Miranda FB Update

So, Miranda has been on Facebook yet again (so much for Mattys “busy being a mum” comment when he chewed someones head off over MK not being on FB). Some comments caught my eye, some made me laugh and as there hasn’t been an update for a while, I’d thought I’d do one. Feel free to discuss anything I may have missed.

(this whole comment has just vanished, who deleted it I have no idea) So, no “sorry to hear that hon” but straight in with the blaming of other products like she usually does. If I was Miranda, I would knock off recommending other products (whether it’s her own or not) and tell her daughter to go to her GP or something. If KORA isn’t helping, it isn’t helping! It may not be the cause of the bleeding hands but it certainly isn’t going to be the cure!

Poor Mayfrayn, Miranda doesn’t even link to ANY of communities or the UNICEF Fundraiser but what I find funnier is MK sure does know where her fansites are huh!

So when Flynn is sleeping, her “making the most” of this spare time is going on Facebook? Come on now lady!!! According to you, you haven’t even been outside with Flynn yet, have you been outside at all? Most new moms think catching up on some sleep, having some “me” time, going for a walk, spending time with your partner etc is “making the most of it”, but not you eh.

Hands up who knows the name of their mothers first boyfriend! I don’t, maybe you all do? It had me thinking maybe Therese uses the MK FB while MK uses the KORA one? Either way, MK sure has a name obsession going on. Too many times have I seen her say “hey X, my cousin is called X”, “hey Y, my best friend is called Y”, “hey Z, my 5th cousin twice removed is called Z”. How childish!

Oh really? Except when it comes to paparazzi pictures though right??

~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 8, 2011.

52 Responses to “Miranda FB Update”

  1. First – she thinks there are more fansites out there? LOLOLOL.

    Second – I don’t know what my mum’s first husband’s name was, let alone first boyfriend.

  2. I was hoping someone caught a screencap of that one regarding the hand cream.

    Why am I not surprised that she had to LIST other fansites while that one minion was trying to just show her what she created? That’s as if she’s saying it’s not a big deal as there’s other fansites for me out there, you aren’t the first.

    Mom’s first boyfriend? Wow.

  3. Damn, didn’t I write on another topic here that she was trolling the web for news about her/’hubby’? Wow, for such a busy person, she sure has time to go find all her fansites. Who in their friggin minds actually lists their own fansites on their blogs? Absofuckinglutely boggles the mind.

    And that tendency of hers to connect the names of the posters with “someone” in her life is her way to let these people know that she *connects* to them too. And the poor delusional suckers just lick all the shit up.

    My Mom’s first boyfriend is God. Beat THAT, dingHo.

    • I agree. She says (and so her bro) she’s so busy, and then she takes advantage of her free time while the baby sleeps not going to sleep herself or relaxing, but going on Fb!!!!

  4. “So when Flynn is sleeping, her “making the most” of this spare time is going on Facebook? Come on now lady!!! According to you, you haven’t even been outside with Flynn yet, have you been outside at all?”

    I don’t think so. On the contrary, it seems as if she is hiding herself/something from the public. Oscar time is approaching, Orlando was attending two movie parties in the last three days and probably will be at more – but all alone.

    I wonder what happened to her and why she is hiding …
    Didn’t get the stick figure back in zero time after giving birth, à la Heidi Klum?
    C-section or some other surgery gone bad?
    Whatever it is, must suck to be tied to the house and not able to smile smug into camera lenses while Orlando is enjoying himself at industry’s parties – all those glossy events she begged him to accompany years ago.

  5. Lux Flakes contain tallow. I would have thought that would be something she would frown on. That aside, yes, the correct answer to a woman telling her that her daughters skin is so bad that it is bleeding is, “tell her to go to her doctor.” Oh, and if she trolls around and finds all of her fan sites she has surely trolled around and found all the places that hate her so I think we should take a moment and wave to Miranda. HI MIRANDA!! 🙂

  6. Well, she’s not totally in hiding since she posted the now infamous breast feeding photo. Maybe she thinks she’s got a gut now. I don’t know much about birthin babies but I know it’s not 1,2,3 and whamo! bikini body time!

    It’s perfectly normal, but since she’s been super skinny her whole life this normal bit of extra poundage might have her freaking out. She’s based her career off her looks after all.

  7. Why is she so stupid??

    Telling a customer who’s hands are bleeding that it is everything but the kora, is a bad move, what if it IS the kora?? Then what? More deleting of comments??

    Plenty of celebs talk to their fans-on twitter, or some actually do have better things to do with their time like spending time in the real world with loved ones, while it can be nice for a celeb to talk online with fans, I think when they have just had a baby, moments to oneself are precious and rare, there are so many things she could be doing, but no, she is on FB talking to her fans, it comes across like she really hasnt a life/and/or an obsession to plug her kora and take all the compliments to feel better about herself,all this is about is selling the image that miranda kerr has a perfect baby and husband and trying to sell kora, nothing else.

    Speaking of her husband, how could they have been about to have dinner when he wasn’t there? She posted that about 8pm LA time, Orlando was at the kings speech party :/ her lies are amazing, funny that orlando is also out partying all night while she is with the baby, he really doesn’t have to go, or could have took his wife, it is very odd him out going out to all these parties, of course he could be networking, but surely his priorities have changed, why couldn’t he just pick one to go to instead of these two-and probably more parties? I think Orlando’s life hasn’t changed one bit which isn’t great considering he has a baby.

    • One of the pics at the King’s Speech party shows a timestamp. It’s one of the MQs at OL. The others don’t show a timestamp but were taken with the same camera modell.
      07.02.11 11:13pm

      • Thanks for the info Choco!;)

      • If I wasn’t at work, I’d check the time stamps for the other celebs that were there. It’s possible that the time stamp on that one could be set to EST (or could be like JJ’s park pictures that were all set to 12AM), but that’s like a 1 out of 100 chance though.

      • @ Rik The timestamps from JJ are from the time he tagged them I think.

      • I don’t know if that’s when he tagged them because they were marked as 12AM January 23rd. I think the AM was meant to be PM though, some that I could find time stamps for those all ranged from 12PM to 1:40PM.

      • One has a time stamp of 11:13 pm and another small one up at Kb has a time stamp of 22:37 pm, both Feb 7.
        I wouldn’t give anything on time stamps on pictures posted by JustJared, he’s known to fiddle around with that.

      • @Blitzdings May need to be corrected, but 22:37pm would be 10:37pm?

      • Oh sorry, Rik, I mixed up date notations …
        The original time stamps are 23.13 (11:13 pm) and 22.37 (10:37 pm) respectively.

    • If there are only time stapms and the camera modell is not shown I would say it’s not the original time stamp.
      If you look on pics you did with your own camera you should see the date when they were taken and the camera or cell phone type you used. In Windows XP it’s shown when you hoover your mouse over the file in Windows Explorer (not to mix up with Internet Explorer ;)).

      • Ah, so it’s hoover in Windows XP (I thought it was under the detail area x.X), that’s what I use at work while at home I have Vista where it shows at the bottom of the windows explorer.

      • You can see it whe you hoover you’re mouse over it. I can’t see it in the Details area.
        The one of him alone was taken at 10:37pm.

  8. Thanks for the info regarding the time stamps. So if Mayfrayn is saying he partied on the afternoon, then surely he partied all the way through the afternoon and through the night? So… why are we fools again??

    • Mayfrayn refuses to believe Orlando is anything but angelic. She will continue with her mindset even when proven wrong because she is someone who will not accept being wrong or corrected. At least that is the vibe I get from her and other shippers.

    • She’s saying it took place in the afternoon? Is that her time or did she consult Colin for confirmation on that.

      • PMSL, I trhink she said it on Twitter or one of her other haunts.

      • Well, I’m sure all what May has stated are the absolute truth…in the ALTERNATE UNIVERSE she lives in, where she’s orlando’s other wife and carrying his twins, or did the ultrasound show triplets? Where orlando has the lead in EVERY movie ever made, big or small…where miranda drops her clothes and smiles while brandishing her whora products and every disease in the world in cured immediately…where flynn rides the ball of white light charger of the ratdog into wars and defeats aaawwwwlllll the darth vaders of the world.

        What does gross me out is the fact that in May’s desperation to be close to orlando, she’s connected herself to HIS FATHER. It’s like, “if I can’t get the son, I take the father.” *shudders*

      • Beltz, I love you! 😀


    • There is also a vid from his arrival and it was dark night. No way the party was in the afternoon. Never heard of a party in that matter being held in the afternoon. And all infos about it were talking about ‘boys night out’.

  9. It’s probably work related that he’s out and about, not excusing, but I’m sure it wasn’t just that he didn’t want to be around his new baby. Although, if I was Miranda I’d be a little miffed that my hubby was out partying all night while i’m stuck at home with the baby and his famewhoring ex-girlfriend was at the same event. KB made out with Gwenyth’s hubby “allegedly” so she’s not above that kinda crap.

    I’m not accusing either, but it would bother me.

  10. I can’t believe MK dares to advise to a person who suffers from an skin problem other thing but her products. Obviously, the right answer is to tell the mother to go right away to the GP or to the dermatologist.
    But it is equally unbeliable and stupid for a mother to ask for some help and advise to a model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on, be a mother and ask for some help to the person who can help! is everybody stupid or what?????

  11. I mentioned this on another post here, one of the girls (I think it may have been two) said that they were still having break outs since using KORA (it’s been six months), she was expecting by now that she’d have beautiful skin (as promised), but doesn’t. Matty who was posting, suggested that it could be a more serious problem (rather than it being the products), going on to tell the girl about someone else who had the same problem and it turned to be that the other girl had cysts on her ovaries (the cysts were healed naturally, I don’t know if that’s possible, I just know a former co-worker of mine had them and she tried everything possible to get rid of them and nothing worked, going from holistic to multiple surgeries). He then said that he’d speak to the girl he mentions to see if she’d like to share her story (which he already shared). Basically it comes across as if he’d rather blame anything else BUT the products.

    Funny enough, whenever this issue of her products not working for someone (causing break-outs and/or rashes), it either goes unanswered or it’s the skin detoxing. The story Matty told has never once surfaced before.

    • Hmm, I presume it must be Polycystic Ovary Symdrome that “Matty” was talking about. My sister suffers from this and does suffer from hormonal spots. KORA isnt going to work on something like this because the spots are caused by the hormone imbalance but Im going to think this girl either had spots before the KORA or since using the KORA. If it is since using the KORA then yes, KORA could be the cause but spots before KORA wont point to KORA being the cause. I think some questions should have been asked (i.e when the spots came on) then some things can be ruled out but it just gets brushed under the carpet. Amazing how Matty would know about something like ovarian cysts, that really does surprise me!

      But I agree, everything else gets blamed other than KORA. What next? You probably have pimples because you must have been abducted by aliens in your sleep? Carry on using the KORA though!

      • I quickly looked through the posts and spotted that she had good skin BEFORE using KORA (the actual quote: “i had very good skin anyway before i started kora but these have only occurred under my skin since using the products.“).

      • Well then, why “Matty” said something like that is beyond me. Unless he is saying KORA fucks up your hormones? lol

      • But, but, but that’s the opposite of KORA balancing hormones ;x

      • HAHA. Maybe its the lack of Noni juice that is her problem! Noni + KORA = miracle!

  12. Slightly OT but someone on the KORA FBook brought up Benzyl Alcohol causing cancer and “Matthew Kerr” was right on it. I cant screengrab at the moment so here is a copy and paste of the question and the answer:

    “Hey Miranda. I was looking at some of your KORA products and saw these ingriedients- Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid. I read somewhere that Benzyl Alcohol causes cancer. Why would you choose to put this and the others in your products. Is a shame because I have been a fan of yours and your products.”

    “The KORA Organics range has been formulated in accordance with Eco-Cert certified organic cosmetic allowable ingredients. Eco-Cert have set strict international standards to protect the organic process from seed, to soil to your skin.

    Eco-C…ert understand that skin care needs to be safe for consumers, given that the organic ingredients contained therein are extremely active. Therefore they allow only those that have a proven track record of being effective and safe. Safety also means that organic skin care products need to be preserved properly effectively and safely. Hence the guidelines allow only a few allowable preservatives. Benzyl alcohol is one of them.

    The KORA Organics products that have Benzyl alcohol as a preserving system are those that need it; and the minute amount used is there to preserve the product so that it is safe to use (there is more Benzyl Alcohol in a cup of tea than there is when using our products).

    When considering skin care options you need to consider the whole rather than an isolated view. You are not using Benzyl alcohol on your skin in isolation – it is perfect balanced within the formulations to work in harmony with a host of amazing ingredients; it helps prevent the growth of bacteria that would otherwise degrade the organic ingredients and thus make them unfit for your skin. indeed if you were only using benzyl alcohol on your skin we would agree. However this is not the case.

    If we want to align to Organic as a company then we must align with and respect the rules of the Organic industry. Organic skin care is a holistic system that works synergistically to deliver the best results – safely – we stand by our KORA Organics products and invite you to use them with confidence…

    If you have any further Questions please don’t hesitate to speak to any of the KORA
    ORGANICS team at info@koraorganics.com.

    Have a great day Matthew Kerr”

    Anyone have anything to say on this? I havent the faintest idea about such things, can someone confirm or debunk what Sir Matthew has said please??

    • This line has me fairly confused there is more Benzyl Alcohol in a cup of tea than there is when using our products. Huh? I just googled Benzyl Alcohol in Tea and only came up with skin/hair care.

      • O_O Benzyl alcohol in tea? Never heard of this.
        The closest I came was this:

        This fragrance and flavor is a natural component of many essential oils, flowers, particularly “meaty” fragrant plants such as ylang-ylang, tuberose, jasmine and gold paint. Including real rose oil, hyacinths and Cassie flower absolutes, and the scent of Robinia pseudo-acacia benzyl alcohol was found. In the form of the benzoate and cinnamate still present in different aromatic balms (Peru balsam, Tolu balsam, Styrax). The industrial production of perfume is based on toluene as the chemical composition corresponds to the synthesis of natural product structure and isolation from plant raw materials would be very expensive and complex. As a realistic opportunity to tap into natural sources, possibly the reduction of the isolated benzoic acid from benzoin have contributed, but this method has never gained industrial importance.

      • Maybe he meant that when you drink jasmine tea you have it in your cup?

  13. I think after reading all these posts, I feel really sorry for her. I mean she acts like the world loves her, I think Australians do. But when you see her out, if it’s not with orlando or family, she’s never out with anyone else. In my super busy life, at least once every couple of weeks, I’m out with a group of friends. But it really looks like she has no friends or social life in America. So you start to ask why is this? How is it possible? Orlando, you see him our all the time doing bike rides and things with friends. When she does yoga, you always see her alone. So she goes on FB, it’s actually kinda sad, but it’s less to be empathetic for her when she’s not an honest person and can’t for the love of Flynn take criticisms or the truth.

    • I know what you mean, Miranda claims to be living the life yet she seems so lonely but I kind of think she makes it hard for herself to make friends. At school she was in a clique called The Barbie Girls (yeah, such a tomboy), she apparently thought she was better than the rest and she comes across like she still thinks it to this day, even when she is telling people what to eat, wear, drink, do etc She tries to come across as wise and knowledgable but she comes across as a lecturing hypocrite who cant even do the basics herself and gives people carless, dangerous advise. On her FB she never seems to have a laugh or have fun, its always deathly serious and I can imagine her to be like this in person and no one likes to be around someone who cant have fun (unless its getting drunk and dancing on tables).

    • Ya know I never even thought of it that way, but you’re right. She’s never out with just friends hanging out. It’s always either Orlando or her mum. You’d think someone so popular would have at least some sort of inner circle.

    • I have also noticed that she doesn’t hang out with anyone outside work other than Orlando or her mom. She kinda reminds me of Angelina Jolie in that aspect.

      • haha, but angelina got 7 kids, now that gal has reasons!

      • Angelina also actually DOES loads of humanitarian work(all with keeping her clothes ON), instead of calling a random child in a hospital and then shouting up and down the village streets about how good a deed she and “hubby” did.

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