Gather Round The Cauldron

So, things have been a little quiet in Miranda world of late and am a little bored at the moment so thought I’d gather our coven of fellow fat slags (also known as COFFS) for a bit o’ bitchin’. There’s a few Facebook caps I’ve not used so thought I’d post them to giggle at.

The problem I have with this is, it’s all well and good to wish people well but did she do that for the Chilean miners? Now the NZ miners have all tragically died, has she been on FB to offer her condolencies? Oh, and what’s the difference between family and relatives again? I keep forgetting.


Miranda quickly and frequantly deletes comments she doesn’t like, like … anorexia comments for example but she has kept this really bad  comment:

This comment is STILL there in her most recent chat with her fans and yes, she did a lot of posting after THIS was posted so I’m pretty sure she would have seen it.


Here are a few scarey comments from obsessed fans:

I take it this girl aint read many books.

So if you are ugly and care about others its “meh”, you have to be naturally beautiful for it to matter. Hmm, someone signs off suspiciously like Miranda/Therese xxx

Being a better person is reward in itself, if you have to be told/asked to be one then you aren’t really a good person anyway. Come on guys, this is obvious shit!


Yes, Chontelle, if you don’t treasure it, it will just up and leave you!


Why don’t you want to go back there Randa? Hmmm.

Feel free to add your own guys. Just a fun post as us fatso’s need to burn off a few cals by rantin’

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 26, 2010.

25 Responses to “Gather Round The Cauldron”

  1. While I have absolutely nothing against this post she made, I do believe it was rather timed poorly, not too long after that post, the news came about of the second explosion.

    On her personal fanpage though, there were A LOT of comments deleted because there were some nasty ones in there, which I wish I had capped, but didn’t. Including one that said “I love Kate Bosworth” or close to it, deleted.

    Someone calling her out.

    I don’t understand how she didn’t know about it sooner though than the 23rd, since it happened on the 19th.

    • Hmm Frankie Long rings a bell, I think he’s said stuff before lol So true though. She picks and chooses what she wants to acknowledge. Of course, starving people dont deserve her attention because she probably thinks its normal.

      • Funny thing is “she” was on her Twitter on the 24th with no mention of what happened in NZ (“she” did tweet about it on the 23rd, nearly the same thing as she did on her FB, but pointing out that it was 27 from NZ and 2 from Aussie).

        Yet another reason to believe someone else is twittering for her example. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t she always just say it’s unisex? Would have saved space in her tweets. Another reason why it must be someone else “my husband”, she’s only been calling him “my partner”, as far as I know, she’s never uses the H word.

      • LMAO!! That person is INSULTING orlando’s skin and she doesn’t bat an eyelid!!! Nice that she answers the insulter in a normal fashion.

      • I think some of these tweets and FB entries are prolly posted by someone else pretending to be her. First of all, she always only refers to Whorely as O in her FB…and when she writes kora, it’s always KORA, never in small letters.

      • If she wanted to be accurate, she would’ve known that two from Aussie, several from NZ, one from South Africa and a couple from the UK.

    • Well spotted but I guess she or whoever was posting, had to fix the partner/husband thing at some point. I actually cant remember if she usually says unisex or not :/ . Apparently, Orlando uses Clarisonic, dont think he has ever mentioned or ever been said to use KORA. Is she using Twitter now because she thinks Facebook isnt safe anymore? lol

      • I think she’s mentioned it being unisex a couple of times on her KORA FB most likely.

        He said he used KORA, I believe it was an Aussie radio interview at some point in either February or March. I don’t know if he still is though.

        Not sure why she’s using twitter, normally it just repeats her main post from FB, but now “she” is actually twittering lol.

      • Oh right, I thought he just joked about using it lol My bad.

      • According to some that listened to that radio interview (poor brave souls lol) they said he was joking about using it and more or less taking the piss about it, I cant say either way because I’ve not heard it.

        If he does use it, he is the worst advert going, men of 33 do not have such shit skin like him. Especially when he can afford to look after his skin, but as Miranda says- the lifestyle shows in your skin when it is a mess(rapid ageing), as he has only looked like this since turning 30- what the HELL has he been doing to have premature ageing like that???

      • I found this among the comments back in September. Of course if he was joking back then, he could just be yes-ing her to death that he uses it.

        As for him and the premature aging, well, considering what he’s being put through ;x

        Then again, I don’t believe he’s living according to her organic lifestyle, seeing as what he said to have taking a liking to during his speech at the BAMBI awards.

      • The Mention that KORA is unisex.

      • That was during the infamous Valentine’s Day interview.

      • yes, it has always sound a bit -too much- weird to me the fact that she refers to Orlando as O. or my partner. In the clip making of for Vogue he refers to him as “my partner”. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me the fact that she mentions KORA time after time and put it into capitals letter. In the clip I referred above when she is talking about the highlights in the last 12 months… she deserves just seconds to her “marriage” and bump and the rest of the time she is mentioning her works for brands as a model and she looks radiant when mentioning it. So it is clear what she minds.
        On the other hand… I think not even her, however much you may hate her, deserves the post about fucking her so hard that she will have a miscarriage. That person is sick. No woman deserve that kind of post. I am shocked. Plus that is the kind of post that make a wonderful victim out of her. Weird nobody noticed it, not even Theresa hahahahahhah

    • HI, Rik, you referred to his fanpage… do you have the link? if things are getting so critical of her and her “charity attitude” something must be perceive in the end! in her little self-obsessed world! greetings, RIk!

  2. She had such bad timing with that for those tragic miners!

    That 2nd comment is disgusting, and I cant believe she has left it on there.

    The rest are the biggest load of bollocks I have ever seen and are so far up her arse its a wonder they cant see her swallowing!!!

    • when she posted about the miners on her FB, the miners were already dead for hours. That’s kinda/sorta how I found out. I saw her post, and went and looked on before I even heard about it on the news. So, I think, she had to have known, and that WAS her way of saying something about it. But, she’s too moronic to simply say her thoughts are with the families….her thoughts are with the miners? Weird.

    • The second message is really disgusting. Curious she didn’t delete it immediately.

  3. It’s referred to as the Pike River Mine, because that’s where it is and what the company is called. Not Greymouth mine. Her thoughts are with Australia and New Zealand? What about South Africa and the UK? They had miners down there as well.

    There was a third explosion today (Friday). A friend of mine had a cousin down there.

    Her fans are so effing creepy.

    • “Her fans are so effing creepy.”

      I’m sometimes wondering if all of those ‘fan’ comments are real. Or if some are staged posts by friends/family/Kora co-workers/whatever who are pretending to be, so her page looks highly visited and with a lively discussion.
      Of course there’s no way to tell, unless someone does an accidental slip or spills the beans …

      • yes I think the same. Some of them are so childish and stupid that it is hard to believe they belong to real people in this world.

    • sorry to hear that, Dark Lord. Sorry for your friend’s cousin. It must be really infuriating to hear her posting nonsenses from so far away and at the wellbeing of her blog when you are in the middle of the tragedy.

  4. Just noticed her saying she was told about the mining disaster- how can she not have know about it before being told about it? It was all over the internet, also she is now a spokesperson for Orlando? I wish Orlando would get his own Facebook lol

    Also Dark lord, I am sorry for your friends loss.

    • Honestly, I don’t begrudge her mentioning it, but the actual first explosion at the mine happened Friday the 19th, about five days before she mentioned it. I’m pretty sure it was a global news story, especially in light of what happened with Chilean miners, people were hoping it would be the same happy ending. Only her post on Wednesday (US time, I’m assuming) was after the second explosion. It happened here on Wednesday around 2:30pm, so by her 2:23am post on Wednesday, it would’ve been late Wednesday night here, AFTER the second explosion which caused the massive loss of hope for those poor guys. Her timing really sucked.

      She prays they’ll be rescued? Bits of them, maybe. There’s been four explosions now. They might never be brought out of that mine.

  5. How to lose the will to live in 2 minutes!! I can’t believe she tweeted about those poor miners the day the tragedy happened when she had lots of time before to mention it. And yes they were more than just Australian and New Zealanders! My condolences to your friend @ The Dark lord.
    The fawning people do over her is ridiculous, is this what the world has come to? Talking to these idiotic celebrities as if they have found a cure for Cancer? Ridiculous, these people need to get out more and see real heroes and heroines who are making a difference in this world not a pathetic, spoiled, rich fame whore panty model. These people make me sick, most of her affirmations are plagerized!!
    The comment about the miscarriage is despicable and total misogyny at it’s worst, but then I had a nasty feeling that she would get such comments, so shocked she has left it there.
    How the HECK can you “cherish your name?” I mean- WHUT?? What a dumb reply!
    And what the hell is wrong with posting up what made her “known” when she was a kid? Why doesn’t she want to go back there? She seems so ashamed and ungrateful of that event in her life, I wish someone else had won, god knows the other girls were much better than her.

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