This Doesn’t Add Up

We all know the story of how Miranda got into modeling doesn’t add up but as a new article comes to light, lets recap for old times sake.


Therese Kerr confessed that when her daughter first entered the Dolly modelling competition in 2007 at the age of 13, she deliberately included some unflattering photos of Miranda which showed her crooked teeth in the hope that it would sabotage her chances of selection.

And this:

Therese’s concerns had been fueled, she told Woolley, by her “pre-conceived ideas about the industry……….I wanted to protect my daughter”. (both from here)

Does not match with this:

The pair have been on the trail together since Kerr was a child. We understand Kerr was a mere nine-years-old when her mother sought an introduction to prominent Sydney model agent Ursula Hufnagl. (source)

Or this:

Kerr, who is expecting a baby with actor husband Orlando Bloom, was a Gunnedah school student when she sent some photographs to the magazine in the hope of winning the quest. According to insiders, the supermodel even fronted up at Warringah Mall for the NSW state finals. But at 12 years she was considered too young by the judges and was turned away. (source, thanks to the lovely Sis_73 for the heads up)

So, Therese didn’t want Miranda to be a model as she wanted to “protect” her daughter but tried to get her into modeling at 9 and lets Miranda pose nude at around 14 years old? Miranda claims she fell into modeling but at 12 sent pictures of herself to Girlfriend Magazine (but didn’t make the finals lol)? Whatever happened to being a marine biologist? As you can see, there are conflicting stories so there is a lie going on somewhere. Dolly was after Girlfriend Magazine so me thinks Miranda and Therese entered Randa willingly and knowingly into Dolly.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 22, 2010.

19 Responses to “This Doesn’t Add Up”

  1. This story has always been all over the place, and like you say it is prob because there is a lie in there, I believe the people who say that Therese took her daughter to a modelling agency at 9 and was turned away, but here is a scary thought- WHY was she taking her to an older modelling agency when she was a child? What was wrong with child modelling? That makes me wonder what the hell she wanted Miranda into? what kind of posing? But then again this is a woman who didn’t protect her child when she was photographed naked at around 15 year old!!

  2. I do find it rather interesting, that either way she had to be entered into a contest in order to even place, while there have been plenty of models who have been simply spotted out and about on the streets by an agent. Guess she wasn’t one of the lucky ones then.

  3. naked around 14 or 15???? is that legal???? If there is a reason why I would be happy Orlando had a boy is just to prevent Randa nude to expose the baby to the modelling world. Can you confirm that, what pics?
    Naked at 15???? it is just vomiting… what a mother! some woman should became pregnant. Protect the child, yes, protect the business. I find it really vomiting and I would pay to protect the baby from such a family! puke!

    • Well, Miranda was naked just her “bits” werent visable, but still naked and infront of a male photographer no doubt.

      • do you have those pics??? on the other hand…. do you think she had gone under esthetical surgery… taking into accoun the pics of her as a child, she has hanged a lot… and the double chin and cheeks and her face in the lower part of her face is…. weird!

      • The pics in question were removed from the internet abour 2 years ago. There was one pic where she was pulling in her crossed legs with her amrs, covering her “breasts”, but she was naked – if that makes sense :/ I wil have a look for them but I dont think there are anywhere strangely enough. I dont know, I dont think she has had anything done to her face, her teeth, maybe but her face, not so sure.

      • This was one of the pictures but as you can see the bottom half has been cropped to remove the nakedness but that picture was a full naked shoot, just with no bits showing.

      • There is someone on her personal fanpage under Miranda Kerr Fan, she actually posted on the most recent post that MK made, oddly enough, she has the full photo from this shoot on her I guess picture wall or whatever it’s called, the photo album, and you do see a bit of a side boob in it. At least I believe it’s the same photo.

  4. I was looking for the full pic and stumbled over this:
    and this:
    Wasn’t she saying that she’s biking a lot when she’s in NYC or something like this? Doesn’t look like NYC to me. And I can’t remember that besides this I’ve ever seen her on a bike.

    • I do believe she did say she bikes a lot in NYC, I could be mistaken though.

      If you’re looking for the full picture, this is the link to the FB album I found one from that shoot from.

      • Thanks. Ah, so shes topless and not naked but still, she looks really young to me. Like the ones she did for Dolly, shes in a bikini but the undertones are pretty sexual. I feel kinda dirty now lol

      • Yes, the background is the same. Very ‘Lolita’ like…
        Direct link:

      • Found some more:
        These are the ones she’s not so proud of:
        Click enlarge for bigger size.

      • Wonder if she’s proud of this one (belongs to the same photoshoot session):

      • She looks like jail bait in these pics, she is obviously very young. Of course the fireplace one was taken by her then boyfriend, (ew) I wonder what other photos he took of her, prob ones that are much worse.

        It is her 12 year old face and body that icks me out a lot, when you see her in sexualised poses, yes she isnt underage, but sometimes she can look it and it gives me the creeps, a lot of men say that too I have read, they are obviously decent men lol To be honest I judge anyone who finds her sexually attractive.

      • @nef, you know, thats part of the problem I have with her. When she was about 15/16, she looked her age and her face had kind of stuck at that age, she also has a more skinnier frame now than what she did at 15 (so no Miranda, you have not always been naturally skinny), so she just looks so childish. When she poses nude or tries to be seductive/sexy, it really makes my uncomfortable as, like you say, she looks like jail bait. I really thnk she should have stuck to runway modelling (clothes, not underwear) as it suits her more and I think she has done some of her better work when she has worked like a pro and not like a desperate amatuer who will do anything to hit the big time.

      • Her face is very “childlike”(even though it is sagging), she was much better suited to the PINK range n VS and should have stayed doing PINK. She appeals to the men who have a thing for younger, “babyfaced looking” women, and yes I would say Orlando is one, funny how Kate was only 19 when they go together (and looked it) and there is 6 years between him and Kate and him and Miranda, I find that a big coincidence. I think he likes younger women looks wise and intellect wise (that’s IF they are dumber than him 😉 )

  5. Here is what I think: Therese always wanted to be a model herself, maybe she wasn’t pretty enough, maybe she couldn’t hack it, maybe she tried and failed, I think she saw her daughter was reasonably cute and decided to push her into it, and put it in Miranda’s head that she was soooo beautiful and could be a famous model, when you think what 9 year old is really aware of themselves enough to WANT to be a model? So to me Therese tried to get her into some agencies, they all turned her away, then they saw the Girlfriend magazine comp and sent in her entries- FAIL. So they tried Dolly and she won( I would say she was lucky that they were looking for more of a quirky looking kid, as the other contestants were much prettier and taller than miranda) there is an old photo from those days where miranda and Therese are posing together, you can tell Therese really fancies herself. After that IMO Miranda was just very lucky, lucky that she had a quirky unconventinal look about her. Her whole career has been luck.
    RE: Runway modelling, to be honest with runway modeling you have to be WANTED by the designers, for some reason that seemed to dry up for her just before she was taken on by VS, but I agree she looked better on runway sometimes, but obviously she wasn’t wanted, added to that it is easy and instant fame being a VS model, so of course she would take that over runway anyway.

    • That is possible, the woman loves herself!! She looks taller that Miranda so maybe she could have been a model or thought she could be lol I hate the fact about Therese that she just copies off her daughter and speaks just like her and lives just like her, I have just read an interview where she says she Meditates- so has she turned into and SGI too??? I hate the fact she sings the praises of Kora yet has had obvious botox as she cannot move her forehead!

      It is funny how many contracts she had before VS, I think she had really good ones, then after VS she seemed to have less, considering VS is meant to raise the profile, it didnt help miranda that much, before VS she had a lot of contracts including NEXT, SEAFOLLY, MAYBELLINE, PORTMANS, CLINIQUE.- to name just a few- After VS she has DAVID JONES, A CHEAPO FASHION RANGE I CANT EVEN REMEMBER THE NAME OF, and that is all I can remember! Before VS she did a HUGE amount of runway, can’t believe since VS that has dropped dramatically. Yes she has more of a “name” internationally (well if you count USA, AUSTRALIA AND JAPAN) but that is more to do with Orlando, she hasnt got a lot of “work” because of him, yes she may have got DJ’s ot of it, but very little else, all she has got is magazine covers- and most of them are the lower end international covers.

      No wonder she planned that baby, because I bet she knew her work was declining, what better way to keep that money rolling in when they get divorced-and have reason to be papped and stay relevant than having Will Turners baby? (well, not that the relevancy will last for much longer)

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