Is Getting Naked An Addiction?

I’ve completely lost count how many times Miranda has got her kit off but even when pregnant she still can’t keep her clothes on. KORA was a prime example of her love of baring all. KORA “belongs” to Miranda and yet again, she gets naked for it. She didn’t have to, she could have done any kind of shoot. One would have thought if she wasn’t obsessed with getting naked, she cold have taken KORA as an opportunity to actually wear clothes for a shoot/ad, silly me.

Miranda has now done two naked shoots while pregnant (1, 2). One, yeah, ok, whatever. But two? It’s like its an obsession or an addiction with Miranda and KORA is living proof of it in my opinion. One could argue KORA is for skin but being naked is still not necessary. Doing naked shoots while pregnant, in my opinion, screams “look at me”, like she is the only person ever to be with child and she seems to crave attention at the best of times and a huge part of me thinks Miranda only gets work because she will get naked and, after all, getting naked is higher pay.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 28, 2010.

56 Responses to “Is Getting Naked An Addiction?”

  1. That’s something that bothers me that she gets naked for her own KORA. She obviously hasn’t a problem with nudity even though she’s cried wolf before (a la that calendar shoot).

    I have found it funny that, even though they live in LA which is pap filled, there’s been sightings yet no photos. The only photos we’re seeing of her are in fact the ones she’s been paid to do. This only points more and more that she’ll be using this baby to her advantage.

    • All I can say is, thank GOD for small favors, at least this time she covered those boobs and the mass public wouldn’t get poked in the eyes with her gross distended nips. Narcissistic much, randa? Incidentally, is randa actually her way of telling people know she’s a randy person? I know a few mirandas who actually use mirri as a shortened version of their names.

      • LMAO!! I always think that when I hear Randa- randy randa! lol I don’t like Randa, but then Australians shorten all names lol I wonder what Orlando calls her?

  2. The funniest thing is that apparently also the mags and journalists are tired of seeing her naked. In the beginning they used to point out it was her first time (and I can recall at least 5-6 first times), but now they often make irony when they describe her naked pics, infact also on commenting her latest shots for Vogue they seemed suprised she was dressed! Too bad they hadn’t already seen the latest shot from that editorial!

    • I remember vaguely that earlier in his career, orlando actually had a no-nudity clause in his contract. I wonder if she has a No clothes!! Nudity! clause in HER contract? I guess she must’ve learned very early in life that she’s get more “exposure” if she dropped the clothes (no pun intended! lol)

      • WOOOW, NICE! can you get some info about that clause of no-nudity in Orlando’s contract? can you recall something else? :pray:

        about her new nudity in Vogue, thanks for the pic. sorry we can get a higher version. No wonder papz mock at her, in the end. YOu know when you are tellling the same joke time after time, it makes a pain in the neck out of you.
        It is the same with this narcissistic woman. She needs baldy to call attention and be again in the front cover . If Orlando firmed a no nudiy clause I can feel what he thinks of that. I say the same: she is ending up doing harm to him and his career.

      • Where did you hear that? I just wonder because he was naked in Midsomer Murders, he was naked in Troy, and of course we know that he has been naked in pap pics too πŸ˜‰

      • Well, I just recall reading something to that effect during the Pirates filming. I thought it was only rumors since he did appear nekkid in Troy. I never actually followed news of him really closely those times so I’m sorry I can’t provide proof of it.

  3. miranda got naked from an eaely age, it will be second nature to her, she seems to thrive on it but being naked when pregnant is bad taste as spme ppl will look at u sexually as they see naked body, breasts etc sad but true. keep your kit n dear, it makes you more respectful.

  4. She is a model who drops her clothes at the drop of the hat, yeah that is “whatever” when it is just her, but now she is a pregnant woman, shouldnt she stop it? Seriously it isnt tasteful at all, she ruined that the 1st time with those ugly breasts out, and now she has done another one, I see pregnant women every day, why does she think she is so god damned special? For him to look down to the left when saying she never looked more beautiful and he is proud HE IS LYING, sorry shippers but his body language gave him away, so did the smile and comment a while AFTER the picture was handed to him, a real response would have been a bright smile stright away and the comments straight away, no delay and no tight mouth. Think of it like when you are handed a xmas present you hate and then you say “its lovely” and smile after you say that rather doing that when you see that present for the first time. It is the little things that give people away.

    • This!

      But we all know when it comes to shippers they would twist this saying it was the reporters fault for putting him on the spot. They’ve done it before.

      • Of course it’s the journalists’ fault. They shouldn’t have shown him the pic, they only wanted to provoke him and get a bad reaction but he didn’t accept this provocation and proved he is a real gentleman and a loving and caring husband, really proud and supportive of his wife!

      • Agreed- but even then, his smile and what he says about her would have been the same as he was reacting to a photo of her, he lied saying what he did, that isnt the interviewers fault, he is either proud or he isn’t he finds her beautiful or he doesnt, showing him a photo doesnt make him lie lol, so what they are saying doesn’t make sense.

        PLUS if they believe what he says then WHY would he be angry- miranda is the one who wanted to do that shoot, so they are definitely talking bollocks.

      • @Nefratiti

        I was joking! Of course some people believe what they want. If they think he was (and is) really proud of what he saw, then it’s fine for me, but I think anyone watchign that interview could see how nervoues and uncomfortable he was.

      • Sad thing is though I have seen the shippers say what you said, they are contradicting themselves as always- there would be no reason for him to be angry.

        I agree, who cares if he likes the pics and is proud, I think we all know he has been attracted to her at some point lol But he is acting far from the proud man in that video.

  5. I just want to put everyone straight on the left/right lying thing, fact is they are meaning YOUR LEFT OR RIGHT WHEN LOOKING AT THE PERSON, so in actual fact if Orlando is looking to his left then that is classed as RIGHT, and according to the body language that is usually telling the truth, as you can see here:

    Of course he still doesn’t have that immediate emotion reaction if he was being honest with the smile and what he says, so I guess its open to interpretation.

    • Thanks for that. It is very confusing if that is the case! I do agree that eyes are a difficult thing to read ie left for this and right for that, I think other things are better to look at, my brother in Law is a policeman and taught me a lot about Body language and they have to learn it so they can tell instinctivly a suspect is lying or is showing strong signs of lying, he taught me about the rubbing of face(chin, mouth and nose etc) and the delayed reactions, the change of speech, the speech not matching what the person in saying etc Looking into the distance is a bigger indication of lying than the left/right thing too, and I did notice that he is doing that in the German. video. Of course with Body lang, you have to have more than one thing going on to say it is a lie, and in that video I see the delayed reaction, looking off into distance, the tight mouth, and someone said his speech not matching his words. So I would still say he isnt being 100% truthful.

    • the real expert is Paul Ekman and his book Telling lies and Unmasking the face. But to me it is sooo clear that he was ill at easy and he is fed up with the whole stuff that I don”t need really to resort to books, whatever interesting they may be, which are of course. In fact, I love them. But in this case, there is no need of that. Plus, there is another link “non verbal communication centre” which is very interesting as far as that subject concerned. But, let’s be sincere: who wouldn’t be fed up with a “partner” who is sellling the baby in her own bump??? money, money, money, fame, fame, fame. that’s completely unrespecful to the baby and Orlando.

      • I agree with you Mobt, I don’t know how anyone can be happy with a dumb, boring, miserable, famewhoring, woman like her, and it shows he isn’t that happy these days, he really has gotten himself into deep shit that he will never get out of, he will always be connected to her for as long as he lives, that has to make him miserable thinking of that alone.

  6. Just to bring this to people’s attention , in this video he is talking about Kate, they bring up love at first sight- which is a very personal thing, yet watch him, look at the difference between how he talks about Kate to how he talks about Miranda, the difference is amazing, in this video he is happy, bouncy,his face is open and warm when talking about Kate and he is fine talking about her:

    I want to drive a point home about eyes in body language, they aren’t a foolproof way of telling a liar, because we are all different, it has to be more obvious body language like the delay in emotions for example, or the touching of the face, or the expressions on the face, some people actually look to their left (WHICH WOULD BE CLASSED AS OUR RIGHT) when they are lying- yet that is supposed to be truth, so the only way to know HOW Orlando lies with his eyes, is if we can see him saying a known lie on video, that is the ONLY way to tell with the eyes, there is more to it than eyes.

    • Thanks for that video! WOW what happened to that guy 😦 I wish he was still like that! I will say that I don’t think they met in a coffee shop, so if that is a lie he is telling then his eyes are looking to his left-our right which would sometimes indicate a truth, but maybe he looks to his left when lying? Who knows, but I don’t buy they met in a coffee shop. I never liked him and Kate together either, but I can’t deny how happy he seems to talk about her, how much happier he seems full stop, he actually REALLY smiles when talking about her too, which I haven’t seen him do when talking about miranda, he was so full of life then, to me that is what Orlando is like when he is truly happy, he is so enthusiastic talking to Regis and kelly, it really is like a totally different person to what he is like now.

      • I thought they met at the TTT premiere o.O

      • I heard they either met at TTT prem or they really met at a publicists party (they both had robin baum) – the fact they had the same publicist makes me disbelieve the coffee shop all the more.

      • I couldn’t rightfully make out what he says, apart from that this is a 360 from how he is now, but it sounded like they met at a coffee shop while getting their cars from valet? O.o If I’m hearing right, what coffee shop has valet parking?

      • Good catch -I didnt catch the valet parking thing, but hmmm.. I don’t know of a coffee shop that has valet parking.

      • He also mentions the TTT after party actually.

      • I thought so.

    • Now this is interesting, he’s been asked about love at first sight with Kate, but has any interviewer asked him this about MK?

      • Nope, he has never been asked it, he did do the heart in hands bit which if I remember everyone said was false as hell- I havent seen it, nor the interview he did the day after where he talks about her being a “down to earth country girl”, does anyone know where these videos are or has anyone seen them and what are their thoughts??

      • It’s poor quality, but here is the video

        I don’t know about the down to earth country girl one though.

      • Thanks πŸ™‚

        He is so nervous and doesnt look at all bothered when he says heart in hands stuff, he is like “whatever”. LMAO! So convincing- NOT.

      • To be fair, ever since he got with Miranda he’s barely been out there on the talk show circuit or at press junkets, because he hasn’t had any movies coming out. I’m sure he would be asked those questions if he was actually actively promoting something, especially now that he’s becoming a dad.

      • He was at the press conference for 3 musketeers and was asked about the baby, in which a lot of people said he was as excited as a trip to the dentist lol
        I can’t comment on that because I didn’t see it.

      • Thanks for the video Rik. He is taking such deep breaths during that thing that I would be worried he would have a heart attack! My god he is very nervous, but then he was on Soccer Aid, it seemed very odd to mention the heart bit because it didn’t fit in with anything, he also looked rather pained when saying it and it didn’t come across natural at all. I wonder to this day why he said that as it certainly wasn’t the time or place and was terribly distasteful considering it was supposed to be about the people and victims of the bushfire, still my only consolation is he looks like he didn’t want to say it!

      • I think it was ill timed, it certainly wasn’t the time or place to say something like that. Then again, as soon as he said it they quickly cut to MK’s reaction in which she appears to be beaming over it.

        My question has always been why on earth was he the only one of the two there answering calls? Why wasn’t she actively doing something instead of just sitting there.

      • I agree it was very ill timed, they must have planned it though, because I dont for a second believe it was a spur of the moment declaration from him, because his demeanor isnt that way, maybe that is why he was heavy breathing, because he was dreading saying it? I dont recall him doing the heavy gasps of air at Soccer Aid even though he was very, very nervous.

        I also think she should have got off her entitled arse and took some calls after all we keep getting told how famous she is over there, lazy cow!

      • Just watched the soccer aid again to compare to this one, and I have to say he is much more comfortable, his body language is more open, and his face isnt screwed up and twisted at soccer aid, unlike the oz telethon where also his facial expressions are very odd to say the least, there was also no heavy breathing on the soccer aid, so I dont get why he was breathing like that on the oz telethon.

  7. I am pretty disgusted that she has done ANOTHER naked shoot for this belly of hers, it is ridiculous and just proves that online article about the people that do it being Narcissistic, she has proven that without a doubt now, even most famous women only do 1 naked bump pic, she really wants to hope that kid is good looking, because if not she will have little to fall back on as nobody will want to see her naked once she gets past a certain age, so then what will she do to garner the attention? Well she can go and live in a vegetable patch with the other cabbages πŸ˜‰

    • Someone on the KORA FB made a snippy remark about how everyone keeps saying it’ll be a beautiful baby, yet never put a healthy baby.

      I just love how they and MK believe it’ll be beautiful yet nothing in stone says that two genetically blessed people will produce a genetically blessed baby.

      • It is true though funny how nobody mentions the health of the baby.

        I agree that there is no guarantee this baby will be beautiful.

      • Haha, can’t imagine what she’ll do if this baby looks like her brother or takes after her side of the family. LMAO

      • From what I can see the Kerr genes are very strong as she has her fathers nose and chin so god help the child if it takes after her side.

      • @Beliz: so let’s hope, the Baby looks like his Papa (no matter if Orlando’s or not). πŸ˜‰

      • @Nicole

        Don’t know why but each time I see Miley Cirus it’s like I see a potential MK’s mini me…so yes, let’s hope he/she looks more like the father.

  8. Why is everyone so surprised that she keeps showing her body? That is the ONLY asset she ever had, the rest of us can use our brains, muscles, sense of humour, talent or ability to work hard, but she doesn’t seem to have any of those, does she? Not even a pretty face, as she has to be photoshopped to the brink or recognition in every picture. Only a body that seems to fit the ever changing needs of fashion industry, so she must use it until either her body or the trend changes. Oh, and she has a famous person’s baby (allegedly), so she has to show that too. Apart from that, what has she got?

    • Can’t give you wrong…!

    • Yes, the baby is her only asset and her trophy, so she is and will milk it as long as possible.
      It’s also a way to show how far up she made it (in her eyes) despite discussions, rumours, bad press and Orlando looking as if he’s about to cry in pap pictures. It’s her way to say “nanana-nana-nah!” to all those fatjellush8ers.

      • Can you show me the photos where he looks like he is about to cry, I haven’t looked at their pap pics for so long yet I have heard many people saying this- thanks πŸ™‚

    • hahahahahhahaahah you are sooo right!

    • How true! That is all she has ever had, and I would love to know where she learned that from- that her body will get her what she wants- ie fame and attention. I think once she hits a certain age and is considered too old then she won’t be able to use that schtick anymore, not unless she ends up like Pamela Anderson lol

      I don’t and will never get this woman’s appeal, she is one of the most overrated people I have EVER seen in the world of celebrity, I read someone saying that in the real world she isn’t attractive at all, (it was on ONTD) and I think that is spot on with her, she is just plain odd looking, her body is just pretty average skinny too, so she has just been very lucky in where she has gotten in the world of celebdom, but we know it is because she is manipulating, cunning and will do ANYTHING and use anyone to get what she has.

      • That’s the thing, her fans claim she’s exotic looking and unique, where as I don’t see it. Her face is constantly bloated looking, especially when she pulls her hair back tightly. She’s very plain jane when she isn’t photoshopped or heavily made-up, and then she’s just average. She honestly doesn’t have any qualities that are striking. They act as if she’s the only one in the world that has dark hair, blue eyes and dimples (I’m a fan of Natalie Dormer, and I’m sorry, but Nat’s blue eyes are by far more striking than MK’s.)

        It was in one of the editorials she did not too long ago (this year I think) where they heavily photoshopped her face to the point that it didn’t even look like her, whoever did it, shopped her to look YOUNGER (this photo). When they start shopping you to look younger than you are, I think that’s a lovely hint that you’re getting to that too old age for modeling. Only certain models have past that age, and I highly doubt she’ll be one of them, but I’m sure she’ll somehow pay her way to stay.

      • She is freaky looking, and so what she has blue eyes and dark hair, I have green eyes and dark hair, and green eyes are a rarer colour so there! lol
        Her head and face is so round, like a ball, what is so attractive about constant bloating, too far apart eyes, and a weird shaped nose? Oh yes and terrible jowls. Oh I sooo wish I looked like that- NOT!

        My god! That photo looks NOTHING like her, in fact they have made her pretty! If that was me I would be upset if they photoshopped me to look totally different! I dont see the point of using her if they are going to photoshop her to be unrecognisable, just use a pretty woman who looks like that lol

      • Yeah, dark hair and blue eyes is what her fans apparently consider exotic looking. Shit, I’m average then having strawberry blonde hair and green eyes XD I guess they’d also consider those rarer eyes like violet to be average ;x

        When I saw that photo, I had to do a double take because I didn’t believe it was her. Then again her VS shots haven’t look heavily photoshopped, which I was surprised, she looked horrid. Then again those photos could have been from the shoot in the Caribbean that VS did before she and “O” ventured off to get “married” with their planned spur of the moment wedding. But I have noticed they’ve REALLY been shopping her face like no tomorrow to make her look younger.

      • I must admit if I was a man I would like the dark hair, blue/green eyes, pale skin look, but not Miranda lol Exactly your combination of strawberry blonde and green eyes sound lovely to me, Miranda is nothing special. I don’t get Orlandos taste, how can he go from Kate, who had a beautiful face with gorgeous bone structure to an alien like miranda? lol

        I literally went “huh?” when I looked at that photo because it looks nothing like her, I also havent seen the VS pics of her, so will have to find them and look lol

  9. […] fact, some of my fellow fatjellushaters over here have carefully considered the idea that her nudity is an addiction.Β  I wonder what the acronym for […]

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