Are We Really The Hypocrites?

Whenever the shippers post here (whether they get blocked or not), they call us (amongst other things) hypocrites. Are WE really the hypocrites though? I’m sure everyone can be a hypocrite at some point in their lives but lets debate!

1. The shippers delete our comments when we post over at their communities/forums but they don’t like it when we do the same to them. Hypocrites.

2. They call US the evil ones because we expose Miranda’s lies. Exposing lies is worse than lying now? Blind hypocrites.

3. We get called sad and that we must have no lives because of this blog yet certain shippers (who shall remain nameless even though I don’t need to name them) stalk the internet for new pictures, paparazzi pictures, mentions, interviews, spamming Twitter, making icons/wallpapers/graphics, post in X amount of shippery communities. Obsessed hypocrites.

4. A certain shipper has admitted to emailing Orlando’s father. Now, if WE did that we would be called stalkers and be told to “leave Orlando’s family out of eet“. Stalkery hypocrites.

5. One shipper (again shall remain nameless but you know who you are) said she didn’t like Kate Bosworth because she was blonde and she didn’t like blondes. She also called Kate a slut (or something similar) because she wore THIS very low and revealing red dress yet this person ships a model who poses nude constantly. Hypocrite!

6. On Olove (now Mlove), before Orlando was officially dating Miranda, a good number of now BloomKerr shippers said that Orlando would never go to something so sleazy as a VS show… then BOOM he is dating one of the sleazy VS shows models. VS miraculously becomes unsleazy. Backtracking hypocrites.

7. Some shippers call the paparazzi worse than shit because they stalk their idols 24/7 yet these said pap pics get snapped up within 5 minutes of appearing online and platered on the internet – even on Miranda’s very own Facebook… you know, the woman these evil paps stalk, they make her life hell! Nasty hypocrites.

8. Some of the shippers know some of the things we say here are true (where we have evidence – Eco Cert, Therese pretending to be Miranda on FB etc) but they ignore it and refuse to debate, discuss, acknowledge it’s existance. Hypocrites with their heads in the sand.

9. They call us “haters” because we dislike Miranda and call her out on her shit yet, they hate us and, no doubt, call us in their locked communities. Hypocrotical h8ters!

10. They worship Miranda yet, given half the chance, they would shag Orlando behind Miranda’s back, not giving poor MK a second thought (*cough “I give Orlando my phone number after the play because hey, you never know” cough*). Two-timing hypocrites.

11. Shippers moan when we post out IP and email addresses yet when that KORA lawyer posted a “haters” home address, phone number, DOB, family members info (breaking the law by breaching privacy and impersonating a lawyer) etc – that was totally fine. Hypocrites!

12. If there is a “witness” report that says KerrBloom were kissing and canoodling – the shippers will believe it. If there is a “witness” report that says KerrBloom were arguing or hitting on other people – the shippers won’t believe it. Whatever suits your agendy hypocrites!

I know this has been discussed before, but it’s nice to have it here for prosperity. If anyone can think of anymore to add to the list, let me know.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 18, 2011.

20 Responses to “Are We Really The Hypocrites?”

  1. YES YES!!!!

    They are the BIGGEST hypocrites going, always have been and always will be. It is shocking just how much now you can see some of it all written down like this. They will never ever see it, even when they have to see MK for what she is they will have the cheek to say “we knew all along!” They never fail to disgust me for their blatant hypocrisy.

    I am still laughing at their reaction to Orlando going to a sex club instead of his girlfriends big night, they were so disgusted at that a certain shipper who thinks the sun shineth outeth coulfdnt even bring herself to mention it, or post the pap video!! Now if it was all innocent him going to the sex club- why did she not post it ?? Some even tried to change the facts by saying it wasnt a sex club! When I gave them all the links to the place and reviews of the sex club they never replied to me about it :/ What POSSIBLE excuse have they given St.Orlando in their heads over that? I mean even if he hadnt have wanted to go to her show it was an opportunity to spend time with her- and why wouldn’t he have wanted to do that?? WHY did he go there KNOWING it was a pap hang out and that he would be papped??- anyone would think he was wanting to send a not very nice, humiliating message to his “true love”.. still delusion is the shippers biggest gift.

    • What gets me is that the “h8ters” tolerate a lot while if you dare say MK is having an off day or not looking her best, the shippers jump on your back claiming “ur jus jellus”. They don’t tolerate anything, if you don’t like her, don’t ship them then forget it you aren’t welcome in their little delusional world.

  2. What I am curious about is how do shipper explain Orlando’s family not being in LA for the birth of “his” son.

  3. Great post! It’s true it’s something we may have already said but it was good to repeat it, in any case…!!
    I couldn’t hace said it better and I have nothing to add to what you and the girls here commented! I believe it is now a matter of principle for many’shippers’ (although they don’t seem to be so many right now. They’ll never admit Orlando or Miranda did something wrong, they act like 12 years old girls who have a crush on biy band or actors, but unfortunately they’re not young girls, but are supposed to be adult women, which makes this even more sad and pathetic in my opinion! Well, if that makes them happy…time will adjust anything!:=)

    • Actually, there is something I want to add. To all who think Kate B was not classy or called her bad, well I wish Miranda could be half of what Kate is. Bosworth is a classy young woman, she is smart and never made a fool of herself like someone else did and is still doing lying and lying and catching each occasion to be seen and papped. I don’t think I ever saw Miranda annoyed to have paps around (and the pics and especially videos of her and Orlando in Paris for Balenciaga confirm this, since you can clearly see he rushes to the car out of the hotel whil she stops and smiles fot her pap friends). Kate acted annoyed several times (she also showed her finger tot hem, which may not be elegant, but at least is a natural reaction and shows she is not addicted to paps). And the way she is now acting to protect her relationship with Skarsgard is very telling. Not to mention that in 4 years of relationship with Mr Bloom never once Bosworth’s parents stood out or talked to the press…..!!!

      • So true.

        I wonder, why MK’s Mum drive with him through LA now? Afraid, that he escape? 😉

  4. I have to say that this batch of shippers is worse than the O/K Shippers. They worship Miranda as if she is some kind of goddess. I was no fan of Kate but she wore her clothes and there was nothing in her past that raised eyebrows and from what I have seen of her since the end of their relationship, she seems like a sweet girl. There, I said it. I’m a Kate convert and I actually really like her now that I have taken the time to really get to know her, well, as much as one can get to know a celeb. Miranda is sleezy and the fact that the shippers can push back all the slime, and it is not hard to find so I’m sure they have seem all of her dirty laundry the same as the rest of us “haters,” and think that she is some vision of sweetness and light and womanhood just tells me that they are gulible and dimwitted and makes me wonder what they will think of her when it is over. Will they continue to tout her as a goddess or will they turn on her like the hypocrites they are? Will they finally admit that it is whorish to drop your clothes for everyone who points a camera lens at her or will she still be their all knowing earth mother?

    BTW, I just found this place recently and I wish I would have come across it earlier. A nice dose of reality makes it easier for me to deal with the “our ‘beloved Orlando ‘and his wonderful wife and their little bundle of absolute joy” crap I have been seeing all over my Flist. It’s puke inducing and it’s nice to have a place to come where people aren’t talking crazy talk.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments and hi eruberueth, nice to have you here. Please feel free to comment about anything.

    To be honest, I wasnt a fan of KB. Sure, she was/is better than MK but she had her moments of smiling at the paps, being OTT with “OMG, my BOYFRIEND” when OB turned up when she was being interviewed, she [albeit allegedly] called the paps when OB turned up at his CM home – she was sat with the paps for a good while before OB turned up and he greeted her with a “why didnt you tell me the paps were here” to which she responded with “I didnt know” yet she was sat outside while they were there. I really find it funny that some O/K haters are now KerrBloom shippers and say Miranda isn’t as bad as Kate. That kind of confuses me somewhat!

    • I remember those episodes from CM and beyond the sea première (I think)…it wasn’t the best of her but at least we could try ans justify her (playing shipper role for once…LOL) saying she was much younger and apparently she leartn the lesson, cause publicity and paps can be useful to one’s career but you have to handle it with care or it will turn out against you and I think KB proved that on her skin during and after her relationship with Orlando. Now she acts in a different way and I say good for her!

    • “I really find it funny that some O/K haters are now KerrBloom shippers and say Miranda isn’t as bad as Kate.”

      That I will NEVER understand. Maybe it is just because I am a fat, jealous hater but by pure virtue of prancing around in her undies for a living she is worse than Kate and you add into the nakedness and woah.

      Here’s something that bugs me: Orlando is the guy who stayed on top of Zoe Saldana until someone brought her a robe so that the crew working on Haven wouldn’t see her naked and after seeing Diane Kruger’s boobs could not look her in the eye and he went on to marry someone who makes a living buy getting naked. Even after she is as big as a house preggers she still gets naked. He never struck me as a man who was all too comfortable with naked women and I can’t believe he would be comfortable with his wife showing the world what is supposed to be his business. Granted, I don’t know the man personally but that was the vibe I got.

      • That is very true and if the recent German interview is to be believed (when he said something like “what man would like their wife naked but I have to support her…”) he isnt all that keen on Miranda always getting her kit off but of course, the shippers ignore that interview.

      • He comes across as being rather modest with nudity, especially if it’s a woman’s nudity.

        As for that interview, I think the way the shippers deal with it is that there’s a translation over what he’s saying, so he can’t really be heard. A rather poor excuse.

  6. well said.

  7. I have got a calendar with Buddhist quotations for my birthday. The following was in it some weeks ago:

    “Reconciliation only can be reached if both sides are heard and understood.
    Sorrow is caused to both sides, wrong is done on the two sides.
    Be open to the other side; learn to understand her.”

    Well, obvious is the Shippers and (perhaps) even Miranda not open it, to understand our side.

    Miranda, you pretend to be a Buddhist. You then should know this quotation. But probably doesn’t only give it know you and/or the members of the Shippers, because you pretend it because Orlando is one.

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