KORA: Dangerous To Pregnant Women

I know we’ve been discussing THIS already but thought I’d do a seperate post about it.

KORA Organics has been on sale for around a year (but 2 years in the making). Only now has the only pregnant woman in the world, Miranda Kerr, notified her fans (I know a good few of them are pregnant) that some of her KORA products are UNSAFE for pregnant women. While I’m sure lots of people are aware of skincare products containing essential oils are unsafe, there will also be people like me who had no idea about this. Miranda is meant to be so passionate about skincare, yet she doesn’t know this? There are only two explanations for her potentialy deadly mistake.

1) Miranda knew about this but forgot or decided not to tell anyone or display a warning on the KORA packaging. Negligent!
2) Miranda didn’t know anything about such dangers despite her love and passion for skincare. Ignorant!

How many times does Miranda want to put people at risk? Her skincare contains some less than desirable chemicals/ingredients. She recommends Noni to everyone who will listen, even to pregnant women and Noni has been said to be dangerous to pregnant women.

I must also stress that this bombshell of how unsafe KORA is for expectant moms, wasn’t announced on her Facebook, blog etc and it certainly wasn’t on any of her packaging (which is also disgusting), it was in a COMMENT to someone who happened to ask which makes me wonder if she still wouldn’t have said anything if she wasn’t asked, therefor, this leads me to believe that she wouldn’t have said anything at all – ever and she knew about it being unsafe as she answered Clair’s question perfectly fine and quickly yet she decided never to say a word on it.

Nice going Miranda. You have just put many pregnant women in danger and it seems like you knew all about it but kept your mouth shut which makes it look like you care more about making a sale than keeping an unborn baby safe. Shame on you considering you are pregnant too!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 15, 2010.

34 Responses to “KORA: Dangerous To Pregnant Women”

  1. I am really angry about this, information like this is of PARAMOUNT importance!! The fact she hasnt put this important disclaimer and warning anywhere since kora came out is disgusting.
    She is forever banging on about her responsibilities yet cant even warn women about this, everyday is just a new reason to detest the woman- she brings it all on herself, but then what does she care?All she cares about is herself and money, she has proven that now time and time again-thanks Rik, for bringing this to our attention and to kerrazy for making this post to bring attention once again to the absolute lack of care or heart in this “woman”.

  2. I’ll put more once I’m home, but my eyes literally bugged out when I read that comment, then not to EVEN answer as to what products not to use.

  3. Wonder when she does damage control on this.
    Not even her so called ‘Experts’ at her blog were able to mention this? Shame on them, too!

  4. As I said in the other entry – this woman doesn’t care about other people, yet about her customers, all she seems to care about is (me!) making money and making it on all accounts.
    Now, when a small part of her sayings get called out on what they are – dangerous to some women – she back pedals on a few points and with that gets even deeper into her BS.

    I agree – she is either completely ignorant or negligent. My vote is on a dangerous mixture of both, with an emphasis on negligent.

    • – totally unrelated:
      Is it just me, or why does this entry not turn up on index page, like all the others do, but only on the side bar?

      • You are right, its only making a quick buck and to hell with the consequences but she is getting dangerously close to something bad happening!

        BTW, I hope the post is showing now, can’t think why it vanished lol

  5. Also to mention, a good portion of her products have some form of nut oil in it, there are people out there with severe allergies against nuts to the point that it can be deadly, yet she has absolutely no warning even about this on her site.

    • Very true! Many people have nut allergies and this should be warned on the products. She could argue the ingredients are there for people to see but if you are just buying KORA off the shelf at DJ’s and theres nothing on the packaging, you aren’t going to know.

      • I’m one of many with the nut allergy, and wouldn’t dare to purchase a product that had any sort of nut oil in it. Not everyone is going to realize that the ingredient list is a drop down (whether they miss it, or their browser isn’t compatible with how she has the website set up, I know going to the blog slows my computer for some reason), the ingredient list should be somewhere more visible for people to see.

        I just checked on the site for the skin care line I use and within their FAQ, they properly tell you to consult your doctor for approval before and/or prior to use if you are pregnant.

        I think the reason why she never answered the person in regards to which products can be used is (as far as I’ve count) due to majority of her products contain at least one or two of just the three oils I’ve mentioned in the post below. I’ve counted a total of two of her products (thus far) that don’t contain any of those oils, but haven’t checked if these products contain any of the other oils.

      • Yikes. Sorry to hear that Rik. I can imagine a nut allergy is extremely hard to live with as there seems to be traces of nuts in everything.

      • My allergy isn’t as severe as some people have (there are people who are such a high risk that even smell peanut butter can cause a reaction). I still check all ingredients to steer clear of any type of nut in a product including skin care lines.

  6. I wonder, if she use the Oil for herself in the 1th Trimester?
    As you say: not to mentioned it is very dangerous. Which damage the Baby can have if she/he survive the 1th 3 months when the Mother use this Stuff?

    • I think I can remember her saying how she uses her own products around the time she was just to say preggers

      • She did, I can’t check with this computer as going back through older posts slows my work computer down to a snail pace, but I will look back once I get home.

        This could be why she utterly avoided answering the question because it could just start up “well you said you were using them…” debate, which I believe she doesn’t like to have.

      • She used stuff in her ‘commercial’ she did in her apartement in NYC.

  7. Some years ago I was studying to become a naturopath (at a private college specialising in alternative therapies) and one of the first things we learned was to treat the individual and their presenting problems as opposed to treating the masses. For example not everyone can take valerian as a stress remedy because it actually has the reverse effect on some people (including me!). I find it totally preposterous that she thinks her shitty products will work for everyone. She needs to face facts – her crap won’t suit every single person in the whole world, that’s why there’s many products available on the market.

    Another important thing we learned was CONTRAINDICATIONS, like don’t use essential oils on pregnant women, don’t give echinacea to people with a low white blood cell count (such as leukemia patients) because it could kill them. Clearly the dingbats semester long online course of study didn’t cover contraindications because she’s appears totally ignorant of them.

    And just to make sure that the course content hadn’t changed too much from when I was at college, I checked the subject precis of current naturopathy courses in Australia and contraindications are still a big part of the curriculum.

    God forbid that some of the “advice” Moronduuhhh gives to her blind followers does them some harm, but maybe then people will stop accepting what she’s saying like she’s some sort of prophet.

    • Even with this little comment of warning, she doesn’t give the answer to the question of which products, and that’s due to the possibility of low sales. She’s been telling people all along how safe her products are, even to use them on newborns.

      They’ll keep going to her instead of going to/consulting REAL doctors, I’ve yet to see anyone on her fanpage who has a brain, then again their posts most likely get deleted.

      The only thing I can think of is that, perhaps Eco-Cert informed her about the dangers of certain oils used during the first trimester, seeing as she’s promoting them as being utterly safe.

  8. ….I may regret saying this… I wonder, if she didn’t know herself. Perhaps the only reason she hasn’t said anything is, she herself has used it, either knows, or is afraid to know if her own child has some sort of genetic alteration now. We all know, when she was very early pregnant, she did her KORA video in New York and was slathering lord only knows what all over her face. I would be very interested to learn more about the ingredients and exactly what sort of birth defects they cause, as working in a children’s hospital, child health and safety is an upmost priority for me. The more information one knows about such dangers, even if it saves ONE life…it will make a difference.

    • I found this onlne, but don’t have the time to look at the ingredients of her products or the reactions these oils cause in pregnant women or their fetus http://www.essentialoils.co.za/pregnancy.htm

      • I do believe there are other oils as well that are said to not be used during the first trimester, and often see lavender and cedarwood listed as well. But just from the list on the site you posted, two I can tell you are most definitely in many of her products and that’s Jasmine and Chamomile, which are listed on that site as Emmenagogue which are herbs that help blood flow to the pelvic area and the uterus.

        Oddly enough when I googled Emmenagogue one of the sites that come up is about Herbal Birth Control.

        It’s quite possible that Dr. Kerr didn’t know about this as she’s more or less mum about it now, and wasn’t very forth coming to give information regarding her products not to use. In fact, she jumped over to her other FB fanpage shortly after giving that comment.

    • I’d say she was unaware and just assumed that anything she sees as ‘natural’ is beneficial. Lots of green tea in the first trimester can cause neural tube defects in the foetus due to the inhibition of folic acid absorption, yet she constantly tells people how she has lots of green tea and therefore they think they should too. We can’t totally blame her stupidity though, if people weren’t so ignorant and had the ability to think logically and laterally, her misinformation wouldn’t matter. I mean, the fact that her blog has a disclaimer in itself tells me that the claims within should be taken with a large grain of salt. I trust my doctor, not uneducated ‘naturopaths’ and dumb as dog shit models.

      • Definitely unaware but its something she shouldnt be. While I agree if you are going to be dumb enough to take the world of a pig shit thick model, you are asking for trouble but she claims she knows what she is talking about so her fans are bound to trust her and like she says, with fame comes responsibility but she is incredibly irresponsible!

  9. I am just speachless. I can’t believe my eyes. I think she is going too far and surpassing the limits about lots of thing.
    She had never had to get involved in health issues as she is not a doctor and the consequences of “her advices” on people can be dangerous. I don’t know wether it is true she studied Nutrition or what or not, but it is quite clear for any person with common sense that you can prescrib substancies to people. That so called “natural ingredients” are not harmless. That is what people is wrong about. Poisons are completely natural and hemlock grows up gayly in gardens if you want. Nut oils and dried fruits can be dangerous for people. Wasp’s natural ingredient in their natural sting can kill.
    I am shocked that she didn’t rush to advise followers about the fact that KOra can be dangerous for pregnant woman. It is infuriating and disgusting and it is To gooo tooooo far not to give that enough publicity and alert people about what it is a danger. And yes, specially now she is expecting a baby. OMG. This woman will never stop surprising me and for the wrong reasons…
    Is she crazy? Does she really need to be reported by somebody in problems with her products??? Doesn’t she weight up the pros and cos of leading a site like that???
    OMG!!!! OMG!!!! why is she doing this??? why once done it, doesn’t she rush to advise people knowing that lots of innocent and quite naive people worship her and do as she says because they want to be beauty and happy??? and succesfull -“like her”. OMG that’s too much

    • Her claim that she studied nutrition for what, one semester ten years ago, doesn’t mean anything! She doesn’t have a recognised qualification and that’s that. Her alleged study wasn’t even at a recognised university. Geez, I studied one unit of physics six years ago so I must be the next Carl Sagan! Honestly, I’ve just completed five years of med science studies and in the real nutrition world there is no relevance when it comes to the word ‘natural’. It is a nothing word. There are plenty of synthesised chemicals that are better than the ‘natural’ form because so many chemical processses are required to extract them from plants etc. As mentioned above, there are countless compounds in nature that kill and cause disease. It’s such a load of fluff, this ‘natural’ stuff. When someone uses that term it can be assumed they’re scientifically uneducated.

  10. Hello once again. I would like to draw your attention to Miranda’s latest marketing strategy: FB cap.

    I was on the phone to someone at the same time laughing about this and apparently the “using all our products together is so beneficial” is just a marketing ploy and is a pile of crap. I see someone else is getting pimples and redness while using KORA. Miranda dear, just tell them to stop using it instead of telling them to buy MORE! IN-SANE!

    • Ouch! Is she really saying that you shouldn’t use products from different brands together? What a bs. If they work for you you can combine A, B & C.
      She hasn’t even seen a pic of the girls skin and once again gives advices without having any idea what kind of skin the person has. It could also be an allergic reaction. Why isn’t she able to say that the consumer should consult a doctor? Is she really so ignorant and dumb? *sigh* I fear she is…

    • I can’t believe this woman- she isnt ignorant, I think she knows exactly what she is doing and it is all about selling as much of her crap as she can, it shows you how someone really is when someone is saying their skin has broken out in pimples/and/or sore and she does not care one iota!! That shows a very evil person to lie to someone and not give a damn just get them to buy more crap – I have never used same brands for my face altogether, and it works just fine for me, and it is an old marketing strategy to say “for best results use with” in the same range, it is all crap though.

      Like I said she surprises me daily but not in a good way at all, she is a thoroughly rotten person as she proves that on a daily basis!

    • Also wanted to add, it sounds like the ones with pimples have sensitive skin and her crap is too harsh for their skins, if these ppl just buy more kora, the problem will either stay the same or get worse but in no way better.

  11. Sorry, link doesnt seem to work: http://img573.imageshack.us/img573/7976/korapimples2.gif

    • Oh my… I have no words. Miranda doesn’t even give the girl any options (its up to you if you continue with KORA etc), she just more or less says “only using combined KORA products will help you” in translation “spend more money please”. I think it is actually BS that using different brands will play havoc with your skin. You know, I dont think Miranda is dumb or ignorant, I think she is just not giving a shit and just wanting to make money. I know if that was me Id be telling the girl that maybe KORA isnt suited to her skin type. Love how she gives the girl a lecture on all the bad chemicals not in KORA but fails to tell her what KORA does actually contain.

      • She doesn’t even bother to ask the girl if she has any allergies to any of the ingredients.

        Dear god, I’d be afraid to see someone post on there saying that they broke out in a rash or in hives from using her products. Her response would most likely be “oh, well it’s just your skin detoxing from your previous skin care, purchase this, this, this and this from KORA because only MY skin care line can give the world healthy and radiant skin!”

  12. ough! too sad. I wonder why people still use those products when they can see what reaction it provokes. She only minds about money. No scared to be reported and see her clients in the Court??? if you don¡t stop for love, at least you stop for fear! I can’t believe this woman.

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