KORA: Miracle Cream. Even Balances Hormones!

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good Christmas!! I thought I’d do a bumper post as an early New Year gift lol

We all know Therese Kerr has done a testimonial for the miraculous KORA, but I have just found out that another friend of the family has done a testimonial too.

Kimmy Kokegei. On her Facebook, she is friends with a Kerr known to be a relation of THE Kerrs (not Therese/Miranda) and also Kimmy’s testimonial mentions talking with Therese at a party they both attended. While Kimmy doesn’t deny knowing the Kerrs, she doesn’t admit she does either and I’m not saying that KORA didn’t cure Kimmy’s skin problem but there was a blog post about some people using KORA and Kimmy posted before/after pictures and the after picture can be found on her Myspace and I thought the pictures were for before/after reasons. Furthermore, Kimmy states in her testimonial that she was embarassed to go outside (yet she can manage going to the “Therese meeting” party and the “before” pic looks like it was at a party also?). In no way am I suggesting that this friend of the family has used an old picture of herself as an “after” picture. KORA only has 18 testimonials and at least two of those are in with the Kerr’s, not that many for such an amazing cream, that can cure all sorts of skin problems in a week.

Also, while reading the other testimonials, I noticed one from a Cath and Sam Dwyer. While its all well and good KORA cleared her daughters skin, I found the following quote very unusual:

“The other exciting thing is that she has now been on the products for two weeks and her normal hormonal breakout has not yet arrived. Yipppeee

Now, I hope she is not implying that KORA can stop hormonal breakouts? Because unless KORA contains any kind of hormones, I’m pretty sure this is impossible. I will cling to the word “yet” in that quote!

I also read in the above link how KORA cleared up a girls spots but of course she had started exercising and drinking more water too but of course it couldn’t be the exercise and water helping, it must only be the KORA!

I explored the KORA blog further and found a post about “natural alternatives“. I actually gasped when I read:

“Toothpaste with fluoride and bleach; use lemon or baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) or Himalayan salt.”

Ummm… lemon/lemon juice is an absolute NO-NO as a tooth cleaner. To use as a whitener… very occassionally, maybe, but a TOOTHPASTE SUBSTITUTE?? Maybe we won’t be the only toothless individuals in the world! The rest of the “natural alternatives” was a lot of “buy KORA” as you can imagine.

Did anyone else find the comment Miranda made about her pregnancy strange/annoying? I found it incredibly weird how she went on about how they CHOSE to get pregnant when no one even asked her. Is she answering the haters in that? Sorry but lots of things point to it being a complete accident like:

1) I’m pretty sure she said she was on a shoot and was ill (morning sickness) and didn’t know what it was.

2) Lightening fast (and widely speculated “shotgun”) wedding anyone? If you plan to get pregnant and are a supposed traditionalist, you usually get married FIRST.

3) Late 2009 Miranda was asked if she would be the next VS model to get pregnant. Her reply? “not me baby, not me

4) In Jan 2001, Orlando said they were “just hanging out”. You plan a pregnancy with your hang out?

5) Call me stoopid, but shouldn’t the self confessed traditionalists even live together before you plan a bub? She was still calling NY her home not that long ago (while preg).

Call me picky and all!! An accident pregnancy is not a dirty word, it doesn’t make the child any less wanted… does it?

Also notice how she says: I can’t give medical advice in the same cap? No, you can’t can you. You can’t and shouldn’t but you have and do! You DIAGNOSE what’s wrong with peoples skin when they get pimples and rashes from your wonderful KORA but you say it is “detoxing” and you tell them to carry on and buy more KORA to help, that, my dear, is giving medical advice and wrong medical advice at that, just like the “white spots on the fingernail” (wrong) diagnosis you gave and when you keep on saying Noni Juice helps women get pregnant. Everywhere I have looked, I can’t find anything about it (let me know if anyone can). All I found was this, which we really already knew.

Oh, and, MK, read this before you convert anymore dumbfucks to go on your blood group diet. Notice the words “scientific nonsense”?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 31, 2010.

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  1. We missed you!Thanks for this, great job as always!
    I agree 100% especially with the last part about deciding to get pregnant. And before someone claims she probably had decided it and just didn’t tell cause it’s a private stuff…uh, not possibile, as she can’t keep anything to herself and those who read, even occasionally, her FB know this for sure.
    That reamrk about deciding to get pregnant was useless and insensitive towards the many women out there who fight to conceive and still can’t. No way it is a matter of will, may be so! it would be easy fo anyone then. She was lucky, she’s be more real and honest to admit it.
    Happy new year to everyone!!

    • Just because you CHOSE to get pregnant, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It’s still a matter of luck as far as most people are concerned. It was an insensitive comment, because some people choose to and they just CAN’T.

      • I agree with you both. Even a couple who try for a baby, use ovulation kits etc can’t concieve just like that, I’m sure a lucky few do but I’m sure MK will put it down to the Noni.

    • That comment she made about choice actually doesn’t make sense. How has she not realised by now that her grammar sucks? Someone should do a “Miranda and her crap grammar” post. The most obvious and cringe-worthy one was the “something’s we wanted to keep sacred” remark (she meant ‘some things’ not ‘something is’. doh!

      • It falls in line with her embezzled comment ;x

      • Yeah, I’ve always thought her grammar is terrible. It’s almost like English isn’t her first language (at least then I could forgive her for that), but we’re talking about a 27 year old high school graduate. She should’ve learnt something.

  2. Okay, regarding the Vanessa and Kimmy posts. Nice use of an airbrushed model as ‘Vanessa’ there. There’s no denying Kimmy has a skin problem, but she’s clearly wearing a lot of make up in the after picture which isn’t present in the before one.

    Haha, I like how you used the Daily Mail article about blood group diets. I thought that was spot on when I linked it on delphi.

    • Oh yes you can see she has problems with her skin and like you say, looks to be wearing make up in the “after” picture but that picture is from her Myspace even though I thought the pic was for KORA’s benefit *shrug*. Her testimonal doesn’t fit with the pictures. She said she didn’t like to go outside yet she goes to a party and happilly poses for a picture even though she is very embarassed about her skin.

      Sorry I had no idea you posted the link. Nef sent it to me so I just used it.

      • Maybe the Kora crap did help her, but it’s silly to use a before picture without make up and an after pic with make up. It’s hardly a fair comparison, is it?

      • True but I’m not so sure that pic was intended as an “after” pic anyway. She has a few other similar pics in her Myspace so she could have just chosen one to use – old or new.

  3. To be honest I get the impression that when she says she ‘chose’ to start a family it simply means that she decided not to abort her accidental pregnancy.

    • A huge possibility.

    • I doubt she ever thought of aborting the kid. That is her meal ticket to get her more press and his money, whether it is his kid or not.

    • While I think she planned the “oops baby”, if I am wrong and it wast a total accident, I would bet she thought about it- look how miserable and sad she was when she prob knew she was pregnant, where is that joy and glow of a woman who has planned the baby with her partner and happy to be pregnant- in the early months there was none of that. I think she may have weighed up the options whether accident or planned by her, obviously she knew having the kid would set her up for life, after all if she doesn’t want to really bother with the kid she doesn’t have to, she will probably employ a full time nanny.

      I find it hard to believe she would truly WANT a baby right now, that video where she says “not me baby, not me” when asked if she was next to get pregnant last september says it all, yet fast forward 6 months later- shes pregnant? Something isnt right or normal there.

      • She wasn’t happy, what I don’t understand is that yes she has morning sickness and says she didn’t know why she was ill those months until May. So… is she saying she never noticed that she was late/missed because that normally is the biggest indicator, unless of course she was never on a normal schedule.

      • Actually, I never thought of that- she surely must have missed periods, so how the hell didn’t she know that she was pregnant after skipping the first period?? That is weird, I mean she would have that indication AND the being sick, something isn’t adding up with that- AT ALL, but then it never does with them oddly enough :/

      • No, nothing never adds up with them. She was attending VS events where she looked damn awful and sickly, and here you had one of the Mother Angels with her (Alessandra) and she never asked her and/or Ale never picked up on her looking sickly and throwing up? Then again, I don’t believe MK is that friendly with the other VS models. I can’t remember when it was mentioned, but Heidi commented how MK was asking her about Motherhood and I think it came before the “handsome baby” comment.

      • I agree.
        Especially if you think that, back in that period, she finally reached her goal, that was apparoching the HF world, walking for Prada and Balenciaga and gettin 2 HF campaign (ok, in the Prada one she is almost cut off from the pics, but that’s a detail). So I don’t really believe she chose to get pregnant risking it all in the most important moment of her career after 10 years of trying to get HF:
        She told herself she was sick and taking antibiotics and we all know antibiotics erase BI effect. Of course having a baby is the most beautiful thing in the world, good things often happen without chossing them, but she’d be more real if she just admit it and not plying the traditionalist/holy Mary typ, cause it absolutely doesn’t fit her!

  4. The Kimmy thing is strange. I Googled her name and did find her Myspace and did find the same after picture and her caption is “me hard at work” so it would seem she did not take that picture especially for Kora. There also arent any bad skin pics in her Myspace either. Her profile seems pretty inactive too so who knows how old that picture is, also, fringes are different lengths and her story makes it out that her bad skin came, she met Therese and her skin cleared in a very short time but who knows. One other thing I noticed is that in both “me at work” pictures, the exact same pictures are on the wall behind her yet in one of the “me at work” pics there is a 2008 calendar on the wall. If they are from a similar time then the lies are starting already as Kora wasnt available in 2008. I dont like the fact Miranda has got testimonials from family and friends, Id have the same opinion with any company, it just makes it look dubious whether or not their testimonials are real or not.

    The hormone comment was pathetic. It wouldnt surprise me if that is what she was trying to imply but as you say its impossible. Ive noticed every single Kora testimonial is so OTT with the “YIPEEEE” and “its my miracle”, if I write a review it is to the point, factual etc not a million word essay on why it its like, sooo amazing!

    The lemon juice bit made me laugh. Do these contributors on her blog actually KNOW anything as with the link you gave, most of it is scientifically garbage.

    I actually didnt find her pregnancy comment as bad as everyone else. She did say “Im lucky to be able to have kids” but yes, the choice thing is totally a pile of steaming ****!

  5. Great post as always.

    BOTTOM LINE ABOUT THAT KIM WOMAN: She is a friend of the Kerr family, how can anyone trust a testimonial from someone who cant be unbiased?? I wouldn’t, it doesn’t look good because it seems all that can say great things about Kora is people who know her personally. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! It is a similar thing to your mother thinking everything you do is great- totally not impartial enough!

    Yes creams can’t make any difference to hormonal breakouts, speaking from experience the ONLY THING that has helped me at all is the birth control pill- and I had tried everything over the years.

    The lemon as toothpaste made my teeth hurt just reading it! lemon juice would strip the enamel over time, black teeth are so not a good look!

    The comment about pregnancy was followed up with a “me is lucky to be able to have kids”, but she should watch how she says things, she dud this before when she mentioned people having kids are being responsible ppl or words to that effect, as if people who chose not to have them weren’t responsible.

    She is always handing out medical advice and has always done and yes skin problems should be seen by a doctor, not asking a thick, bimbo panty model. Yes she NOW has a disclaimer on her kora blog, but she doesnt on her facebook, so she should watch out!

    The blood group diet is the biggest load of crap! mk has always said she has been anemic, so shouldn’t that be telling her this BG diet is making her lack vital nutrients? I tell you something I am surprised she was able to conceive as easy as she has.She must feel like shit everyday following that diet!


  6. I’m not entirely sure if that after picture is really an after picture or joins the photos she has from ’07. That surname by the way, pops up several times under the other relative Kerr’s FB (investigated).

    As for Vanessa… why does she look like Nicole formerly from the Pussycat Dolls?

    Her comment regarding that it’s a woman’s choice to become pregnant or not pissed me off beyond belief, I’ve already commented about it.

    But yes, you are correct she said that she was at the Jane Sander’s or whoever’s photoshoot when she discovered that she was knocked up, yet tries to play it off as it was planned, but didn’t know why she had morning sickness for 2/3 months (again never giving any indication of what month she was in when she realized it). I believe it was towards mid-April where she started to look rather sickly at the public events she attended (mostly VS events). Funny, she never thought to ask Mummy dearest what the problem could be? After all, she said mummy dearest told her how to “cure” morning sickness (she hands this info out to anyone who asks) even though she was past the stage of it (unless she was one of those who suffered past the first trimester).

    It also struck me funny that for the length of time she was with Jay/Brent/whatever he goes by, this never happened. Then again he wasn’t a meal ticket and was never heard of in the states.

    As for her being a traditionalist, I had to laugh when I came across the comment she made after the engagement was announced by her leash hubby, that because she’s a traditionalist she made him make the announcement.

    • Nothing adds up with them, the planning of the baby, the “traditionalist” bullshit, everything contradicts itself, and I don’t know how the shippers cant see the glaring obvious contradictions, well maybe not cant- but wont. They don’t want their fairytale ruined by ” planned by her” baby or even accidental, it is all planned by the both of them in their world because they love each other more than has even been possible in the world.

    • I don’t think it’s Nicole Scherzinger, but I would put money on that being a model in a royalty free image. It’s exactly the kind of set up you see in those photos.

  7. Also just found that this Kimmy is in property management/holiday home rental. Isnt that was Therese did/does?

    • Someone a long time ago found a website that had property management in the place where they live -and it was ran by a John and Therese Kerr, not 100% sure it was them but if not a huge coincidence.

  8. Hi there. I was pointed in the directed of this blog but thought it was harsh and uncalled for but the more Ive read the more I agree. Kora seems to be disagreeing with peoples skin everwhere but it seem to be getting ignored. As you can see Fazza’s comment is ignored yet a comment before hers gets answered. I am awaiting for my KORA order before I can comment but I have noticed the way problems with KORA get ignored. We will see.

    • Have you been following Kerrazy Lies from the start? If so, you will know comments often get deleted from KORA. Welcome anyway, please feel free to comment regardless.

      • No but I have read back and am really shocked. I do like the factual posts you have done, with the evidence on show for everyone.

    • I think we’d all be interested in hearing your thoughts when you receive your Kora products.

      • Will do but reading what has happened to a few people Im not sure I want to anymore lol but yeah I wil let you guys know and think you guys will be the only people who will care if it hurts my skin πŸ˜‰

  9. as usual the comment about her pregnancy is hurting for people who can’t have babies. it make people suffer a lot. She is really unthoughtful as usual. I wonder why every time she talks she offends other people or say stupid things. At this stage, nobody can believe it was a chosen pregnant. And I agree with Dea and Choco that she has got to set up for her life. Accidents happen, and she has take the most of that, IMO. A famous hubby, a way of getting front covers, a way to be in the media for ever and ever… money and more money all in all. I am happy you noticed that about her gramma. I think she hasn’t studied as she pretends.

    • She has the grammar of a 12 year old. It’s sad at her age.

      • It’s perhaps the grammar of her hometown? πŸ˜‰

        Here at the Mother tongue of the Federal State where I grew up and live we have also another gramma as in other regions of Germany and as in the Language known as ‘Hochdeutsch’ (High German). And sometimes I write in this mother tongue gramma too. πŸ™‚

      • I wouldn’t think it’s the grammar of her hometown. I know a lot of Australians, some from a similar area to MK, and none of them type like that. I think she’s just trying to bring her ‘cutesy’ persona onto the internet as well as in person.

  10. So do you mean she is pretending a childish way of speaking, that of a cute posh teen to sell more her image and products??? What I can draw as a conclusion from your post is
    a) She is pretending to seem cute by using simple syntaxis and a few idiomatic expression repeated to get sheeps bored and she expresses herself as an adult in her circle of friends and at home… or
    b) that’s the only sample of English you can get from her no matter the context or situation or subject she is talking about???
    English is not my mother language and that’t true that I find her speach extremely simple and childish and a bit, you know… , posh… stupid? but I can’t really say if as a speaker her level is low. low.low
    Any idea???

    • I just think she has a low IQ. So low that she isn’t aware of how poor her grammar and interview skills are. Most things that come out of her mouth make me feel dumber for having heard them. Any intelligent person would be embarrassed if they were caught writing and saying the things she does.

      • Agreed. Besides her Embezzled mess up and never realizing it, I also saw an interview she gave when she was doing a spot with Candice and Ale in regards to bathing suits. First she referred to the bikini top as a bra, then couldn’t remember what one would call the falsies or extra padding one can place into the bikini top for an extra boost. For someone trying to sell a product on the spot without a script or computer in front of her, she very much failed.

      • Yeah, pretty much. Just what I was thinking, Claire.

  11. thanks girls for your posts and comments. How can one be with somebody who is not able to hold an intelligent chat? or an intelligent way of talking about it???

    • This I ask me too, Mobt… πŸ™‚

      It must be very boring for Orlando every Day this not intelligent chatter… And now from the whole Family! No Wonder why he escape how much he can. πŸ˜‰

  12. What I want to know is, with all those ingredients in her products, ingredients that no organic products should have, will her Crapkola products get the Organic certification?

    Oh, and that “choosing” to get preggers comment, sure it was chosen, BY HER. What else was a narcissistic-desperately-wanna-be to do when the man you’ve wasted 3 years with still insisted on just *hanging out* with you?

    • You are not alone with your opinion, Beliz. πŸ˜‰

      I really hope, he will leave her before she is able to get pregnant again.

  13. Just a question…does anyone know if Whora is already certified or still in the process. I’m wondering because I wanted to know if they would certify something organic based on one of two organic ingredients, even if most of the other ingredients shouldn’t belong in an organic product.

    • I don’t know the exact requirements for Ecocert, but in most cases “certified organic” applies to a certain percentage of the product. The website for Ecocert indicates that all products must be from a “natural origin.” There’s a lot of give in that. Some ingredients aren’t certified organic, because there is no organic source currently available. I own an organic makeup product that is 70% certified organic; the other 30% is not organic, because the ingredients are natural minerals and vitamins that do not have a certified organic source at this time.

      Regarding the ingredients that sound very chemical and non-organic, it’s not unusual for some of them to be found in organic/natural skincare products, and the presence of them doesn’t necessarily make the product bad. In fact, many of those chemicals are derived from natural products; they’re just given the official name on the ingredient list.. For instance, cetearyl alcohol can be derived from coconut, and hyaluronic acid can be derived from beets. (I don’t know if either of these are in KORA products; I just know that they make appearances in other natural/organic skincare.) The catch is how ingredients like this are derived and how they’re used in the products.

    • Unsure at this point. The process might be a long one so it’s either still in the process or she has got refused but I guess time will tell. I think Aoide is right, it goes on the % of the product but I’ve learnt that organic doesn’t always mean good.

      • It’s certainly true that “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean good — at least, not good for everyone! Given the comment on the site/blog/whatever about some of the products not being good for pregnant women, I’d have serious doubts about the quality of the other ingredients. If the company isn’t willing to release that information (about pregnant women using certain products) up front, it stands to reason that other information is being held back.

      • Very true!! I think also if KORA does get certified with the bad ingredients it has, then I lose all faith in “certified organic” products. I think one of the KORA face creams had around 3 or 4 bad to questionable ingredients. There is only the Rosehip Oil I would buy but could easilly find it cheaper elsewhere.

      • Something else to consider is that Ecocert might very well find that the products fulfill the “certified organic” rating (or whatever they certify), but that doesn’t mean the products are useful or effective. I could bake a cake with 100% organic ingredients, and it could still be inedible. There’s more to great skincare than just whether or not the ingredients are organic, and while (for me, at least) organic ingredients are an important part of the equation I’m also interested in whether or not the products work. I’ve tried a good number of organic products, only to find that they did nothing for my skin.

      • True! I know that natural isn’t always best but I think organic and especially, certified organic anything isn’t what it’s made out to be. I was searching for a certification period and found this from wikipedia:

        “In December 2005, the 2006 agricultural appropriations bill was passed with a rider allowing 38 synthetic ingredients to be used in organic foods. Among the ingredients are food colorings, starches, sausage and hot-dog casings, hops, fish oil, chipotle chili pepper, and gelatin. This allowed Anheuser-Busch in 2007 to have its Wild Hop Lager certified organic “even though [it] uses hops grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with pesticides.”

        While I know this isnt skin care, certified organic is certified organic surely? If they can allow that, what else can they allow?

    • Thanks for the replies, guys. I guess certified organic and certified 100% organic are two different categories then.

      • I know Miranda used to state that KORA had “certified organic ingedients” which isn’t the same as a certified organic products and maybe that’s where some people got confused with it being certified. A face cream can have a million harmful acids in it’s ingredients but just one or two certified ingredients but could still be passed as “certified organic ingredients”.

        I think 100% certified and just certified are different but not sure. I tried to find out how long the certification process takes but can’t. Wasn’t the visit from Eco Cert sometime in late Nov/early Dec?

      • I think the main problem is the fact that for some time she was claiming her products were 100% certified, she never distinguished the ingredients. Now with the new interview she’s giving, she said I worked with KORA’s certified organic chemists and aromatherapists to perfect the range. I don’t recall her ever mentioning certified organic chemists, unless I’m wrong on that part.

        Besides the simple mention of certain products that shouldn’t be used during the first trimester, whereas there should be a warning or at least a mention of it somewhere on her site. There should also be some type of allergy warning, especially if there are people out there with a nut allergy, a lot of her products contain some type of nut oil in them.

        (There’s also an quote much like how women choose to be pregnant, I think in general people aren’t educated enough on the benefits of organics.)

        The article: http://www.ecostiletto.com/index.php?/Beauty/EcoCeleb/miranda_kerr_green_with_beauty/

      • I asked how long it would take to be certified organic with a different organics compant who certify all over the world and they say 4-6 weeks so is Eco Cert any different? I dont know and I cant say how long it has been since KORA had their first meeting with Eco Cert. If anyone can help, let me know.

      • Not certain if this is considered a first meeting or not.

        Yesterday was exciting… KORA Organics had its first Eco-Cert audit and our manufacturer is being Eco-Cert audited as well on 6 December. I have attached some photos from yesterday. Let me know what exciting things are happening in your life as I have about 20 minutes to chat. Love Miranda xxx

        That was posted by MK November 30th LA time.

      • Thanks Rik. As we discussed before, an audit cant be done until a year after being certified but I take this as its first meeting. Nef received some very interesting emails yesterday from a different organic certification company and going by the time line they gave me for the cert process, KORA really should be certified by now. I also think if KORA was certified, MK would be screaming it from the rooftops as the KORA/Eco Cert pic on FB was for our benefit I think.

      • Indeed, that would probably be more important to her than the baby.

        Eco-cert also updates a list they have in pdf form on their site of certified skin care and cosmetic companies, it was last updated December 2010, with no mention of Kora listed under Australia either.

      • So it’s either the certification process in this case takes an unusual long time – or Kora failed the certification all together.

        Rik, do you have any idea how often the pdf list at the Eco-cert site gets updated?
        I’d say if Kora is not on the list next time it’s updated, MK’s cosmetic line obviously didn’t meet the requirements and quality for a certified organic product.

      • I’m not sure how often it’s updated, maybe by month.

  14. Oh my god, I’m hooked on this site now. There’s so much stuff… urrg, I think my happy blinder days are over. Damn.

    But in regards to her comment about “choosing” to have the baby I took that more as a nice way of saying she decided against aborting it and decided to make an “honest go of it” i.e. getting married and playing happy family. Come on, like you said just because it’s not planned doesn’t mean it’s unwanted. I don’t think anyone had any doubt this baby was a surprise, but celebs always seem to do that afterwards. “Oh, we planned this” even Johnny Depp tried to claim he planned his kids with Van. The second one MAYBE the first definitely NOT.

    I think it’s unneccesary for her to try and cover it up, but whatever. I always knew this was obviously a “whoops” baby, but with them it seemed like a happy whoops because they both claim to be big on family. Though if you’re together three years already and not even thinking about marraige and then suddenly you’re prego and married I think that’s a lot of stress to put on your relationship all at once. I hope they do make it, but…. well, I’ll leave it open.

    I hope I don’t get banned as a shipper, because I really am hooked to this site already. I don’t hate Miranda, but it’s nice to have a place to at least be able to discuss her as a human with flaws. On the fansites it’s pretty much love completely or shut the hell up and I don’t really care for that attitude.

    • I dont ban people for being a shipper, its the way they conduct themselves on this blog, if they can talk and debate like adults then their posts will make it through. If you want to think Miranda “chose” to get pregnany then fine, thats ok, but Miranda specifically said she did not know why she felt so crap early on in her pregnancy and I think if she was planning a baby, she would have known.

    • I see what you mean, saying she chose to keep the baby instead of getting rid of it when she found out she was preggers, would make sense. But the way she stated it, all holy-like and making it sound like it was planned by the both of them and how she became all Earth-Mother because she chose to have a baby.

      Instead of shutting up about stuff that should be private and personal, she twists everything to make it ALL about her…even using a child that any true mother would give her life to protect, to get attention for herself. To me, when you use your own child for money and fame, it’s the same as prostituting it out, and that’s absolutely scrapping the bottom of the humanity and dignity barrel. And the fact that orlando decided to join her there, well…

      • Well I’m biased with him. I think he’s just being a proud new daddy.
        Though it wasn’t planned they do seem happy with it.
        One of the things that annoys me is she’s always going on about how her kid will be an aussie through and through. Sorry lady, born in the states he’s a bloody yank and always will be. You planned that much of it at least.

        Is this a normal Australian thing? There’s a bunch of people in her fb that only post to shout how everything she does is so AUSSIE! AUSSIE PRIDE! WOO!!! I haven’t seen her do anything that is so distinct unless they mean posing nude constantly. I have nothing against Oz, I’m actually fascinated, but I don’t get that whole part of the fandom behind her.

  15. Sorry to go off topic, but I would like to say that I am pretty disgusted wth Koras public relations. I emailed kora about 3 weeks ago, asking them a very simple but important question and I have no received a reply. I can imagine they get a few emails a day but I was under the impression they had Tammy, Matty, dadda Kerr, Therese and a few friends working for Kora, no excuse really. Well eff you Kora, you arent getting my custom now!!

    • 3 weeks? That IS a long time. I email big companies all the time and they get back to me sooner tyet they are busier. Maybe your question wasnt important enough to them but I would have thought you would be a potential customer to them regardless. Kind of doesnt surprise me if Im honest.

    • Three weeks for a frickin EMAIL reply? Wow, that IS bad. Letter reply I could maybe give them the benefit of the doubt there, but email? No way do I believe they are that bogged down with work that they can’t respond within a day to an email.

      You should send another email telling them that they lost your custom because of their lax public relations. I’d be interested to see if you got a response to that.

    • 3 weeks is an awfully long time to wait for an e-mail, it’s poor customer service. Any company I’ve contacted in the past whether big or private normally get back to me within the same day or 1 to 2 business days.

      But I do recall when KORA first started people were complaining about poor customer service, via e-mail and via the phone line (the phone I think was coming up as the wrong number or disconnected can’t rightfully remember which).

  16. I needed to point this out as it annoyed me a great deal. A blog post was made on KORA’s site in regards to Natural Cures for Acne. http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/live-in-my-skin/natural-cures-for-acne/

    The part that annoyed me (besides the suggestion of eating nuts, don’t bother to take into consideration those who are allergic, that must be all a state of mind to them), under detoxing: 1. Use less chemicals on and around your face. Chemicals in lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and cleansers actually aggravate the skin.
    2. Use KORA Organics skincare products. The ingredients in KORA are all high in vitamins and nutrients to nourish your beautiful skin!

    Use less chemicals, then they suggest to use KORA (of course, KORA is the ONLY skincare line out there), yet lets not mention that KORA itself has chemicals in the products. Benzyl alcohol (which rates a hazard level of 6 in the Cosmetic Database) which seems to appear in a lot of her products, can also aggravate the skin and in turn make acne worse especially if you’re sensitive to any products that contain alcohol.

    Speaking of Benzyl Alcohol, I just came across this article, while it’s from 1982, there was once a concern in regards to the chemical that was causing neonatal death’s back then, http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00001109.htm

    • Oh Lordy!! Dont use chemicals on the skin but use KORA even though it contains chemicals? Wow, that is some crap marketing ploy considering the ingredients are there for all who can read (and use their brain) to see. But what am I talking about, this comes from a blog that tells people to brush their teeth with lemon instead of toothpaste. What next? Drink bleach to detox the liver?

      Thanks so much for the article too, very interesting indeed…

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