Her, Her, Her

There was a bit of speculation recently about how everything is Miranda and HER family. I noticed she mentioned HER family again on Facebook:

Why not “our” family/families? Some of her family and friends are visiting her in LA and she posts pictures of them (Tammy and B12 pin cushion, nan). Where are his family? Why does she never mention his side even in a passing comment like that? Where’s the unity? She says “us” after all, so why not “our”? She is a married woman now, it should be “our”, or is there a reason it isn’t? Noticed the “all I want”, you should both want that but again, no “we” in sight.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 22, 2010.

56 Responses to “Her, Her, Her”

  1. Interesting that the question “maree” asked what she wishes for Christmas- so she wants a happy, healthy baby, now why does that sound like the baby will be born ready for Christmas? Colour me surprised-not. And yes her family, not his mentioned, wow- I wonder if they are fucked off with orlando and the situation?

    • Oh, my wish for Christmas is…

      Better I betray him not, otherwise he will be not true. 😉

      As Choko already mentioned in the past: I fear for Christmas (too). Or better the 21th December (if you don’t know it: 21 is the ‘Magic Number’ of them). 😉

      • Don’t say the 21st O.O! I don’t want my birthday associated with them! It’s bad enought at work they call me doom’s day girl x.X

      • Sorry Rik, I don’t know this and it was just a assumption. 🙂

        Together since 21th February 2008 (according to IMDB), engaged since 21th June 2010 and (maybe) married since 21th July 2010. Just the announcement of the Pregnancy and (naturaly) her Birthday is/was at a 20th.

        The birth could also be at the 20th December or at the 13th January. 😉

    • “I wonder if they are fucked off with orlando and the situation?”

      I wonder this too and this could be. Or they can count and wait, if the Baby is really her first grandchild or rather niece/nephew. Why they should be happy, in LA at that Time (where they must stay at a Hotel because his House is squat from the Kerrs 😉 ) and then is this not his?

  2. I noticed that as well. She never, ever mentions his side. Oddly enough, IMO, she came across as down playing the baby. She really didn’t mention much of the on goings or even mentioning the nursery.
    Again though a slight change to the story, before she said she had morning sickness for the first 3 months, now she mentions a trick of sorts her Mother told her and apparently that saved her from the morning sickness.

    • Maybe because HIS side of the family is not attention-whores like HER side, especially mummy dearest. I mean, how else can mumsy-dear live the life if not thru her beloved daughter whom she wanted to protect so much whilst trying to pawn her out at age 9.

  3. It’s always been about her. Always.
    She tricked Orlando into this so she can be ‘living the life’ in a hammock in front of her organic vegetable patch garden. He has served his purpose, so why bother about him or even about his family now that she has her trophy and hit the big goal in her life?

    And yes, wishing for a baby on Christmas does sound as if she’s expecting to give birth around that time. Which would make him/her a seven-month-child. Stranger things did happen.

  4. According to this article the ‘so in love’-Couple expect a Baby Boy:


    So far as for the topic ‘sacred’ 😉 I wonder, who have talk?

    • Ohhh, mayfrown will be bouncing off the walls in anger that she didn’t get to break this news. Poor pup, born of the dingho and being milked in this whoremance for all it’s worth.

      • She don’t have publish this breaking news? *WOW* The article is from Sunday and I get him from a friend yesterday! 😉

        Yes, poor Baby! My only hope is, that this Nude Photo open Orlandos eys and he apply for sole custody after the (rapid) diforce.

        Rapid will be fit: fast Wedding and now a fast divorce. 🙂

  5. I this isnt anything to do what this thread but i found this and found this a more interested and worthy “live in my skin” that mirandas weird motto that makes no sense. Sshe shoudl try living in these peoples skin http://scienceroll.com/2009/11/17/live-in-my-skin-campaign/

    • They had something similar to this on one of the entertainment shows where they’d transform attractive/thin actresses/models/singers into the complete opposite and have them go about that way for the day to see the difference.

      I never understood why she’d have something like that on her blog when it lacks the true meaning of living in someone’s skin.

  6. The question is extremely interesting. She is expressing herself as he and his family didn’t exist but for the fact of this is O’r baby so pay attention to me. It is clear she has got her goal to be filthy rich and happy and if they get divorce more sooner than later she will play at the victim role. But what??? money and fame can set off everything for her, or not??

    I wonder what is going on at their home, or at Mirandas’s place… do they live together??? I wonder what kind of family life they have. I am curious. Orlando seemed to be soo onervous and ill at easy at the Bambi award… sooo curious about what’s going on at home.
    Have you seen the clip for Vogue??? She doesn’t look like a mother… she poses as she was seducing from the catwalk in her panties…. proud of her bump… no doubt… a good business in my opinion. She is the star, not the baby or the belly. excuses to get nakked and get one more cover… sad… Xmas???? Suppose not happy xmas for Orlando if his family isn’t there to support him.
    In the same clip when she is asked about the hightlights in the past 12 months, she spends most of time speaking of her modelling… PUke! prioties???

    • What I get is that when her nan and Tammy were visiting her in LA she barely had time to update her FB, now that they’re gone and ‘O’ is home, she is writing daily…!

      • What I find interesting is that prior to the pregnancy there were pap set ups left and right, now that she’s pregnant and far into the pregnancy, nothing. She goes out and absolutely nothing except for the photos she posts to her FB (which the recent one, with her Nan and Tammy, I don’t think KORA is doing any good for her as I see bags under her eyes as well as slightly dark circles)..

      • @Rik
        Oh, just cause you are jealous and you don’t want to see! She is glowing, absolutely stunning, she is gorgeous even without any make up on and she is just radiant!
        Sorry, I couldn’t resist!Lol

      • Tja, this is the Price for go online all Night long… 😉 Oh, I’m so bad, she cannot sleep because of the Baby (in her belly). *LOL* Or because of another reason (too) which we don’t know (at the Moment). 🙂

  7. I could be wrong, but there was a posting at the end of August or at the Start of September, that “both parents are delighted, her 1th grandchild”, but then – in the same post – she wrote, that her Mother have already buy a many toys. But nothing about Sonia.

    I don’t know the exact wording after this Time.

    Maybe they don’t want to be mentioned (for some reason we don’t know)?

  8. All SHE, SHE, SHE wants, not US. The sign of a selfish bitch right there- ALL I WANT. When you marry and have a baby with your Husband it becomes US. Funny how a lot of what she says to do with the baby is HER, HER, HER. Strange- or not if you believe she is a self absorbed selfish tramp.
    As for his family.. well as I have said before, I think they have washed their hands of the situation, I don’t think Sonia and Sam are happy about it all, who would be, the fact that he is going to spend Christmas stuck with her and her family makes me very sad. Christmas is a time for families, of course he may not be spending Christmas with her and her family, I doubt we will ever know.
    As for the Mirror reporting it is a boy, i don’t think they know, I read it in the paper on the day and nowhere does it say ANYTHING about the sex in the blurb, so basically they are guessing and it is a 50-50 chance, the blurb was tiny, so was obviously just filler for the paper lol Someone did say however that there is a video of her saying “he…or her” about the baby as if she remembers people don’t know and corrects herself to add on her, if that is the case then it sounds like she is having a boy, I don’t know if I believe they know the sex or not, I think most couples want to know before hand as its practical for names etc, but I don’t get why they would lie about not knowing the sex either, as that is some crazy lie as what would it matter?

    • She thinks that people will speculate and that it keeps her in the media.
      If I remember the interview correctly he said ‘I’ve got a lot of my family that will come because we’re having a baby. My mother-in-law will be there.’
      So it is possible that some of his family will be there. He just mentioned Therese but no other in-laws…

      • Yeah, that sounds like his family will be there then- I never listened to the video to know, so why did everyone think is family weren’t coming? :/

      • Must say going by what he is saying then, he is still kind of giving away the fact that the baby will be around for xmas, otherwise- why say that is a reason they are coming for xmas when the baby isn’t due till a month after??

      • It was hard to understand what he said because of the German dubbing. I just could understand that his family will be there because they will have a baby. Maybe he meant it the way that she’s preggers. Let’s wait for the xmas pressie for the fat & jellus.

      • Thanks 🙂
        I don’t get why they are visiting at xmas when they never have before, he has apparently spent every xmas wirh her for the last 3 years, wouldn’t the family better be coming when the baby is born rather than before? Still who cares really if they spend xmas together? They are maybe making a go of it, so of course its normal to have the family there, it is very odd why he only mentioned Therese when the whole Kerr family are going according to miranda, maybe he has a crush on Therese lmao!!

      • She did make a comment on her FB not to long ago, and I capped it (the cap is around here somewhere) that the baby could come sooner than Jan.

      • Exactly, I remember that cap. I think it will be a december baby, ready for the family to come and see it at xmas, all convenient for them all, which is disgusting if they do that, there is risk to the baby (and mother) when the baby is delivered by caesarian earlier, even as little as a month because obviously the baby isnt ready to come. But then I expect nothing less of these two selfish arseholes.

      • It begins the debate as to how far along she truly is then. For all we know, somewhere within December could in fact be her 9th month mark.

      • @Nefratiti- I think it was in the interview about that fire that occured when he went to Oz back in Feb 09 that you can see him touch his face, chin and nose if I remember correctly.

      • Thanks Mystic! Can you remember what he was saying when he was touching his face? Thanks 🙂

      • A new nuddie photo was released for Aussie Vogue, atleast she’s covering her bits this time. But it appears that she’s dropped, as the bellybutton has moved lower (plus it looks like she’s carrying lower). Normally when a baby drops, it happens 2 to 4wks before labor if it’s a first pregnancy, sometimes later.

    • I doubt they have washed their hands, it is still their grandchild and niece/nephew after all and I don’t think they would not play a part in its life. They will stand by him regardless I think, after all Sonia isn’t one to judge is she? She hardly had orlando and sonia conventionally did she? As Choco has said his family is coming, so I don’t know why people have been talking as if his family don’t want anything to do with him or the baby, if they are visiting him at xmas then they are all going to have to be civil. if they can spend xmas with Kate Bosworth then I’m sure they can with him and Miranda. I would guess that this is the first time both families will meet, that will be very interesting.

      • He has only mentioned her mother and so I wonder if the rest of her family esp. her dad will be there.
        Wonder where they are ment to stay. I could imagine that it will be a bit overcrowded with only two guest rooms after one must be turned into a room for the baby now. Maybe his family prefers to stay in a hotel or with Sebastian?
        I expect something that proofs a ‘happy family xmas all together’.

      • I didn’t think of the room, well Sonia and Sam can sleep in one room, Maybe John, Therese and Granny Kerr could sleep in another, if Matty is going he can sleep on the sofa? lol See all solved! Or maybe Orlando will end up on the sofa. If grandfather kerr is going, well then I just dont know lol

        I’m sure we will get documentation as we have every year, maybe them meeting them at the airport?

      • I personally think his family may not be happy with the situation. A shotgun marriage (if it was legal that is), where she first said she was surprised to find out that she was pregnant, to suddenly her implying that the pregnancy was planned.
        I do find it very strange that the only person he really identified as coming was Therese. Not to mention while discussing it to be looking off to the side.

      • Don’t suppose you know if it was his left or right he was looking do you?? lol

        I don’t believe they are happy about it, but if it is Orlando’s flesh and blood then they will support him.

      • He looks off to the left (only way I was sure about that was due to his wedding ring ;x ).

        I think that’s the other debate, if the kid is really his or not.

      • He was looking to his left side. 😉

      • Thanks, I did wonder as much 😉

        People say you cant tell if he is lying, uncomfortable, but in my opinion you can, if you watched an interview from say 5 years ago, you would see an enthusiastic bouncy happy, a little nervous guy, fast forward to now and he is like a different person, that means there is something not right with him imo.

        It would be amazing f that baby wasn’t his, but surely wouldn’t she think of things like DNA tests, how would she take the risk if it wasn’t?

      • From what I have gathered quickly looking at a site, looking to the left indicates a type of lying where you access the creative portion of your brain. Link to the site.

      • Thanks for that site, it says all I have learned over the years, he has done the face touching before too, cant remember which interview it was but he definitely has done that, he has done the eyebrow distortion too.

        Another question, did he “smile” and say she looked beautiful and was proud as soon as he was given the pic -or a bit after if you get me?

      • This is as much as we get. The shippers of course have classified it as a proud smile. Choco has caps of the interview here which is what I’ve been referring to. When he’s discussing how beautiful she is and proud he’s looking to the left again. It’s the series of caps that come after looking at the photo (I think it’s 9 to 10 caps of that) the caps after are when he’s discussing x-mas.

        Oddly enough I looked at the 60 minutes video again, cringe worthy I know, but when MK was discussing how they met four years ago, she looks off to the right a couple of times while answering.

      • Thanks you are a star as always 🙂

        That is very interesting, so he took ages to smile- I don’t see that as much of a smile as his eyes and body language are going against the so called smile, and as you say he is looking to the left when saying he thinks she is beautiful and he is proud= LIE.

        That is also interesting about her looking to her right, she was obviously thinking of how and what she should be saying.

    • Oh right! Thanks Choco, I didn’t know he had mentioned his side! I think it is good that they will be there for him, I bet he will need their support!

  9. She mentioned the xmas family gathering on her FB tonight capped, odd as she says they’ll be seeing her family first THEN his. For some reason the mention of his comes across as an after thought. Then again a lot of what she wrote tonight was a little odd, example her blaming her belly for being slow at typing o.O

    • “For some reason the mention of his comes across as an after thought.”

      Maybe she did include this after thought now because she was reading the complaints over here and on other sites? ;D

    • She definitely has been reading here then *waves*. Yes his are second, she has to be first to see her family, why not at the same time? But maybe that is because like we said, there would be no room for them all in that house. I wonder if they are seeing his family for New year rather than xmas? And wtf about belly and typing?? lol

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