Flynn Bloom – The First (Sort Of) Picture

So, Miranda FINALLY posted a picture of the enormous Flynn Bloom (Flynn?? WTF). I think it would have been nicer to actualy SEE the babys face, rather than seeing the back of the babys head and your enormous face instead. Still can’t give your limelight to someone else eh? Even your own child! Oh, and I think a breast feeding picture is a little too much. While breast feeding is completely normal and natural, it’s not something you tend to share with the world, obviously unless you are Miranda Kerr.

Also, I have no experience with newborns, does Flynn look like a 10 pounder?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 18, 2011.

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  1. I think the name is alright but it doesn’t flow with his last name. They could give him a middle name to make it work.

    And of course she wants all the attention on her. A better pic would be all three of them and you can see the baby’s face. Oh and she is totally posing.

    • True! A better pic would be all 3 of them or just a picture of the baby but no, we have to get Miranda and her tits in the picture too! I want to see that babys face, odd she has chosen not to show it.

  2. No experience with newborn either here but I agree with what you said. And please, I hope she won’t be repeating the same old (already) stuff about giving birth without painkillers from now til whne the boy turn 21!lol

    • PMSL! No doubt she will! She went on about her belly growing by the second for months, I’ms sure we will hear of the natural birth for many months to come also. Hey, she might even write a book on it.

      • I can just picture her at some VS events (if VS hasn’t fired her) and keep talking about labor and no drugs and this and that…oh man, so predictable!

  3. I don’t mind the name, but like you say mystic it doesn’t flow with the name Bloom at all, added to which it is Australian meaning, she chose it, wonder how much he really likes it?

    That photo is typical, any excuse to get her tits out-sorry but there is no need to share that pic with the world when surely she has dozens of others? Orlando is taking the pic? LOL OK!
    You can’t see the babies face- why??? WEIRD AS EVER!!

    • Was going to call my cat Flynn but found out it was a girl so didnt lol I think Flynn only suits Errol Flynn. Wasn’t there a Flynn in Home and Away? lol

      • According to some sites Flynn can be a unisex name. I mean there are guys with the name Ashley and it is mostly a girl name.

    • Maybe saying he took the picture (probably was Mother Therese) was his punishment for going out for his birthday. Taking her Mom out for lunch wasn’t punishment enough.

      • Yes I wouldnt be surprised, it is just funny as we said that over the xmas pics didnt we that she promised? That OB wont be in the so she will say he was the one taking the photo.. weird lol

      • Maybe she was holding out to see if she’d get a high bidder for a magazine, but no offers so she ended up posting a picture instead.

      • I thought the same, either that or the kid looks nothing like him OR the kid isnt very cute :/ I am sure we will soon see.

    • Aw Flynn is a cute name for a cat I have to say lol Funnily Flynn seems yo go with Kerr better than Bloom lol

      • I was just thinking that Flynn went with Kerr better than Bloom. Would be interesting if Flynn’s last name really is Bloom or is it really Kerr.

      • I know- it has made me wonder to be honest!

    • I have search on a Database and the Name is Irish in origin. Means “Son of the red-haired Men” (Source:

      Is there also an Australian meaning of the Name?

      • OOOOOMMMMMGGGGD! son the red haired man!!!!! hope she didn’t know that when she name the baby after that!

        I am sure she will sell a better pic in a mag, Vogue or Hello… It is sad…

      • “hope she didn’t know that when she name the baby after that!”

        Yes Mobt, so similar I have think too. My next though was, that Boris Becker had an affair with consequence again. 😉

  4. Why am I not surprised that she posts a BREAST FEEDING picture.

    Curious though, for any of the Mothers on here who have breast fed, is it safe to breast feed in that type of position? Better yet, why would a Mother who gave birth a little over a week ago feel the need to breast feed laying down?

    • According to this yes it is:

      But I agree, any excuse to show her breasts, she should be ashamed really, what is wrong with just a pic of the baby?

      • I never heard of it before so I wasn’t sure.

        I just noticed though, her face isn’t as full as it was in December. So, did she loose all the weight within a week?

        This is something that strikes me, “without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour

        If it was a difficult labor, would a doctor really allow her not to have any type of pain killers? Not even suggesting an emergency C-section?

      • Good points actually! Difficult usually means that a doctor should be intervening with a c-section, I still say she had one, but going by her version of her events that is odd!

      • KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr In total active labour was 27 hours – hell!!!

        Total ACTIVE labor? I’m beginning to think she truly thinks herself as an incubator.

      • Oh was it hell?? Boo-hoo! No way she wouldnt have been offered c-section!

  5. You know, some of the comments on FB are freaking me out. Someone said the picture made them cry. I mean…. WTF. When I saw my nephew for the first time, hours after he had been born, I didnt cry but I was all “awww, how cute and amazing” but cry?? I think these people are emotionally unstable to cry over a picture of a baby they cant really see and a model they will never know personally.

  6. So, this is the pic we have all been waiting for?

    Why is the babys face hidden?
    Does she have no other pictures of her cherub that dont include breastfeeding?
    Therese has been there for a few weeks, couldnt she have taken a picture of the 3 of them?

    My theories:

    BB’s face hidden because MK is going to do a big spread with a mag and BB will be revealed then.
    Breastfeeding pic = hiding BBs face and “look at me” MK.
    Orlando either took the pic because he didnt want to be in it or he wasnt there so saying he took the pic explains why he isnt in the picture.

    And if her “active 27h labor” is true, docs would have given her a c-section as an active labor of 24h+ would be a c-section for sure!

    • It’s quite possible that’s why she’s hiding his face. I’m also not surprised that she felt the need to be looking AT the camera. I would have believed she was so in love with her “little man” had she been looking adoringly at him.

      To me, if a husband/boyfriend is a proud Father, he’d be in every way in the picture, this is why it makes me think maybe Mother Therese took the picture instead.

      That’s what I thought with a labor that was for 27 hours and was difficult.

  7. Struggling for days and that’s the name they come up with? Wahaha, well they can’t really name the pup, will turner, can they? So the closest swashbuckler they can come up with will be Flynn.

    And why not show the face of the pup? Jeez guys, for free? Of course she’s hiding the face so they’ll be able to porn it out to the highest bidder…

    • Thing is having the name Flynn is a hard name to live up to- his “daddy” was compared with him for years, but he isnt fit enough to lick Errol Flynn’s boots because he is practically unemployed, oh the irony!

  8. First: It took them THAT long to come up with Flynn??

    Second: Wasn’t Orlando supposed to be the next Errol Flynn at one point? They should ahve just named the baby Legolas.

    Third: I bet a friend last week that the first pic we saw of this kid would be her breast feeding. I win!

    Fourth: She is not ACTUALLY breast feeding in this pic. The poor kid was asleep and she just whipped out her tit and shoved it in his poor litte face.

    And speaking of little, that brings me to fifth: that baby is NOT 9lbs 12oz. My neice was 10 lbs when she was born and she was GIGANTIC! Not only that but with the 10 lb kid in her belly, my sil’s doc told her it would tear her apart to give birth naturally so he took the baby c-section.

    Look at the makeup this woman is wearing for this posed pic prolly taken by her mother while Orlando was out…somewhere…anywhere but in that den of Aussie liars.

    ewww…what if Matty took the pic… :\

  9. It had to be shared:

  10. I thought maybe this should be pointed out.

    On January 7th (Australian time), this was posted Herald Sun.

    “We did get a text on Boxing Day saying she had gone into labour but it was false alarm but I can confirm she did go into labour early this morning,” an Aussie-based family member told The Daily Telegraph.

    She went into labor early morning on January 7th (AU Time), which someone on Delphi pointed out would be sometime around or near 11AM (Cali time).

    Today, we get confirmation she gave birth the 6th (no time given), but was in ACTIVE labor for 27 hours, which would mean she went into labor the 5th (if she gave birth early morning on the 6th then that would possibly mean she went into labor very late on the 4th).

    Either this close family friend got their “text” wrong, or got a frantic text saying that she was in labor and didn’t disclose WHEN she went into labor. Or she wasn’t in labor for the length of time she gave, and in fact had a C-section, but wants a pat on the back and biscuit for a job well done.

    • Hmm, my brain wont soak it up for some reason but times dont add up. One arguement could be that she has said nothing about when she went into labor and the paper could just be wrong? As she gets other people to do her dirty work most the time its easy for her to get out of it lol

      • That’s what I’m wondering. The family friend (if it wasn’t she herself) could received a text at some point when MK was in labor, assumed she had just gone into labor while she was in labor for some time.

        I do think though with how the Australian press kept going on about him being born on the 7th, that they were simply going by their own time zone, seeing as MK said her son would be Aussie through and through, maybe they guess that meant even though she gave birth in Cali, she’d still go by Australian time. If that makes sense.

  11. I can’t get past the title “I Had A Baby Boy With Orlando Bloom”, WTF is that about? Women have their *cough* husband’s baby all the time! The title and pic are very childish. Miranda is such an asshat, prancing around like a spoiled brat with a shiny new toy that she feels everyone else wants. I feel sorry for the baby, his mother is more interested in herself case in point with the boob shot where she’s making silly faces at the camera instead of looking at her son! And daddy Orlando is MIA from the first “official” baby pic!

    • She’s flaunting it and the title of the People article comes across as if she was a fan who had a baby with an A-list actor and sold the story.

      • You are so right!!! She does sound like a fan girl that had her fav star baby! Another new low, at this point she better start shoveling b/c she looking at rock bottom.
        Does she really think Orlando is still an A-lister? There was a time a few years back when having Orlando’s baby would have been big news but that ship has sailed long ago.

    • So true but the way she has always come across is like she is the first woman/person to do anything (get pregnant, have a baby, KORA being the first organics skincare of its kind etc). You and Rik pointing out where she is looking at the camera instead of her child does actually look bad. – breast feeding AND looking at the baby yet not showing any breast. Guess some women can manage not to make a picture like that look classless.

      • Most mothers, are so in love with their baby they can’t take their eyes off of them. Miranda I fear only had this baby as a stepping stone. I wonder if she fully thought out her plan for having a baby. A plan isn’t a pet like her ankle biter Frankie. This baby is going to grow into it’s own person and for some reason, I don’t think she’s thought about the baby in these terms. For now she’s going to milk the baby for all the pr that it’s worth.

    • My thoughts exactly when I read the heading of the People mag article. That heading would be so appropriate if it was say, one of Tiger Woods’ many mistresses or a skanky “model” David Beckham has a one-nighter with.

      When you have a heading like that, is it surprising why people wonder if the “marriage” was real? All I can say is, DINGHO IS EPIC FAIL when it comes to getting revered and glorified by the world, even after having a pup. The only people who ooohhhh’d and aaahhhh’d over that kid are the -3? 5?- shippers, one of whom has a serious case of stalkerism *waves at the phreak*. Even when any news article is written about this pup, you don’t get gorgeous or cute or even genetically blessed. Oh no, what you get is huuuuge, monster. Pup’s already phucked…

      • The shippers are having a field day over on OMG! Personally I can’t say what the baby looks like since the boob was in the way. Did you see that smug look on her face? I can not recall seeing a pic with a new mother and her baby where the mother looks like that! I find it hard to believe she or someone close to her hasn’t realized wording is everything and she looks like a silly fool.

      • “is it surprising why people wonder if the “marriage” was real?”

        But most the time in the press, they are referred to as each others “partners”, which is kind of odd for a married couple. Remember when MK referred to O as her partner instead of husband.

      • I had to go searching as her Kora blog is down, there was a quote from one of the “official” posters on her blog that put this into the post entitled “Welcoming Miranda and Orlando’s baby” or something.

        It’s easy to speculate that this new baby will be beautiful and well loved.

        I don’t know if it’s the choice of using the words speculate and well loved in the same sentence, but something just doesn’t sit well with that sentence.

      • Hmm, not sure why “speculate” would be in the sentance at all to be honest but love the way “beautiful” comes before “well loved”.

      • Thought the samething sounds like just a random girl got knocked up by Orlando Bloom. Not his so called “wife”.

  12. Seems like the morbidly obese haters on Dlisted are pouring out.

  13. I don’t mind the name but I’m a little weirded out by the photo. It just seems like any other person would consider that an extremely private moment. Most people in Western society are really disturbed by public breast feeding also, so why would a photo of it be appropriate? There are some things about children people don’t want to know. Why not slap a big old picture of your placenta on the blog while you’re at it!? And discuss how it’s natural to eat it! How about the contents of the baby’s 100th crap!?

    I have to agree that some of the Miranda fans are mentally disturbed. Just because people pretending to be her post shit on facebook does not mean that she’s your BFF. Honestly, if you want to cry because your favourite celebrity, who you think you know personally, had a baby, you’ve failed at life. In fact, if you have a favourtie celebrity you’ve probably failed at life.

    • In addition, apparently bragging about having no painkillers is just too pathetic. I’ve never even heard of other celebrities, or people in real life, divulging all of their labour information. Why is she such an attention whore? It’s so obvious that she said it so all of her pathetic fans can tell her how amazing and perfect she is, when women who use painkillers are no less amazing and perfect. Her ego is beyond a joke. Especially when she claims not to be better than anybody else. She almost certainly thinks she’s better than anyone who hasn’t given a ‘natural’ birth. Otherwise why would she mention it?

      • She almost certainly thinks she’s better than anyone who hasn’t given a ‘natural’ birth. Otherwise why would she mention it?
        Because she’s a pathetic narcissistic individual who’s desperate to be idolized by people she comes across that she’ll use any little thing, human or action to make herself(in her own deluded mind) be distinctive and ‘different(read:better)’ than the normal person.

        Like I stated somewhere else before, if she doesn’t get the adulation she feels she deserves from the masses, even after all her “accomplishments”, I wonder if she’ll go the Munchausen-by-proxy way to garner the attention…

  14. Well, I guess now I know why she felt she had to post that “natural birth, without painkiller” crap…Dingho was trying to one-up Gisele:

    This makes it even more pathetic and sad, that she couldn’t take pride in a healthy baby but had to actually be in what would seem, a birth-competition with another model.

    • Problem is she is NOT Gisele and won’t ever be nor have half of the success Gisele had!Lol

      • I don’t think any of those facts make any difference to her. In her bid to be adulated and praised and idolized by her(maybe 5?) phans, she feels she has to do things “better” than others.

  15. I’ve seen 10-pound babies that looked like that, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility. A friend of mine had a 10-pounder a while back, and the first time I saw the her (the baby) I was surprised that she didn’t look that heavy. (For the record, though, she FELT that heavy. Sometimes, the baby is just very solid.)

    I’m more concerned by how much the infant looks like a prop in that photo. God forbid he upstage mom? The title of the People article gets the win, though. Methinks they’re having some fun with her. Most People articles about babies have titles like “_____ and _____ introduce their baby ______ to the world.” But to use a title in which she claims that she had his baby does more to question the idea that to confirm it.

  16. Something to think about!
    Her baby was born on Januar 6.20111.That means her baby was made in April 2010.
    She must have had her menstruation in the beginning of April 2010.Mostly the ovulation is 14 day later,after the first Day of the menstruation.If you count, the procreation of the baby
    was from 15-20 April 2010 !

    • Thanks for that. They weren’t together during that time were they?

      • He landed at Heathrow on the 14th april….

      • And he flew out from LAX apparently too. So he had to return to LA before landing in Landon on the 14th. Maybe leaving NY somewhere between 11-13th?

    • I thought a due date is more accurate to find out the conception date. Anyway I do think that the date of the conception is more or less from mid to late April 2010.

    • Just did a conception thing on a site I found. And you are right Mona, the site gave an April 2nd date for the last menstruation, and then the date of April 16th (I’ve also seen April 15th as the date) for the conception date in order for him to have been born January 6th.

    • This is very interesting but I just wonder how accurate a calculation on this subject can be, since with the first child a woman can deliver 15 days earlier or later (at least this is what I’ve been told so far)…

      • If he was early (and that’s a big if), then I hell knows how much he’d weigh if he were full term.

      • @Rik that’s a good observation, which makes me think he was delivered later than due date, and this could complicate the calculation of the conceivement period…

      • Technically if you go by the April 16th conception date, he would have been 41 weeks and 6 days. So he would have already been nearly 2 weeks late by those calculations. So her going into a false labor on the 26th was plausible because if you go almost 2 weeks, he could have been due anytime around the 23rd onward if 40 weeks is full term.

      • And if 16th april was conception date, someone was in the UK…

      • He certainly was.

  17. I really think that a doctor in his mind would never allow a woman to be in labours for so long because the risk for the baby is high. If you can have a natural birth, the duty of the doctor is a c-section as it is not only the wish of the mother to suffer naturally but the baby may be short of oxigen with the high risk of suffering for neonatal suffering or severe aftermaths. Why does she say that???? it is irresponsible on her. I she wants to look a wonderful mother the first thing is to avoid innecesary risks to the baby. when a woman can give birth, you have a c-section and period.

    • Perhaps the birth was earlier because of the weight and/or her small pelvis. Then must the Doc induce the contractions.
      Or she had the 1th symtoms many hours before she go to the Hospital.
      And then it can last so LOONG to the end.

      My Mum have say, at me (I was the 1th Child too) she had a Labour from 24 or 25 Hour from the 1th Symptoms to the End. But she had an PDA. And my nephew was born within 12 hours; he is also the 1th Child.

  18. Well, this picture just emphasizes that the gold digger is not afraid to show off her trophy hanging from her nekkid boob to the world. With a smug face, as usual.

    Other than that, I like the name “Flynn”.
    It’s just a bit awkward in combination with ‘Bloom’. Just try saying it several times …
    Flynn Bloom – Flynn Bloom – Flynn Bloom – Flynn Bloom – Flynn Bloom …
    got your tongue twisted by now?
    Maybe he’ll either get a middle name(s).
    Or actually his last name is not ‘Bloom’ at all.
    Flynn Kerr.
    Well, that’s a name!

    Sorry, am on sarcastic mode today.
    (and I like it)

  19. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet anywhere (OMFG, so many obviously fat jellus haterz out there! loves it!), but I find it EXTREMELY fishy and tacky that she posted the first pic of her son on the KORA website. Using your kid for marketing? Getting some extra hits on an otherwise not-so-well-doing website for your otherwise not-so-well-doing “organic” product line? Wow. And here stupid me was thinking she couldn’t get ANY lower.

    *stands up*

    • lol true but what you also have to remember is that she could control the “crashing” of her KORA blog and I also think thats one of the reasons she chose the blog over FB. Correct me if Im wrong but but arent websites/blogs made to withstand a lot of traffic? I remember her a while ago saying that they had increased the bandwidth on KORA so they really shouldnt have had any troubles. I do also agree with you that it is a marketing ploy, put up a half assed picture of the back of her sons head and hope some people will buy some KORA while they are there.

      • You mean as in “Look, I’m so famous, my site totally crashed from the thousands of thousands of devoted fans and media outlets and all that attention I *totally* didn’t see coming!”? Like some sort of proof to show how much the world cares about her new accessory #1?

        It’s late down here, so correct me if I missunderstood you. xD

      • Yes thats what Im meaning lol I dont think the amount of attention she gets in general would crash her blog. The amount of comments she get in that blog at the best of times are dire so I really dont think as many people care as wants us to believe.

      • Yes, that’s been throwing me off a bit too. There are VERY few comments on her blog about it, dunno about her FB. The KORA blog was offline for too long. You either care about your business and make sure it goes back online as soon as possible (and make sure it can deal with the extra traffic) or you try to make a point by taking your time. As in “I’m SO sorry, but we’re just THAT popular!”

        BTW, can I just say that I *hate* the media going all “she didn’t go for the big money and just posted a picture on her website. That’s so inspirational!”? Do they *really* believe that she wouldn’t shove that kid into a camera the second someone offers her a decent paycheck?

  20. Wanna know how rabd Miranda’s fans are? Check out this comment. Someone notified MK about red lippy containing lead and that it can transfer to the baby but she gets her head chewed off, all for trying to help. Sheesh!

    • Wow, that’s all I can say.

    • Oh geez, those crazy bitches.

      Question. Does changing your name on here make the site think you’re a new person? Is that why my comments are awaiting moderation now?

    • That’s hilarious! So a health professional with a qualification doesn’t know anything about health but then they follow absolutely everything Miranda says regarding health, even though many things on her blog are not in any way supported by scientific evidence. What a bunch of morons!

    • Really hilarious! So, Miranda is not a dermatologist or a nutritionist but her ‘fans’ believe everything she says but a professional nurse can’t express her opinion? Very very logic!Lol

    • I think well-meaning people shouldn’t post any helpful advice on her blog or fb. They’ll only get shot down and I seriously think it’s a waste of time for them to care what she does with her little dingho pup, it’s not like she actually takes any advice or even bothers to find out if said advice are true or not. Her phans SHOULD take all and any advice dingho gives them and then pay with their lives or skin. I think there are more than enough stoopid morons in this world, a few less makes a big difference in the quality of air…

      • I’m really sorry to say what I said above but I’m actually NOT sorry… shipping is one thing but blind ass-licking doesn’t deserve anything less.

  21. Maybe someone who has a little bit more of an insight can help us out, MK just stated she had to be induced, for someone who had a false labor nearly two weeks prior, why would one have to be induced?

    • Aha! I knew it. I almost posted something about this a while back but thought twice about it. I would have put money on her being induced.

      If she was induced, it means (a) she was probably overdue and/or (b) the baby was getting too big. (Many doctors start getting nervous when babies approach the 10-pound mark.) If she was induced, she was probably given pitocin. Depending on the dose, I’d also put money on her not going through the natural childbirth. PItocin can be intense, and I’ve never known any woman who was induced that way and didn’t need something. It’s possible, sure, but I’m not going to take her word for it.

      • It could be a combination of him being too big and being overdue, even with what has been figured by the April 16th conception date, she’d be just a day shy of being two weeks over due if one goes by the 40 week mark, she was due at some point around the 23rd on ward then.

        Someone did call it an artifical labor though ;x

      • For my part, I have no doubt the child isn’t Orlando’s, so the date of conception is a moot point to me. But, yes, I do think she was overdue and probably getting bigger than the doctor liked, so that would explain induction (not to mention the fact of her family being there and needing to get back home). It’s not unusual for a first pregnancy to be late.

      • That’s one thing I do know about a pregnancy, first pregnancy the baby can either be early or overdue, I for one was overdue.

      • Uhm…
        “27 hours after being induced he was born but it was all so worth it.”
        So she was NOT in active labour for 27 hours. My cousin’s second child’s birth had to be induced and it took her almost three more days (went in on New Years Eve 2009, Baby was born Jan. 3rd 2010) after the treatment started before she went into actual labour as in getting really painful contractions. I hate how that woman is painting false pictures of herself being such a warrior over and over again.

    • And I just realized I didn’t answer your first question. False labor just means she thought she was going into labor but misinterpreted the signs. It sounds like she was significantly overdue (and that would explain why her family was there so early and expected to be back around the 10th of January), so she settled for induction.

      • Thanks.

        It’s honestly hard to figure out when she was due because her timeline is rather messed up. She stated only her Father has gone back to be with his parents, however her Mother (she said that her Mother would be staying with her for several months) and Brother are still with her, so there was no intention of them going back on the 10th, just her Father.

      • Well, she’s a prodigious little liar, so I don’t doubt she confuses dates and spreads contradictory information to keep people from figuring things out.

        But back to the main point: if she was induced, it was probably because she was overdue and getting bigger by the minute.

      • So technically, she can’t be claiming it was a drug free labor then?

      • If the doctor used pitocin, then it certainly wasn’t drug-free. She might very well have gone without painkillers, but I find that a little difficult to believe. I would question absolutely everything she says, and I see no reason to believe her now.

      • Completely agree.

      • Of course, if I don’t believe anything she says without questioning it, I suppose I can’t believe that she was induced (if she claims it). Induction would be my personal guess, given the way things transpired, but I should take everything she claims with one serious dose of salt.

        Ultimately, who knows. The deliberate spread of confusing details is meant to keep us all jumping.

      • Meant as a cover up maybe?

      • Of course. Anyone who provides (or allows) so many fluctuating versions of a story has something to hide, something to cover up.

        But what exactly is being covered up is a matter of opinion.

  22. I posted this to Delphi, but felt the need to point this out here as well.

    Two days after the breast feeding picture was posted, she posted this in a reply to someone on the KORA blog on January 20th, “-don’t know when we will release another photo – we want to keep him to ourselves for as long as we can but wanted to share something with the people who care so much about us and him.” Giving them the benefit of a doubt that maybe Flynn wouldn’t be taken out and papped. Also I noticed she uses the world release instead of posting another photo. You aren’t releasing photos when you are the one posting them and they are supposedly “candid/private” photos.

    January 23rd comes around, with pap pictures of not only Orlando and Flynn, but with Therese as well. Her stands begin posting the photos to her Kora FB, to which she then posted them to the KORA blog with this message, “ It looks like Orlando and Flynn go caught on camera today.

    On the January 24th, she took to her FBs and posted something similar to what she stated on the 20th, but this time stating that she will post more photos at some point as oppose to saying she doesn’t know when they will “release” another photo:, “will post some more photos at a later date – we are wantin…g to keep him to ourselves for a bit – I hope you guys all understand and accept that. Love Miranda xxx

    Now, back in September, she had posted a blog (which is apparently a blog post exclusively for those who are members to her KORA site or it possibly was deleted, I’m not sure) in regards to the paparazzi capturing them at LAX and Heathrow airport, what was left on the blog post from her FB on September 11th, “Miranda Kerr New blog post : The crazy press – they capture everything!!
    The crazy press – they capture everything!! | KORA Organics Blog
    Hi guys, I said on facebook the other day that I might post a photo of my growing tummy but the press beat me to it! (as you can see from the video) Being pregnant has been an incredibly moving and emotional experience and one I am loving so much.

    If I remember correctly, she had mentioned in the blog post when it was public or non-deleted that it was intrusive. So, basically she found the LAX/Heathrow pap photos intrusive, just because they captured her baby bump before she could do anything. Now, her son and “husband” have been captured by the paps, and all she has to say is basically “look who got caught!”. She finds baby bump photos of herself intrusive and complains, while she doesn’t with the photos of her son.

    Now, one can argue it’s because it’s photos of her son, but it really doesn’t add up to what she keeps saying how they want to keep him to themselves.

  23. Another case of who was on which FB? Cap here.

    • Looks like a splitting image. 😀

    • Thanks for that!! I really do think Miranda is on one and Therese is on another but you would have thought they would speak over what to say and what not to say. Dumb asses!

      • I agree, especially cause in some of yesterday replies she calls Orlando ‘O’ and in others ‘Orlando’…

    • Either it’s Therese or Matty on one then possibly MK on the other, as it is, it’s gone back to the beginning with her complaining that the messages are showing up so fast and she can’t keep up with toggling back and forth, she hasn’t rightfully complained about that in several months.

      Not to mention it also went back to “off to bed” while all the rest recently have been she had to go to nurse Flynn because he was crying.

      • ~~Not to mention it also went back to “off to bed” while all the rest recently have been she had to go to nurse Flynn because he was crying.~~

        Somehow, that statement gives me the idea that she only spends time with the kid when feeding him…all other times are spent on fb and twitter, and prolly trolling the web looking for “news” about herself or ‘hubby’.

        Regarding the 2 fb pages, it is possible she’s got separate browsers open on her ‘puter and have signed into both. My cousin always leaves his fb signed in on IE so I opened it, then opened my Firefox browser to try and sign onto my fb and it allowed me, so I actually have 2 different fb open on one ‘puter. Maybe that’s how she’s toggling back and forth. If that’s what she’s doing, she should just stick to her Whora one since that’s where she sells her child the most.

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