KORA Values: Education, Integrity, Community and Self Esteem?

Therese (or was it Miranda?) posted on the KORA blog about what KORA values are: “Education, Integrity, Community and Self Esteem”, but is that really the case?

KORA Education: If Miranda constantly giving duff advice and diagnosis to people counts as “education” then I will eat my own faeces. Miranda (or whoever is posting AS Miranda) is incredibly uneducated when it comes to skincare and this has been proven many times.

KORA Integrity: Lying for over a year about being certified organic/in the process of being certified organic to everyone, an employee of KORA pretending to be a lawyer on this very blog, trying to scare us into shutting up, Miranda making promises that KORA will make all skin types beautiful (sorry, one size does not fit all where skincare is concerned), Miranda telling people to buy more of KORA than they actually want/need, Therese pretending to be Miranda on the KORA FB and vice versa, deleting the less than ass kissing comments, not notifying pregnant women to the hazard of using KORA, Miranda recommending Noni to everyone even though Noni has been known to cause organ failure… if this is integrity, you can keep it.

KORA Community: Miranda going on FB mainly to talk about herself and to sell her book and skin”care”, making a folder of the dumb people who buy HER book, letting stalkerazzi pics of her and her “partner” be posted on her FB and thanking people for posting them (paperazzi that she is stalked by), getting her mother to post as her to all her fans who think they are talking to Miranda herself. That is one community I do not want to be a part of.

KORA Self Esteem: KORA has got 2 known cases of bringing someone out in pimples/rashes – that has got to make a girl feel beautiful! Coupled with the fact that a stick thin, rich, quick to get naked model who is “living the life” is telling people how to live their life with stolen affirmations and telling them they are beautiful to get them buy more KORA – wow, my self esteem has increased 10 fold writing that!

Why do Miranda and Therese sound like KORA will change the world? They make it sound like their overly prices face creams are going to change peoples lives. How many lives has KORA saved recently? What was that? None?

On that note, I wish you all a very merry Christmas (even if you don’t celebrate it) and an even better New Year. Kerrazy Lies has had an explosive 2010 and I doubt 2011 will be much different.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 23, 2010.

32 Responses to “KORA Values: Education, Integrity, Community and Self Esteem?”

  1. I concur all you have written, they really have zero shame or care for any of their customers.

    I have never been as shocked by her and her team’s antics as I am at the end of 2010! I have never liked the girl, I will admit that, I am an excellent judge of character from little bits of info I get about someone and have yet to be wrong on it, even though I have never liked Miranda I would always think she wouldn’t be as uncaring towards her customers as she has been, i always believed that Kora was certified organic or was genuinely in the process of it , I never in a trillion years thought that she would be as low as this, and for me to say that, well that has to be something! The fact they keep on singing the “integrity” part only makes them look like they are trying to convince people, when deep down they know they aren’t honest in the slightest, how can they be after every FACT we have uncovered on this blog alone? To not care about a young girls skin and just push more Kora products onto her is just plain evil, they know deep down that obviously the kora is no good for the skin- probably this persons (well now two) skin is sensitive and the benzyl alcohol- for example is what is causing the reaction, I should know as I have had it happen to me when using products with it in, to ignore the two poor girls plight and just tell them to spend more on kora, chills me to the bone, because it is just wicked, and yes shocks me.

    People (read:Shippers) think we are nasty, but why are we? We CARE for the people Miranda and her team are being uncaring and wicked to, we just want HONESTY, that is all, why is that so wrong? We are nasty because we have uncovered her lies? If that makes us nasty then fine, then the shippers support her lies and uncaring to her customers, again that says a lot about them. EcoCert admitted that it was only because of Kerrazy contacting them and notifying them about them LYING about being certified/in process that Miranda is now in the process of being certified, SINCE WHEN IS IT NICE, SWEET, DOWN TO EARTH AND GOOD TO LIE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT YOUR PRODUCTS ARE CERTIFIED WHEN THEY ARE NOT?? Integrity? I didn’t know Integrity meant dishonest! Still no matter what anyone wants to think you CANNOT ARGUE WITH THE FACTS THAT MIRANDA AND HER TEAM HAVE LIED! THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE.

    I want to wish everyone a happy xmas and happy new year too, I hope it is a good one for all of you and your families.

  2. You know, never a truer word spoken. Its just a shame that more people dont know about this blog but 31k hits in a few months isnt bad going at all. The funny thing is is that the shippers will think we are all the bad guys because we hound MK and try to get her in trouble but obviously she is the one doing all this bad stuff and I think she should pay for all the lies and law breaking. Who knows, maybe in 2011 she just might get hers! If you throw enough shit some sticks, she had a close call with Eco cert, maybe next time she wont be so lucky. Happy Holidays everyone xxxxxxxx

    • Oh Im sure its all our fault. We are the ones who made Miranda lie to all her fans, we are making Miranda promise the earth to her customers, its all our fault, silly me! God forbit we want her lies to be exposed and for her to take some responsibility. Maybe she will blame it all on her mother, afterall, its probably Therese posting as Miranda most the time anyway.

  3. Wow. They must be neck deep in their bullshit by now.

    I do look forward to 2011’s Kerrazy Lies. I imagine we’ll get plenty of parenting tips from the Earth Mother about the second coming.

  4. …I save lives. Just sayin… Tiny human lives. That makes me better than that greasy skank any day. Wow, my self esteem just went up writing THAT!! No need for overpriced skincare!


    Haters, shippers… anyone! Can someone please explain this to me. “everything you are doing for us”? I beg someone to explain what this “everything” is. Im serious, even if a shipper can explain this, I will let your comment through so I can see the error of my ways.

    • What have they done for us? Hmm.. well they have shown us how NOT to have a relationship, they have shown us what a bad showmance is, they have shown us how to look like desperate famewhores, they have shown us what no chemistry looks like, they have shown us how to use your unborn baby for publicity, she has shown us how to trap a man by having an unplanned baby, he has shown us how to ride different motorbikes, but most of all they have shown us how to lie!!!

      Seriously what have both of them done for us HER:She tells ppl what to eat, how to eat, what to drink, how to lose weight, told us to spend cash on her kora and book- all of that isnt doing anything for anyone you can find info on how to live by googling what you want to know, she also shouldnt be preaching to ppl either, again she isnt DOING anything for anyone but herself and her contrived, cultivated caring image that only a select few of easily fooled, lacking in life and adult relationships kind of ppl are buying! HIM: He does Nothing either, he hasnt done anything for UNICEF for a looong time now, the last thing being soccer aid(which he made a right mess of)- again that was for UNICEF, not for any fans or general public- he hardly works on anything his fans can see, he models for things more now , but apart from masturbation material, don’t see what else that is doing for his fans, maybe they are thanking him for his “private” life. After all you could kind of say the showmance was/is for the fans, it made him look like he was dating a childlike looking woman and said his heart was in her hands, then he got her knocked up and then they married, thus helping the shippers live vicariously through them because they have no romantic relationship (read:love) in their own lives and think that the icy cold no chemistry relationship is love, awww maybe that is what they have done for those poor lil fans, I kind of cant wait for the day that miranda and orlando disappear from the public and vanish into obscurity, i wonder how the fans will live then?

      I will NEVER stop finding it knicker wettinginglybut then hilarious that these middle aged women can go onto mirandas facebook and say shite like that, licking a panty models arse ( we all know shes had plenty of that in reality πŸ˜‰ ) and treating her as if she is Mother Theresa or her and orlando are giving them things like money or giving her kora for free or something, I find it absolutely cringeworthy that a middle aged woman who should no better would stoop so low- where the hell is that persons pride? It is a shame miranda hadnt have been a porn star because not only would their arse licking be more apt, but it would have been side splittingly funny to see them gush over her just because Orlando has shagged her at one point and is now stuck with her to see them go from detesting porn stars and loving one just cos orlando “chose” her would have been priceless. but then I think that is how it is now tbh, how many of these middle aged shippers would have wanted him with a panty model before all this started, trust me when a lot of his shippery fans used to call Kate just for doing a teasy photoshoot in a magazine AND when it was rumoured he went to the VS show in 2006, those same shippers back then said and I quote: “he wouldn’t go to something sleazy like that, orlando isnt like that”- and THAT is another reason why i know FOR A FACT that they only like miranda because of orlando.

      Anyway back to wrapping presents!

      • Honestly, I have more respect for porn stars. At least they makes no bones about what they do.

      • I agree with you Dark lord! It is the fakeness of Miranda that gets me the worst, why can’t she just be herself? Well we know that answer to that, because the real her is just awful lol

    • I’m gonna guess that the ‘everything’ means that she gives them all the publicity that they want by going around and posting stuff about them wherever she can.

    • OmG, I believe I have a sugar shock now! πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh crap, I wrote my other comment in an old email. My bad.

  7. Thanks for this post KerrazyLies!
    The post of Therese/MK on the Kora Blog really made me laugh!! Well, if they really think what they wrote…good on them!
    You proved through this post the lies she spread in the latets months, so it’s clear for everyone to see. Of course there will always be people who won’t believe the evidence, and choose the versions that fit their fantasies best. I’ve always choose to use my own brain and will keep doing this, no matter what.
    As for middle aged woman licking MK’s feets, as Nefratiti was saying, well, they probably have no life, so they borrow MK’s one and fantasize about it. Good on them again, if that makes them feel better!!
    This blog had a spectaculr year and proved many times, considering the reaction from MK’s side and the fake laywer threatens (still laughing about that!) that you hit the point more than once, so keep on the greta job. Truth is never too much!
    My best wishes of a Merry Xmas and a special new Year to all of you!

  8. When I saw that there were some sort of goals listed on the site, I couldn’t fathom what they had to do with the line itself. No real skin care line (from what I’ve seen) have any sort goals, especially like the ones she lists. Education? On what? Dinghonese? Integrity? Yeah and? Kurt Angle from the WWE had that as a tagline, and majority of his plots he was the villain. Community? More like a cult. Self Esteem? I’ve never known a product to guarantee self esteem, that is meant to come from the person itself not from some two bit panty model. Not to mention, if her products oh so worked as she promises, where are the before and after photos WITHOUT airbrushing.

  9. I just wanted to wish you merry xmas and a happy new year.
    It has been great to me to have met you and found cause there is a bit of common sense in the post. I hope this site will live for long.
    I suppose M will not stop telling lies and using whatever at hand for publicity. So there will lots of post. And I am sorry for the baby. No baby should find his mother lies without a stop. That’s not good for a balanced emotional growth. Hope she stops doing what she is doing at present and begins to show some respect for ppl’s health skin.
    About what you have said before, well, what to say??? it is unanswerable as it has been proven. happy year, hope to see you all through 2011!!! thanks for being there

    • What I found absolutely unrespectful and stupid was her comment about having decided to get pregnant. She wrote more than once that she got pregnant cause she wanted to, as if this decision could depend only on one person’s will or wishes. This is an offense to all the brave and brilliant women out there who’d probably deserve to be mothers but can’t conceive. And they deserve a better example than one of a model who clearly think she’s smarter than anyone else just because she was luckier.
      Not the first time MK dares making these kind of remarks. Maybe you’ll make a post about this too KerrazyLies. Untile then, have great holidays you all!

      • That comment alone pissed me off. It came across as if she were implying that the women who can’t become pregnant made the that choice. My boss went through fertility drugs/treatments to try and get pregnant, and couldn’t. It wasn’t her choice to not get pregnant as she still goes on about she wished she could have had kids, she very much wanted children, and falls into the category of women who should have had kids.

        Side note, I do believe the Dingho views herself as an incubator seeing as she refers to the final months as the “final stage of pregnancy”. How lovely, maybe she’ll refer to the baby as a specimen.

      • She’s too busy keeping her perfect girl image to come to terms with reality and real problems. She tries to and spreads words of comprehension and kindness but she doesn’t really mean them. She wants her fans to ‘treasure themselves’ but most of all to fill her pockets and she is succeeding considering those plenty of women who believe her crap. Very sad in my opinion.
        She’d make a better figure if she acted more real. She got pregnant by accident? So what? Lots of women have babies that way. Trying to brainwash people making them believe she chose it is stupid and in contradiction with the traditionalist kind of woman she always claimed to be.

  10. What a bunch of bored bitches you must all be to put so much effort into trying to make a person you don’t even know look bad…

    • pixie@hotmail.com

      Really? Even though we post up her own words? Whatevs! Explain it all away, then I’ll listen. Until then, back on block you go!

    • Bored? She is the one who has a perfect life but is on FB all the time trying desperately to sell her kora, she is the bored one obvs! It also doesn’t take a lot of time to post up Miranda’s ACTUAL WORDS AND ACTIONS. Takes about a few minutes. I am not going to apologise for caring about people she is ripping off, lying to and giving bad advice to, it is not on, I don’t care who it is I call them out as I HATE LIARS. This blog is about Miranda because she has done it that much and is continuing to. if you don’t like it- fuck off. If you think she hasnt done anything wrong after reading this blog and the facts contained in it that proves she is a liar time and time again and that her employees have broken the law, then that makes you as bad as her, and says you support liars and criminal activity, what a lovely person you must be!

      At your age (and yes I know who you are, but unlike miranda and her “team” wouldn’t dream of posting up your name and age!) should you really be so childish to be calling us “bitches”? That is ridiculous. Still, same old “war cry” with you lot, why not try answering us why Miranda has lied like she has? We don’t need to make her look bad, we just post up things she says and does, so she is in herself making herself look bad- why don’t you go and tell her?

    • There’s not much effort in making her look ‘bad’. MK herself makes it pretty easy for us ‘bitches’.
      BTW I prefer to be a bitch instead of a notorious liar.
      And once again a shipper comes here to rant instead of explaining why we are wrong and she is right.
      Failed again.

      • So true ladies!! The more these shippers/stans come here and say such rubbish instead of actually trying to explain why MK has lied about being certified/Therese pretending to be MK/how she got into modelling etc etc etc just makes us look right all the more so thanks πŸ˜€ Oh, and… pixie??? How old are you again? lol

      • From her behaviour? I would say she’s a ranting 3 years old. πŸ˜›

      • I agree they seem like they are 3, but if you add 55 onto that 3 then you may have the answer πŸ˜‰

    • HAHAHA! If there’s one thing Miranda does well it’s making herself look bad. She definitely doesn’t need our help in that department.

  11. I don’t really get how integrity involves stripping naked for all to see at any opportunity whilst telling people they ought to treasure themselves. It makes no sense.

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