KORA – Finally In The Process?

So I see Miranda has been saying she has had an audit with Eco Cert. Naturally I have checked with Eco Cert to see what they say but I’m thinking she probably has finally got KORA in the process of being certified. Funny though, because an audit is something you at the very birth of your product, not 3 years down the line. Proof she is being forced into the certification. Will keep you guys posted.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 1, 2010.

20 Responses to “KORA – Finally In The Process?”

  1. I didn’t get what was the point of posting a photo… better yet, why on earth would they even want a photo taken.

  2. THIS IS crazy! is Kora 100% organic and has it got the certificate or not??????? And that family/team pic???? nothing more interesting???? what on earth do these news mean??? an audit is kind of a test or exam to prove the product is ak according to what is advertised or what?????

    • From what I understand, in order to be certified a company would need to go through an inspection first (why she says audit I don’t know, the only audit I see on eco-cert’s site is a supervision audit which comes after being certified) to see if their products are up to eco-cert’s standards with ingredients, processing, formulas, packaging, etc.

  3. It’s odd she uses the term ‘audit’.
    I would get that Kora has some preliminary tests as to whether it meets even the sheer basics of getting into the process of certification before they go any further.
    Or could it be that there’s a mix up between ‘audit’ and ‘inquiry’ – an inquiry about her past statements that Kora is already certified by Eco Cert?
    Also, there’s always a possibility that it’s a mix up with or even an abbreviation for ‘audition’. Sounds slightly the same, but different meaning. But then, applying for an acting role (on a couch) and having an audit might be the same for her 😉

    • – forgot to ask: what photo are you talking about^? Care to give a link?

    • Considering that she’s gone on and on about KORA being either in process of being certified or being 100% certified, I do believe the last that was mentioned was that it was in process.
      These are the stages that one has to follow in order to be certified AND licensed (something of which I don’t believe she’s ever mentioned).

      And this is the photo.

      • Ah, I get you now. I thought all the audit etc was before an item can be certified but I understand now. That is very strange! Also, I was under the impression an Eco Cert inspector came to view the product but that picture looks like they are in Eco Certs warehouse or something.

      • “that picture looks like they are in Eco Certs warehouse or something.”

        Who knows – the bright green sign in the background says:
        Ecocert Certified Organic ????? (could be ‘Finished’) Goods

      • I thought the sign looked pretty crappy lol but who knows. I looked on Eco Cert and their Australian representative is in France so I dont know who goes to who (Eco Cert to KORA and vice versa) at times like this its going to cost someone a bit of money either way.

      • The sign does look indeed crappy – as if someone just made it for the occasion, or rather for the photo shoot.
        There’s Dad, Therese and Matty in that picture – so are we to believe that this was taken in OZ, in the Kora storage room? If that’s the case, the sign is in the photo to “prove” that Kora is officially organic.
        Or, how else should someone interpret a bright shiny sign in front of some shelves with packaged stuff saying:

        Dunno, but to me this seems fishy.

        Is there a way to contact EcoCert and ask about this audit, maybe with this picture ‘proof’??

      • @Blitz, Ive emailed Eco Cert, waiting for their reply.

      • I think the mystery word could either be Finished or Ensured .

        I’m not sure if that’s the type of certificate they issue as on their site, the certificate is to list all the products that are certified. I don’t see anything that looks remotely like a list on that site. Actually that looks like something our PR guy could do up in photoshop ;x

  4. Hi there again. just wanted to drop by and say Ive just left a comment on her FB saying an audit comes after a year of being certified so that will get deleted and guess what? the FB group I made about her lying about kora as been deleted. I read a comment that said Tammy was alerted and then – poof the group has gone. i didnt get any message from FB telling me why it had been deleted or anything. Thought Miranda said it was ok for people to make up stories? haha guess not but dnot let it put you people off, they are running scared obviously and are trying to get rid of every last shred of eveidence.

    • Hi again. You are kidding? Really surprised they got that deleted as I know theres a lot of worse groups on FB that remain (like animal abuse etc). I think team Kerr/KORA should get those removed instead of anti KORA stuff but I guess groups that tell the truth about KORA is much more important!

    • WTF? – your FB group is gone?
      Could be that team Kora notified FB. A la the fake “lawyer” here, a few entries back.
      Somehow this action reminds me of a person who verifiably reported and tried to turn down Orlando sites in the past because discussion there was not to the liking. And I’m not talking about the Stupormodel.
      I wouldn’t rule this source out either, or even shared efforts.

  5. Glad you have contacted EcoCert again Kerrazy, as it is best to double check that she has done this now, I would presume she finally has done, she should give us a percentage of all the money she makes on Kora, lets face it without us uncovering the truth about her Kora, she would never have gotten it certified. We are kind of like her advisers, that is something that should be paid for!

  6. Please, tell me they can’t come here and delete this free space of truth!!!! come on, tell me…. She really knows what freedom of speach means… but her fingers are sooo long as to click us and delete us???? I am hyperventilating!

    • No she cant close this place down because it is truth and the rest is speculation, both things cant be a reason to be closed down- which is why she got Tammy/Matty/John/Therese to pretend to be a lawyer because they thought it would scare us and they thought we would fall for it, but that is because they thought we were as stupid as them- which we certainly aren’t, so don’t worry this blog isn’t going anywhere.

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