Can Anyone Help?

I emailed the ACCC the other day (thanks to Claire for pointing me in the right direction) and today I received a reply.

In general, I asked if KORA Organics claiming they were certified organic with Eco Cert when they weren’t was illegal/wrong. I also asked if the KORA products that contained essential oils and not providing adequate warnings for pregnant women was also wrong. Here is there reply, can anyone make any sense of it? My brain is not working properly today.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 21, 2010.

11 Responses to “Can Anyone Help?”

  1. Pratically this person says nothing, but just redirects you to the links or guideline where you can find answers to your questions.
    No real reply, she repeats several times they can’t give legal advice etc etc…not really helpful.

  2. Try this website.

    I’m at work at the moment (it’s 8:20am on Wednesday morning down here) but if I get a chance I’ll call the free call number in my lunch break to see if they can give us any basic information.

    I can’t see the email reply from the ACCC at work (my work server blocks access to it) but it doesn’t sound very helpful.

  3. At least it says that misleading conduct isn’t allowed. I’m sure we could find sufficient evidence demonstrating how Miranda has mislead people about the ingredients. She said that the products were being Eco-Cert certified for a long time before Eco-Cert had even received an application. You also have the email from David Jones saying the packaging and David Jones don’t make any such claims about Kora being organic.

    Perhaps we can collectively go through the links that were sent to you and see if there are grounds to lodge a complaint.

    • Agreed but I think we also need screencaps of every claim she has ever made on her FB and every promise she has made. I think she claims and promises her KORA can do so much with zero scientific evidence.

      • If we can get this information together I can also contact Today Tonight (a nightly current affairs program on Oz TV). They’re ambulance chasers (does everyone know what this term means?) and might be interested in it. There’s another nightly current affairs program on another Oz TV network (it’s called A Current Affair) but that network screens 60 Minutes who did the kissy kissy interview a few weeks ago and the network is also affiliated with David Jones, so it’s unlikely they’ll be interested.

      • If DJs want to dump her… On the other side DJs is selling this crap.

        The testimonial of her mom could be intresting, too. She was also claiming that it was the only thing that works for her.

      • @Joders, I think we pretty much have all the incriminating stuff. What fucks me off, is that MK comes across so confident in her KORA, promising to make peoples skin so perfect, yet if she is so confident, why does she not offer any kind of guarentee, but maybe I just answered my own question.

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