Maybe Orlando Has Some Explaining To Do?

Just for the EPIC luls.

A Miranda obsessee posted a picture on the KORA FB of a baby she said was Flynn and how it looked so much like Orlando.

The punchline?

Wonder if she still thinks this baby looks like Orlando now she knows it isn’t Flynn lol Proof some people would say the baby looked like Orlando even if it didn’t? Or should Miranda be asking Orlando some questions?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 3, 2011.

24 Responses to “Maybe Orlando Has Some Explaining To Do?”

  1. I think it certainly proves that people will see what they want to see when it comes to this baby, but then we knew that already! That baby (and I would love to know where she got that photo from saying it is Flynn) looks nothing like Orlando, in any shape or form! Nobody will be able to tell if the kid looks like Orlando until that baby is a lot older IMO.

  2. Ermmm, I’m no expert but this baby looks sort of Asian. Or it could be that brand new squooshy faced thing that new borns have.

  3. lol what a dumbarse. I hope she feels stupid.

    How could this fan seriously see Orlando in that baby? Babies don’t look like anyone this early on.

  4. I honestly think you could show her minions any photo of a new born, whether it was a girl or boy, say it’s Flynn and they would all coo and ahh over how much the mystery baby looks like Orlando.

    • So true!!:)

    • I once read that there’s a certain psychology to that. People tend to say that a first child looks like dad (even when the child doesn’t) as an unconscious way of affirming who the father is.

      • In this case is even more stupid and senseless, since that statement didn’t come from MK but from a ‘fan’…

  5. So funny I have to say but I think that does go to prove that some people can see whatever they want to see even if its not there. I agree with Joders that the baby did seem to be kind of Asian looking. Wonder where she found that picture.

  6. OMG! but on the other hand, I find it quite natural a fan of Kora post a pic of a baby and states he is Flynn. In that post a lot of lies can be detected, can’t they??? But it is so stupid to show a pic of “your baby” to you in a site???? But you know… birds of a feather…
    And what do you think of the eco-green nursery??? the only thing that can make a baby happy, relaxed and self-confident is the personality of his parents and the way the love him and show their love to him. Colours are important but the really important thing is the human beings by the baby. OMG!!!

    • I think the Eco nursery is probably true. I think they/she/he can do the smallest things but when it comes to the big things, they are unable to (i.e driving a gas guzzler of an Audi instead of a Hybrid). Its amazing considering they are just “renting” a house (as a favor from Naomi Watts), how they are able to paint a room how they please when it isnt their home.

      • My family used to rent and we were able to paint and redecorate how we wanted. I don’t find that strange at all.

      • Well considering Therese put it across as they were staying there because their place got flooded (the favor), I do.

      • Oh yeah, I can see how that baby looks so much like orlando, if I put on my ass-licking-rose-quartz-infused glasses.

        That’s what I notice about people like these famewhores, they keep pushing our faces into how they’re so eco-friendly-earth-loving when in reality, they’re hardly that. When was the last time Whorelando did anything humanitarian? And has Moronduh actually gone and done anything humanitarian *physically* instead of making a video talking about this problem and that, while sitting in comfortable surroundings? If I ever get a chance to ask whorely a question, I’d like to ask him if his audi and motorbikes are hybrids, since he keeps trying so hard to have us believe how environmentally friendly he is.

        Action speaks much, much louder than words so unless you’re doing what people like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney(and I don’t even particularly like them) are constantly doing for humanitarian purposes, please don’t keep trying to remind us how earth-loving you are.

        I expect it of miranda, seeing how desperately she puts herself out there, in any way necessary to be popular but, for all his claims to be a private person, I wouldn’t have believe orlando to be a famewhore. He’s nothing but a hypocrite(and this I’m saying in a very relaxed, drug-induced mood, since I have the flu now. lmao)

      • Wait…they are renting a house from Naomi Watts?? I mised this. Sorry if this is old news but…can someone fill me in?

      • @ eruberueth – That whole article can be found here šŸ™‚

      • @ Bellz PMSL!! So, so true!!! But, in his defence, he does use eco friendly light bulbs šŸ˜‰

      • @Kerrazy Lies: Thank you. I was just reading last night that that hose is up for sale. It’s in Brentwood and…well, yeah, that’s where the royal couple has been, no? I am so confused about the whole house thing. I can’t imagine why his house wasn’t big enough for the three of them and why they would have to stay in a loaner and rent out his place…these people make my head hurt.

      • @ Bellz You hit the nail right, square on the head.

  7. Why would you post a random photo of a celebrity baby on said celebrity’s site? You don’t think they know what their own kid looks like? Weird as shit.

    Didn’t know about the flooding. Kinda funny his house was taken out by Mother Nature after he spent all that time and $$$ to make it as green as possible.

    • Maybe Mother Nature was trying to tell him to, walk the walk and NOT just talk the talk…final say is still Hers.

      Either that or She was aiming for the dingHo… ROFL *snerk*

  8. @Bellz… hahahaha in a drug-mood. I agree you hit the nail right. Get over it, hon!

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