The Dead Boyfriend Lives On

It’s now official, Flynn Bloom’s middle name is “Christopher”. According to Miranda, she chose Christopher because that was the christian name of her dead ex boyfriend, you know, the one who died in a car crash when Miranda was 16.

Can anyone explain to me the following:

1) Why does it seem like she has chosen both the christian and middle name?

2) What happened to the two middles names Flynn was supposed to be having (according to Sonia)?

3) Why can Miranda not seem to get over this Christopher? Sure she may have loved him but would she be happy if Orlando chose “Kate” or “Liv” as a middle name should they have had a daughter? Something tells me not!

Flynn’s middle name could easily have been Orlando, Harry (Harold) etc and I think Orlando would have liked a name special to him to be in there somewhere… so why isn’t it? Orlando could be totally fine about Miranda using one of her many exes names to name their child but I find it hard to believe. I have asked around and I couldn’t find one person who would be fine with it.

Miranda was 16 when Christopher died, she has had plenty of time to get over it and it seems like she hasn’t been missing him while he’s been dead, she has had plenty of boyfriends since, Jay was the “love of my life” according to Miranda, so one can say she has moved on. She even flirted with Christopher’s father for crying out loud, how sick and disrespectful to Chris is that! Oh, and why is it that Miranda can’t just say “my ex boyfriend, Chris”, it always has to be “… who was killed in a car accident”. It’s like she’s dining out on it.

Welcome to the fucked up world of the Kerr Bloom family, Flynn Christopher “my first boyfriend who was killed in a car accident” Bloom.

P.S Wonder why Sonia didn’t mention little Flynn in her latest interview about her new book. Perfect opportunity there!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 16, 2011.

72 Responses to “The Dead Boyfriend Lives On”

  1. So what did MK’s ever loving minions think of her chose of the name and why she picked it?

    • I have no idea. Id love to know.

    • They probably think it is cute or something, there should be alarm bells ringing in their heads by now with this latest bombshell.

      • Also even if they think “oh orlando is prob fine with it” (seeing as its their crazy world) WHY hasn’t he given the kid a middle name of his total choice then? To me that’s a big bastard of a point that cant really be overlooked, Orlando has two middle names, so why couldnt he have chosen a name for Flynn? Doesnt make any sense to me at all, so don’t know how the shippers can think anything other that what is glaring them in the face. If this Christopher was a family member of hers, then yeah that’s cool and very normal, but her dead first boyfriend?? God!! BUT it still doesnt stop him from choosing a name too.

      • We should remember that these people are fans of this woman and that should be a clear indiction of their intelligence.

        I would not be fine with it if I was in Orlando’s shoes. Unless the guy was some messiah or something, she shouldn’t have picked that name for her kid with another man.

      • I agree with you. There is something very odd about the whole siuation, I don’t believe Orlando wouldnt have a say is he didnt want to, which going by that, we can only conclude maybe he didnt want to give any name to this kid, yeah he is a “Bloom” but even he is not a real Bloom by blood. Plus she only uses the Bloom because his is more famous name than hers. I don’t want to get into the “he is not the father” territory as that’s another can of worms lol, but it truly does make you wonder, I know a few people have said he has “orlando’s eyes” truly- I cannot see it at all in the pictures.

      • Nah, the only bells the shippers hear are the ones DingHo rings for them to lick up the shit she throw out to them.
        It’s almost guaranteed that they’ll think “awwww, it’s so sweet of her to do that.” I think the intelligence genes must’ve skipped their generation, poor things.

      • True, I have never come across a bunch of stupid , gullible, uneducated idiots in all my life, and I have come across a lot of idiots in my time lol

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, of all honesty she should have just left it as Flynn Christopher WITHOUT the explanation as to WHY Christopher was chosen (by her).

    I’m now wondering if the “struggling to pick a name” was in fact her possibly wanting Christopher as the first name instead, or was it a struggle over the last name? Flynn is a popular name in Australia and Christopher is directly connected to her.

    With how often she brings him up (whether it’s for publicity or not) I do wonder if she ever got over him (the whole farm thing for example she/they had their lives planned out).

    • Dur, I found the article I was referring to on Delphi from the Kentish Gazette, (I don’t know how reliable they are, but they did report how long she was in labor for before she even mentioned it),

      It is understood that although the proud parents are still considering the baby’s first name, he will have four names altogether, including one from Orlando’s family and one from Miranda’s.

      • Thanks πŸ™‚

        I would have thought the Kentish Gazette was pretty reliable as they said years ago that they have a close relationship with Sonia, so I would guess out of all the other papers that reported sonias words, I would have thought the Kentish gazette would have got a quote from her.

      • Thanks for that. Either the paper is a load of crap and made it up or something has happened along the way for the names to drop from 4 to 2.

  3. I don’t even get why she told anyone his full name, does it really matter? No man in the world would be fine with that, and why hasn’t he chosen a middle name?? What father doesnt do that?

    She is disgusting. If she had never gotten over him I really think she would be more respectful and not speak about it as much as she does all in the way of “Poor me, me, me, me”, I don’t believe she is capable of love I really don’t, the only person she loves is herself, what girl of her age and her shallow fickleness (as has been reported by ex school friends at All Hallows) would be truly in love with a boy- her first “love”? It is all just puppy love 99% of the time, and not real love 99% of the time either, especially not for people like her, when he died, yes of course she will have been sad and devistated, but to be frank, I bet she got over it like any other girl of her age getting on with her life, like Kerrazy said she has gone from man to man since him, therefore she has moved on fine in that department.

    What has fucked her up is her mother pushing her to be a model from such a tender age, she was fucked up long before she met Chris Middlebrooke, I don’t mean to sound rude or offensive but she says that is the worst thing to happen to her, for a 27, nearly 28 year old woman, it could be a lot worse that she has been through by that age, she talks about it WAY too much as she wants pity and attention for it, and I find that dispicable. If Christopher Middlebrooke had have lived, they wouldn’t have stayed together, she was living hundreds of miles away from him, they were KIDS, so the chances of them lasting is about 1%, to me she uses this tragedy about poor Christopher to fit in with the “poor, sweet, devoted, loving miranda” that she likes to pretend she is, the fact she always says “our relationship hasn’t ended just changed” has always creeped me out, if he had been alive she would have dumped him for someone else as soon as she had the chance. However to be fair, lets say she hasnt gotten over him, if that is the case she really shouldnt be getting into relationships with other men and bringing him into it to that degree. If she hasnt gotten over him to a huge degree where she is naming her son after him, then she needs help with that IMHO. And any relationship she has with any man will never “live up to Chris” so is doomed from the start, she sees that relationship with him through rose tinted glasses, it is frozen in time, what living man can live up to a dead man who she cannot ever get over- they never got to split, so yeah maybe she is living in some kind of limbo, but it is all fantasy and she should seek counseling for it IF that is the case.

    I also don’t buy the “we planned for our future” stuff.. yeah I can imagine the pipe dreams they spoke of, but again they were KIDS, miranda is immature now, what the hell was she like then? . You know, I remember when I was in love at that age, I know looking back it wasn’t real love, even thought it felt it at the time, as you go through life you realise things like that, as that is what life experiences teach you, i doubt she is very different.

    • I don’t mean to sound rude or offensive but she says that is the worst thing to happen to her, for a 27, nearly 28 year old woman, it could be a lot worse that she has been through by that age, she talks about it WAY too much as she wants pity and attention for it, and I find that dispicable.

      You make a very valid point with this, and yes with the constant mention of it it does come across as asking for pity. Especially since she even had a photoshoot at his family home.

  4. Well, the pup DOES have another middle name, just not official…ENTRAPMENT..

    The way she seemed so hung up on the dead boyfriend is quite necrophilic, isn’t it? And the way her character is, if he hadn’t died, she woulda dumped his ass and moved on to the next one who could take her somewhere. That Jay was ‘the love of her life’, wasn’t he? That LOVE-OF-HER-LIFE got dumped just a month or so after that declaration when the next-not-very-intelligent-meal came on the scene.

    And catching an excerp from her blog: ‘My wish for you is that your every day becomes your Valentines Day or at least you make the effort every day to make your partner/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband/ boyfriend feel they are that special someone in your life that you have chosen (at least for this time) to be with.” That *at least for this time* tells me she’s looking to upgrade. Who in hell would be married to the “father” of her child and then tell people he’s who she’s chosen…”at least for this time”?

    I don’t know, I always thought Whorely has at least some intelligence in him but you really can’t prove it by this. If a brother of mine let a woman do this to him, I’d be all over his head, beating it, prolly with a shoe and telling him to smell the shit all around him. I can imagine Samantha being so ashamed of her brother.

    • Exactly!!! Well said. She has been giving a lot away lately, I was shocked by that valentines message she left saying that, so weird! But she has truly topped it with this middle name thing.

      I have to agree with you on the fact of if it was my brother, I would be going to town on him, I truly dont believe orlando is that stupid, there is such a sense of “I dont give a fuck” about her and the baby lately, yes he does pap set ups to advertise and make him look like the “doting father”, but away from that he just doesn’t seem to care less and is living as normal, and doing the absolute bare minimum, I would love to know what their situation is, is the baby his but he just doesn’t want to know(which is sad if true)? or isn’t it his so of course he doesn’t want to know? Too much craziness.

    • That quote confused me too but not as much as the Valentines message which read something like “I will be spending quality time with her 2 favorite men”. That read like she doesnt do that already lol

      • Hmmm, look at it this way. She will ALWAYS be able to spend time with her 2 favorite men, even when Whorely is not there… Fling, the son and Christopher, the dead boyfriend… ALL in ONE!

    • β€˜My wish for you is that your every day becomes your Valentines Day or at least you make the effort every day to make your partner/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband/ boyfriend feel they are that special someone in your life that you have chosen (at least for this time) to be with.”

      I didn’t even see this, only breezed past it. There she goes again with this chosen comment. Is she implying that it was HER choice to date Orlando then?

      Maybe it’s just me, but IMO you shouldn’t have to make an effort every day so your significant other feels special, that should just come naturally and from the heart. Unless, again, she’s implying that SOMEONE in her life needs to make the effort.

  5. Just when you think that whole Kerr-Bloom situation has reached rock bottom she finds new ways to sink to epic lows.

    • I agree. Once again she proves she’s able to use a dead boyfriend to get attention. As you already said, that loss is ‘old’, she shoukld have got over it and also, eve if she still was suffering (in that case she’s really good at hiding her pain), she should have considered that thise choice sounds like an unrespectful thing towards Orlando. I would have understood it if this person was a common friend or a raltive, but since he’s her first boyfriend and she’s had tons of other boyfriends since then, I think this is totally inappropriate and tasteless. But no surprise, since it comes from a tasteless woman.
      As for her ‘minions’ she knows perfectly how to handle and treat them. She replies using the words they wish to hear from her, putting Orlando in the middle now and then (and we know that many of these people, if not all of them, writes her cause she’s their way to reach Orlando), she aknowledges them, greets them and so their little brains are focused on this crap and forget her lies.
      As for Sonia, I think after the launch of her latest book in the UK, we’ll see pics of her in LA, just to probe her connection to her son’s family (only a month and a half late). Colin is already there.


  7. For me, this is basically confirmation that the child isn’t Bloom’s. No man, no matter how indulgent, allows the child of his body to be named after his wife’s dead lover (even if it’s just a middle name). This just isn’t done. It’s inappropriate; it’s borderline macabre; and it’s altogether very bad form. What’s more, it’s a faux pas of the worst kind and indicates to me how trashy the Kerrs really are. No one with even the slightest sense of good taste (or good judgment!) does something like this.

    What confuses is the way actions and words fail to match up in their increasingly bizarre situation. Bloom appears in public with the baby, attempting to look like a devoted father. And then Kerr goes online and says stuff like this. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. If she wants people to believe the child is Bloom’s, why not give him a name that suggests this? Why appear together in public like some happy family and then tell everyone that you named your baby after a former lover? I’m caught between the shock that someone would make such a bad decision and the temptation to burst into laughter at the complete stupidity of it.

    I’ll give Kerr one thing: she never fails to plunge to new depths that go beyond my already low expectations for her.

    • I have to agree! What they are telling us is different to what we are seeing.

      Like you say, giving your child a name that is connected to a former lover is wrong but I am really surprised that a name connected to Orlando wasnt used either.

      Miranda said she hadnt been outside with Flynn, yet the first time we see her out and about isnt with Flynn, but going to lunch with a friend. Im not getting why she isnt doing the doting mother act in public yet Orlando is. I mean, who are the male and female out with Orlando and Flynn on Saturday? Im sure Orlando can feed, change, look after Flynn, so who are they? The real parents of “Flynn”? lol a little joke of course πŸ˜‰

      • Maybe the other two who were with them (the guy tending to Flynn/putting Flynn in the car and the woman carrying the diaper bag) are the Manny and Nanny?

        And while she goes on about how much she’s bonding with Flynn over breast feeding, while yes you do bond from that, that shouldn’t be the only thing that’s bonding a Mother to a child. That seems to be the only thing she ever mentions actually doing, is just breast feeding.

        Another thing I saw was how she mentioned how much Flynn mumbles as if he’s trying to talk with her. Unless to her the gurgling and noises he makes is mumbling to her.

      • Well, Im no expert on child care but I wouldnt have thought a manny or a nanny would be needed for a quick trip out, especially *both* manny/nanny, Im sure one or the other would be enough, but not both at once.

        I agree, she never mentions anything else like talking to him, singing to him with that sweet singing voice of hers (lol), playing with him etc, its all eat/sleep and thats all.

        Does she not know that all babies make noises like that? Goo-goo, ga-ga etc? Or maybe Flynn is trying to tell her just how “goo-goo, ga-ga” she really is lol

  8. Alright… Finally, after solving a small problem with the admin support, I share something I found at Kora official page on Facebook, and the responces of MK’s fans



    Apparently the decision upset some fans
    I hope you see them, I’m not very good embedding images
    If not, here are the links ^^ The comments was deleted from Kora FB

  9. I gave my grandma a hypothetical situation similar to this one about naming a kid after an ex lover. She told me if her husband, my grandpa, gave their daughter an ex’s name (but she, the ex, is alive) it would bother her. But if the ex had been dead, she wouldn’t have a problem. Don’t know what to think of it.

    • Well, personally I dont see the difference. A child named after someone else is a child named after someone else, but thats just me lol Either way I think it says you still havent got over that person and always want a reminder of that person around :/

      • I agree you. Hmm maybe I should ask a guy. Usually it seems we get different answers/reactions with something like this.

    • I asked my best friend that same hypothetical question, and asked her what she would think if she gave birth to a daughter and her husband wanted to name it after his dead girlfriend/lover. She said she’d make him go for councelling, right after she beat the shit out of him. Said if she let him do that, it would mean that he’s never gotten over the dead lover, and would probably even be thinking of the dead lover when having sex with her(my friend).

      Well, I told her about this Whorely situation and she said either DingHo has something very incriminating to hold over his head to have this much control or he is seriously a really stupid guy. Either of those or he’s not the father.

      • Your friend is smart. I agree with her especially the beating the shit out of the guy LOL.

        Personally I think it is both the kid is not his and that Dingho has something over him that is giving her all this control. But that is my personal opinion.

    • I asked my Mother the same question, hypothetically (in an alternate universe for her) if she and my Father had another kid (another daughter) what would she think if he wanted to name the second daughter after an ex-girlfriend alive or dead, she said to quote her “I’d blow my fucking stack and beat the shit out of him.” She hasn’t a problem naming a child after a deceased relative/family member (she’s named after her Grandmother and my middle name is her first name), but feels that if he wanted to name his child after a living/dead ex-girlfriend, then she’d have to question just who the hell he was thinking of when they were having sex and why they were even married in the first place if he was so hooked on an ex-girlfriend that badly no matter how much time has passed.

  10. Hi! After solving a small problem with the help of an administrator, I share this with you …

    Hope you can see it, apparently some fans of MK described as misleading the decision. Anyway, there are those who defend it…

    • Thanks so much for taking the trouble to post this, much appreciated πŸ™‚

      WOW! I can’t believe all those rabid fans attacking her like that just for having a sane and normal opinion, how anyone can think naming your baby after your dead ex boyfriend is “beautiful” is beyond me, it is disgusting and disrespectful to orlando. I think it is only the miranda fans (ie shippers) who think it is a good thing, no way would any normal husband be fine with it, no way.

      • You’re very welcome!

        I asked my parents about this, they told me that never allow the other put the name of a ex boyfriend/gilrfriend (dead or not) for one simply reason: is a lack of respect for the partner… Something like this would suggest that one never forgot the first love and if he/her had not died, would choose a thousand times.
        I can not understand why Orlando allowed something like this…

    • Thank you for sharing those caps!

      Wow, somehow I’m not very shocked on how they jumped her, especially single one or two there try to embody MK.

      And surprisingly it hasn’t been deleted. Her minions truly do have her up VERY high on a pedelstal though, to quote the last person who replied to that post, “Well that’s an opinion and a half. Well he is not your baby so there is no need to worry. I’m feeling your not truely understanding what Miranda is trying to teach us all! I think it shows how kind hearted and loyal Miranda is. And also it shows what a nice bloke Orlando is for naming his child after him! I think it’s beautiful xx

      • pedestal*

        (this is what I get for watching VD and being blown out of the waters ._. Can’t spell for crap now.)

      • That “not understanding what miranda is trying to teach us all” is really a very funny statement to make. What, pray tell, is dingho trying to teach us? That it’s perfectly normal to be almost necrophilic and hung up over a dead ex-boyfriend that you feel you have to name your child after him? That we have to find as stupid as possible a man to call ‘husband’ so you can be in total control of everything so as to enable you to continue feeding your narcissistic tendencies?

        Kinda hearted and loyal to name your kid after your dead lover? What about her loyalty to her LIVING LOVER??? He doesn’t deserve any loyalty from you? Well, that’s another jewel in the stupidest thing to say box labelled “Affirmations of DingHo Phans”.

        Maybe we should suggest to these so-called phans who’re married and planning to have kids that they can be “nice” like orlando and tell their husbands that they want to name their next daughter after the husbands’ ex-lover/girlfriend. If they think it’s normal to do that, then have them prove it.

        Seriously, if i was a supposed celebrity and my phans all so rabidly and viciously attack someone who state their opinions, I’d actually worry that they may be mentally disturbed. And it seems like she left that person’s post on there for the expressed reason to have more and more of her so-called phans “come to her defense”. She could very easily post on there and tell everyone that they’re all entitled to their opinions and ask people not to attack this person. I think she would have gotten respect if she had done that. I for one, would’ve respected her, if she proved that she had a heart big enough to tell her phans that they shouldn’t verbally attack other people like that when they state something the phans don’t agree to. But then again, that not what a desperate narcissist would do.

        Hmm, I guess when you become a phan of DingHo, you’re required to leave respect-for-other-people’s opinion, non-ass-kissing remarks/statements, sanity and ESPECIALLY any and all intelligence at the door. A really really sad bunch of people she has as phans. I’d actually be very sad to have phans like that, people who could and would blow up buildings and crowded areas in her name, if given a chance.

      • @Bellz
        I couldn’t agree more, but I guess these ‘fans’ defend her as they’re already planning to name their sons ‘Orlando’ after their obessions, so they obviously understand MK’s intent!

    • Thanks for going to the trouble to post this Danielle.

      Have to say, Im not surprised. I saw how some of MK’s fans acted over someone kindly pointing out to MK that she should be careful wearing red lipstick while breast feeding – she got her head bitten off, saying she knew nothing even though she was a nurse so this kind of behaviour is second nature to them.

      Yes, MK can choose to call HER baby what she likes but as this isnt just HER baby, she should have some consideration for Orlando, who looks like he has had zero say in the names (whether through choice or not). Im glad someone stood up to MK and told her what they thought, if she is going to tell all her little friends on Facebook what Flynn’s middle name is, then she should expect some feedback – good and bad. Freedom of speech and everyone has an opinion!

      I agree with all those who say naming your child after an ex makes it look like you are still thinking of that person. While MK should still think of Chris with fondness, he shouldnt be brought into her current relationship like this. While some say it makes Orlando out to be a wonderful person for allowing Flynn to be called Christopher, what does that make MK? If he is having to be “wonderful”… why is he? Are they half admitting this isnt a normal or good thing to do by saying how wonderful he has been over it? (if Im making any sense)

      • I’m starting to wonder if Flynn wasn’t the name she and Christopher chose when they were you and in love and planning to have a family together someday and

  11. John, Matthew, Orlando, Harry… they are some of the names Miranda/Orlando could have used instead of, or as well as Christopher. Id have less of a problem with all of this if another name had been used as well. Like some say, it is disrespectful to Orlando to use an ex’s name. It kind of indicated to me that Miranda wishes Christopher was the father, not Orlando, that she hasnt got over Chris, nor does she want to. She does talk about Chris a lot and uses the “our relationship hasnt ended, its just changed” quote quite a lot too, that indicated also that she wishes she was still in a relationship with him.
    While the shippers might take this at face value, have they really thought about what it is indicating? I think if Orlando had anything to do with this name a “condition” may have been applied, like “I’ll agree to Christopher if we also call him “xxxxx””. I think they should all sit back and think “would I call my child after an ex?”, “would I like my partner to want to call our child after one of his ex’s?”. If the answer is no to both then they should think on!

    • She supposedly refers to Chris as her “guardian angel” as well, which seemed cute at the time, but now it’s kinda getting creepy. I sorta get the whole mess, he’s forever perfect in her mind because he died before they had a chance to break up (as 99% of first relationships do) and at first it just seemed like a nice connection to her past etc, but now I’ve got to agree more and more with y’all. It’s getting a bit too much and ever since her book came out she’s talking about him non-stop.

      I’m starting to think y’all are right and she does wish he was the father and not “O” as she calls him. I feel bad for him if this is true, but at the same time he’s a grown ass man. He should be able to handle his own decisions. Then again, sometimes good men just get caught up with the wrong women and they put on blinders. I’m still rooting for them, but it’s looking grimer (is that even a word?) every day.

  12. So Orlando was caught again yesterday and once again he is not wearing his wedding ring. I really am curious as to how the shippers justify that. I would ask but I know that they will attack me or can’t think of anything.

    • The shippers and fans justified it with excuses like:

      He is filming.
      Its a health hazard.
      The ring makes him go green.

      Im sure theres more out there but they are the main ones lol

      • I love the health hazard one.

      • Filming what? All the times I have seen him without one are recent and he has not done anything.

        Health hazard? In what way?

        Turn finger green? Oh so it is fake then?

        Shippers are dumb.

      • He is filming.
        Its a health hazard.
        The ring makes him go green

        A health hazard? Seriously? He’s not a mechanic, he hasn’t even played one on tv.

        And I’d like to think a super model with millions of dollars could buy her hubby a wedding ring that didn’t make his finger go green. She can’t possibly be that cheap no matter how much she’s invested in KORA.

  13. Real quick, from MK today: Hi Rebecca, thanks honey for your comment re Flynn’s middle name – I don’t know how we did, we just both loved the name and when he arrived we knew he was going to be “Flynn Christopher”.

    So basically she’s now saying that he was named right away?

    • So no ‘struggling with names’ as Sonia said? No ‘we’ll decide when we see him’? They (she) already knew…interesting!Lol

    • FFS can she even keep up with her own lies? I think she should just shut up sayign anything at all! She never said Flynn had a middle name until recently so Im guessing he was only named Christopher recently. He cant look like a Christopher then be called Christopher after your dead ex, they aren’t the same thing. Unless she means he looks like Chrsitopher, ie. Flynn is Chris reincarnated.

      • Didn’t think about that, but I’m not sure how he can look like Christopher while (according to her) looks like both she and Orlando, unless she sees Orlando as a Christopher look-a-like (I don’t think there’s any similar features).

    • I was wondering if anyone else caught that!
      I did a double take on that. WTF? Maybe she saw all the negativity surrounding the issue and decided to recant? It’s wicked weird. Y’all are proven right again, she’s full of it.

  14. I have to say, I think we discovered the dumbest group of people on Earth: Miranda Kerr and her minions/worshippers.

  15. The most disturbing thing I find about this, aside from MK’s obvious requirement for counselling over a death that occurred 10 years ago, is the fact that the child now has to be associated with his mum’s dead ex-boyfriend for his entire life. What kind of gift is that to give to your child? He’ll be reminded of some dead guy he never met every time he writes his name. If I were named after my dad’s dead ex, I would have changed my name a long time ago. It’s creepy.

  16. actually in her book she said when christopher died he wrote her a letter asking her to put his name somewhere in her first born baby so she asked bloom and he said yeahp.

    • Dead people cant write letters.

    • So.. christopher died.. then wrote her a letter from the other side? Or did he write her a letter BEFORE he died, knowing he was going to die and asking her that she should name his first born after him? Sorry but how the hell is ANY of that possible? None of it makes any sense, but that is normal with that liar! So orlando is fine about him being called Christopher.. well that says a lot about him more than anything really. Lets hope they have a girl next and they call it Kate Madelaine Charmaine Bloom after his past fucks πŸ˜€

  17. “So orlando is fine about him being called Christopher.. well that says a lot about him more than anything really”

    One word keeps coming to mind…BALL-LESS. I very much doubt if he actually has any say in this so-called relationship. And I also doubt very much if he actually cares, as long as he gets to play with his toys. I’ve actually totally lost interest in the saga of Whorely and the ‘author’.

    I recently read an article that the kid is a “spitting” image of Whorely when he was a baby. Uh, I seem to recall someone posted a pic of him as a baby sometime ago and, I guess I must be friggin blind, because there ain’t no spitting-image thingy going on here.

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