Poor Nan Kerr

So, not only did poor nan Kerr get rescued by DJ’s over the fire in her home (rather than her own family) but it seems that Anne Kerr only knew about “OMG not Miranda” VS model’s birth thanks to the media. It seems to me that Nan Kerr is left in the dark regarding a lot of things and is left to rot the rest of the time. The Kerr’s should have jumped to Anne Kerr’s defense over the fire, not DJ’s, and Anne should have been one of the first to know about the birth of Miranda’s child, rather than the press being the first to know.

I feel so sorry for this old lady. Not only is she left to fend for herself while a department store comes to her rescue but she learns of the birth of her Great Grandchild through the media rather than a phone call or text from her son/daughter-in-law/grand daughter etc.

Miranda and her team/family let the media know (and Russel James – who took the picture of MK’s ass/anus) before her own family (Anne Kerr, her own “beloved Grandmother”). How disgusting is that. Come over to the dark side Anne, it isn’t that bad once you know what your Grandchild has done.

Proof that her news has to reach the press before her own family and fans. Come on shippers, have some brains and realize the famewhoring going on!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 9, 2011.

16 Responses to “Poor Nan Kerr”

  1. Heh, Nan Kerr can wait, after all, the second coming is more important, you know. More publicity/attention to be gained with reporting The Birth than helping a little old lady who’s home burned down.

    I’m sure the shippers know what kind of person the-waste-of-space-Dingho is but if it gets them “connected” to O, however indirectly, they’ll be all for supporting her. No way that these shippers(some of them are in their 40s/50s) don’t have the common sense god gave them to see her lies for what they are, especially when undisputed proof can be gotten here. If they really can’t see her lies, then they really *are* very stupid.

  2. “I’m sure the shippers know what kind of person the-waste-of-space-Dingho is but if it gets them “connected” to O, however indirectly, they’ll be all for supporting her. No way that these shippers(some of them are in their 40s/50s) don’t have the common sense god gave them to see her lies for what they are, especially when undisputed proof can be gotten here. If they really can’t see her lies, then they really *are* very stupid.”

    That’s the only way for them to get closer to O and to fantasize about him. Very sad in my opinion that these people are ecstatic about a baby who’s not even theirs, but if this helps them finding a meaning and a sense in their empty lives, so be it!
    Sorry for gran Kerr…MK used (and will use) her to get publicity and draw the perfect girl next door image and then made fun of her drugin that interview. This woman (Ann) deserves much better than this.
    They tried to play the coy and private ones, but next time you want to be private, maybe avoid giving the announcement of a labor!Lol

  3. When I saw the interview with Ann Kerr walking through her destroyed house I really felt sorry for her. I saw how unsteady on her feet she was and I guess it really hit home that she’s an old lady. And it made me wonder whether she’s actually capable of keeping up with the family lies. The first interview I saw on my local news bulletin had her saying the first she heard of the birth was on the telly that morning. The next interview had her saying it was a boy and everything is going well and she’s proud of Miranda etc, etc, etc. I get the feeling sometimes that she says what really is going on and then is either corrected by Therese and / or Miranda or has time to think about it and tries to correct herself. Anyway, whatever the case is, the fact remains I feel sorry for her.

    • From how it seems right now, I think Ann is getting her information via a family friend. There’s this little blurp from the article: The blaze destroyed the phone line and both Ann and Peter were yet to speak with their granddaughter to offer their congratulations.
      So one can assume she hasn’t rightfully spoken to neither Dingho or Therese then.

  4. I feel terrible for Ann, especially seeing her get so emotional over the piano. I had caught the other day when it was announced that DJs was going to help them and replace some of their antiques, someone on Twitter was rather furious over it, whoever it was wanted to know if DJs was going to help everyone else who had wrecked homes. Which I can understand, they’re only helping Ann and Peter because of the Kerr name, if they didn’t have that, they’d be lumped with the rest of the people who had homes destroyed. Again though, DJs shouldn’t be stepping in, it should be their GRANDDAUGHTER, but then again she spends millions of the most expensive and exotic organics for her damn skincare line, who am I kidding.

    A new article states that the phone lines went down with the fire so they haven’t even spoken to their granddaughter in regards to the baby, they seem to be getting the information from a family friend. You mean to tell me no one would LET them even BORROW a cell so they could ring their granddaughter?

    • Still find it absurd she has to be updated by ‘familiy friends’…
      Btw, I really hope MK posts a pic of the baby, so that her fans too can see how ‘private’ she is. She kept to her self wedding pics (if there are any), to keep them ‘sacred’ but apparently her new born baby isn’t as sacred and why should he be? He’s her trophy.

  5. She (as in skank-a-roo) is such a self absorbed c**t! Sorry for the strong language but this girl really gets my blood pressure up! Think its funny that her “beloved grandmother” was the last to know before her precious fans! She should have been contacted way before and her “beautiful girl from the tips of her toes to the top of her head” should have been helping her grandparents with their home not DJ.

    Someone should ask her how she really feels about everything, I am sure she will not hold back! I should know, my grandmother (who is 83) is a spitfire and she does not hold back on anything, its sort of the nice thing with elderly people. They do not hold back!

  6. Can i just say, it does surprise me that Russel James was one of the first to know. maybe he is the father after all lol he talks about it on his twiiter yet her gran didnt know. Says a lot to me.

    • I think he was the first person to say how much the baby weighed too.

      • Yeah think so but why should he be wone of the first to know over her own family? something strange is going on,

    • Makes you wonder who were the first to be informed.

      • it seems liek the press wereone of first then russel james. her fam would ahve known as they are with her but if they werent i bet the press would still be the first even over them. Russel James is unattractive but i dont think that matter to miranda, he has a dick and money.

  7. I find it so disgusting that this woman’s millionaire relatives haven’t come to her assistance, leaving DJs to help out when there are literally thousands of people suffering in the floods who DJs could help instead.

    Didn’t Nan Kerr also say that the first she heard about Miranda’s marriage was from the TV? On the 60 Minutes story recently it was obvious that Miranda thought she was an old coot and was blatantly laughing AT her Nan. I’m overall disgusted.

  8. I am totally disgusted that this poor elderly woman who is brought out when MK needs her to look like a down to earth family girl is now being ignored and left to rot by that same “family girl”, nan kerr was upset enough about not being invited to the wedding, now she didnt know about the birth from her own family- disgusting! This poor woman has lost her home, a home she has lived in for decades, it is truly shameful that Miranda and her rich hubby havent helped her out, it is just- well words escape me to be honest, DJ’s should have helped the people of australia with the floods, not helping Nan, yes she needs help but she has two millionaires to help her out, I am just gobsmacked and just feel so so bad for Nan Kerr.

  9. Just for the record….
    The OZ media said that the fire had destroyed the phone lines to her house.
    There was no way that they could have contacted her with the news.
    But I’m sure you won’t let facts get in the way of your vitriol.

    • Hi again Kathy *waves* knew you’d be back!! Actually Nan Kerr was staying with friends and I’m sure these friends had phones… get me? Get YOUR facts right.

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