Jay Lyon, The Newest Fat, Jealous, Toothless Hater

Stumbled across this little gem earlier today (#31 is an “insider” (cos they always find their way to Jared) and #33 is “matty”).

Now, lets talk as if this really is Matty Kerr for a moment.

While I do believe that it seems MK cheated on Jay with Orlando, I also believe that she cheated on him with others (once a cheater, always a cheater right?). Saying that, I can imagine Jay/Brent also used MK for her money. What I also found interesting was this quote from “Matty”:

“she is now with a real man who can buy her everything she wants! orlando gives her the life she and my family deserves! she will be the next audrey hepburn thanks to his connections!”

Is “Matty” basically saying that OB buys MK everything she wants? That OB is making sure MK and her family are comfortable in life? That translates to me that they are using him as some kind of cash cow. MK wants, wants, wants and he buys her everything she wants (very reminiscent of Adrian Camilleri). But according to “Matty”, MK makes millions, so why can’t she buy herself (and her family) these things? Matty is really making MK and the whole Kerr clan out to be materialistic leeches. Also, OB is going to make MK the next Audrey Hepburn because of his connections? Again it all sounds like they are using OB but sorry to break it to you Kerrs, OB couldn’t make MK the next Hepburn even if he wanted to. Apart from the same eyebrows, thay have nothing in common. Don’t remember Hepburn getting her kit off at every opportunity. Im sure OB would have put Miranda in the film he made if he wanted to.

Ok, this may not be Matty Kerr but Matty did have something on his Myspace that sounded very similar to the above quote. It was about being able to meet famous people because of his sister (who was going to be the next big thing according to him) and also, the post I did about Matty shouting his mouth off to anyone who dared to say less than wonderful things about his sister (pre OB days) sounded very much like this also. Sure, they both might not be Matty Kerr but can two fake Matty’s really sound so much like the real one? I’ve seen the real Matty’s Myspace and Facebook and know what he sounds like.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 31, 2011.

30 Responses to “Jay Lyon, The Newest Fat, Jealous, Toothless Hater”

  1. I totally agree with what you wrote and especially I find really funny the contradictions in that post byt this ‘Matty’. Whoever he is, may it be the real one or a fake, he should decide whatr’s his opinion, cause, as you pointed out, either she makes millions and so is able to be indipendent and to buy her own stuff or she doesn’t make big money and needs someone to finance her desires.
    No idea what really happened between Mk and Jay/Brent of course but it is clear she cheated on him. Few months before she hooked up with Orlando she stated Jay was the ‘love of her life’. Of course people can change opinion, buty Gosh, that was quick!Lol
    Not to mention Carlii’s reply about MK and Orlando…’they’re not dating…yet’….we already discussed that, but it’s realy weird Jay’s sister said that, hinting to something bigger that was upcoming. I find it odd back at that time and I still find it odd.

  2. Forgot to add that comparing MK to Audrey Hepburn it’s a shame. Like comparing water to champagne. Please, no way she can even get close to the wonderful Audrey!

  3. Hello, long time lurker first time poster here. Well, I can believe this. Rich, conniving, manipulative, superficial people would love to keep their money & have some chump like Orlando pay the bills. And, I believe her brother is dumb enough to think she’s the next Audrey Hepburn.

    BTW, keep up the great work! Love your site! Someone needs to call these people out on their lives! Have you done any investigation of Orlando’s car wreck, by any chance?

  4. Whether it is or isn’t him (for some reason I can honestly see him doing this), it’s fairly interesting that he contradicts himself much like his sister has done.

    Some of what (either real/fake) Matty said reminded me of the post about her ex that embezzled money, didn’t he state that it happened because he couldn’t keep up with the life style Miranda became accustom to? He also stated that she cheated on him, but then backtracked on the comment (threatened? gag order?).

    Yes, I think it’s fairly clear that she’s a cheat because (as usual) time lines for her don’t add up. She’s stated they’ve known each other for 4 years (60 minutes interview), and were “friends” for 6 months before they got together. It was rumored (was it ever confirmed, not to mention some brought up other celebs have been photographed at these things, and he managed to go under the radar?) that they met backstage at a VS show or after party don’t remember which, but if it was 2006 as she’s claiming, then either way it’d put her before she broke up with Jay.

    Plus his sister also rooting for Miranda/Orlando get together with the whole “not yet” comment, was just strange and cold to me.

    • Yes, apparently he did buy her gifts to buy her affection and she obviously didnt turn them down (http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/no-money-and-no-miranda-as-former-high-flying-adrian-camilleri-financier-walks-from-jail/story-e6freuy9-1225838874874). I also found the phrase from that article “The 18-month relationship in part helped launch the career of the fashion favourite” so yes, it does sound like he and his money helped her on the way up her ladder and took what he had without question or refusal.

      I do remember where he called MK and Elyse Taylor sluts and I remember the rumor where both MK and Taylor were said to be sleeping with business men for money and gifts.

      • So we can safely assume that, while Adrian and his money may have launched her career as the fashion favorite (is she really?), she moved on to Jay, where it seemed as if she got herself into a career rut where she wasn’t becoming a big name like Giselle or Heidi, that she decided or was advised to move onto a bigger, more Hollywood name to give her that ultimate career boost, and that came in the form of Orlando Bloom.

        It’s also been rumored (was it ever confirmed?) that he gets money for his appearances, David Jones, that Italian Vogue 3D event.

        If that’s true, then she got her career boost (I still don’t think it’s a huge boost state side though, none of my co-workers, for example, know who she is, but know the rest of the VS Angels) and he gets paid to do these appearances to support her (then again that money could be going straight to her as well).

    • slut

  5. I suspect the “truth” regarding Kerr is ultimately flexible and adjusts to fit whatever she’s trying to promote about herself. For instance, one minute she’s the rich supermodel who has the industry falling all over itself to get to her. (Sure. And in the meantime, there’s always Arizona Muse.) The next minute she’s the sweet country girl who just wants a quiet life and keeps her life super-duper private.

    In reality, I doubt any of it is completely true. Similarly with the Matty comments above. Does Bloom buy her everything? Doubtful. Does she make enough to buy herself everything she wants? Equally doubtful. But the point is the story has shifted to promote a certain image.

    I would love to know the real story behind all of the Bloom/Kerr nonsense. And I’d imagine it bears almost no resemblance to the multitude of bits and pieces that have gotten out (or so we think). As I posted before, these shifting stories have another purpose as well: hiding what’s really going on behind a veil of confusion.

    • Perfect example of one of their shifting stories is their “marriage”, he’s said one thing, her Nan has said another story (I forget what Sonia’s was, or was it just her promoting her book?), and Miranda’s story has changed a couple of times, but never mirrored what Orlando said.

      • And I doubt any of it is entirely true. Regarding your comment above, since I don’t feel like posting an extra reply, you’re spot-on as to Jay creating a career rut. He was a model as well as a musician, right? I’m sure she thought it was a match made in heaven at first. They were bound for the stars. But neither took off, so she went looking for a celebrity.

        Sadly, she found one.

    • While I agree what “Matty” said probably isnt as true as he would like us to think it was, the point that shocked me the most was how blatent Matty came across (and made MK and all the Kerrs come across) as greedy and leeches sucking OB dry while using him to get where they want. I dont think Miranda is a rich as she wants us to believe, nor is she “living the life” like she claims. While I think she is well off and comfortable financially, “millions” may be stretching it a little.

      • It is shocking. But if this really is Matty (a big if, in my opinion), the question should always be, what’s the image being promoted? In this case, it’s Kerr-the-adored-one. Kerr the perfect woman who is so loved that Bloom buys her gifts and wants to make her a star.

        In the process, this person has managed to make the Kerr family look like a bunch of creepy gold diggers. (The actual truth at last!) But that’s because they have no discretion and because the entire Kerr family must have a combined IQ that’s lower than 35. Too stupid to realize when something looks bad. Too busy getting the image out there. They’ve been doing that since day one.

        Again, I have my doubts that this really is Matty. But then again, why not? It fits the pattern.

  6. She is a whore who would do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

  7. Thing is WHO would pretend to be matty on a post about Jay Lyon?? A shipper doesnt make sense because obvs it makes MK to be out a Golddigger, it cant be a hater because why would they go crazy at a post about what happened between her and Jay (which paints miranda in a light the haters would like right?) so it doesn’t make sense for it to be any of those, from the old Myspace days when Matty had everything on show- his obsession with fame, his obsession with all things poo, his swearing, his shallowness and the name dropping of his “she is gunna be huge” sister – this person on who posted that rant at “jay” sounds exactly like Matty, too busy ranting and raving, and being the unintelligent arse he is, he doesnt exactly realise that he is actually making his sis look bad at the same time as trying to defend her, but again he isnt the brightest bulb around.

    At that time Miranda wasnt playing up to the down to earth country girl too much as Kora hadnt been done then, IMHO she has only began playing up to that image more so since Kora was released, before that it was there in her cultivated image but not so much, as around this time she was smoking and giving the finger to the paps, so.. the other reason I think this is Matty is that rant from 2006- before she became an VS Angel and before she got with ob, in other words she was an unknown, so to me that was definitely Matty then, and if so then it goes perfectly with the 2010 on JJ.

    I just think Matty goes online, sees if anyone it talking about his sister, and if they are talking bad about her- he jumps on them and defends her the only way he knows how- by ranting and swearing and saying people are jealous of her, I just dont think he was able to help himself. I think he has done this off his own bat like he seems to have done in the past- after all who remembers PooStain from IMDb? A guy who sounds just like matty, obsessed with poo, and trashed talked Orlando on his imdb board when it seemed all was not well with their relationship in the media-(he smells, they on the verge of splitting, jared followill stuff etc) this person was on MK’s imdb board saying how sexy she was (urgh if it was matty!) and would defend her by ranting, swearing etc like we see here. The clincher for me that Matty was poostain was on his myspace a cousin in oz left him a message and called him you guessed it.. PooStain, added to which his freinds would leave him mesages on Myspace saying he was obsessed with poo!

    Too much stuff that points to him.

    • Ah, completely forgot about Poostain/IMDb, thanks for reminding me!

      Dont get me wrong, I can understand why Matty would stick up for his sister online when he sees people dissing her (if these are him). No one likes to see their loved one called names, he may not even think/know she’s a slut. I really don’t think MK is going to discuss her sexual endeavors with her little brother. I really think the KORA lawyer was Matty but he may have been told to calm it down since [maybe] his death threats on other forums have been found etc You can tell the way he is now shaped when he posts on the KORA FB (or someone wanting everyone to believe it is Matty). He is now Matthew or Matt, Organics is his passion, he works for KORA now. He no longer talks about poo or burgers or how he got refused a VISA to get into US lol It seems MK is trying to change her whole family to fit her persona and how they dont get offended by that I’ll never know but now I can see her image is very important to her, maybe not 2+ years ago but who knows.

  8. And once more again I really hope, that Mr. Bloom read this Blog! πŸ˜‰

    Because IF he would read he would know, what the Kerr’s want from him – just his Money!

    And Miranda Kerr β€œthe next audrey hepburn thanks to his connections!” Dont compare Miranda with Audrey Hepburn! Audrey Hepburn had more Class as Miranda in her little toe.

    • At this point, I don’t think it makes any difference to Whorely anymore whether they’re using him for his money or fame. He has more and more proven as everyday passes that his intelligence level, not to mention his integrity, is not very high either. I guess he’s decided that if you can use whatever is handy for your famewhoring to try to keep up your dwindling popularity, actual work is not needed.

  9. Something that could possibly back the gold digger theory:

    “The Pirates of the Caribbean star has already won over Kerr’s mum, Therese, recently treating her to a luxury shopping trip along Beverley Hills’ famous Rodeo Drive.”


    • Kerr family surely won the jackpot adding Orlando to their clan, while it seems his family is not needed anymore. Sad.

      • They won’t be so thrilled when his fortune runs out. I very much doubt he’s making much per movie now, or even before really. And that supposed $1 million to do The Hobbit? Bullshit. He’s not worth that anymore.

  10. Therese Kerr said some days after the wedding in an interview, that Orlando like a gentleman by her and her husband would have asked at the hand of her daughter 2008 (in Sydney) and they would have said yes. Excuse me, unfortunately, I have no more idea where I have read this (but the same source as Rik also could have been).

    No idea , whether this is only an invention in her fairytale now (or an invention of the press) – but it is possible because Orlando was of course of something like ‘the jackpot’ for Miranda (and reveal even for the rest of the family).

    I really hope he wakes up on time (and has fixed on separation of property before the wedding).

  11. thanks for your posts. I must say that maybe he is Matty. Anyway thought it would be great Matty was Matty the awful truth is that
    MK has been-is using-will be using Orlando and getting money and fame from him
    and now even more as she is helplessly the mother of his kid.
    That the relationship has to do with everything but love.
    That Orlando lost control of the situation by the time she got pregnant
    And that if there is something he wants to keep hiden from the audiency, she obviously knows about it and high likely, he will have to pay for that.
    I wonder if a relationship without love though there is a kid worths the while.
    One thing for sure: in his way to be a reknowed actor, MK and his eating disorders for fame and front covers is a huge obstacle to be tackled. poor Orlando and Poor Flynn, who is the really innocent person.

  12. im my opinion she neve should have left jay!! he is beautifeul, sweet and seems like he woulfd do anything for her!! even after everyhting!! bad move randa!!! jay is way better looking, more down to earth and overall a much better catch than Orlando who is on his way out and has way to big of an ego to really care about her and flynn.. just my opinion!!!

  13. to even think Orlando compares to Jsy is outrageous just look at the pic and see foryourself!!! jay is gorgeous and orlando is done and dusted!!!!!! what were you thinking Miranda?? money? hope not!!!

    • I guess it is all just about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. To be honest I don’t think Orlando ever seemed Miranda’s type- whereas Jay does, her and Jay looked much better together. Maybe it was fame more than anything?? But then how can Jay’s sister be still her Publicist and fueled the flames about her and Orlando when she was still with Jay?

  14. Miranda is an amazing mum!!! she loves her boy and stop hating on a girl that has such a big heart and has been waiting her whole life for this!! good luck my love Flynn is a good boy and a cheeky brat like his mother xox

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