With This Ring I Thee Wed?

It seems Orlando is not wearing his wedding ring more and more these days. He used to wear it on and off and more recently at the Bambi Awards, but of late he seems to be wearing it (if it is indeed his ring) on a chain around his neck. Weird. Why would a newly married man wear, not wear, go back to wearing his ring, then back to not wearing his ring to wearing it round his neck? Lets look at a few excuses possibilities:

1: Wearing a ring isn’t important. Really? So why was the ring a designer, specially made one bought by MK for their quick, spur of the moment wedding? Miranda wears her rings and Orlando has wore many rings in the past.

2: He isn’t wearing his ring for health and safety reasons. Has Orlando got a job in a factory that we don’t know about? No.

3: His ring may make his finger go green. LOL What is the ring made of? Is the ring cheap tat? No, its designer and no doubt will not make his finger go green!

4: He isn’t wearing his ring because he is working. On what? 3 M’s finished filming months ago, he has dropped out of Albert Nobbs so he isn’t working on that. From what I know, he is jobless at the moment but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

See, the reasons just don’t add up.

Actors can be known for not wearing rings due to the constant on/off with the ring when filming but Orlando has actually wore it when filming (during 3 M’s, offset) and not wore it when he isn’t filming and he doesn’t film that much anyway. Maybe he is recreating LotR, he is playing Frodo and Miranda… Gollum?

Bottom line is, if you are happy and proud to be married – you wear it. Hell, if your ring doesn’t even fit you anymore, you can always get the ring adjusted to fit your fatter/thinner finger and I’m sure there are plenty of jewelers in Santa Monica lol

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 12, 2010.

26 Responses to “With This Ring I Thee Wed?”

  1. yes, that’s right… why not adjust it??? Suppose it is very uncomfortable to him. He wears more rings??? I can’t distinguish them out… what is he wearing… two rings???

    • Orlando doesn’t wear BOTH rings any more, Mobt. The wedding ring and the ring at the little finger (this one at which some think it is his engagement ring 😉 – I rather mean, it is a friendship ring because Miranda also carries him). And this ring had suited him.

  2. Yeah I don’t get why he doesn’t wear it often. He had months to get it adjusted if that is the reason. The only time I have seen couples not wear one is when they have been married for decades, like my grandparents. Of course some people aren’t much jewelry wearers but this doesn’t seem to be the case with OB.

  3. Seeing as it is a custom made plain gold band (really those things can be custom made?) why wasn’t it sized according to his finger?

    As for it turning your finger green, it can be possible even if it’s expensive gold. It reacts accordingly to your body chemistry, if he/she has a high level of acidity in their skin, this can happen even more so if the weather is hot and humid. Having an allergic reaction though is another story as it will present with a rash rather than a green discoloration, and seeing as he’s worn gold rings before (ie the pinky ring) I doubt either is the case.

    I couldn’t help but laugh when someone suggested it was due to him working, unless they were calling him out due to working the pap shoots ;x

    • Seeing as it is a custom made plain gold band (really those things can be custom made?) why wasn’t it sized according to his finger?

      Just this makes it more and more odd…custome made rings and his doesn’t fit?

    • Good point. My fingers can turn green very easilly, especially from sterling silver, rhodium plated rings but never gold but I know everyone is different but like you say, Orlando has worn many rings in the past and never seemed to have a problem with green fingers lol I also didn’t know you can get plain, ordinary, run-of-the-mill bands custom made when you can get the same kind of thing off the peg. Amazing.

      • It makes no sense as to why he’d have to wear it on a necklace… unless it’s a cheap custom plain gold band ;x

    • Shouldn’t his neck then turn green, too? Or does this only happen to fingers? LOL

      • I think the chain is silver, not sure, but then again, that can fall under health and safety issues, y’know either being yanked off or possibility of strangulation from all the work he’s doing.

      • LMAO CHOCO!!! I am having visions of him with a green ring around his neck lol

        But exactly, he HAS worn a golden chain before, I think it was back in the Kate days.

      • hahahhahahahahhahahhahahahah all the stuff about the secret wedding is very weird. First no pics from somebody who post any pic of her and her bump, and the poor little one. I can’t see any reason why a wedding is more sacred or private that your own baby inside of you. Then, the American Airlines which got her wedding dress lost in any unknown point in the world. Then, a ring that doesn’t fit… what did it really happen in that caribbean island??? If that had happened to me -setting aside the fact that the husband is O- I would be furious for the next 5 years.

        Btw… why they say that the baby is a boy???? how do the Press know about that??? I am curious.

      • Someone at a gossip mag came up with a comment that he (the ‘journalist’) knows that they will have a boy and other sites picked it up. Pure speculation.

    • Rik, I think MK took the size of the ring which he got at the end of the LotR Shooting. And he never carried it at the ring finger (as far as I know).

  4. Orlando had ALWAYS worn rings, and some very expensive ones, I remember a few years ago he had bought one that was made by a British designer that worked out at about £500, so yes I would say he defo likes rings, I’m sure we can all remember that purple one he wore on his pinky finger? lol

    There is usually only ONE reason why a man wont wear a wedding ring and it is the simple reason that he doesnt want people to know he is married- usually women 😉 Of course as a lot of us think he may not be legally married, that would make perfect sense, and that is why he doesnt wear it that often, also put it this way, his fuckbuddy is up the duff, so where is he getting his sex from now? Maybe he goes out in nightclubs not wearing the ring and picks up some women? I doubt many people in the real world know he is married, and maybe some wouldnt care, but I wouldnt put it past him at all, there was someone on twitter the other week that said he had chatted up her sister and asked for her number, but the sister refused him because she was married, she said this was a “couple of years ago”, added to which we know he tried it on with Veronica Taylor (while he had just started “seeing” miranda), so I’m sure he does do that kind of thing.

    But my personal belief is he doesn’t see the ring as important, because he may not be really married, or if he is, he doesn’t want to be so therefore doesn’t wear the ring, the shippers can be deluded all they like, but there is no excuse for him not to wear the ring, when he is in apparent “love” with Miranda, and that thier marriage is sacred, that is what that ring symbolises surely??

    • According to one person on the KORA FB, him not wearing the ring is due to him knowing they’re married by heart, mind and by their relationship. Therefore a ring isn’t needed. Yet again, if that were oh so true, why would SHE need an expensive engagement ring then.

      I find it interesting that suddenly the ring is on a necklace roughly around the time the in-laws are supposedly there. She did mention that they were there on her FB one minute then the next she can’t wait to see them.

      This has actually crossed my mind, she’s knocked up (I think we may have another TomKat here though), so where is he getting his action? For some reason, I don’t think he’d be seeking action from the preggo “wife”, as he tends to avoid the bump (finger grazing doesn’t count).

      • LOL!! But its the same then, why did she even present him with a ring then?? Years ago men hardly ever wore wedding rings, it was just the woman that wore one- so if that is the case she wouldn’t have presented him with a wedding ring when they “married”, added to that it still makes no odds as Orlando has always worn rings, so why wouldn’t he want to wear the most important ring in his life?? They can make all the excuses in the world, but it isn’t a normal or good thing, if it was my husband I would go crazy and be very suspicious, after all another reason for wearing a wedding ring is showing other people you are married/ taken.

        I honestly think now there has been all this hoo-ha, she will make him wear the ring on his finger BUT it will be too little too late, he has done what he has done and that’s that.

        For all the shippers saying we are just jellis, I have to say it AMAZES me what they count as love and the shit they would settle for, over the years they maintain that he loves her, yet he has disrespected her (voyeur etc) and now refuses to wear a ring he should be proud of wearing, amazing that like Miranda they would settle for such shit just to be with him because he is “orlando bloom”.

      • @Nefratiti
        she will make him wear the ring on his finger

        Oh you can bet on that!

  5. Well I know a guy who is not wearing his wedding ring on the finger from day one on and is also wearing it around his neck instead – and he always had a reputation of being a lady’s man, to say it politely. More rudely, he was cheating on his now wife while she was still his GF, was cheating on her during the pregnancy (which then led to marriage – sounds familiar?) and still is cheating on her constantly – and they are married for more than 10 years now. I really don’t want to think that Orlando is that type of guy but it is an option as all those reasons given by the shippers are pure BS.

    • WOW! Poor woman :/ Surely she must have an idea that he is cheating after 10 years?

      All I know is Orlando has obviously liked the ladies, his “dangerous women ” comment in GQ is in indication of that, as he is admitting to having a few women you “wouldn’t take home to mother” etc, we know he comes onto women in clubs, there have been countless reports of it, one from someone I know and trust a couple of years back, what we saw with Veronica Taylor (he was beginning to date Miranda then) and what someone said on twitter last week- who doesnt seem to have any agenda seeing as though it was about her sister, and the said sister turned him down, so I reckon he does try to hook up with women in clubs, and he has admitted to doing so in his younger days, seeing as though he was only doing this as recent as 3 years ago, who’s to know if he still does it, obviously being with MK then didn’;t stop him going after Veronica, PLUS it depends if they REALLY are legally married, if not then he wont be cheating, if he isn’t living with her and not having a relationship with her, then he isnt cheating, but if anything got out then to the world he would be, this is where he would have to e careful. But as I said he had her as a fuckbuddy for 4 years, that tells me a guy likes sex a great deal, makes you wonder where he is getting it nowadays.

      • Now, the detail of a legal marriage is just a detail. Now he is tied to her because of the baby ; that’s the real ring. What is worse if he is not happy married: he will have to have a relation with her for the baby’s sake and to take care of it and make it happy for ever an ever. If she knew O didn’t love her… I can’t see the reason to subject yourself to such humillation, unless it is all about business. And you have to be of a very peculiar kind of woman to do that for business. You know.

  6. Jus speculation obviously but this ring here –
    looks a lot like Mirandas ring –

    and its not much money haha. Anyone think anything?

    • Her’s is certainly a cluster, but I think it looks more like a diamond cluster, I could be wrong due to the setting throwing it off though.

      • I may be thick as I dont know a lot about jewelry but what is the difference? lol They both look cluster and both appear to be diamond? Not saying its the same ring but its not that far different. Thanks China.

      • The antique cluster ring that Chyna posted, which is very similar, has a circular setting, while MK’s looks like it could either have straight edges to the setting or it could in fact be oval, it’s hard to tell because all the photos are either blurry or due to the ring being too big for her little finger, it is often photographed off to the side only showing the side of the setting.

        Her wedding band could be another story, it’s gold but looks to either have an extremely slim line of silver/platinum along the top or diamond chips along the top, oddly enough she seems to have two of these bands.

      • Oh I see, sorry! Yes the wedding band does appear to be two different colors or something, very, very thin so its hard to make out.

  7. i look for picture and found few more but lie you say rik, the pictures are to the side as the ring doesnt fit but yes i think its oval http://www.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/photo_galleries/regular_galleries/477-stars-blingy-engagement-rings/photos/1289253490_miranda-kerr-4.jpg

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