KORA Update

I received an email from Eco Cert today and KORA is now in the process of being certified. The interesting thing is that the lady who responded to me did admit that KORA only applied for certification because Eco Cert had warned KORA. Miranda should have done this 3 or so years ago when KORA was first being made, but has only done it because she was caught out. Sorry, I can’t put up a screen cap at the moment but I’m not at my own computer and dont want to access my emails and screen grab from where I am.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 13, 2010.

14 Responses to “KORA Update”

  1. Not surpised at all! Thanks for the updates!;)

  2. Not surprised, especially with how much she’s boasting about the “audit”.

  3. LOL Now it will be intresting to see if it will be certified.
    She only did it because she was warned? Does this mean that she would had never ever applied it to be certified if EcoCert hadn’t mailed to her and she was twisting her pants in panic to be sued? LMAO

    • woooow! that speaks volumes about Kora business! there is not a limit for that woman???? and for her team??? don’t anybody have a bit of common sense???? they are doing very dangerous things… they are losing –she is loosing all the remaiing credibility if there was any feft. PUFff!!! what is she going to teach the baby about life and honour and telling the truth though it may lead you to death– to put it in Balian’s words! OMG!

  4. I knew she would have no choice but to apply for certification once we had gotten EcoCert onto her, she was backed in a corner.

    I want to say well done to you though Kerrazy for forcing her hand to get certified, you proved without doubt she had lied about it being in the process/already certified and you MADE HER get certified by telling Eco Cert, she obviously hadnt wanted to pay any money to be certified and that is why she didnt all those years ago and after when she had the chance, she probably thought she would get away with saying it was certified already etc, but didn’t count on you asking EcoCert, so I’m glad she has been made to do it by you, WELL DONE!

    PS:As for the loony fans who stuck up for her over this SHAME ON YOU!!! (A ‘LA PEREZ HILTON AFTER HE WAS PUNCHED) Your little princess lied BIG TIME the proof was all there in her own words, and EcoCerts own words- yet they still stuck up for her and said it was prob a misunderstanding, those people are the stupidest people I have ever come across and would stick up for her if she commit murder, but take comfort in the people who like her have to be as stupid, if not stupider than she is to even support this fraud.

  5. I really have hoped that she gets trouble correctly this time if I am honest.
    That she cannot use ‘mistakes’ as an excuse (as in the case of the pregnancy) any more.

    I have forgotten by mistake to apply for the certification. I have forgotten to buy/to take the pill.
    Yes sure, seek you another one for these fairytales, Big M! ๐Ÿ™‚

    But as Chocolover already say: She only did it because she was warned. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Yes, it seems she was now forced to apply for certification because otherwise I’m sure EcoCert would have pressed charges against her and her fraud. So thanks for investigating, Kerrazy, and proving yet another of her lies – and a big one!

    I do wonder a lot if Kora will ever pass the process and gets certified in the end. Not without any changes to ingredients and formula, I assume.
    At least she can’t lie about this one now.

  7. Just a suggestion here, and the only case I’d make for business smarts in her case (cough, cough). She perhaps wanted to sell enough of the product to pay the cost of certification so she didn’t have to shell out more money like she did for her vanity book! Granted, she would probably have drug it out longer if you hadn’t called her on it Kerrazy – Good job!

  8. I have to say I’m pretty disgusted by this. I have been using a certain brand of facial cleansers and things for a while and they have basically the same ingredients as KORA but about 6 months ago I thought I’d try KORA, thinking that it was better than my usual brand because of the organic ingredients. The fact that all of her websites falsely claim the products are organic and this is what led me to try the product is upsetting. Surely somebody can complain about this to the ACCC? I mean, it’s blatant false advertising and is obviously being used to gain sales.

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