Au Natural?

So, it seems our very own Earth Mother, Miranda Kerr, gave birth to a 10lb baby with no pain relief at all.

Do we believe it?

First of all, she moaned about how awful it was getting glitter between her toes and q-tips in her eyes (1, 2, 3… awwww) but she can go through a tough labor that easilly?

A first pregnancy can last the longest (just read of a lady who gave birth to 10lb baby and the labor lasted 10 hours) and she did this with no help?

Miranda had no episiotomy? She’s 5’9″ (yeah, yeah), very small in stature and she pushed that plus size baby out fine and dandy? Wow, bowling ball down an alley anyone? lol An episiotomy is recommended if the baby is very large.

Can anyone tell me the crime in painkillers? She took antibiotics when she had a throat infection approx 9 months ago (*wink*), can anyone tell me what the difference is? Maybe she sprayed KORA Rosehip Oil up her vagina and hey presto, baby slides out effortlessly. I think she has given a new meaning to the phrase “loose cannon”.

Oh, and where’s the big announcement Miranda honey? Or is that it? Talking on your blog to your zombie minions? Wow, see your addiction is back with a vengeance huh? Your child is [apparently] 4/5 days old and you are online talking about your favourite subject – YOU. Why am I not surprised! Going to show your Facebookers the baby first or will they have to see it through the press first?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 11, 2011.

51 Responses to “Au Natural?”

  1. Well, what to say? Of course she did it naturally, she can do whatever she wanys, it is just about repeating some words, deeply believe it and chanting, right?Lol
    She’s the perfect woman, who can do everything! Now she’s a mom, but she’ll be able to be also the perfect wife, the supermodel and the businesswoman! If we had read Treasure Yourself we may have a chance in life too!!!:-)

    PS I also remember her complaining for some perfume someone accidentally throw in her eye during a VS promotion…!

  2. For some reason her comment comes across as if she’s expecting praises from everyone (really? With her minions it doesn’t take much, she just needs to pose and they send their praises).

    She may be 5’9″ (give or take as you will), but her frame is very small. It still doesn’t make much sense on how that kid ended up “tipping the scales at 10lbs”. She was avoiding her cravings during a good portion of her pregnancy. In early September, she takes to her FB to find out just why she’d be having fainting spells. It was only in recent months did she actually act as if she was truly eating for two (her comment at Thanksgiving about eating too much for example, I mean I understand a full meal would be too much for someone who eats bird food). Where the sam hell was she packing away the 10lbs? As I’ve said before 10lbs is what the kid could weigh now if he was in fact born earlier. Someone did mention on Delphi that the birth had to be scheduled in order for her parents to be conveniently there.

    • I don’t think that the weight gain in pregnancy will contribute to the baby’s in some situations. I read comments about people who were tiny before and during pregnancy and the baby came out big. Then there is those who eat or gain a lot and have average weight babies (ex. my mom). Of course that is not always the case.

      • All I know for certain is that the baby needs it’s nutrients of which he or she gets from the Mother, but if said Mother isn’t providing them as she’s come across (eating air off a fork for example and getting caught) until very late in the pregnancy then I don’t know.

      • To be fair – maybe she just read somewhere that the fetus gets dioxygen through his mother and wanted to make sure that the baby gets it. Because the baby in her belly needs air in her belly, right?

  3. 10 pound baby with NO help whatsoever? Man…she must be a complete battle field down there.

    I’m still trying to figure out how a 10 pound baby could fit through her tiny hips. I was a 6,6 pounder and my mother had to have a episiotomy – and that woman got hips! Eh. Reminds me of these games they have for toddlers. You know, get the star shaped brick through the star shaped hole, not through the rectangle one. But then again, I’m pretty sure Miranda always got that wrong…

  4. Also, if she was having scans, in the final months they will have known the approx size of the baby, therefore if the doctor saw it was going to be a “monster” to quote eonline, then they prob would have offered a c-section, or offered to deliver it earlier, I will NEVER believe she had that baby naturally with no pain relief- I would say its an impossibility with someone like her, she looks like she would cry if she got a paper cut. I think its all well and good thinking you will have it naturally but when the time comes and you are being split in two by a 10lb baby, i think you would soon be screaming for pain relief, I don’t see why she would be any different, sick of all the bollocks of her trying to put across that she doesn’t believe in chemicals in the body, especially when she has smoked that we defo know, and drank alcohol, I mean look at her “natural” mother Therese- she has botox, you can tell a mile away, so that is chemicals too, even though she tries to pass off thereses pathetic frozen face as being the Kora lol

  5. lol i love all your comments everyone. I looked on Facebook and nothign was there but this is on her kora blog. I was mortified to see she had said it to a reply to someone who said they gave birth with no drugs, she just had to steel their thunder didnt she. Yet again she gives out little snip its of her life she doesnt need to, whatr does she want a pat on the back? You arent the first person to give birth Miranda and you arent the first person to give birth without drugs. My mother gave birth to me with no drugs so suck on that!!

  6. Hmmm
    Seems like you guys are on her facebook pages more than her fans.
    As for painkillers……
    There is a huge difference between antibiotics and painkillers.
    Painkillers would affect the baby.
    An epidural is OK, but only a selfish mother would take painkillers when giving birth.
    And now, once again, you are wanting an announcement?
    And when that announcement comes out will you then turn around and call her a famewhore for making said announcement?
    You know, sometimes I agree with what you guys are saying, but lately you just seem to go too far.
    Complaining about every breath that the woman takes makes you less and less believable.

    • Actually my point about painkillers and antibiotics are that they are both drugs and for someone who claims she doesn’t like anything but nature in her body she sure takes a lot of shit (alcohol, tobacco etc). Plenty of women have painkillers while giving birth, that makes them selfish? Sure hon! God forbid a woman doesn’t want to be in agony while giving birth, selfish them. Only Miranda is unselfish yes? An epidural is a kind of painkiller as it numbs the spine. You are talking about a woman (Miranda) who constantly puts her baby at risk – using Noni while pregnant, holding a smoking cigarette close by while she is pregnant, drinking honey while pregnant, using essential oils etc etc. < Read this on pain relief and you will see it's pretty much harmless otherwise MILLIONS of pregnant women everyday wouldn't use painkillers.

      About the announcement, she doesn't need to make one as she/they gave the heads up to X17. That is famewhoring dear.

      No, you dont agree with anything we say because you are Kathy, your IP's are the same, you are a MK fan/shipper, so dont lie. How embarassing you have to be a sock. Still waiting for you to explain away all her other lies…

    • How dare you shit on every woman who has ever given birth with pain relief WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? Just to stand up for a vacuous famewhore? You are pathetic!! I hope your mother didnt have pain relief otherwise she must be a selfish bitch too huh? You make me sick!

      I couldn’t care less if she makes an announcement or not, who the fuck cares about this baby except you pathetic simpering shippers? That is what is so funny about this whole thing!! I That’s right-nobody -and that pisses of miranda, you see the facts for what they are for a change.

      Hilarious that you have to pretend to be someone else, now YOU are a liar just like the woman you support, believe me she will be shown for what she is to you all one day, I can’t wait for that day and ask you a lot of questions about it. You don’t make it look good for you and your fellow shippers having sockpuppets! Did you forget we see IP’s??DUHH!!

      Oh and what is it that we show we are? People with a brain who calls it for what it is- wow that really bothers you and your ilk doesn’t it? WHY? You have all yet to explain the FACTS here, so therefore you prove you have no credibility when you are standing up for her and saying she is the new saint of our times. Your hero worship for this woman is unhealthy.

      You know what I hope for? That her and Orlando would go away from the public arena with their baby and go and live in the privacy that you lot say they want. Believe me we would LOVE to stop writing about this imbecile! But when they are calling X17 to tell them that miranda is giving birth, I don’t think that is going to happen, the only one I have sympathy in all this is Baby “bloom”- that poor kid will be used as a famewhores accesory for as long as they are in the public eye- still as long as you lot get your “omg invasive pap pics!!!11!!” im sure you don’t give a shit- SELFISH!!!

      • I believe that Miranda could have given birth without pain killers since, from what she says, she’s capable of meditation. Also, the amount of pain differs from woman to woman. My partners mum says birth wasn’t even painful for her and she was just walking around baking cakes and doing housework while giving labour. My aunty on the other hand says she felt like she was going to die while giving birth.

        I’m not sure why having painkillers would make the mother selfish. That’s a pretty disgusting and unfair thing to say. After all, aspirin is a completely ‘natural’ compound and we all know that if it’s in nature then it must be good!

  7. Actually, Kathy and I are roommates.
    Same cable wi-fi, different computers. Different lives. Different opinions.
    Until now.
    We used to argue all of the time about Miranda. Kathy likes her, I think that she is vapid, but harmless.
    But I now see what she was talking about when dealing with you haters.
    And haters with reading comprehension issues at that.
    I said that epidurals are fine. Epidurals are pain relief, but they are NOT “painkillers” ie: drugs.
    Women who take drugs to relieve pain ARE selfish.
    They are putting their babies at risk.
    ” Believe me we would LOVE to stop writing about this imbecile!”
    Then why don’t you stop?
    Who is forcing you to read her facebook?
    Who is forcing you to read anything about her ay all?
    Why do you waste so much time on someone that you despise?
    I just don’t get it.
    YOu people have gone over the edge, and have lost sight of reality.
    You just aren’t any fun anymore.

    • Really? Thats why Kathy’s email address was and yours is … wow roommates with similar names too huh? Lame story TBH. If you think someone is vapid, a bunch of jealous haters like us don’t make you change your mind. Christ, a lie to cover up a lie, that sounds very familiar.

      Why does pain relief have to be “drugs”? Pain relief comes in many different forms dear and we were talking pain relief in general.
      Then Miranda must be the most SELFISH out there seeing as though she has put her baby at risk many times (see other post). If you read the link I gave earlier, using DRUG pain relief does not harm the baby or put them at risk but I dont expect you to read what I put as it shits on your arguement.

      Please let me know what is reality to you? Because we think a woman who complains about the slightest things (see other post) and passes a 10lb baby completely without aid is not reality. Yes, many women do it but I don’t believe a stick insect like Miranda could pass a whopper in that way.
      Who is forcing you to read our blog?
      Who is forcing you to read anything we say at all?
      Why do you waste so much time on people that you despise?
      I just don’t get it.
      Bye Kathy sugar xxx

      • Steffi/Kathy…’problem’ with the announcement is that either you don’t say anything or you say it all. One can’t claim to be private and play hush hush about birth after giving the announcement of a labor. Of course that labor news had the purpose to make people wonder and get curious, in other words, to make people talk of her.
        So it is absurd she is waiting to confirm something both the grandmathers confirmed to the press. But I guess giving the announcement on daddy’s birthday is so much more romantic.

    • Steffi/Kathy, who ever you are. I will tell you something now, it is more NORMAL to dislike someone for all the proven lies they have told and for the not very nice person they have proven themselves to be than to SUPPORT a known liar and go after people on their behalf. Trust me on that.

      The joke here is, you, Steffi/Kathy, would not be here right now, saying women who use pain relief during labor are selfish if Miranda had said she had used pain relief, it would be understandable then. Go crawl back from under your stone, the one you supposedly share with Kathy. Your latest post if full of hypocricies, go get Kathy to show them to you as she is so big on that!

      • You are talking to a brick wall. People like her don’t read what we say, don’t think about what we say, don’t answer all we say, they just rant, rant, rant. No more shippers comments are coming through anymore, until I go over to their lovefest places (MLove, Best Orlando, Bloom Kerr etc) and get listened to or get treat with respect, they will get the same treatment we haters get and like it.

      • I think thats fair enough. Treat people how you would like to be treat I say, and as they treat us like shit wel… lol

    • Actually, Kathy and I are roommates.
      Same cable wi-fi, different computers. Different lives. Different opinions.
      Uh, I’m not very bright so I’m a little confuzzled. If you have “different computers”, shouldn’t your IP address *be different* also? This is the first time I’m hearing/reading that IP address is the same for different computers. Any clarifications from anyone who actually knows computers?

      • Exactly, Beliz, different Computers, different IP even at the same Network (no matter, if Wi-Fi or not but at the same Time; example yesterday evening: my Laptop had the Nr. …198, the PlayStation …199) – unless you Logout with One and Login with the other.

      • And what KayC33 say is also right (all of them even if I was not pregnant until now).

  8. So Steffi, exactly how many children have you given birth to? I’m sure it was so selfish of me to take medication (painkiller or not but it was usually prescribed for arthritis) to stop the pre-term labor I had with my son from 4 months to the 7 1/2 month mark required for him to be born at an age he could have survived at. When he ended up late and I was “our of room” to quote the doctor for him to grow they used another drug to induce labor, after that another drug was used to knock me out for the C-section. How utterly selfish of me to want my son to actually live! For the record my first child (daughter) was a natural birth as well and the only drug was a topical analgesic a/k/a painkiller for the episyotomy. So what many women do it some just don’t brag about it. Personally, I find what I went through with my son more brag worthy as he is now an electrical engineering major in college and an honor roll student! My daughter is no less worth bragging about in the brains department because of the natural birth, but, by comparison she was a whole lot easier to carry.

    • So Steffi, exactly how many children have you given birth to?
      I absolutely agree with this. You have all the rights to condemn women for taking painkillers/prescribed medication during pregnancy or while giving birth AFTER you have gone through that and know exactly how it felt.

      You know, with her tendency for being a pathalogical liar, I take with a whole shaker of salt, miranda’s claim to pushing a 10-pounder naturally WITHOUT any drugs. The fact that no medical personnel could come forward and confirm/deny her claim gives her a lot of leeway to say/claim whatever she wanted to. Heh, you shoulda claimed the pup came out with a caul covering his head…that woulda fit in with the white ball of light ratdog. Heck, I would’ve actually been shocked it she didn’t make some outlandish claim regarding this baby/birth to garner praises from her adoring shippers…whom I call her dung-beetles.

  9. Sorry, but that should be “out of room” for the doctor’s quote. I’m using an unfamiliar computer. And I wanted to add it was 4 hours in labor with her and he was 8 hours prior to the C-section. By comparison she was a piece if cake!

  10. Each computer should have it’s own IP address. However there are exceptions :

    Multiple client devices can appear to share IP addresses: either because they are part of a shared hosting web server environment or because an IPv4 network address translator (NAT) or proxy server acts as an intermediary agent on behalf of its customers, in which case the real originating IP addresses might be hidden from the server receiving a request. A common practice is to have a NAT hide a large number of IP addresses in a private network. Only the “outside” interface(s) of the NAT need to have Internet-routable addresses.[6]

  11. Awww you should go easy on Steffi/Kathy. Living with a roommate isn’t easy. I know living with mine, 2oldforob, isn’t. She’s such a slob; I’d kick her out but I’m rather attached to her…

  12. HAHA I once went to the crapper and passed a huge 10lb chubby shit. It was agony but I used no painkillers, no shoehorn – nothing, there was slight anal tearing but I got over it. Miranda aint all that!!

  13. In repsonse to blocked Kathy/Steffi: publishing emails and IP’s is in the rules here, you should have read them before posting. How come you can’t explain away the astonishing similarity in email addresses? Coward? I’m not the one hiding behind a sock puppet sweetheart, like I said, you get the same treatment we get all over the net so if we are cowards because of that then we are only following you and your ilks example. Our posts get deleted if we post in a shipper zone, the same will happen to you. Don’t like it, tough, that’s life. See ya!

    ETA: Also, how can your “husband” live with you when you admitted to living with your “room mate”? All 3 of you share a room?

    • “ETA: Also, how can your “husband” live with you when you admitted to living with your “room mate”? All 3 of you share a room?”

      HAHAHAHA! Good catch!! LOL OWNED!!!! Maybe they have an “understanding”?? Wow Kathy fancy being caught out on your LIES like that- seems you act just like your little angel Miranda! How ironic is that??

      These shippers and Miranda all totally deserve each other, when Orlando gets rid of her I wish for them to all marry her.

      • Just thought of something-maybe Kathy will come on again and post as a Lawyer threatening us like Miranda’s employees did! 😉

  14. From what I understand, this blog was open for both shippers and haters alike so where does the “coward” come from? Because you blocked her? What irks me about these shippers is that they block and report any remotely negative comments, ban any haters and lock their communities so we cant get in or comment but they want access to our forums, they want to post about how wrong we are, how pathetic we are but they wont allow us that same “pleasure”. Shippers obviously think they have that right, to be allowed to say what they like to us and in our communities and to take our voice away. See the hypocricy? I dont know why we bother them so much to be honest, if they think they are right, get on with it, fight the good fight! Obviously the “coward” comes from her frustration of being blocked again and being outed as a liar and a sock. The information she gave to say how wrong we were was infact wrong, she cant argue anymore so its easier to rant and say how unfair you have been. If she wants to do something constructive, try explaining the bigger lies Miranda has told. I know this keeps on being said but they really should because they are starting to look like bad people, supporting a liar but then again, Miranda gave birth with no pain relief so she is now their heroine/heroin. You do know you have ruined Kathys day now? She will blame you for the lack of sleep she will get tonight for being blocked, seeing as though it bothered her so much!

    Back to lurking.

    • I thinko ‘coward’ comes from their frustration. They pictured perfect life for O and MK and seeing MK’s lies being pointed out, one by one, ruined the perfect image of the perfect couple they created in their minds, so, instead of trying to stand back and admit she’s not perfect (nobody is, so no big deal), they make it a matter of principle and keep insulting those who have different opinions, and of course ban them from their sites, boards or communities but yet again claim a different treatment whan it comes to them…!That’s funny!^_^

  15. Does anyone remember the picture where Orlando is touching Mirandas baby bump as if the baby was kicking? Correct me if Im wrong but wasnt he feeling in the wrong place to where the feet should be? I think she was quite late on during the pregnancy so not sure if the baby shifts positions or not. The reason I ask is that if the baby was in the wrong position then maybe it didnt come out head first? If not then could she really have had a freebirth? Another thing, if you are going to refuse pain relief why go into hospital at all? Why not have it at home with the midwife present? I also remeber seeing Miranda wearing her usual jeans while she was heabilly pregnant (not maternity, I saw a pic that showed the jeans werent maternity) and you can do that with a 10lb baby? I know people say you can be small while carrying a jumbo jet of a baby but as Miranda is smaller than the average woman, I would have thought this 10 pounder would have showed big time. Sorry for the essay.

    • I believe someone had pointed out he was going for her hand and at that very moment his hand brushed her belly.

      A baby can shift positions from my understanding (rotating side to side I suppose, I’m not too sure about rotating all around).

      Some of those photos look as if she’s feeling the baby move, as her hand was at the base of her belly, but I don’t know how much movement the head really has if he was born head first. If it wasn’t… I don’t know what the odds are of being born naturally feet first.

      • Thanks for your reply. I couldnt tell what was going on but the picture I saw did look like he was feeling (or she suggested to him to feel) her belly. Ive had no children so dont know about kicking and moving and all that but thank you anyways.

      • Forgot to say that if they were doing that because of the baby moving/kicking, I found it odd that they both acted like it was the first time. I know it was probably all show for the paps but its somethign that shouldnt be an “omg” moment.

  16. Sorry to post again but does anyone think it is awful how the “proud to be an Oz”, down to earth country gal from Sunny Gunny has said nothing about the horrors happening in Australia? Her own gran has had her home ravaged so it should be on her mind. She professes to love Australia so much but she hardly ever goes back there and hasnt (so far) shown any compassion towards her fellow Australians. All she has said is how she gave birth. Sorry but get your priorities right. Raise awareness liek you usualy do, get people to donate/help, say how awful it is, send your well wishes, just acknowledge it ffs. Acknowledge how fortunate you are to be safe, have your home etc What you should do is donate all profits from your KORA range to help out. If you did that and really actually did it, I would give your credit for it, words are easy to say, its actions that speak louder. You spoke about your gran for days before/after the 60 mins but that was because it was about YOU at the end of the day. The floods in Oz, your grandparents losing their home isnt about you so you dont want to know or you dont want to acknowledge it as fast as if it was something to do with you. You wonder why people think you are so self centrd and obsessed? Sorry again for essay number 2 but just found this place and have so much to say lol

    • I agree- she was on posting shit yesterday, just basic crap mainly, and she could have used the time to send her condolences or like you say ask people to donate (or donut as Orlando would say lol) yet she was happier to coo over photos of herself that Mayfrayn posted on her blog-still now we have said something I am sure she will fix it ey?

      I have been thinking about all the people who are affected my this horrible distaster, my hearts and good wishes go out to everyone there, it is just horrible, please everyone there keep safe.

  17. What also gets my goat about her is what she did when she was on the KORA blog telling people she had the baby naturally with no pain relief- that was a response to a woman who said she had done a natural no pain relief birth,now any DECENT woman would say something like “oh and isnt it painful etc”, but not her she just ignores her and brings herself into it and totally ignores the woman’s apparent “shared” experience- this is one thing I don’t like about Miranda, she has had plenty of time to comment on shared experiences, but takes them as an excuse to talk about herself instead, it is not a nice trait when all you can talk about is yourself, I worry for that child because she will use that just for her own ends because she cannot relate to any other human being for some reason, it is all ME, ME, ME.

    I will be honest and say I have always viewed Miranda’s personality with an open mind, I NEVER thought she was as bad as she was, how we have learned thanks to her FB-how ANYONE can like a self obsessed woman like her I will never understand, she is very cold towards people and flat, even though her words are littered with “hun,love, etc” it is so contrived and there is never any humour or having conversations with people it is all just an excuse to talk about her favourite subject-herself. This is why celebs should not have anything like Twitter or FB because it shows their real selves to the world all their horrible flaws and megalomania that they have, at least she is only fooling a brainless few on her FB and blog, ones who just because they want to think they are closer to Orlando through her will lick her arse and think the sun shines out of her arse!

    That kid will have a hard life because Miranda cannot share her attention with anyone, as soon as she gets sick of it she will get a nanny and will prob just drag the kid out for pap pics, true she is not the only one who does that in the world of celebrity, and I do talk about them too on other places for doing the same thing, people like celebrities- who crave attention and fame should not have kids because they usually make bad parents, they have a hard time having a relationship, never mind a child- how long before she gets sick of everyone oohing and ahhing over the baby instead of her? Oh, very soon, everything is all about Miranda, and she will get jealous of the kid mark my words.

    • You know this reminds me of when MK did a FB post about her Too Many Too Soon or whatever its called and in the coments she was still selling her KORA, advising people which KORA product to buy, I thought that was really inappropriate and unnecessary. Fuck the charity she was advertising, lets sell more KORA instead!

  18. she is only fooling a brainless few on her FB and blog, ones who just because they want to think they are closer to Orlando through her will lick her arse and think the sun shines out of her arse!

    Exactly, that’s the point and if you look at her FB or Kora FB page today especially you’ll see how true this is! LOL

    • Haha, great minds think alike. I stated that exact fact in the Delphi site a few times already. The only reason these middle-aged women aka MK’s dung-beetles lap up all the shite she doles out is because of her connection to whorlando. Praise her, honor her, lick her arse, and whorelando will think they are SUCH great loving fans.

    • I was wondering the same. Take this Kimberly chick for example, the one that’s bonding with #1 Fan so well. Is this the same Kimberly that was on every website all over the www swooning over Orlando and Penelope Cruz being the OTP, when they were rumoured to be dating? If so, this woman clearly has issues. You can’t just worship every woman some dude you’ve never met may or may not have shagged.

  19. They are just idiots who seem to have a thing for the girls that he is with. I guess they want to be the girls with him.

  20. What’s with Miranda saying she’s enjoying the first few weeks of being a mum, when it’s only been one week? She truly is dumb.

    • I noticed that, strange use of words, but she’s done it before when she slipped nearly revealing the sex of the baby. It could be taken that the baby was indeed born prior to January.

      The exact quote “Sadly, I’m not able to make the trip back to Australia as I am enjoying the first few weeks of being a new mum,”

      It should be “as I WILL be enjoying the first few weeks-“.

      Then again, after those first few weeks, then what, she won’t be a new mum anymore?

  21. You know, I was a very big supporter of her. I didn’t know dick about her before she started dating OB and I was reluctant to learn because of my experience with KB. The more I got to know the less I liked and then my fandom life was hell. I wanted to like Miranda and for the most part I still do, but I have to admit y’all are making some good points. I had nagging doubts in the back of my head but wanted to dismiss them because I really, really wanted to be able to enjoy all this.

    It never really settled with me this “all natural” thing when she just recently bleached her hair, she works in an industry where NOTHING is natural and despite all the “promises” she’s made on her fb she really hasn’t done any of them. “I’ll post a picture of my bump” and then she posts links to a pap shot that barely shows it and says “oh darn! they beat me to it.” If you really wanted to share you could do better than that. She’s sweet enough, but all her “reveals” are not really reveals. They are very scripted, “innocent” things to expose that really aren’t personal at all. That kinda bugs me only because she claims to want to be open and share with fans etc and she really doesn’t.

    The other things y’all have pointed out nagged at me. The lying about who’s responding on fb, the claiming you don’t know the sex of the baby. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s all personal shit and as fans we really don’t have a right to know, but the fact that she’s lying about is what pisses me off. Just flat out say “We are keeping that to ourselves.” If people don’t like it, too bad! If they’re real fans they’ll understand it’s YOUR baby not theirs. So yeah… little things. It’s all set up in this big fairytale story and camelot etc and I can’t help thinking down the line it’s gonna turn out like the Kennedys and you’ll find out it was all cocaine, cheating and money laudering despite my real hope that it isn’t.

    Sorry to go off, but I had to get that off my chest. All this said I still want to believe she’s mostly good simply because I want my fandom to be the fun escape from my daily grind, but fortunately it doesn’t consume my life. It’s been a long winter though so I’ve had a lot of snow days to contemplate shit lol!

    • Sorry I didn’t let your comment through sooner, I’ve only just seen it.

      Actually, I find your post rather refreshing and respect the fact that you like her but can still see her lies. I get what you mean that you just want to be in a normal fandom where its fun and nothing heavy – no drama (I presume that’s what you mean?) but this fandom seems to be filled with more fireworks than the KB days lol I do agree with a lot of what you say and don’t apologise for sayign your opinion, it’s more than welcome here 🙂

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