Miranda and Intraceuticals.

Thanks to sis_73 for this info.

Miranda sent a signed photo testimonial to Intraceuticals skincare in respect of the facials she has from them, I find it most interesting that not only does she have facials with a product that IS NOT ORGANIC, but according to what is said about them, Intraceuticals DO NOT give a full list of ingredients of their products, meaning of course  you don’t know what is being put onto your skin, and considering Miranda always goes on about “keeping it natural” and “what we put on our skin absorbs into our bodies” (which is BS btw), I find that very strange and hypocritical that she doesn’t know what is going on her skin fully with these facial products from Intraceuticals- yet still gives them a glowing testimonial regardless!

Does anyone know when that photo of her is from?

~ by nefratiti on December 19, 2010.

14 Responses to “Miranda and Intraceuticals.”

  1. That photo is from a year ago, from VS’s Heavenly Enchanted Fragrance launch, which I believe was launched in August 2009. I could be wrong.

    • @Rik: That was my first thought, too.
      Funny that she claimed that she hadn’t found an organic skin care line who suits her and that’s why she created Kora but sends a testimonial to a non-organic line. LMAO

      • now we should know concistency is not her best feature!Lmao

      • That’s because this isn’t about organics, it even isn’t about skin care – it’s about making money. She would sell used tea bags if she thinks it would gain her profit.
        The story about why she created Kora is bollocks and just marketing. Or rather what she thinks is marketing. She never took into account that there’s hundreds of organic skin care lines out there, many of which are certified organic, and she behaves as if she invented the wheel again.
        And what about that part: “I created Kora” – can you picture her in a lab coat juggling chemicals in a laboratory? What a BS.

  2. How dare she use a skincare that is not KORA!! Surely, because KORA is so freaking amazing, you wouldnt need to use other skincare lines or even have a facial. I mean, Im sure KORA can do what an O2 facial can seeing as its so perfect and all.

    I find it so funny that its said Intraceuticals don’t show all their ingredients (hmm suspicious) and they aren’t organic.

  3. While I can imagine MK using other products than KORA because KORA doesnt offer everything, I find it laughable that she uses a brand that is quite questionable. Why do they not state all their ingredients? That is very strange. Also, I find it funny that she doesnt use organic oxygen facials. She claims to use organic where possible but she doesnt.

    Slightly off topic, but I watched a few of the Kora vids on Youtube, where you watch her applying KORA to her face. Her technique is all wrong. You dont pat a lot of creams onto your face, there are ways you should apply creams (upwards and out motions), patting does not stimulate the skin, the way she applied it made me laugh. She is meant to know about skincare but she cant even apply it correctly. Also, can anyone tell me why she dips a towel in water, wrings it out, then pats her face with a completely different part of the towel?

    • Her husband never gave her acting lessons which is probably why those video are terrible, probably as good as when she went and put the fork in her mouth with nothing on it and over chewed like she had a lot of food in her mouth.

  4. But… have you ever believe that she only uses ORGANIC PRODUCT?? Come on, she is a modell and when she is make up… with sooo much make up… do you think that the make up artists use those products??? OMG they use fluids, eyeshows, lipticks and aaaaal the products they have at hand to create a mask on her face… and one thing for sure: they are not worried about ORGANIC AND IN SOME CIRCUNSTANCES AND PRODUCT is not simply possible.

    She doesn’t know what she says or what she does. Not good as an actress, She can’t keep inside the role, that… or there is no communication among the members ot the different teams. I can’t believe at this stage people still trust her and her “products” and advices. owwfughhh

    • True! I never thought of that. I bet when she does shoots the make up artists do not use organic make up yet she lets that evil stuff touch her skin lol
      Im also past caring if her fans skin burns, turns black and falls off, if they are going to be so stupid to take every word she says as the gospel then they deserve everything they get. I will have no sympathy.

  5. PMSL so true!! Slightly OT but does anyone know what MK was like in “How I Met Your Mother”?

    There was only about 30 seconds or less of her in the show (nothing memorable). All she did was raise her eyebrows to something Heidi says – no dialog for MK! Someone on Delphi said she was suppose to have lines but they got cut from the show. I don’t remember seeing anything like a video to verify that though. By the way if you ever saw the commercial for the episode then you’ve seen her part in the actual show!

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