Miranda Lies To Her Fans Yet Again

If we are to believe this article (thanks Rik), Miranda and Orlando have known the baby’s sex for a few months. Miranda has been swearing blind since day one and up until extremely recently that she did not know the baby’s sex, she said she wanted it to be a surprise.

During the 60 Minutes interview, Miranda kind of slipped up regarding the baby’s sex being a secret/surprise.

There was also a video interview of Miranda when she was talking about the baby and said something regarding “him… [pause] or her“. She had to correct herself.

Keeping the sex of the baby secret but saying you don’t know the sex confuses me. It is something quite small and insignificant so why not tell people? Even if you know the sex and don’t want to tell people – that’s ok, you are entitled to that, no need to lie. Why does she have to lie about everything? Even things she doesn’t need to lie about.

Bottom line is, she never gives her fans anything, nor does she tell them anything. They find out about everything with the rest of the world – by the media. They worship her, buy her KORA, send her gifts and well wishes but she does nothing in return for them. She can’t even give them a little exclusive on the smallest of things, she just lies to them instead. Sweet!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 9, 2011.

53 Responses to “Miranda Lies To Her Fans Yet Again”

  1. Even if you know the sex and donโ€™t want to tell people โ€“ thatโ€™s ok, you are entitled to that, no need to lie

    That’s the point. You know and don’t want to tell? Don’t, but at least save your fans, your beloved fans, the ones you love so much and for whom you always find time to chat although your super busy life, from lies. I think these people need a little more respect, as they also contribute to fil your pockets buying your book and Kora stuff.
    But in the end, as these people are so easily betrayed and still drop her lies, than they (MK and her fans) deserve each other.

  2. She probably ment it to be a surprise to everyone ecxept her and the happy hubby. LOL

    • Happy hubby…I’d so love to see pic of him after a whole month with the Kerr family and the missus who’s used to start complaining if the soup is not ready in 4 minutes…Lmao

      • I don’t know a soup (selfmade or packet soup) wich is ready in 4 minutes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • @Nicole
        Yes, I know. I was meaning those reports from hotel staff in Germany that revealed she was one very annoying and called to complain if the food she ordered during the night wasn’t ready in 5 minutes.

      • I mean this too and they cook also just with Water and a few Ingrediens. When I was the Hotel Stuff I had say:

        “Madam, you are a guest, Yes. But you must understand, that at 4 Hour in the Morning the Cook is in his bed.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I don’t think, that they have a Duty, even the ‘Hilton’ have none.

      • Definitely not!:P

      • hahahhahahahhahah

  3. Only thing I can remotely think of, and I would hate to think it, is that she possibly disappointed to find out it was a boy. She comes across as someone who would want a mini-me. From what I understand, and this is going by what my mother told me, if the female genes are strong on the father’s side, the chances are the baby will be female. If the male genes are strong on the mother’s side chances are the baby will be male. I don’t know if this is true or not, but that is what she was told when she was pregnant with me.

    • Really glad it’s a boy, hope he looks just like his dad.

      • I hope the same thing. It’d be awful if he take after her side, especially her brother.

    • So does that mean that since her side of the genes is strong, he’ll take after her side of the family? Ewww, a mini-matty… *barf*

      • Honestly it looks like Orlando’s side has strong genes. Of course if it is really his which I still doubt very much.

        But it seems that in a lot of situations the son looks like the mother. Example, Viggo’s son Henry looks A LOT like his mom, Exene.

      • I don’t know about those genes, as to who the little boy will take after, I was just referring to what I was told about the odds of having a boy or girl. I don’t know if those statics stand though. Also, when I was born (in 1983), finding out the gender only meant if something was troublesome with the baby, at least this is what my Mother’s doctor told her when she was pregnant, that might have only been his procedure.

      • I doubt too, Mystic, although for another reason than you. ๐Ÿ™‚

        The birth was hard at the limit of the time line โ€“ if he came to the world on schedule at all. Most babies were born too early particularly with meager addicts.

        My friend wrote to me this morning that the boy shall have weighed 4.5 kg (10 Ibs, though no detail how tall he was). This seems to me quite a lot in consideration of the fact as Miranda was thinly before the pregnancy.

      • @Nicole-Why do you doubt it is his, if you don’t mind me asking?

        When the weight was posted over on ONTD, some members mention that they knew women who were tiny through pregnancy and the kid weighed like 10 pounds or even more. My mom, when pregnant with me, looked like she was having twins and I came out at a normal weight, about 7.5 pounds.

      • I don’t need to ask you I know your theory, Mystic.

        And both of us already have got trouble because of our opinions. You because of yours and I because of mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Good night, I am going to bed now. It is 1 o’clock a.m. now, tomorrow, I must get up at 6 a.m. again and I am tired.

    • That doesn’t sound biologically accurate to me. I’m not even sure what ‘strong genes’ means with regard to conception. It’s my understanding that sperm with a Y chromosome are faster swimmers than sperm with an X chromosome, who also live slightly longer. Therefore, if one has intercourse a few days or so before ovulation, the baby is likely to be a girl because the Y chromosome sperm get to the fallopian tube first and then die off because there’s no ovum and they’ve used all their energy, leaving the X sperm to hang around until an ovum buds and comes their way. On the other hand, if one has intercourse after ovulation, the baby is likely to be a boy because the Y sperm get to the ovum first and fertilise it.

      • Right, Claire. So I have learned this in biology once too.

        I also would be a boy if it should go after the ‘strong genes’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ because I rather see similarly to my father.

        The gene theory means that the stronger genes gain acceptance. E.g. therefore outweighing the genes for brown eyes the ones for blue. But I haven’t studied this therefore I not really can explain this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I have read today one comment about the pregnancy of the Beckhams this one was really good:
        Beckham can only boys. Because it is a known fact: Boys make boys and men make girls. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • As I said this is what she told me, her doctor told her this back in 1983.

    • ok, her face looks fine on a girl, but wow, a round butter face do not look good on boys. have you ever seen a good looking man with a round face?

  4. It’s such a small and unimportant thing – if she doesn’t want the world to know in advance, then why not say something like “We know, but we’ll keep it a secret and will surprise you.” Just a tiny thing. But she makes a lie out of it, like she always lies about everything, no matter how small and unimportant the subject is. It’s almost as if she can’t help but lie about everything, it’s seems a second nature with her. So much of a second nature she isn’t even aware of the lies she’s telling, or so it seems.
    And yes, I think it’s possible she’s very disappointed with having a boy, no mini-me, no clone, no Miranda v2.0 she can shape to her liking.
    Let’s hope the kid looks like his father and not like his uncle. Same goes with brains and veraciousness.

    • And yes, I think itโ€™s possible sheโ€™s very disappointed with having a boy, no mini-me, no clone, no Miranda v2.0 she can shape to her liking.
      Letโ€™s hope the kid looks like his father and not like his uncle. Same goes with brains and veraciousness.
      I’m sure she’ll still be able to pimp the pup out, no matter if it’s a boy or girl, milk him for all she can while she still has the chance(you know, to share her most precious little one with all her beloved fans).
      It may seem bad of me but I actually hope the kid looks like her brother, prolly then she won’t try to pimp out the “perfect” child at every opportunity. And if he does look like his ‘father’, I certainly hope he’ll have more brain and bigger balls than whorely.

  5. I am not surprise about the lie not cause who she is really. When you start saying so many lies, even small dumb ones, it just keeps rolling. You have to continue lying to make the first one seem true.

    • And you most likely tend to forget what you said before and keep lying to mend it up!Lmao

    • @Mystic: Right on. It’s the small lies that reveal a person’s character as well. A bigger lie can sometimes be easier to explain. I seem to remember that she lied about her age for a while. It was still a lie, but it was understandable in the fashion industry, and it’s something in which agencies and agents are complicit. Most models lie about age and/or height. The smaller lies make less sense, though. For her to say she doesn’t know the sex of the child when she clearly does is just pointlessly dishonest (as far as I can see) and indicates a person well schooled in deceit.

    • And I do believe this just proves what she was claiming for HOW many months? Even giving the excuses of not posting what possible names they had picked. In fact if I remember correctly, at one point she mentioned that they had names possibly picked, then suddenly around the time that interview was shot, it changed to not having anything picked and that she’d decide once the baby was born.

      • I can remember her saying she/they had not thought of any names and I found that very hard to believe. I think everyone toys with names to some degree, even if you don’t know the gender.

      • Very true, normally when the couple TRULY DON’T KNOW, they pick out several names from both genders, or even go for genderless names. I think it was in the very beginning after she slipped it to Vogue but claimed that their privacy was violated that they had a couple of names in mind, but quickly changed it later on, probably once she found out it was a boy. All of her posts of how excited she was started to become like a broke record after while though, probably after the first few times she typed it.

  6. i see “tammy” has been on kora, telling everyone that the blog posts are up (wow, made my night), saw a post from therees sayign they ahvent made an announcement but will soon. Who do they think they are? Delusions of grandure. Everyone knows, no need to made an announcement but yet again thereese makes the announcement of an announcement lol get over yourselves loves, the birth news has fallen flat on its face, a statement from you a-holes isnt going to create much more.

    • That wasn’t up before, the Chanel Fashion post was the first one on the top, this must have only gone up recently. Now I expect photos seeing as this is an announcement of the HUGE announcement of the world’s worst secret shall be announced.

      • Why is it they seem to do to everything back to front? An announcement has already been given like China says, no one really cared in the grand sceme of it all, just a few of her minions on FB. I have a feeling this announcement by MK will be all “…and I was rushed to the hospital, was in labor for X amount of hours, the baby weighed 10lb’s…” etc combined with the usual “blessed, cherished” vocab. Can’t wait for this.

      • We all know her carpet was yanked out when Princess Mary gave birth, the only place it remains stapled down is in her home town mainly, and again she got trumped when Victoria Beckham announced she’s expecting her and David’s fourth child (hoping for a girl for them).

        Honestly, I don’t recall a celebrity EVER milking a damn birth for this length of time. The kid was born 3/4 days ago (some sites are still claiming it was Thursday, I came across one today, I think it was the LA times or something).

      • @Rik
        Honestly, I donโ€™t recall a celebrity EVER milking a damn birth for this length of time. The kid was born 3/4 days ago (some sites are still claiming it was Thursday, I came across one today, I think it was the LA times or something).

        Exactly!! and this woman still try to play the private one?Oh please, only idiots believe this crap at this point!Lol

    • Another announcement of an announcement? Seriously?!

      Note to MK and her minions- No one cared the first time and they won’t now.

    • Nobody gives a shit about your announcement Therese. Half of the Queensland population is being affected by floods and on the other side of the country people are losing their homes to bush fire. Do you seriously think Australians give a shit about your ridiculous announcement? Princess Mary’s twins are the only newborns anyone cares about when they’re not trying to save their own kids from natural disasters. Why don’t you come back down to Earth and concentrate on your friends in Brisbane who are probably at risk of losing their homes? Your ego is sickening.

      • Totally agree!

      • Me too. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • well said ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Haha, thanks guys. I was pretty annoyed when I wrote that post. I’m in Brisbane and the weather is out of this world. We’re all waiting to be either flooded or evacuated, and this silly woman thinks Aussie’s are eagerly awaiting her announcement. The news is just non-stop flood coverage. 9 people are dead, including children. I’m surprised Miranda hasn’t released an ‘omg I care so much about all the victims of disasters and that, I’m praying, blah blah blah, now everybody back to saying how supportive and perfect I am’.

      • Hey Claire, I’m sending my best wishes to you from New South Wales. I hope you and your family and friends stay safe. I’m so sorry and sad at the loss of homes, livelihoods and most especially lives. I pray the devestation is over soon. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

      • So sorry to hear that Claire, really hope you and your family stay safe and well. Im expecting some kind of mention of this disaster included in her announcement, maybe at the end when she has finished her yadda yadda about her enormous baby.

      • I’ve seen a lot of footage on tv about the flood and it looks horrible. The area is about as big as Germany and France TOGETHER! I really hope that there are not more people have to die. To loose everything is horrible but at least you’re alive. And we’ve seen before that the Aussies stand together. At least those who don’t milk it for their own pr.
        I hope you and your family and frinds are save Claire!

      • Thanks for the support guys! 75% of the state of Queensland is now flooded, it’s madness!

      • All the people really have been sticking together, Chocolover. Last night the Brisbane council requested for volunteers to go and make sandbags and before we could even decide if we could go (due to road closures etc.) they announced that the depots were full of volunteers and they didn’t need any more! Amazing.

      • Hard to find the right words in these situations…but my thoughts are there and I wish you and all the people involved al the best!*hugs*

  7. I can’t decide whether I should be amused about all this craziness going on with the new Messiah (didn’t make it for the 25th? Rats! Cross your legs and keep it in there until the 6th!) or whether I’m feeling sorry for her. IMO she’s living in her own world where everything revolves around her – and I hate Therese for enabling her in this. The baby being an Aussie through and through (nevermind the fact that a child needs to know about its roots), her behaving as if she’s the only woman to ever give birth, her approach to KORA and her POV that her holy KORA couldn’t do any wrong…I think I could go on forever. Miranda thinks she’s perfect. She thinks she’s more important than she actually is (the holy birth didn’t even make the VIP news on the worst news cast here – quod erat demonstrandum) and she’s trying everything to protect and enable her view of her world. So she made sure the paps were the ones breaking the news – make pretend that she’s followed everywhere and all the time because she’s so important.
    So she made sure that this photographer friend of her bragged about it on twitter – make pretend your friends are famous and important and your bff.
    So now they made this announcement of an announcement as if she’s Princess Mary…oh wait, that’s the one stealing her thunder. Oops.

    If you ask me, it’s highly suspicious that she’s suddenly waiting to make a personal announcement when everyone already knows that it’s a boy and that he’s healthy and big and everyone’s doing fine. Maybe she’s waiting until the excitement about Mary’s twins died a bit down? Make sure that HER baby announcement doesn’t get lost in it? Make pretend that HER son and HER privacy is more sacred than that of a princess? You know they’ll make it sound like they wanted to enjoy the first days with the baby in peace and privacy, before the harsh, cruel, nosy world butts in.

    Hm. So why not use this moment of distraction for an announcement? Your FANS, the ones you care about oh-so-effing-much, would know. And the rest of the world would be too distracted to notice – your privacy would be secured! …oh, I know why. Because it wouldn’t be about YOU, Miranda.

    She’s like that one kid in class that does everything to get the teacher’s attention. Showing off how perfect she is – and throwing a tantrum when it’s not about her. Waiting for the next PR-stunt to prove my theory.


    I had a feeling she knew as she gave little clues that she knew the sex, but again why lie? Why not just say, “I would rather not tell anyone the sex” – she would have been in her rights, but again she has to lie!!

    Her FB’s are to stroke her ego and to sell her Kora, nothing more or less, she keeps her fans in the dark all of the time ,they mean nothing to her, only their money does and as long as they keep telling her how perfect she is -urgh!!

  9. Sooooooo,
    first you are mad when she makes any announcement, or releases any information. Now you are mad that she DIDN’T tell every little detail?
    Gee, this sound familiar.

    • Hi again Kathy!! Think you are missing the point. It’s not that she did or didn’t tell little details, it’s the fact she lied, but I guess you missed that part.

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