Why Speak Now?

So, Miranda apparently lost someone to suicide a year and a half ago. Why mention it now? 18 months later? If people can be saved by this and you think you can make a difference you certainly dont mention it 1 1/2 years later… all the people that have killed themselves you don’t speak up? You don’t make your backing known? You back it with your name? But what do you ACTIVELY DO? I’ve not heard of this considering she lost someone 18 months ago. Also, Eff off Therese, you are not your daughter! She seems to mention this at the most convenient time!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 21, 2010.

27 Responses to “Why Speak Now?”

  1. You ask why? well…publicity? As usual…

    • OK, let me get this straight.
      First you guys are incensed that she waited a year and a half before mentioning this, then you are angry that she mentioned it at all?
      Make up your minds.
      PSA’s done by celebs bring attention to issues that are important. Especially well liked celebrities. And you can deny it all you want, but Miranda is a golden child in Aus right now. Popular in her own right, married to a popular movie star, and about to become a mother. There is no better time for her to be involved in charity work. Especially a charity that hits close to home.
      I never thought that I would see the day when doing charity work would be twisted into a bad thing. With all of his work for UNICEF, Orlando must be a right bastard in your eyes then, right? Charity is BAD! BAD! BAD!
      You people have sunk to a new low.
      You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. Maybe its just me, but why does Therese’s sound like Australia has no helpline?
    Now hat event etc would this be coinciding with? Anything coming up?

  3. If she had to mention it couldn’t she just say that she knows how it is to loose someone by suicide. No, She had to say it was a family member and when it happen. Very disrespectful to the parents and maybe hubby/wife/kids of the person. If it wasn’t known to others that it was a suicide it could be that the family will be asked by friends or strangers about it.
    I know how this is because I have expirience with this. And I know the last thing you want is that all and everyone knows about it. Especially totally strangers.

    @Rik: It was the 20th… I always fear for this time. Now I have to fear for xmas…

    • Miranda names the person on the site Tahlia and Therese names I guess Tahlia’s family members, saying that they’ve decided to take a stand. If this is true, then where are they in the messages? Why not get THEM a PSA?

      Miranda could have simply said that she’s backing the hotline because someone close to her fell victim to suicide. She didn’t have to go naming family members.

      18 months later, and suddenly now taking a stand, unless she’s too wrapped up in herself that she didn’t even know or couldn’t be bothered. She should have done this long before.

      You think that maybe she’s preparing for a false “labor” rumor for Thanksgiving? Then goes into real “labor” on Christmas?

      • Nevermind, I just read the concept, Tahlia is not in relation to the Kerr’s nor are the others Therese names.

      • This or something that brings attention. The nude pic wasn’t the big headliner and the Vogue shoot also. Preggers celebs are normal nowadays. No big deal. Dresses or undressed. Who cares.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if she hides until we hear the child is born. What are the bets that we will get the same confusing dates like we got for the ‘wedding’?

      • She’s looking for attention, perhaps she’s not getting that at “home”. I’m actually surprised she didn’t go the route of FB as she usually does for announcing things.

    • I will tell you something. Few years ago, a cousin of mine committed suicide. Not even his parents were willing to accept that in public, not even in front of relatives and family. They felt so extremely guilty that something has gone unnoticed to them that they couldn’t accept the idea of suicide.
      I find it “funny” that in the post about getting involved in charity work, Therese seems to be the manager: “we were thinking of, we decided” it sounds as if Therese and not M was in charge of the “career”. I wonder if she decided that Miranda should have a baby withh Orlando to trap him for ever and ever. I wonder what else Therese decided in the name of her daughter. It is clear that Therese wanted her daugther to became a modell and nothing happen to happen, as to say. It was no “it happen to be there ar the right time”. It is quite clear for me that Theresa ran and still run “her career” with Carlii.

      As for to post pics of people it sounds too much dramatic to me and I think it is go too far. As people deserve respect and when a death happens for that reason, the lest thing people want is to say “my son, my boyfriend, my sis, my mom” took their lives away. That’s stupid.
      And hurtful. And that can stir up the past. That has happened to me with my cousin. I wouldn’t put a pic of me or mycousin on a wall to say “stop this”. There are other ways

      I woudl tell why I think MK and charity work doesn’t match too much. Of course the important thing is to do charity. But in terms of respect, when it has been proved how much money means to MK and how much she is willing to get more and get covers in mags, charity matter is touched. There are lot of people involved in charity because of free publicity. And people must respect themselves and respect the other in the simplest ways -such as telling the thruth and not to sell your life- to have credibility and be effective.

  4. Let’s face it. Everytime this person opens her mouth in any articles/reports/interviews, it’s ALWAYS a desperate shout for attention. Every thing or person or event she mentions is always to keep herself in the news, no matter how long ago anything happened. If she can use a situation to her advantage to garner attention, she’ll milk it. And therese is riding on mk’s coattails for her own spot in the light. These two remind me so much of Lindsay Lohan and her attention-whoring mother.

    • I agree. Nothing against charity of course, but the way she does it speaks for itself.
      Probably Chocolover is right, the vogue shot didn’t have the success she hoped, but just pissed off her hubby, so she tried this way. And her mother always has to have the last word. Isn’t it curious that her family is always involved why his is almost absent? I think this silence from his side is veru telling.

      • you are absolutely right. So the vogue shot wasn’t as successfull as they expected???? the only thing it can have got is to piss off Orlando. no wonder.

  5. Regardless of why she’s doing this now, I really don’t see a problem with her getting involved with a charity. Plenty of celebs do it and very few of them do it honestly. I agree with a lot of what you guys say, but not so much on this this one.

  6. She’s been involved with Kids Helpline for some time. The first time I heard of her involvement was when she (and Orlando?) made an appearance in Brisbane for them (and there were reports in the paper that they’d hired a security guard because she’d received death threats or something). This might have been in February 2009? I can’t remember. She was also involved with Save the Koalas and did the very tasteful chained naked to a tree photo but a few months ago they did a big campaign and she was no where to be seen. It seems she becomes involved with charities and makes a big song and dance about it while it suits her agenda. I guess she can’t milk anything else out of the Koala Foundation.

    • I wasn’t aware that, that was what the event was for. I looked it up, it happened on October 18th and was organized by Therese. Orlando didn’t attend the event. I do think that the security fears over shadowed what the event was for though.

      In Therese’s statement though, it does come across as if they just found the charity.

      I think that’s what bothers me, she gets involved with these charities for good causes, then suddenly that’s it.

      • Actually, I just looked further into the article, it doesn’t appear to be the same charity.

        Earlier in the day Kerr spoke about her whirlwind trip to Australia and her appearance at the charity day organised by her mother who helps fundraise for the Boys Town charity Kids Help Line.

        Read more: http://www.news.com.au/story-e6frfmq9-1225788073983#ixzz15wMrlG7Q

      • I remember that – Orlando was advertised to join MK at this event which Therese had organized, but backed out of it last minute. And then the security threats to this event emerged in the media.

  7. It’s not that she does charity. It’s the way she does it.

    • By speaking openly?
      I don’t get how you lot can criticize her, or anyone for doing a PSA to try to help people. Especially kids!
      What about all of the stars who have recently done PSA’s for ‘It Gets Better’ aimed at gay youth who are contemplating commiting suicide?
      Are they famewhores, too?
      Are they only doing it because it suits their agenda?
      Are you blaming them for not speaking out sooner?
      Are you blaming them for only appearing in one ad, instead of appearing in ALL of them?

      Don’t you see that this is why people call you hypocrites?
      You have one rule for Miranda, and one rule for everyone else.
      Sometimes in the same paragraph.

      • I don’t see a lot wrong with her speaking out, but she should have mentioned this sooner when the helpline was set up and she was actually there in Sydney promoting this about a year ago- I think she should have mentioned it then, as it would have “helped then” right?

        Actually in answer to your question I reckon YES a lot of celebrities get onto a charity bandwagon for a bit of self publicity, call me pessimistic, but that is how it is these days, that goes for ANY celebrity not just Miranda and orlando.

        So yet again you jump on something that yes, you have a point on, yet you cant comment on ANY of the other posts? Like her lying about Kora, for example- funny how none of you lot can try and rip that to shreds huh? or the fact Therese is posting as Miranda, lying to all the fans who think are talking to her-Funny! That is because you cant explain away FACTS can you? This girl is lying big time about the certification and has done it very blatantly thinking she wouldn’t be caught out, THAT is who you idiots are sticking up for and that says a lot about you lot! The fact that you are supporting a women who is selling a product under false advertising and bordering on fraudulent makes me sick for all of your holier than thou attitudes! So get off your high horses!

        Oh and as for Orlando being popular, don’t make me laugh, apart from his fanbase most don’t even know where he has gone these days, he was always a joke because he is a pretty boy (or was)and was never taken seriously, now he is know for being Mrs Miranda Kerr and getting his fuckbuddy up the duff by “accident”- wow you really are a dumb lot aren’t you? Oh and hypocrites? Your master and mistress orlando and miranda are two of the biggest ones going- oh yes and you lot too. Why come here if you get so upset by what some say? I love how you prove what a bunch of idiots you are, go and have a go at Miranda for lying her arse off time and time again, you think EcoCert are laughing? They are taking this very seriously because they know her claims are FALSE, fi she doesnt stop with the claims they will take her to court.

        Good day 🙂

      • Listen Kathy, I’m going to say this once. By what I KNOW to be true about Miranda, the lies she has told etc, I think I get what kind of person she is, so her doing something like this makes me believe she does it for her “agenda”. Look at all the times she has ignored or deleted people’s comments on anorexia, that is not someone who cares and yes, she could make a difference but she choses not to, so pardon me if she gives out a certain kind of personality because of what she does or doesn’t do. My main criticism regarding this is the time hence the “why speak now” title, she could have raised awareness LONG ago. Even if Miranda has or will do something out of the kindness of her heart, so much shit has gone on that it would just be “cry wolf”, I wouldn’t believe it was because she cared because she has proven what she is time and time again to me. Like people keep saying, why do you lot come here and jump on the silly posts? Get your asses into the big LIE posts, defend her there, tell us why we are wrong if you can… but you can’t can you so you stick to us moaning about her… boo hoo. I do believe Miranda does what she does because of her own agenda – lying about KORA – so people will buy her products, Therese pretending to be Miranda – so her fans will think she is so lovely for chatting, deleting anorexia comments – because she doesnt give two fucks about anorexic people, the KORA team pretending to be lawyers and threatening us – yeah, so professional and sweet. Look at the girl who told Miranda her anorexia story, did Miranda tell the girl how wonderful she was? how beautiful she was? how she should ignore cruel people? no, instead she spoke about herself and didn’t even acknowldge what the girl had said. And you guys wonder why we think what we do? We aren’t the one supporting a liar and a fake!

  8. I don’t understand how a shipper can come here and not explain away the lies that have cast iron proof, lets start with WHY she has lied about Kora and why she is getting Therese to pretend to be her? Why lie over something so stupid as having Therese pretend to be Miranda?? Why was Miranda pretending to be Therese when she was supposedly on her honeymoon??? Why have you not ventured into those posts to stick up for your “innocent” girl, listen just because she is married to orlando and having his kid does not prove she is a wonderful person, we have more proof that we can back up that she is a huge liar, what do you have to prove she isn’t? All contrived BS that is all you lot have.

  9. i have a question, was this suicide in her book? Her book was supposedly all the hard times miranda has had in her life, why njot int he book? way before it was published. 18 months ago = may 09? book available to buy nov 10? in may 09 she got her kit off for koalas. june 09 she was on the beach in malibu with orlando. so all in all, she seemed perfectly fine during these times when a member of her family had killed themselves. sweet!

    • Actually, thats a good bastard of a point. I remember her book was supposed to be about her lifes ups and down, obticals she has over come in her life yadda yadda, she mentioned Chris Middlebrook so why not her family member? I actually cant remember what she was doing last year but I dont see why she wouldnt mention it at the time. And the shippers wonder why we dont believe a word she says, its because nothing adds up yet again. Good catch!

    • I have not heard if the suicide was mentioned in the book, so haven’t a clue. I would think it was odd if she had lost a family member that way and was working like that straight after rather than being shocked and in mourning, but again don’t know if it is mentioned.

    • Im sure the shippers will know if the suicide was mentioned in her book or not as Im sure they know every word off by heart by now.

    • Good point! I wonder if she mentioned it! If she didn’t that is very remiss of her. After all the book is supposed to be about overcoming what life throws at you. We will see I’m sure.

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