Opinion On The Latest Pap Pics

I know this is a little late but I would love to know everyones opinion on the latest Orlando and Flynn pictures. Are the pics a set up and is Orlando pimping out a 3 week old baby? Or have they been stalked by the evil paps yet again and is Orlando simply a new dad?

A few points to consider:

The park Orlando and Therese took Flynn to was not a paparazzi hang out but they seemed to be in waiting there for O, T and F. No pap  pics were taken of O, T and F leaving their home so we can assume they were not followed from their house. This indicates to me a pap set up.

Pap set ups by Orlando, Miranda or Orlando and Miranda were not agreed with in the past, why should they be agreed with now? A 3 week old baby should not be put in those circumstances in my opinion. If these pictures contained MK rather than OB, I think some people would be saying how bad a mother she was.

There are a few things wrong with the way Orlando is holding and carrying Flynn in the pictures. Yes, Orlando may be a “3 week old dad” but if he has had adequate time with Flynn he should know by now what to do and what not to do. The amount of hours, days, weeks in 3 weeks would give him more than enough time to become accustomed to something so simple as how to hold and carry your child safely (and this is before we go into if he attended pre natal classes). Orlando is also a God Father so should know how to hold children. Also, there is the point of how scantily clad the baby is but thats another matter.

A kind message to all: please don’t jump on anyone, please don’t tell anyone else they are wrong. We are all giving our opinions and our personal opinions are never wrong. No one is “bashing the baby” either so don’t even go there. Naturally, speculation and debate it more than welcome.

ETA: (thanks to nef for the heads up)

1. Make sure your baby can breathe. Baby carriers allow parents to be hands-free to do other things … but you must always remain active in caring for your child. No baby carrier can ensure that your baby always has an open airway; that’s your job.

2. Never allow a baby to be carried, held, or placed in such a way that his chin is curled against his chest. This rule applies to babies being held in arms, in baby carriers, in infant car seats, or in any other kind of seat or situation. This position can restrict the baby’s ability to breathe. Newborns lack the muscle control to open their airways. They need good back support in carriers so that they don’t slump into the chin-to-chest position.

3. Never allow a baby’s head and face to be covered with fabric. Covering a baby’s head and face can cause her to “rebreathe” the same air, which is a dangerous situation. Also, covering her head and face keeps you from being able to check on her. Always make sure your baby has plenty of airflow. Check on her frequently. (source)

Orlando definitely did #3, but whatever.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 25, 2011.

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  1. All I can say is that I was surprised to see pap pics of the abby so soon. Why? Because MK wrote several times, last time last night, on her FB that they wanted to keep him sacred.
    Last thing she wrote on the subject was: “Hi ______ – will post some more photos at a later date – we are wantin…g to keep him to ourselves for a bit – I hope you guys all understand and accept that. Love Miranda xxx”
    So, I thought we would have seen pap pics not before his 18years, as someone (loyal fans) suggested, but I see I was wrong.
    Was this a set up? Good question. All I can add is that some celebrities’ kids are rarely seen, while other are constantly papped, there has to be a reason why…

    • I was surprised at how fast they have done pap pics, what IS the rush? It is very odd why they haven’t wasted any time in getting him papped. The poor baby 😦

      • I hope this was an exception to the rule…

      • This pap set up came 3 days after MK stated that they wanted to keep Flynn to themselves.

        Not to mention the photos were taken and posted all within the same day. Which Is odd for pap photos, they’re normally taken the day before the posted the next day.

    • So true. Like you say, many other celebs keep their kids out of the spotlight very easilly. Even if the kids had been 2, 3 or 4 months old, it would have been better somehow even though I still wouldnt have agreed with it. 3 weeks just seems so wrong to me.

      • I think at least 6 months really because there really isnt any need in the world to drag your child around, posing for pictures. If they had have been photographed by accident then thats not their fault but Im sure we can see it isnt that way at all. What angers me most about the pics is the way Orlando is carrying Flynn round and Therese (who has had 2 kids herself) lets him. There are such things as strollers/pushchairs and those things you can wear that straps the baby to your chest. It also angers me that the baby isnt adequately clothed to be outdoors. I have no kids but I know you cover them up so no excuse for a 3 week old dad and grandmother who should know better. I think Therese was more concerned about which pair of Spanx to wear.

  2. Without doubt it was a set up, nobody on a SUNDAY would be stalking this D-lister has-been actor, in a place that isn’t a pap hang out!! They always make their set up’s obvious.

    I am disgusted that he is so openly pimping out his own son, it sickens me- what a wonderful father he is-not. Any good father would protect his son, keep him away from all this fame whoring that him and Miranda do- the poor child has no say in any of this, but we all knew this would happen, and what a bad taste in the mouth it leaves. When you are a parent you do right by your child, you love it so overwhelmingly that you protect it with your life, not take it out with hardly any clothes on, holding it wrongly so the baby is uncomfortable and do pap set ups with the paps so you get your photo in the media! There is nothing good or nice about this situation, not at all. The selfishness of him and Miranda is just mind blowingly horrible and they didn’t deserve a child that they only use as a prop in there ever continuing pathetic soap opera that has 20 viewers- if they are lucky!

    I have one wish for Flynn; I really hope for his sake that the interest in these 2 stay low and then they fall into obscurity, he needs to live life like any normal child, I also hope he gets a good nanny too who brings him up full time, maybe then he might have a chance, until then my heart goes out to him.

    • I really did hope that when this kid was born things would change but I think most of us saw it coming. Even if Orlando was just trying to get Flynn some fresh air, they could have done that around their own gardens in private, but Orlando just seems to be wandering around doing nothing, which makes it look like he is just letting the paparazzi take their pics. Like you say, they really need to fade to black now, just for the kids sake. Flynn needs a normal life and upbringing. I fear he isnt going to get it.

  3. Do I think it’s a set up? Yes. The park is roughly 10 minutes away from where they’re allegedly living in Brentwood (Helene drive?), the only person who you see get out of any car is in fact Orlando (there’s two of nearly the same photos on toofab.com of him getting out of the back of a car, whether it was leaving or arriving I don’t know). You don’t see anyone putting Flynn into a car or taking him out, nor do you see Therese coming or going.

    There was also where MK posted the comment of them being caught by the cameras, which I found odd as I’ve already posted in another reply, while she found the airport pictures intrusive, photos of her son are not?

    In regards to how he is holding him. Do I think he looks awkward? Yes. In the photos where Flynn looks to be flailing an arm, could he have slipped down? Yes, but he doesn’t appear to be that terribly heavy to already be slipping down. Could it be that he’s holding him awkwardly due to being used to holding him in the cradle position? Yes, it’s possible that he’s only used to holding Flynn in the cradle position, and not up-right.

    Despite the most likely set up, do I find the photos adorable? Yes.

    • Actually there’s one pic, maybe two, where you see Orlando getting off the back of the car holding the baby.

      • I didn’t see him getting out with Flynn, just where you see him between getting out or getting in, not sure which was going on. Maybe those are on another site?

      • I meant this pic:

      • OMG so we are to believe that the baby wasnt even in any kind of car seat??? He was just in OB’s arms during the ride?

        Words fail me right now!

      • No idea. I had the same impression but probably the car seat was next to Orlando, in the other passenger’s place and we can’t see it of course.

      • I didn’t see that photo, so the photo we see him where he has that black sling type thing on must have been taken directly after that then.

        I’d hate to think there wasn’t any type of car seat, and that he was simply holding him.

      • Everyone I know (and probably the majority of people) get out of the car and go to the side the carseat is in and get the baby out that way as its safer. Getting a baby out from inside the car while you are sat can be pretty tricky but I dont have OB’s brain at the best of times.

      • Now seeing the series of photos of him getting out holding Flynn, I can’t help but think, why didn’t Therese at least offer to take Flynn while OB got out of the car? Wouldn’t that been easier for him?

    • Well said!

      I can’t find the photos adorable because of the whoring his son out undertones to the photos. That kind of cancels it all out for me unfortunately.

      When is he EVER going to stop these games, and stop using people for this famewhoring? How can he not love his son and his wellbeing more than his public image and getting his photo in the media? It just baffles me!

      • This is why I was actually wondering to myself, seeing as she basically said they wanted to keep him to themselves then three days later, OB has the tot out in the public, five days after her breast feeding photo is “released” as she put it. Was he trying to one up her. You have her doing and saying one thing, and him doing another. Then she takes to FB saying that she’ll share photos at a later date, but again repeating herself that they want to keep him to themselves. Not only that, but she again has to make a (possibly pre-written) post in regards to breast feeding, as if she’s an spokesperson for it.

        It comes across as if she’s trying to maintain a control over what takes place with Flynn, while OB appears to be trying to do some sort of damage control.

        I don’t see the reason why Therese was needed for the walk, he could have taken Flynn by himself, even along with Sidi (which she never said how Sidi was reacting to having a baby around, just the ball of white light), or even Kris could have gone with him. Why Therese?

    • Agreed!! I think I remeber MK saying how intrusive the paps were but she (or whoever it was) were posting the baby pap pics on the KORA blog, which I found a kind of WTF moment. He could be used to just holding Flynn in the cradle position but that comes down to “why”? My brother-in-law took to holding his son really quickly, I think it only takes a few times before you get the hang of it, but thats just my opinion.

      I find all babies cute and adorable but the only problem I have is the inappropriateness of it.

      • That is what bothered me, airport pictures = intrusive. Pap pictures of son = oh look they got caught on camera~! She says one thing then does another. Damage control on her end? Perhaps.

        Maybe the cradle position is the only way of holding him that MK allows? Who knows. I’ve read that the up-right position can also help babies that have gas.

        I find babies adorable too, just… the circumstances surrounding this photos are another story.

      • Sorry to butt in but I believe MK probably makes him do all the nursing (apart from breast feeding if she does it) or at least makes him do his share. I highly doubt that MK wont let OB hold little Flynn in any other way but in the cradle position but let him go outdoors with Flynn on his own (minus Therese) where it will call for him to hold Flynn in many positions. He may need to wind Flynn at some point so its best he knows what he is doing if he is taking sole responsibility for Flynn while outside because Therese looks less than interested.

  4. I think this is definitely a setup. It’s not like they were on an errand or something. I don’t see any other reason for taking a two week old baby out like that. If they wanted to give him fresh air or whatever, why not just spend time in their own garden?

    Orlando looks so awkward holding that child! He looks like someone who’s never held a baby before. Plus if they wanted to protect the baby from being photographed, why not leave him in the sling Orlando was wearing?

  5. Miranda’s comment of being ‘caught’ by the paps seems to me to be an attempt at portraying herself and Orlando as being so famous and important that they are constantly being followed and photographed. I just think that since she has such an inflated sense of self-importance, then she has to portray that image to the rest of the world also. In addition to that, since her modelling is not happening at the moment, she is trying to find other ways to remain in her own little spotlight. I mean, we all get it, she had a baby. Now that people are over it she has to set up little pap sessions to remain in the C grade celebrity news. It’s so pathetic.

    • I could not have said it any better. But then, what else can we expect from a woman who is so narcissistic, she’ll use any and all little ‘event'(real or claimed-by-her) and person, even her own child, to garner as much attention for herself as she can, to keep herself relevant?

      The only thing is, the fact that Whorelando goes along with this pimping out of his own “son”, is beyond sad, especially for someone who’s championed children in his humanitarian efforts in years long past.

      • I think they are very alike him and Miranda, both attention seeking, selfish famewhores who both put fickle and shallow fame before their own child! Ted Casablanca was indeed right when he said Orlando is with her because he gets plenty out of it and is happy with the “business arrangement” -I can see it now more so that ever, I can’t say whether he is happy or not to be a father, or how much he actually loves that kid (again his actions say he doesn’t love that kid enough), but I bet he is glad that he can use to get his name back in the media with something new for his pap set ups. Speaking of which- another proof that these pics are set ups- the ones on his bike in traffic that came out yesterday/today, show that, because lets play it the shippers way- this guy is apparently stalked by the paps yet paps wouldn’t bother taking any pics of ob like this on his bike- as that is mainly what he does- therefore the pap pics would never sell as they are same old- funny how none of the reasons of paps stalking them fit with reality eh?

      • I think he’s happy that he’s keeping his name in the press even if it’s by way of paying for it. But real genuine happy? We’ll never know, the dead eyes seem to constantly give it away that he isn’t.

        Interesting that you mention the new bike pictures, seeing as it appears he’s handing something off to the guy in the suv/car. I’ve only seen the very small ones on Bruno press or whatever though.

  6. I believe that it was a pap set-up but the tip off came from the Kerr family. Some of the pics are on her KORA blog now.

    I also see nothing wrong with the way Orlando is carrying his son. My husband cuddled our boys the same way (and it keeps his face mostly away from the cameras). This was especially effective when they were fussing as they had full body contact for warmth and could feel Dad’s heartbeat. Remember this kid is still very small – they want to be swaddled and held close. As for the setting, why not go to a park ? Babies need to be exposed to a variety of sights and sounds and smells. Not to mention the fresh air and sunshine. I wouldn’t put that child in a pram until he was too big for my aching back! You have to hold them when they’re that young so you can enjoy the whole ‘new baby smell’

    • If you think it was a pap set up then why do you think its ok to go to the park where the paps are? Im not a mother but does a 3 weeks old baby need to be exposed to the sights/smells/sounds of a park when their own garden is probably just as big? I personally dont see the rush to get a 3 week old baby accustomed to the big bad world.

      Maybe your husband does hold your babies that way but I dont think I would like it. There are other pictures where it seems OB is getting out of the car while holding the baby which could indicate no child seat was used during the car journey. I think it is safer to use a pram while outdoors, you could trip and fall while holding the baby as you cant see your feet or where you are walking properly. Babies skin is very delicate as Im sure you know so should be dressed accordingly to protect it from the chill in the air and the sun, Flynn wasnt. Also, does swaddled mean the babies face pressed against daddys chest which may hinder breathing?

      You talk like he doesnt hold the baby in the house, so the only way he can smell this “new baby smell” is when he is holding him outside lol Im not having a go but some of the pictures do look bad and not holding a baby correctly, even if some of us do it, can cause problems.

    • I would like to ask, how old are your children? Because it is very important to hold a very young baby correctly. The baby needs to be comfortable. The baby needs the adequate support (head, neck, spine etc) and carrying a baby in the wrong position for a good length of time is not a good thing.

      I have not seen all the pictures but I did see one where Orlando is not supporting the bottom of the baby which is not good and I noticed one or two where he is not supporting the head/neck area correctly. As a three week old father I expect him to be able to do this by now, especially if he had any interaction with a midwife who always give advice as to what to do and how to do it.

      Im not sure the Kerrs are solely behind this because Orlando was looking right at the photographer a few times but carried on with what he was doing. I have no doubt Kerr liked the pictures but Im not going to lay all the blame at her door.

      I understand that Orlando and Miranda both want to stay relevant in this Hollywood world but as THEY are the ones who want this then THEY should be the ones getting photographed, not this little cherub! I think every celebrities child should be kept out of the public eye as much as possible. Look at the guy out of US (sorry forgot his name) he has had a child for a year, no one knew and he has just told people now. Nicole Kidman (who I dont like) has had a child since December and she has just told people now. Things can be kept secret and sacred in an ultra famous persons life, it all depends if they want it to be secret and sacred. Besides, I thought the picture MK showed of Flynn was supposed to be a kind of “here he is” so I really dont see a need for this set up and thats why it does look like the child is a prop of sorts because its “pap time for daddy”.

      I know a lot about child care because of my profession so I know my onions.

    • The way his wrists are awkwardly bent makes it look like he’s not comfortable. There’s also a couple of pictures where he’s using his forearm to hold the baby’s head and bottom close, which doesn’t look very secure. I’ve had exposure to many babies and I was taught from a very young age to either cradle the baby, using your elbow for head and neck support, or if holding a baby upright like Orlando was, your hand basically covers the whole back of the baby’s head while the wrist is in line with the neck and your other hand supports the bottom (not your forearm with your wrist awkwardly wrapped around). The one time I didn’t hold a baby like this, when I was about 12, my baby cousin flailed his head and neck backwards and gave himself (and me) a really big shock.

  7. It was such a set up and that makes me sad. Any good will I had lingering for him just kinda went up in smoke. I feel bad for the kid, I really do. He didn’t ask to be brought into this world and pimped out to sell skin care products and keep his “father’s” name in the papers.

  8. I would like to bring this quote to everyones attention. Its from James McAvoy who I think is more famous and saught after than OB:

    “The hardest thing about being a dad in this business — the best way for me to be a good dad is not to talk about him. I’m so sorry. I realize that you guys are the people to talk to about babies, but if I want to get him papp’d and all that kind of stuff then I can start talking about him. And, if I don’t want to get him papp’d then I can’t talk about him. I’m so sorry. Thanks for understanding.”

    From here: http://www.lilsugar.com/James-McAvoy-Doesnt-Publicly-Talk-About-His-Son-13476486

    Well, well James McAvoy, you just went up in my estimation!

    • EXACTLY!!!

      Dear Shippers,

      Please can you explain to us how people like Orlando (a has been actor who is not in demand or as well known as the likes of James McAvoy, Johnny Depp etc can get their “sacred and precious” child papped, yet the mentioned Actors don’t??? How come Johnny and James can actually protect and stop their kids getting papped yet orlando can’t? James is in LA a lot with his family as well as the UK (The UK paps are just as bad as the LA ones) yet we see no pics of his kids like we have Orlando, are you shippers really that blind, dumb and naive? There is so much proof that orlando does pap set ups , that Orlando isnt being a good, caring, loving Dad because he is PURPOSELY getting his child papped just to get into the media- yet dads like Johnny and James can manage it because they don’t do pap set ups with their kids, it is as plain as day, and to me is the biggest proof of all that Orlando does set ups, and the biggest proof of all that he doesn’t care about his child as much as he should and that he is a selfish prick.

      I really hoped Orlando would have stopped it with the selfish attention seeking “please lets do these pap set ups to keep me in the media” games when this child was born, he hasnt, and has actually sunk even lower than even I thought possible- and YES other celebrities do pap set ups with their kids too, and YES I think the exact disgusting things about them too. Face it, this is what he is, the only innocent is that child, but ST.Orlando he is not- quite the opposite in fact selling out his own flesh and blood baby just to get into the media- nice guy! NOT


  9. my opinium is he uses this little baby for p.r.
    But why?
    Would a new daddy who love his newborn child over all do such a think?
    He would protect his child,he would keep him safe and secrect that this little one can have a normal childhood.
    And he ?
    He took this little baby like a trophy so the hole world can see it!
    Can see “his” son!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It is very sad that he has sunk this low. Who would have thought he would use his own son for a bit of publicity? If you had said that to me 5 years ago, I would have laughed in your face, no WAY did I think he would do this, but it goes to show you how little we knew him- and since the parts in movies have dried up lately, the real desperate, selfish, attention seeking, shallow, fickle Orlando Bloom comes to the fore.

      As Isolde posted that James Mcavoy post last night- he REALLY doesnt have to do this if he didnt want to- this is the thing he is WANTING this, yet a good father like James McAvoy is a good, caring father who knows that you can easily keep your children out of the glare of publicity if you choose to, it is a sad fact of life these days that more and more celebrities are using their children for publicty and it ANGERS me, no matter who does it because they are set up’s, we know that because we see A-list celebs like Johnny Depp- or even Sandra Bullock- who kept her adopted baby a secret when the whole celebrity world was buzzing about her after her oscar win- but she kept it secret because it IS possible, Orlando Bloom has had his day, as much as some fans don’t want to believe it- it is absolutely true, and very sad for me to admit that, but I’m not going to fool myself, as it is FACT. His name attached to “Main Street” didnt help it did it? It has sunk without a trace available of Asian TV and online to download- yeah orlando Bloom, the big star-NOT. He has ONE SMALL part in the “Three musketeers”- big deal, oh and Boss Orange (where tbh the ad for that is extremely cringworthy by his fake smiling and laughing) and Uniqlo (where he is airbrushed to hell) it is not enough to get him where he once was as it is still all small fry, so he sells out himself, his fuckbuddy turned babymomma and now his own flesh and blood- I wouldnt care less if Orlando decided to go really low key and do TV, theatre, small movies all the time, but it obviously isnt what he wants because he wouldnt be selling his life with his partner in famewhoring Miranda, doing the pap set ups.
      I can imagine that when you have been as big as he was at one point, it must be sad and you kind of not want to let that lifestyle go, but selling out your kid? Nah, there is NO excuse for that at all.

      Sorry for all the novels I am writing here lately, but this shit angers me so much!!

      • The thing with Orlando is that I think if he hadn’t done theatre in 2007 then he would still be in bigger movies. It’s all well and good that he wanted to do some theatre, but only stars who are established enough with great talent can get away with taking that much time away from the mainstream. Same with smaller independent movies, if you haven’t got it, it’s going to go nowhere.

  10. I can’t help by wondering what is theresa doing there and why the pics were post by MK herself in her… let’s say… healthy site… KOra. IMHO, I think family Kerr is the one who run the show. It is pathetic to see Therese around. It seems to be the typical case of frustrated model who project her frustration and hungry for fame on her MK.
    I can’t help by wondering why Bloom family is not there or doesn’t come up in the pics. IMHO it must be terrible to be surrounded by family Kerr. It doesn’t seem to be a grandma but a shadow, a shadow overseeing things and sets up are properly made.
    Sorry for Flynn. Yes, I like to see him, but I wouldn’t like to see him in the front cover of a mag. In fact, I felt sorry for him since his mother posed nude with him and talked so much about how kicking the boy was. I think this is a complete disaster and I hope Orlando be in charge of his son, send familly Kerr to Australia and begin a new life with his baby, as normal as possible.

    • I don’t really know what Therese is doing there- probably just standing in for Miranda- ie the prescence of a Kerr.

      However, I don’t think this is all Miranda, or the Kerr’s, he is JUST as guilty, it is now more obvious than ever that he has a big a part in the famewhoring as Miranda, he has proven it with the pap set up’s, nobody can really cry “its all Miranda, she makes him do it”- there is evidence to suggest that is not the case- in this case THE BABY- Miranda does not and can not have a 100% say about that baby, it is 50-50, they both have a say, Orlando is the one doing the pap set up- the one not protecting his child, orlando is the one parading it in a pap set up just to get the pictures in the media – if Orlando didn’t want this- thought it was wrong, he would stop it, because it is to do with his son, therefore Miranda is NOT in charge fully anymore when this child is involved, the fact that Orlando is doing all this should tell you everything- he is as bad as she is, maybe not as obvious before- but I think it is now. It is very sad and disappointing, but the truth is there in front of everyone to see.

  11. Just read on a baby blog that Orlando, Flynn and Therese were walking round that park for 90 minutes. 90 mins is a lot IMO.

    Also, in the comments, someone said their pediatrician recommended to take the baby out after 6 weeks.


    • BTW comment 4 on that blog kind of sums it up for me.

    • Wonder if the time spent there was doing retakes? 😉 Wouldn’t be the first time would it.

    • 90 minutes??? Well, that’s even better (irony) than the famous balcony pics with him going in and out the room for half an hour….speechless!
      Thanks for reporting that!

    • Hmm, so he was supposedly wearing a Mei Tai Baby wrap? I only noticed the wrap when he was getting out of the car. My theory is that he was carrying Flynn in this wrap during the car journey then took it off to carry him while walking. If this is the case then that is so dangerous. If the car had an accident or bump, Orlando could risk crushing that little 3 week old baby. Car seats are so important!! This has me outraged!

      Yes, 90 minutes is a very long time when Flynn isnt suitably dressed.

      • You are kidding me? Yes it is dangerous because a seat belt only protects so much, my god is he really THAT stupid if that’s the case? Wearing the baby wrapped on him which is having the baby close on him yet risking it in a car then using him as a tool for publicity when he gets out… this is all crazy!

      • If indeed he was wearing flynn in a baby sling in the car (which lets face, it looking rather likely) this is what it advises:

        3. Never use a baby carrier when riding in a car. Soft baby carriers provide none of the protection that car seats provide.


      • Also I found reference on how to hold a baby too-

        1. Make sure your baby can breathe. Baby carriers allow parents to be hands-free to do other things … but you must always remain active in caring for your child. No baby carrier can ensure that your baby always has an open airway; that’s your job.

        a. Never allow a baby to be carried, held, or placed in such a way that his chin is curled against his chest. This rule applies to babies being held in arms, in baby carriers, in infant car seats, or in any other kind of seat or situation. This position can restrict the baby’s ability to breathe. Newborns lack the muscle control to open their airways. They need good back support in carriers so that they don’t slump into the chin-to-chest position.

        b. Never allow a baby’s head and face to be covered with fabric. Covering a baby’s head and face can cause her to “rebreathe” the same air, which is a dangerous situation. Also, covering her head and face keeps you from being able to check on her. Always make sure your baby has plenty of airflow. Check on her frequently.


      • Also I found reference on how to hold a baby too-

        1. Make sure your baby can breathe. Baby carriers allow parents to be hands-free to do other things … but you must always remain active in caring for your child. No baby carrier can ensure that your baby always has an open airway; that’s your job.

        a. Never allow a baby to be carried, held, or placed in such a way that his chin is curled against his chest. This rule applies to babies being held in arms, in baby carriers, in infant car seats, or in any other kind of seat or situation. This position can restrict the baby’s ability to breathe. Newborns lack the muscle control to open their airways. They need good back support in carriers so that they don’t slump into the chin-to-chest position.

        b. Never allow a baby’s head and face to be covered with fabric. Covering a baby’s head and face can cause her to “rebreathe” the same air, which is a dangerous situation. Also, covering her head and face keeps you from being able to check on her. Always make sure your baby has plenty of airflow. Check on her frequently.


    • I took a look at the time stamps and they appear to be all over the place, one set has each of the photos occurring at 12AM (JJ’s), I did find however, at least one that seems to have a relative legit time stamp on it (he looks like he’s trying to up-right Flynn after he was in the cradle position), the time stamp on that one is 1:18PM. It seems as if anything that comes out of the UK (the mirror primarily) though the time stamps mark the photos as the 24th though. Otherwise the time stamps seem to be obscure for this little set up.

  12. Hey I was thinking that there’s one of two scenarios that must be true: 1. This was a pap setup. 2. This wasn’t a pap setup and they were ‘caught’, meanwhile Miranda sits at home constantly Googling her own name and Orlando’s name to see the latest pics that have been taken and published. I know that many celebrities don’t even bother looking at pap pics of themselves to avoid the crap but Miranda always seems to be aware of her pics. Do you think she goes to her own fan website? It’s so sad.

    • Her minions were posting them to her FB which is why she posted them to her blog. As I’ve been saying she found those LAX/Heathrow airport pictures where she was seen pregnant intrusive (even complaining because she was going to post a photo of her bump herself so she said), but these aren’t, pap pictures of your own son isn’t intrusive? This is why, to me, they appear more like a set-up because she appears perfectly fine with them.

  13. Id like to point something out to all the people who are moaning because people are pointing out how Orlando isnt holding Flynn correctly, please read this:

    || Orlando is not holding Flynn as he should be.
    || He is not holding Flynn as he should be because he is not using a stroller/push chair
    || He is not using a stroller/pushchair so the paps can get a better shot of the baby
    || He wanted a better shot of the baby because it is a pap set up

    See what it comes back to? This is the reason I dont agree with the way he is holding Flynn because it all comes down to the pap set up. Orlando obviously isnt clued up/confident holding Flynn so SHOULD have used a stroller for many safety reasons but I guess a shot of the baby is more important yeah?

    • True but some people just dont get the point!

      • Maybe not but I am sick and tired of getting my head bitten off by people who seem to have forgot about the X amount of years and the amount of bitching they have done over his famewhoring, PR pimping ways but now it seems to be fine even though its worse because a child has been brought into the mix. They seem to have forgot all the moaning they have done, the anger and disappointment they have felt all that has gone in a puff of smoke. Like you say, if this was MK they would be saying how terrible she was for pimping out her child and did moan about the breast feeding pic even though that could be translated into a caring mother bonding with her child. The double standards are getting rediculous if Im honest.

    • Regarding your second post, Duke Box, I kinda agree with that. I notice that when it was miranda getting blasted for everything she’s done/doing, it was really free-for-all(and I’m not complaining about that, I think she deserves the blasting for using anyone and anything in her famewhoring)

      But when people start criticizing whorely about the way he’s holding the baby without proper support(as some of the pics show) or strolling in the park for so long without adequate baby-protection or whatnot, people started getting accused of being infused with hatred and bitterness. Why is that? Why can people criticize miranda to within an inch of her life but not orlando? Why did criticizing of her remain criticism but criticizing of him become hate? I liked reading everyone’s comments and some got a little silly but (IMO) got nowhere to hate..

      • Thank you. Im glad Im not the only one who was thinking this way. You hit the nail on the head too and its really confusing me why MK is taking all the blame yet he is pardoned. I read good, bad, silly, OTT posts all over the place but I am not going to rip someones opinions to shreds because they arent mine. I dont think anyone has ever said Orlando doesnt like Flynn or he doesnt care about him etc I really dont think OB would hurt his child at all he is being slighly neglectful because of the pap set up he is doing and I am not going to be the big bad wolf for disliking it when almost everyone else would have agreed with me prior to this and if it were MK. Thank you for your response, I appreciate it.

      • I agree. My problem with the comments of late on delphi has been the messages to each other, especially over this Orlando thing. I think a lot of what is said is a bit much, towards both Miranda and Orlando, but now some are attacked each other as well.

      • What comments were being said at Delphi?

      • @Alex. I completely understand that some people might not be bothered about pap set ups with the child and I know some might not be bothered about the way he is holding Flynn incorrectly, thats fine, its all subjective, what does bother me is that these things are subjective and if someone does think it is wrong to use a baby then that is their right and it isnt wrong.

        What also bothers me is that some people obviously dont care that Orlando seemed not to use a car seat while travelling in the car with Flynn, maybe people think that is ok and those who are outraged are acting OTT? And the fact that some people blew their tops when Orlando pulled out of Wetten Das yet this kind of behaviour is totally fine. It seems some are picking and choosing what to be bothered about but its all of a type really.

        Either way, what happened on Delphi was OTT, maybe from both sides but I know there are better and more respectful ways to disagree with someone.

      • Where have you seen that he’s not used a car seat for Flynn?
        You can’t see inside the car.
        And that is one of the points that pisses most people off.
        You are judging him for things you can’t see. Maybe there was a seat. Maybe he wasn’t carrying the baby the whole time in the park. Maybe the pics were taken by random people in the park who recognized him and took pics and sold them. A pap would have followed him I’m sure.
        But it’s Orlando. He can’t do right. He is evil and bad and would put a poor baby in danger. Heaven forbid that he would do something good!


      • @Choco. There a few pictures of O getting out of the car, Flynn in arms and he is wearing a baby sling. Once out the car, the baby sling comes off and he carries Flynn in arms while Therese carries the sling. He exits the car WITH Flynn, he doesnt go round the other side of the car where the car seat would be, they both come out of the same side.

        That looks like he has worn the baby sling with Flynn in it during the car ride and decided to carry Flynn for the 90 minutes set up. I never stated it as fact either, I said “seemed” to not have used a car seat and that is what it looks like to me and plenty of others. Yes, Orlando can do right, just doing a pap set up with his child isnt right in my eyes, sorry! He is clearly looking at the camera person taking the pictures, all pictures look the same (i.e same camera used). We have discussed why we think this is a set up, if you dont think it is, good for you, thats fine.

      • Yes, he’s getting out of the car with Flynn in his arms. To me that doesn’t proof that there wasn’t a baby safe. It just shows what it shows. There is also a pic of him in the park were he is wearing the sling. He could have removed it for multiple reasons.
        And for the time in the park it is hard to say what he has done between the fisrt pics and the last when he was smiling to a person who could have said something to him that made him smile. Maybe about his son and being a newly Dad.
        Almost every pap agency and gossip site (Sun/TMZ/x17/…) is buying your celeb pics or you can call them and they send their photogs.
        He did a lot of stupid things but I still give him the benefit of a doubt as long as there isn’t proven evidence that he is putting an innocent child willingly in danger.

      • What is pissing me off is the people who would yell “set up” before all of a sudden acting like a shipper and going into a state of denial that just because he has a baby he magically doesn’t do set up’s anymore even though these pics are as obvious as all the other set ups he has done ,or jumping through hoops making stories and situations up which DO NOT ADD UP- hey, I can understand why people don’t want to think he is doing set ups- I WISH he wasn’t, but it is more than obvious YES he has sunk that low, it is how it is, I don’t wish to be rude, but I am sick of people being jumped on over this! The proof is all there that is it a set up- I’m not even going to go into how he is holding the kid or is there a car seat or not-blah, blah, blah- to me that isnt the worst issue- the worst issue is he is doing: pap set ups with his own son, hate to break it to you, but that is what he is doing- Miranda even postd them on her kora blog- proof they are set up as she has moaned before about being papped on that very same blog- but its fine when it is their sacred baby! He sees the paps, he continues instead of walking away from them FOR NINETY MINUTES- how are these any less obvious than the balcony pics?? Because he has a child- he was caught legitimately?? REALLY?

        I would LOVE to know how people are going to explain the next ones that come out, and the next ones etc etc , because there will be more trust me on that one. I HATE that he is doing it, but I will be damned if we are going to get the blame for calling him out on it. Yes Orlando COULD HAVE DONE GOOD- he could have not done these pap set ups and actually not have been a famewhore desperate for publicity. Believe it or not I STILL have hope for him, hope that one day he will wake up and realise what a selfish idiot he has been and have total regret, I am sorry if I offended anyone here, but it has to be said, that baby doesn’t make him inexcusable for his actions all of a sudden. At the end of it all- think what you want, whatever makes you happy, but please don’t come on here shouting the odds at people just because now he has a child he isn’t a famewhore anymore and you don’t want too believe what MOST people can see- that they are set up pap pics! Maybe it is hurting a lot of people that it isn’t always Miranda who is the famewhore- but I realised that truth years ago.

      • @Choco. I know someone who has seen the order and time stamps of the pics and the order of the pics suggest he seen the paps early on in the outing.

        The way he got out of the car with Flynn rather than going round to the other side of the car where a car seat would have been says to me there was no car seat – he was carrying Flynn in that sling during the ride, but you can take it your way, I’ll take it mine. He could have removed the sling but can’t think of an innocent reason TBH. Carrying a baby around without a sling is harder work for OB and maybe less comfortable for Flynn.

      • @ Nefratiti, regarding your first question, I’m sure the comments that came after answered your question adequately. Sorry but I live on the other side of the world from you guys and by the time I sign on here again, the discussion has moved on so far down the road, I’d feel like I’m just rehashing what others have commented after 🙂

      • @bellz, I was mainly replying to choco- sorry that wasn’t clear 🙂

        Never worry about posting your thoughts, it is never too late 🙂

    • Oh, and I agree with your first post also. *g*
      Well, let’s see here: famewhoring 101 for a has-been-not-aging-well-actor and a narcissistic-pathological-liar-model to keep themselves relevant in the news:- use newest prop at every opportunity.
      Miranda got her “baby and me” pic out there, now whorely did his part of “baby and me” pic section, wonder if uncle matty will get his section…and if the Blooms ever goes over to see the kid, wonder if they’ll get their section all together or one section per-person?
      Lots of use yet out of the pup – shopping trip, coffee run, beach, supermarket trip, motorbike ride…

      • Thanks again lol Exactly, as everyone knows, MK is so bad with the lie-telling and self indulgence that I dont how people dont wonder how on earth he lets her continue doing these things. I do believe he knows to some extent of what she does/says, especially when it comes to the two of them and the baby because it usually ends up on some gossip site or something and Im sure he gets to hear about it but she carries on, obviously he doesnt stop her and Im sure he could.
        ROFL so many pap opportunities that Im sure we will see in the not too distant future, apart from Matty, I think evem MK isnt stupid enough to let her dumb brother out with her child lol

  14. First, there’s something that I saw over at OBT, please take it with a grain of salt though because I don’t know where the site source actually got this information. It’s just very interesting because of what is/has been discussed.

    Orlando Bloom says the hospital wouldn’t let him take his baby home if they knew how little he know about babies! [source]

    Second, I saw the new photos from Bruno press or whatever, and while these photos only show seconds in time, maybe Flynn slid down, maybe Orlando propped him up-right at this moment, I don’t know. The photo I’m referring to is this one (and there are several others that go with this one): http://i55.tinypic.com/34nobgn.jpg These sort of photos though, IMO, are the reasons why people are criticizing/questioning his parenting skills.

    • Hello Rik. The link to the picture isnt working for me, maybe its my connection? The quote I find very interesting but I take it is a joke of some sorts? Surely its not an admittance? Like you say, I dont know how reliable the source is as Ive never heard of the place before, can someone else shed some light on it?

      I did want to refrain from commenting on how he is holding the baby now but I do have to say, I saw in quite a few pictures, but not saw them all, of Orlando, what looks like him holding the back of the babies head but holding the babies face into his clothing (http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/6456/12286512.jpg). I read the above link that you should never allow the babies face to be covered with fabric and re-breathe the same air. I may be mistaken of course and this may not be the case. But I do find it amusing that all this has been discussed and an apparent quote comes out from OB discussing the same thing haha

      • The pictures you linked to is the very same picture under tinypic. I showed my Mother the picture, and her first response was can he even breathe and why does his face look red? Of course, there are various scenarios, Flynn slid down, Orlando was up-righting him, or maybe Flynn was crying which is why he looks to be red in the face. We don’t know, but to someone who doesn’t know the on goings of MK/OB, this could set off alarms.

        And yes, it’s very interesting that, that quote came out, whether it’s true or not we don’t know. Which is why I’m wondering if someone (not necessarily OB or anyone from his team) is lurking about.

    • This has nothing to do with the baby, but at 34 you would think he’d have learnt how to pull his pants up by now. I hate it when guys have them so low you can see their underwear.

  15. Great minds think alike Rik 😀 . I do think those scenarios are plausible but we will never know but when a baby is crying, his/her face should never be covered because they lose their breath easilly and need proper ventilation so I hope that isnt the scenario at least.
    Someone could be lurking about, that would be very interesting but most people with half a brain can see the errors in those pictures once they look past the “aww how cute”.

  16. I am a huge Orlando fan and have been for about 6 years now, as well as supporting him and Miranda as a couple, I was overjoyed when they got married and when she gave birth to Flynn, but I am disturbed by what I have seen in these pap pics. I always thought that after all they had said about the baby before it was born that Flynn would be kept out of the public eye and limelight, and when the photo came out of Miranda and Flynn came out I thought it was a nice touch that Miranda hid Flynn’s face from the public. Fast forward to Sunday, I see the photo’s of Orlando walking with Flynn in the park, I have always been very much on the fence about Pap pics being set up’s concerning them both, but this time I feel there is no question that this pap jaunt was set up and it incredibly upsets me. I thought Orlando would not have done this, I have made excuses in my head and to my fellow Orlando fans over these photo’s trying to justify why he would do this, my excuses ranged from them being followed there, yet that fell through because Orlando would and could have got away from the paps, when I learn that they walked through the park getting papped for an hour and a half, well it just made my worst fears real, that it was a pap set up, with beautiful Flynn not being taken into consideration by his father, I have two children and would protect them from any harm, I thought Orlando hated the paps, how can that be true when he has done this? I have been thinking hard about everything and feel lost, because I don’t seem to know the man I have been a fan of for all these years, Miranda has done the right thing in allowing the photo of Flynn to be on her terms, Orlando has done a pap walkabout and thrust his poor baby into the limelight, I was thinking maybe that is why Therese looks angry? Because she isn’t happy about Orlando doing this? Maybe Miranda didn’t know he was doing this? But I keep asking myself WHY would he do this? We cannot even argue that Orlando wanted to show off his beautiful son, because he could have released an official photo with his son, just like Miranda did, BUT imagine my horror when I went to the Kora blog today and find that Miranda HERSELF has posted those pap pics on her blog, even though she has said she has been angry about Pap pics of her being posted on the blog not that long ago, so it HAS to be a set up, and I am angry, because she is fine with it too, all I want to see of Orlando is more work, not his private life, I don’t know why he has resorted to this.

    I am sorry to rant, especially here of all places, but I have nowhere else to say it.

    • Thanks for your opinion. You mentioned MK’s pic but you never gave your opinion on her breast feeding in it. Did you think that was ok?

      • I think breastfeeding is a natural thing so I didn’t mind it, however I would have preferred another photo, maybe a photo of the three of them, I think the breastfeeding photo may have upset people who are not used to it eg; people who haven’t breastfed/had children. It is seriously nothing when you have done it yourself, but yes again, I would have preferred a better photograph that was just not doing anything.

      • Out of interest, did you donate to UNICEF in honor of the baby?

      • No, but I was going to after I got paid this week.

    • I don’t mean to be rude, but what took you so long in seeing that they do pap set up’s? There was Wireimage booked by them to meet Mr.Kerr, the balcony pics where they did retakes for 30 minutes! I know you said you were on the shelf about it, but there was proof there before now.

      I also want to touch on something else you said, that you are upset that he has gone down this route,that is correct and has been for years for a lot of the so called “haters”, believe it or not, the “haters” didn’t want any of this to happen, nobody has enjoyed calling him out for his shit, nobody has liked how low he has sunk, we have just been completely honest, I wish it has totally been how you guys saw it all, I would have liked nothing more to believe he wasn’t a famewhore with miranda, and that he loves her and is happy as a pig in shit- but sadly none of that is apparent, only the opposite to those things do we have proof of, so nobody has liked or enjoyed what he has become (or maybe always been-which I kind of doubt)

  17. Chocolover – most people can tell its a set up but if you are going to make excuses for these ones, I hope you are going to make excuses for say… the balcony pics? Maybe they just got caught coming and going a couple a times?

    • Also Chocolover, for someone who doesnt think the baby is used for PR, you sure have chosen a weird name on Delphi.

      • I’ve never said that he isn’t the baby using for pr. Nor have I said the he’s not doing set ups.
        I’m simply not going to say that every pap pic is a set up. Balcony and Gran Canaria was defo set up.

      • So basically you are picking and choosing what you think are set ups and what arent? What do you class as a give away that makes it a set up? Just curious xx

    • Actually, whether one feels if any pics are set ups or not, I thought we had understood from waaaaay before that EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINIONS OF WHAT THEY SEE. I really don’t see why people have to rant to others if they don’t agree with what other people say they see. The shippers do enough of shooting people down if they don’t do enough of ass-licking.
      Seriously guys, when you post that you don’t think orlando was doing anything wrong holding the baby with his face “seemingly” pressed into his chest or taking a long walk in a park without adequate protection, do other people rant at you that you’re blind or a shipper? Why the need to rant at others because they point out what they see just because you don’t see it? You’re entitled to your opinions and the same respect should be given to everyone.

      Some people came on screaming and shouting about miranda not holding the baby properly in the tit-pic cos her hand was not supporting the baby’s back while it was lying on his side like that, as if the baby was liable to roll off the bed and drop on his head but just because it’s orlando, we ALL should give him the benefit of the doubt even when some pics show him holding Flynn with one just arm across his back, with his bum and legs dangling or “maybe” not having him in a car seat, and if we don’t, then we’re ALL suddenly bitter and filled with hatred…and someone even posted jealous. What next, is that “jealous” going to be qualified with “fat and wanting orlando for ourselves”?

      I used to love reading on delphi cos of all the varying opinions and take on things but since people got blasted on there for stating their opinion of things that some don’t agree to, it’s gotten really sad cos it seemed like if you’re gonna post anything criticising orlando, you’d have to think 3x about posting cos you never know who’s gonna run out and bite your head off.

      • Well said Bellz! This is what is getting me- WE are pissing people off for SPECULATING about whether a car seat was used or not- the fact he IS holding Flynn incorrectly AND whether or not they are set ups!!

        I am with you when you say that everyone is entitled to their opinion, I dont agree with the shippers thinking they are madly in love etc, but I dont go anywhere near them or jump on them telling them they are wrong- I never would do such a thing, but this is whats getting me, Miranda is fine to be called godknows what about the way she was holding Flynn in the breastfeeding picture, plenty was said about that, yet Orlando does similar , we call him out and we become “haters full of vitriol??” LMAO!! NO! we just say things how we see them, and IMHO we are fair because we arent having one rule for Miranda and another for Orlando.

        This blog seems to be the only place left where us “haters” can say what we feel about things like orlando and the flynn pap pics, which is a shame, I was on Delphi from the start and left quite recently, I was DeBoville on there, it is a crying shame about that forum, I used to love it, but being told what I have has happened recently- well its sad it has come to that it really is, so shocked that some of the members on there seem to have adopted a shippers mentality of “leave orlando alone”, when in fact he is doing things that people can see arent right and are saying so. I like all those ladies on there, smashing bunch of people, but some have baffled me with how they are thinking and saying what they have said about our valid opinions and what is in those photos.

      • Well said, Bellz. I bow down to you.

  18. Okays, I just saw more of the pics taken during the park outing and notice OB gets out of the car on two seperate occassions. As we know OB has done re-takes before, I sure hope this wasnt a re-take either.

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