, that people dont think “hang on, thats not what she said before…” and thats about everything – her KORA, her baby, everything. Her appeal? No idea. Plenty of women like her in the world.

      • I’m sure at least some of her appeal to men is that she’s willing to drop trou for almost no reason whatsoever. Plus she’s always talking about yoga and how flexible she is and how “downward dog” is her faaaaavorite position! ……….for yoga of course. Hmmmph.

    • Her appeal is IMO pretty obvious to a guy like him, in the beginning he wanted a woman who was easy in bed, the yoga prob came in handy there as well as her having had many partners, some men like that as it means experienced, she came across bimbo like, therefore making him feel clever and superior, then lastly and probably more importantly she is a underwear model, so men would envy him, since then, I haven’t a clue, all I can say is I personally think they must be very alike, because I don’t understand why he would still associate himself with such an uncaring, manipulative, cunning liar like her. He is making himself guilty by association.

      • Couldn’t have said it better!
        When you break up after a long relationship, you (well, especiallt men), look for an ‘easy partner’ to get some distraction and to have fun. Just someone to hang out with (right Orlando? Lol). Then the thing had unexpected developments and he found himself stuck in it as we all know. As for the rest, time will tell, time always tells.

  3. I’m actually quite glad the KORA products were so over-priced in retrospect as I would have been tempted to try them had they been affordable and apparently they cause rashes and breakouts. So dodged a bullet there. Fate works in mysterious ways. Now she’s going to up the price even more? She must have rich fans.

    As for the certification you’re right about it don’t mean shit. A long time ago I learned that the FDA has no definition for “all natural” so anyone that’s FDA approved can throw that title onto their product and it doesn’t mean a damn thing. After learning that I don’t trust certifications. I realize these are different organizations, but fuck it.

    I’m still going back and forth on the whole “Christopher” thing (i.e. is it sweet or is it just damn creepy) but her now back tracking makes me think she didn’t like the reaction she got. She obviously spends a lot of time online or her “team” does. Seems she panicked as it’s obvious she’s very concerned with what people think of her. I swear she was ready to slap her Nan in the 60 Minutes interview for mentioning “raised voices” between her and O and then not being thrilled that her granddaughter would be prancing around in bra and panties. Perhaps a bit less B12 next time seeing as that was the entire problem wasn’t it? “Oh she was so jet lagged and just wouldn’t SHUT THE HELL UP!”

    I went off topic again, but I’m new to the darkside so I’ve got a lot of repressed anger lol!

  4. Of course she backtracks, she got rather a lot of negative comments due to the name, now she is oh “we” called him it.. yeah right! No man would be fine with it, none at all- that’s if it was his child and he loved his wife, the disrespect is huge, and that’s without touching on anything else that is wrong with naming him after her dead boyfriend. So she panics and lies again, but makes the mistake for the 1000th time of making the lie very obvious, when will she ever learn to keep her mouth shut?

    As for the certification, still cannot cancel out that she lied for months to her customers and potential customers that it was in the process/already certified, that can’t ever be changed.

    • cClaiming that a product is certified organic (or any other quality/label) when it isn’t is a fraud. Wonder why Eco Cert didn’t sue her.

  5. It occured to me when I read the previous post about Flynn’s middle name that maybe DIngo hadn’t told Orlando about her own reasons for wanting ‘Christopher’ as a middle name. If that is/was the case, and she were my partner, I would be hella pissed off. This backtracking on the name just seems so inherently wrong to everything an equal partnership/marriage should be.

  6. Back peddling again? She posted this on her KORA blog today “Hi Amber, we had a couple of names picked out: boys and girls and after her arrived it took as a while but we felt that Flynn was right for him xxx

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