Skin Detoxing Or Chemical Reaction?

I was on KORA FB just now, and noticed Miranda xxx saying someones pimples and dry skin from using KORA are the result from the skin detoxing. I did a quick check up on skin detoxing and can’t for the life of me find any reference to someones skin detoxing from using skin care alone as detoxing is from the inside aswell as outside. I did find something very interesting though. The person said they were using the Foaming Cleanser, Energising Citrus Mist, Rosehip Oil and the Purifying Day [and Night] Cream. I looked at the ingredients and noticed all (I think) contained the benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, lactic acid and Glycerin was mentioned quite a bit too but also the Citrus Mist had sugar cane ethanol high on the list of ingredients. I did a search for this kind of ethenol and found this (second paragraph).

Firstly, this person could be having a bad reaction to KORA and Miranda should have advised this person to stop using KORA as you will see on many products “if skin reaction occurs, stop use” (some say to consult a doc). Secondly, Glycerin has been known to clog pores and clogged pores can create pimples. Thirdly, the persons dry skin can be lack of moisture, maybe from harsh chemicals?

Lastly, one of the ingredients that concerned me in KORA Foaming Cleanser was Decyl Glucoside. Here is a quick taster of what this ingredient can do:

“The Glucosides come from sugar and yes they are natural, but don’t use them if you have allergies.  I have seen first hand people who look like they have been burnt from a couple of uses.  Decyl Glucoside which is commonly used has a pH of 11.  Yes you read that correctly.  It is so alkaline that Citric Acid must be added at the end of formulation to bring down the pH so it does not burn your skin”.

Citric Acid is not added to the Foaming Cleanser to bring down to pH like you are meant to. You will find this info here, near the bottom of the page.

All in all, Miranda seems to be giving duff advice (yet again) and her skincare range doesnt really care for the skin as she claims. Yeah, KORA is so gentle you can use it on a baby! Miranda, stop thinking of your wallet and actually tell people why they could actually be getting pimples and dry skin. Not everyones skin is going to agree with KORA and that is a fact.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 14, 2010.

66 Responses to “Skin Detoxing Or Chemical Reaction?”

  1. That is what concerns me is how she boasts about how her skincare line is meant to be for everyone, yet there is absolutely no variety. As I have mentioned before, I cannot use any type of cleanser that has some sort of foam/soap agent in it, it dries my skin terribly, I have to use a gel cleanser instead because there is no foam/soap agent (the ones I use at least). She acts as if everyone can use her skincare line, when in reality everyone can’t. Any one can have a reaction to any one ingredient on her list there, and I think she’d honestly would tell them that they’re just using it wrong.

    • Also, going through some of the ingredients, for her Exfoliating Cream, I looked up Acetic Acid and found it strange that one would be using something that would give Vinegar it’s taste, while it is an organic acid, it’s still rather strange to use, not to mention the safety warnings that are given for proper use. Also the first google search I did for it did not result anything in regards to use in cosmetics/skincare, I could be wrong though.

      • Spoke too soon, Acetic Acid appears on the cosmetic database.

      • Acetic acid is very harsh on sensitive skins still, so she should be stating that 99% of her range isnt ok for sensitive skins, if she did that I would give her a dues, but I know she won’t because she is selling the range as “gentul enough for a baby”, thing is a lot of people are even allergic to some baby skincare products.

  2. Why doesn’t this woman have any feelings??? How cold and cruel do you have to be to someone to make shit up like that just so you dont’ have to say something simple like ” Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, unfortunately we all have different skin, so maybe you have had a reaction, I don’t think Kora is for you”.. we all know why because all she cares about is MONEY, she doesn’t give a fuck that a poor young girls skin HAS had a reaction to something in her products, oh no, she will no doubt advise the girl to buy something else that she will probably promise that it will work, the poor girl has already spent a fortune on the products she has ordered, got bad skin reaction because of it, and will no doubt spend even more money on more crap that will in no doubt give her the same reaction- that proves to me alone how heartless and greedy Miranda is!

    Why cant she just admit that people can be allergic to even natural things never mind her harsh ingredients, for example- my skin in so sensitive that I am allergic to aloe vera!!!

    She is a money grabbing heartless cow and I am disgusted. When will ppl see this cunt for what she is? She isnt all lovely and kind and caring of her fans, things like this prove it, added to which if she wanted to make a difference in the world she would A:give the stuff away for free B:sell it a whole lot cheaper or C:Give a huge chunk of her profits to charity, but of course no, she sells everything at an over the top price for overrated bog standard skincare and to add insult to injury charges a huge price for shipping costs!!! And that is without her lying to this poor fan!!

    Also I see that a lot of her products have CHEAP ingredients just to fill the products out, the joke is she says they are expensive ingredients, I challenge everyone to go and see the cheap ingredients she puts in these items, and don’t even get me started on the Decyl Glucoside or the benzyl alcohol!!! She says the prices are going up, which is disgusting too, probably needs the money to pay for the certification, that and I doubt she sells a great deal of kora outside of her blind facebook followers.

    • She probably needs the money to pay off her engagement ring, depending on the price you can go by ($65,000 or $445,000 or something).

      • LMAO!! Yes you are probably right! TBH as its a vintage/antique ring, I HIGHLY doubt it would be worth more than what? A couple of grand or so?

      • THAT’S vintage? It looks like a piece of friggin costume jewelry.

    • I have sensitive skin. Even snail gel slightly burns my skin and I’m not even sure that is meant to happen lol

      • I have to say, I have never heard of snail gel before O.o

      • lol it sounds pretty weird but its amazing stuff. I use De Tuinen Snail Gel and its said to be great for the elasticity of the skin but its so natural, shame it burns my cheeks a little but I use it regardless lol

  3. “pimples and dry skin from using KORA are the result from the skin detoxing”

    That’s a fairy tale from my grandmother’s times – the skin first has to be detoxed (and so shows pimples) before it heals and gets cleaner/fresher. What a BS. Speaking of my granny – are we sure this isn’t Therese speaking? Whoever it was, it just shows she has no idea about skin and cosmetics whatsoever.

    • This sounds like what I’ve heard about an acne skincare line a while ago back, “your skin will get far worse before it gets better, but trust us it works”, and I’ve heard more negative reviews about this line than positive, but I do believe they’ve changed their ingredients, so I don’t know how it works now nor have I looked into it since.

    • I agree. My understanding is that pimples can occur when the body is detoxing from the inside out (as in, undergoing a cleanse). I’m pretty sure that pimples from a skincare product indicate that the skin is trying to adjust to the product. This can be normal (and not necessarily bad) for the first few days, but beyond that it might be a sign that the product isn’t right for the skin.

      On a somewhat unrelated note, I still don’t understand why she even created a skincare line. Wasn’t there something about her saying she couldn’t find organic skincare? Where has she been looking? I can think of a number of quality organic/natural skincare lines right away, one of which (Jurlique) is already based out of Australia.

      • Goos point! But I think this explanation was just a nice bs to justify her trying to find something else besides modelling, cause she may have realized her stunning beauty won’t last forever so she had to find another way to make money and what’s better than milking her fans pretending to have found the cure for any skin problem and to have a certified products line?
        If now people are actually spending lots of money on these super expensive products no one else os to blame but them.

      • Yes, I do recall her mentioning she created her own line because she couldn’t find an organic skin care line that suited her, but then on her site she states it was created for other women. Honestly, I think she just wanted to promote Noni Juice.

      • This is the quote:

        “I’ve created my own organic lifestyle that no matter where I am, I get to apply this lifestyle. I really believe that everyone can incorporate that lifestyle into their own life. Kora is an integral part of that lifestyle. I’ve created Kora as I wasn’t able to find an organic skincare line that I was 100% happy with or that contained all the ingredients that I wanted and knew were beneficial to the skin.”

        So, so basically is she saying that the organic skin care lines out there, that have been certified, are not 100% organic just because they don’t contain her precious noni juice?

      • I agree but the person who complained about the product said she had been using KORA for 3-4 weeks and, like you say, the product probably isnt right for them if the pimples are there after a few days. The person did complain of dry skin as well as pimples, does this come with detoxing too?

        I agree about the BS in her not being able to find an organic skincare range like hers, there are plenty and some I know of that are even better than hers.

        @Rik LOL, no other company puts noni in their product because I think noni is uselsss when applied topically so whats the point.

      • I could be wrong, but I believe, further back on her KORA FB, MK mentioned that it takes skin 3 months to detox, and I do believe this was a response to something similar, her products causing dry skin or something.

      • I have zero knowledge of detoxing but I would have thought (this is kind of an educated guess so correct me if I’m wrong) that to detox your skin, it would take more than just a certain kind of skin care. Surely it’s also going to depend on what you are eating, drinking and other stuff you are doing to your skin (like skin brushing or something). These people haven’t said what kind of stuff they are eating/drinking etc so don’t get why its just “detoxing” and that’s it.

      • You girls have forgotten the ‘rock sitting in water’. Noni juice and rosequartz infused water are hard to find. 😉

      • @Choco, Ive not forgot 😉 . I have a site in my favorites that talks about what bollocks rosequartz infused water is lol Was going to do a post on it at some point.

    • Everyone’s skin is different. But you have a very valid point. She has never one asked about anyone’s diet. That and stress are usually the top two key facts when it comes to making your skin healthy. Her skin care line does not work from the inside out, it’s working on the outside, the diet is to help the inside. She sees her Noni Juice as a miracle cure that can fix anything and everything.

      • You’re absolutely right about skin differences, so each person will have an individual level of detoxing. But even within this, there is a normal range, and three months is a fairly long time. That might be the entire detoxification and renewal process for skin, but users should see positive results from a skincare line long before that. A full body detox can cause skin problems for upwards of 3-4 weeks, but a topical detox should not cause a person to have ongoing problems for several months. That sounds more like an excuse to keep users hooked and hope the problem goes away (is the skin going to give up and give in?). It also sounds like a way of telling people it’s their problem and not the product’s.

        As Kerrazy Lies noted above, the first step in detoxing skin really is related to diet. The best organic skincare regime will have a hard time fighting against a crap diet. That doesn’t mean people should adopt some weird diet but that people need to be conscious of what they are taking in, just as they need to be conscious of what they’re putting on their skin. It’s a combined effort.

        I should mention, of course, that people ultimately need to know their own bodies and do their own research. This means that they shouldn’t take my word for it and certainly shouldn’t take the confusing advice dispensed by whoever it is posting as Miranda on Facebook. Ask real professionals. (And therein lies my disclaimer.)

        I’m tempted to get into the grammatical error in the Kora quote that Rik posted (about why the skincare line was created), but I’ll just leave it at this: pssst, Miranda, you have an incorrect usage in there. I dare you to find it.

        Back to lurking again for now. I don’t like posting comments, but sometimes I can’t resist jumping into the fray.

      • @Aoide, wow, you really know your stuff. I did think that her fobbing people off with duff advice was her trying to get person to just keep buying more KORA. You have me intruged about the error in Miranda’s comment though…

        Aww, well feel free to post anytime, I really enjoy reading!!

      • MK has a knack for apparently blaming other lines except her own.

        I don’t have the cap on my work computer, but I do believe it was when “Therese” was posting while MK was on her “honeymoon”, maybe back in the beginning of August, I can’t be sure of the date, however, someone asked something in regards to the skin care line, and at the very bottom of “Therese’s” post, she says “if you COULD afford, buy both mists” or something to that extent.

        I have seen several times, where people have combination skin, oily during certain seasons then dry the other seasons, MK/Therese/Tammy suggest a crap load of the stuff, telling them that they basically need to BUY everything to get “radiant” and “beautiful” skin.

      • @Rik, strange, as quite a bit of stuff on the KORA site says its for all skin types, so why would someone with changing skin need to buy everything when “all skin types” should be for all skin types… if you get me :/ . Only KORA can cure rosacea, only KORA has elite ingredients, only KORA can make skin beautiful etc etc If people are really going to be that stupid to believe all she says then more fool them!

      • I haven’t a clue. However, last night when “MK” was posting (I question if it was her or not due to the lengthy gaps between posting, plus she posted to KORA first before her personal fanpage, when it’s the opposite), she said that her products should not be used if you are pregnant and in your first trimester. I found that EXTREMELY interesting, especially since she said they are safe to use on newborns.

      • The direct quote:

        Hey Claire, as some specific kora organics products contain active essential oils, they are not recommend for the first trimester of pregnancy (first three months).

        The person then asked what products, and she never answered.

      • WOW! SO she JUST mentions now that in the early stages of pregnancy you shouldnt be using her stuff? That is a huge mistake! I wonder how many pregnant women in the first 3 months may have used her stuff not knowing? She really should have mentioned that before.

      • Has she any idea what could happen if a woman used it and the fetus/baby got harmed? She obviously had no warning on their products or on her blog. Wonder if she has an insurance if someone gets harmed by using her ‘for all skin types’ crap and sues her.
        She and her team obviously have no idea about having a bussines like this. *sighs*

      • With this new little announcement, it makes you wonder now if she’ll be saying that her products shouldn’t be used on newborns…

      • “Hey Claire, as some specific kora organics products contain active essential oils, they are not recommend for the first trimester of pregnancy (first three months).”

        So she only mentions this now, after weeks and months of waxing lyrically about how gorgeous her products are for pregnant women and that she’ll even use it on her baby once it’s born?
        This sounds too much like last minute damage control. I’d bet she was notified about this and some of her other false statements about Kora – some of which can be used legally against her or her company.

      • The oils she’s talking about can easily be found via a search, so there’s no point to anyone waiting on her to get back to them regarding which are the bad ones to use during the first trimester.

        Apparently the oils that are “bad” can induce menstrual bleeding and also cause miscarriages.

        Lavender and even chamomile oils are also on the list of oils to avoid, especially during the first trimester.

        Oils to avoid:

        This means, for example all three of her cleansers are out of the running, along with her overly expensive rosehip oil as that also contains jasmine oil.

      • I am REALLY disgusted right now at her. How could she put unborn babies lives at risk??? Especially when she herself is pregnant?? How irresponsible is she really? Even I knew SOME oils cant be used during pregnancy, I just wasnt sure which ones, she should have kept on saying this at the start and then to remind people- this woman just doesnt care, and just when I think she can’t shock me anymore- she does!

      • This is what I was referring to from back in August, when “Therese” was posting.

      • @Rik, thanks for finding it. I looked on the KORA site and saw both the citrus and rose mist have the same directions – to use morning and night, why does Miranda/Therese say otherwise in your screencap? At $40 each, they aren’t cheap, Id rather just get a cat to piss in my face during the day and a dog to piss in my face on a night, would prob have the same effect. She does suggest a LOT of products to that person, I dread to think how much that would cost considering the answer Miranda/Therese gave has nothing to do with the question originally asked.

  4. Looking back, I found someone who mentioned that after 2 months of using KORA her skin still isn’t looking beautiful. MK appears to be blaming whatever she was previously using for the reason why her skin care line isn’t work [cap].

    She also suggests for her to drink Noni Juice as well, I truly do believe she’s making some form of royalties on the TNI Noni Juice (didn’t Mummy-dearest work for TNI?), as I’m sure there are other companies who produce Noni Juice as well.

    • That sounds VERY familiar!! Must see if I can find anything.

      • I found the first post where the girl asked about if new products would be available so she can just order everything at once [cap], one MK says new products would be available to purchase in November (which came and went, unless she meant her book), and two she promises the girl that KORA will make her skin beautiful.

        Annnnnd, where she says Mummy-dearest worked for TNI [cap]

      • WTG Rik for finding that! Wonder if she gets a cut or so many free bottles for the constant mention.

        I remember her mentioning loads of new products – lip balm, sunscreen just to name a few and it was ages ago. I hate it when she promises too, desperation!!!

  5. Sorry I couldnt resist



    blah blah blah

    Miranda, either do your research before you say you are “one of a kind” or be fucking honest. I found a few through Google, Im sure there are loads more out there too.

    • You have to understand though, KORA is the ONLY organic skin care line out there, just like Noni Juice is the only type of Juice out there that can save lives.

      Plus, she is the ONLY pregnant woman in the world at the moment.


      • lol So true so it kind of angers me that these people just ask her, she tells them and they lap it up. Kind of serves them right though for being so dumb and not using their good old friend Google to find out things. Like today, someone asking the super dooper duper Miranda if whey bread is alkali or acidic when it would have taken them a minute to look on Google. Now they will have to wait a week or two for Miranda to answer them lol

      • I saw that, they said that their doctor is putting them on a whey diet, so… why didn’t they just ask the doctor, rather than her…

      • Because Miranda knows more about this kind of stuff that her doctor dontcha know. Seems this Live in my Skin blog is more accurate than we think lol

    • I had a feeling there would be certified organic face masks out there, theres probably a certified organic everything.

      • I have seen lots of organic face masks, but yet again she is trying to fool people into thinking she is filling a gap in the market, stupid cow!

  6. Google keeps trying to corrects the names of many of the ingredients she lists.

    I happened to do a search for Dicapryl ether (Dicaprylyl ether, apparently it isn’t spelled correctly on the site) and thus far most of what I keep coming across is either pharmaceutical chemicals or distributors of the ingredient.

    • Strange. If ever I look for an ingredient, I always put “***** skincare” then I can just find what Im looking for. I found out that Dicapryl ether can be used in face creams and such but also in deodorant and hair dye :/

      • It’s a conditioning agent, a lot of ingredients can be found in various products, but hair dye, yikes, if it can be found in that I would tend to worry, especially if it’s a hair dye that strips the hair of color, I wouldn’t want to put that on my face.

  7. One more, I promise ;x

    According to the Cosmetic Database, Benzyl Alcohol has a hazard level of 6,

    • lol! 6?? Thats high. Too bad Benzyl Alcohol is almost all of her products 😦

      • I find it amusing as Benzyl Alcohol is used a lot in Acne skincare, and is a known skin irritant (I can’t use it due to how badly it dries my skin out, moisturizer does not help). Oddly enough, the FDA allows 5% Benzyl Alcohol to be used in shampoos for lice though. *Whistles*

  8. Just going back, I found this gem, for some reason she feels the need to point out that she/the company spends $20,000 per kilogram for rosehip oil, so basically she is saying that the CERTIFIED organic skin care ranges out there that have rosehip oil, that their oils are cheap compared to hers. In fact, it comes across as she’s truly trying to say that CERTIFIED organic skin care ranges are just cheap compared to hers.

    • Hmmm. The thing is, certified organic ingredients aren’t the same as a certified organic product and I’m sure that’s where she gets a lot of people. It really irritates me the way she puffs up KORA to be something it most probably isn’t. The way she talks about how much it costs to justify the price pisses me off. Ok so the Rosehip Oil is expensive… so why is the rest of the KORA range just as expensive? How dare she insinuate that other companies are cheap in comparison to hers. Im speechless!

      • That’s all because she doesn’t care one iota about organic skin care and even less about her customers – all she’s interested in is making money and profit, IMO. For her and her family/team, KORA (and her book) is just a way to make money. I’m sure she’d sell pink paper bags if that would gain more profit.
        Her/their gaps in knowledge about skin care are obviously covered with half-truths, blah-blah, and apparent lies. And that’s where she’s very easily and legally assailable. Seems this comes back to her now …

    • Why do I not believe for a second she spends that much! I doubt she would make any profit spending that much on rosehip oil! If she is she will go bankrupt lmao!!

      I would rather use an organic company that hadnt lied about being already certified, I would NEVER use her stuff now, because if could lie about something important like that, then who knows that else she is lying about to do with the creams, I can also get more kinder creams that don’t have all that harsh crap in too, Id rather buy that than her rip off stuff.

    • Why would rosehip oil come in kilograms and not litres? Maybe she doesn’t know the difference.

  9. Why do I not believe for a second she spends that much! I doubt she would make any profit spending that much on rosehip oil! If she is she will go bankrupt lmao!!

    With what she charges sure she can make a profit – you just use a microscopic amount in an entire vat of product!:)

  10. I hate it how she thinks she’s a dermatologist. She doesn’t even have a recognised tertiary qualification and neither do most of her ‘experts’ but they feel confident to make apparently factual statements about dermatology. What morons. Seriously. There is no such thing as ‘skin detoxing’ in the medical or science world, things like that only exist in the minds of idiots like her and her ‘experts’.

  11. I don’t know if this is the real Antoine posting to her FB, I somehow doubt it, but it’s amusing nonetheless. Those who may not know who he is, he was made famous through YouTube due to a news report. YouTube bed intruder or even his name, there’s even an official song for him as well.

    I’m amused because she says that’ll have to take into consideration if s/he has oily skin otherwise, aka spend more money as per usual.

  12. An update. Apparently she believes miracles happen over night, or this is really MK and the person who responded to this girl previously wasn’t MK ;x

    • I see the girl is still defiant to use KORA too. All I can say is, she deserves all she gets. No sympathy anymore with this dimwits. If you use a product that is making your skin sore, the cure is staring you in the face.

  13. I couldn’t help but notice that several people on her FB have mentioned how they love the scent of her products (one saying that the scent lingers on their skin), even though she says her products are fragrance/scent free.

    • Hmm. Maybe she meant “unperfumed”? I looked at all her stuff and some of the ingredients would make the product smell. I don’t deny her products may smell nice but maybe benzyl alcohol (which, I may add, is in every single one of her products minus the Rosehip) is odorless.

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