Not for the birth of your child (which I pity and feel such sorrow for), but for being the first celebrity I have ever known to have an announcement of your labor.

When you go in to labor, it’s usually something only you, your partner, your families and the medical staff should know about. Please can anyone explain to me how the tabloids got to know about it? Actually, don’t bother, I think I already know. A call in. But from whom?

Only certain people had the information of her labor and I’m pretty sure the paps weren’t camping outside their house(s), even TomKat didn’t get that, so who does it leave? Miranda, Orlando, Carlii and The Kerrs. I don’t think The Kerrs would do it if they knew their darling Miranda was so opposed to the paps like she claims.

Regardless who told the paps, it is disgusting. A should-be sacred and private time and someone called the media to tell them. How the shippers can’t see the obvious famewhoring of an innocent child is beyond me.

Oh, and I hope you gave birth naturally Miranda, I don’t think theres such a thing as organic painkillers!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 7, 2011.


  1. It’s no surprise that there was an announcement that she went into labor, especially since she tries to play victim when something is released or leaked (always via herself).

    • You’re right! After seeing the way she handled the wedding announcement stuff I am not surprised! 🙂
      And I don’t remember having ever heard the announcement of labor nor even from royals, so…:P
      Glad it’s a boy! And good luck Orlando!

  2. Let’s make bets on how long it will take for a paid magazine spread regarding this baby to appear. I’d say at least a few hours so that she can enjoy this sacred time alone before she exploits her newborn for all to see. By the way, I can’t believe she’s stated the child will be Aussie through and through, or whatever. What about the fact the child’s dad is British? Anyone? I’m going to raise my bet to include the speculation that any magazine spread will not include Orlando, it will be just Miranda and the baby.

    • But, he’s now considered Australian because of his wife. And most likely any magazine to feature photos will be Australian based.

      • Is she not also considered British as a result of their marriage? It just seems like everything is about Randa.

      • It’s always about her for some unknown reason. He doesn’t rate apparently.

    • That “Australian through and through” comment really pissed me off. HER kid, HER say so, HER family yadda yadda, this “all about her” stuff is getting on my nip-nips. Fuck the fact that he is a Brit and the kid was born and will [probably] be raised in US. If she is so pro-AUS, go and live there, cant remember the last she visited “sunny Gunny”, the place that is apparently so close to her “heart”.

      I’m going to bet there will be some kind of magazine spread also, probably with her naked, holding the naked baby close or a “generations” article (the baby, MK, Therese, Anne).

      • Fairly certain just about all the Australian reports are saying she’s determined to raise the boy in Australia.

  3. I’m happy it’s a boy, and not a Miranda v2.0.

    Congrats, Orlando!

    • I’m a little surprised actually, I’m not sure what the odds are, but I figured it’d be a girl because on both sides (well, that’s if the boy is really his) the oldest is a female.

    • Im glad too but turning out like him isnt the best thing in the world either lol Not unless the kid turns out like 6 years ago Orlando.

  4. This is what happens when everyone sources a tabloid site ;x

    • Once again we have more than one date. LOL

      • My brain isnt working properly today but do we have a different date because one date came from US and the other AUS?

      • I’m rather confused because some are saying the 6th, while others are saying that it was today.

      • I think, the Baby was born yesterday (the 7th January) because its also on
        I really hope, he looks like his father. 😉

      • Hopefully! I wonder how long it takes her to post some pics of the baby and how long it will take him to make her remove them (you all remember those ‘private’ pics she ppsted on her myspace with O and frankie, that got deleted in 5 minutes?Lol).

      • Some sites say in the night from 6th to 7th. So both is possible.

      • I think where the confusion is coming in, is Australia was reporting the 7th because that was the day they were on, while it was the 6th LA time.

  5. The limelight was taken today and has switched to another Aussie mother – Princess Mary of Denmark has given birth to twins (boy and girl).
    The Oz media is already forgetting Earthmother and the second coming over this.

    • Excellent point. I haven’t even seen any reports on Miranda. Every report on the news at the moment is either regarding the QLD floods or Princess Mary’s twins.

  6. One of the girls at Delphi (Auntie Merc lol) found this article, figured it’d ruffle some feathers:

    Some key things to point out:

    Kerr and Bloom are understood to have found out the sex of the baby a few months ago during a routine check-up. Oh dear and she was going on for MONTHS claiming the sex of the baby was a surprise.

    Although Kerr is likely to remain in the US for the next few weeks, friends said she was keen to come home to Australia to introduce her baby to her friends and family. What happened to staying in LA for several months with Mummy dearest there to aid her? Now she’s going home in the next few weeks to show off HER baby. I wonder how long it takes for a doctor to give her the clear to fly, especially if she had a C-section.

    She is also expected to begin working with David Jones, for whom she is an ambassador, again in the next few months. A site stated she has a photoshoot in May with DJs. Really? Whatever happened to family comes first?

    “She wants to bring him home,” another friend said. Er, HIS home as far as we know is in LA.

    “Her family is very important to her, so she’ll be coming back soon. It won’t be long.” Once again HER family, her, her, her, her.

    And the conclusion, the very end of the article ends with an after thought.

    Orlando’s mother, Sonia Bloom, said: “We’re all just over the moon.” There’s apparently a longer version of what she said, but it’s cut from the site. This is an Australian newspaper/magazine and Sonia gives a quote to them and not a newspaper/magazine from England. If it truly is Sonia and not Carliiiiiiii doing damage control, then Sonia and HIS family were not there in LA and only Sonia will be flying out, no mention of his Father or of Sam either.

    • Thanks for this update!
      So it’s safe to say HIS family was’t in LA and didn’t spend Xmas nor waited for the birth with them…very odd, but of course it’s always about her.
      And why Sonia didn’t speak to an english paper, as she always did in the past? Guess we have to wait and see, the beginning is hilarious!

    • Could it be that the english press doesn’t give a shit about it?
      In my German Sunday gossip newspaper it was a side note (shared with two other German celebs who welcomed a baby) under an article about the happy Daddy Prince of Denmark who has already given a pressconference.. LOL

    • It’s always been about HER, HER and HER – so I’m not surprised at all that this is only HER baby.
      That blurb by her about the kid being an “Aussie through and through”, and now her statement that she’ll leave LA with the baby the minute her doc allows it, makes it clear who’ll have the saying in the kid’s life. Certainly not Orlando.
      She goes home with her trophy, just after Orlando rented a bigger place for all of them and to raise the kid.
      Usually it was the more far away she’s from him, the better. But now when she’s taking the kid with her, that’s a different story. I wonder if he’ll be doing even more continent hopping then he did in the past anyway. Will be miserable times for him.

      If Sonia gives a public statement at all, it will be to Ka-Bloom, like she did before with other news.

  7. So obvious that X17 were tipped off by Miranda and/or Orlando, X17 dont do this with other celebs who are in labour, so why her when she is nobody? PATHETIC and as private as a porn star is about their genitalia!

    That poor kid doesn’t stand a chance with him and her as parents, this is all about her and she will not share the limelight, right now it is an accessory to her, much like a pair of shoes, a dog and orlando, then she will get sick of it always being about the baby and not her, and what if the child isnt handsome enough? then what? This is going to turn into a bad ending!

  8. What does ‘a real Aussie’ mean actually?
    The only Australians this one I know are Kylie Minogue, Miranda and princess Mary. 🙂

    • And me, Nicole! You know me! I’m a REAL Aussie (I still live here)!

      • Okay, then I know 6 inclusive you, Nicole Kidman and Dr. Bob from the ‘Jungle Camp’ at RTL (well known as ‘I’m a Star – get me out of there’ or so similar). This Show is with Stars (German C- and D-Stars, but it’s also in UK and the USA on Air with Stars from this Country) and will be produce in an Jungle in Australia. I don’t know, if this Show are also on a Australian Station.

        I know, I am bad, but sometimes I wish, M would go in the Jungle in the next American or British Jungle-Camp. I would also vote for her… 😉

      • But nevertheless I don’t know, what is really Australian?

        I am no typical German too. I’m life at the Border to French and so I have another kind to live as people in Berlin e.g. 😉

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