Has Facebook Proven MK’s Lies Yet Again?

As we know, Miranda has been mentioning Orlando on her Facebook quite a bit recently but in doing so, has she dropped herself in it?

(naturally, this is speculation)

1) Firstly, she posted up the infamous breast feeding picture of herself and Flynn and said Orlando took the picture.


The time stamp of the breast feeding picture is 13th Jan, 2011… 21.41 (that’s 9.41pm to you and me) – Orlando’s birthday and Orlando was spotted dining out that night and there were paparazzi pictures of a man claiming to be him knocking back shots. FAIL 1?

2) Monday night on her Facebook, Miranda said she had to leave as “they” were sitting down to dinner. While she didn’t name names, I presumed “they” was her and Orlando (as she said Flynn was asleep and I don’t think Therese, Matty or Tammy are there). She said this at around 7.45pm LA time


Guess what, that same night, Orlando attended the “Audi” celebrates “The King’s Speech” party. Time stamps say some of the pictures were taken at 10.47pm, not afternoon like was suggested. I’m pretty certain the party would have went on for a few hours before and after the pictures were taken so maybe Orlando wasn’t dining with Miranda after all. FAIL 2?

I know the jury is out whether Orlando was the man in the “knocking back shots” paparazzi pictures but a) he resembles Orlando very much, more in some pictures than others, b) it was Orlando’s birthday and was spooted out and about, c) Mr. Paparazzi paid for those pictures so he may know if it was definitely is him or not, d) both Orlando and “Orlando” had the same/similar wallet and a red wallet isn’t very common. Obviously, you can make up your own mind who was in those pictures but the time stamps don’t really coincide with what Miranda is saying.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 9, 2011.

19 Responses to “Has Facebook Proven MK’s Lies Yet Again?”

  1. The Audi event and the “sitting down to dinner” comment were both on Monday not Sunday ^-^ I think on Sunday he attended the Black Swan event.

  2. Thanks for this post! Of course these kind of parties are held at evening/night, only a fool would assume they can take plac ein the afternoon!LOL

    • All of the articles referring to the Audi party state that it took place the evening of the Oscar Luncheon. I think that might be where the confusion came in, maybe SOMEONE thought he was invited to the Luncheon and went ;x

      • I can imagine thats where the confusion was, or at least thats where they wanted to think he was but its annoying when we get called fools yet we are the ones who are correct.

  3. In regards to her breast feeding photo, lets not forget the time stamp stated that it was taken with a Blackberry 9800 (which is the Torch), OB flashed his BlackBerry at the Black Swan event on Sunday (or was it Saturday) and in no way was that the Torch, his only has a solid keypad (it looks like he has the BB Tour), while the Torch is a touch screen that you slide up to reveal the keypad.

    • Good catch!!! Do we know what kind of cell phone MK has these days?

      • Recently no, just know that she does have a BlackBerry as when she posts to twitter it is normally from a BlackBerry app. Of course I don’t know what her brother has, but her Mother has an iPhone (from her own FB she had loaded an iPhone app) ;x

        Of course, there’s also her friend who was there with them as well.

  4. this is sooo interesting!!! thanks for your posts. And for being so smart and sharp when it comes to find out Mrs Kerr’s lies. Nobody is able to advise her that she should stop telling such stupid lies… she will be able to break Orlando’s career down— you need some kind of respect and selfrespect in a work world. What does she want to get??? why does she do that to herself and orlando and the baby??? btw… the family Kerr has definetely moved to Orlando’s place? don’t tell me that or I will die!

    • Thats what I dont get either, why is no one tellign her to just stop talking about such things, that way she could never be caught out. lol

      • When you’ve lied your whole life, IT IS the truth to you. The fact that therese and matty have pretended to be miranda and posted as her, answering phan questions, only tell me that her family advocates lying. It doesn’t matter if she gets caught lying, (because I don’t believe that they’re so stupid not to know for a fact that whatever you say/do/post on the INTERNET is out there FOREVER), pathological liars just can’t help themselves.

      • B..b..b….but… the whole Kerr clan believe in intergrity. They base their whole lives around it. Please dont tell me that isnt true either!!

  5. HAHAHA! Suck it mayfrayn! Who is the fool now? Only a FOOL would turn a blind eye to all of Miranda’s lies in this blog like you have done from the start, we have evidence here she lies, yet you STILL support her.. shows so much about your character ^_^

    I am still interested in who this Brunette lady he took with him to the black swan party in one video she seems like she is hiding from view on the stairs while she waits for Orlando to join her, nice that he took an seemingly attractive, young brunette to a party he could have taken his so called wife to.. but while the wifes away ey?

    • There’s also where he’s leaving, he stands and speaks to her, while walking away to leave, she’s along side him, he suddenly rushes ahead, flashing the peace sign to the paps.

      Can’t tell if she is in fact in the car with him though.

    • Maybe its a handler from CAA? They tend to be very behind the scene or at least try to.

  6. Hi, ladies. I know it has to do with this thread and hasn’t to do with this thread, but I have just learned that she has said in her blog that she called Flynn Christopher after his first boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how can it be possible that Orlando bows to her decision and be mocked at him by her time after time! a new mun says that she calls “her” baby after an old boyfriend?????
    Come on, Orlando wake up!

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