Attention Shippers!

Just to let you all know, I won’t be letting any more shippers/supporters posts through. These are the reasons why:

1. The big ass lie posts get ignored by the shippers but pick at the insignificant posts.

2. All the lies and manipulating Miranda has done are here for all to see and are FACT but the shippers still support her. Blind.

3. Discussion posts were allowed through but we will not be told we are wrong and have gone “too far”.

4. Shippers troll all the haters places as it is (OBloom Talk, Delphi, here), isn’t O/Mlove, JJ, The Fashion Spot enough for you guys?

Bottom line is, this blog has been here for a long time, all discussion was welcome but none of you seemed to want to take up the challenge but you now come to lecture. The last straw for me was Miranda’s KORA team pretending to be lawyers and breaking 2 laws by doing so. I’ve seen too much shit to think Miranda is anything other than a manipulating liar, if you actually read and thought about the facts that were posted here, you would too but we all know why you don’t. Thats cool, think she is some kind of princess, just don’t lecture others because they aren’t as thick as you guys because they can see through her! I don’t get why it bothers ANYONE that people don’t like her. Do you lose sleep over it or something?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 21, 2010.

51 Responses to “Attention Shippers!”

  1. I concur 100%. These idiotr don’t make any sense, the facts are here and show what she is, yet they ignore it, that shows me they are dumb and deluded, after all I wouldn’t support anybody who has lied like her, no matter what. Orlando is prob unaware of it all anyway, kora is her business after all, he doesn’t know what she says/does online, but then even if he did I’m not so ridiculous to think that there is a chance that he isn’t a very nice person either, everyone loved Mel Gibson at one point, thought he was a lovely, down to earth, kind man=now look whats happened, oh and Tom Cruise too-nobody knew what a nut he was in the beginning.

    Oh and just so everyone knows, we have been advised to seek legal representation for what her Kora team did, that’s IMPERSONATING A LAWYER- ILLEGAL and BREACHING PRIVACY LAWS- ILLEGAL, we are definitely taking advice.

  2. Well said! It was exactly what I was saying in a previous thread. There are so many options and boards or communties for the 2 of them outside, so what’s the purpose in coming over here or somewhere else and mes sup with people?
    You can’t please everyone, if not everyone in the world likes MK is not a big dela I guess!

  3. What I don’t understand is the shippers need to be everywhere. They post on forums, blogs, communities etc that both support and bash Orlando and/or Miranda yet we are only allowed to stick to our obese hater side of the road but even then thats not good enough and over they come with their “you’re jealous” warcry and holding the banner high. I lust heavilly on Henry Cavill, if there was a whole site dedicated to bashing him, calling him ugly, saying what a crap actor he is etc would I go over there and preach? No. I couldn’t care less really. People can think what they like as it doesn’t effect me. Or have a hit the nail on the head there? IT. DOESN’T. EFFECT. ME. Maybe it does effect them to some degree?

    • I totally agree, but I think the best answer is ignoring them!

    • I agree that they should be ignored, in fact I think everyone should do just that, why should they have an open place to rant at people who say the opposite to them, how pathetic. If they have no where to post then they will just go back to their own places and stay there. After all like Dea said, they would ban us in a heartbeat, so why not them? To be honest they call us haters, but they are the ones coming after us, going out of their way and arguing with us, all we are doing is discussing two celebrities who have proven they are liars and hypocrites.

    • Exactly. I’m a big supporter of Emma Watson, but do I go to all the anti-Emma sites and attack them for their opinions? NO. They’re not hurting anyone, they’re allowed to have their own opinions, so what the hell is the problem?

  4. I’m glad of this because they are fucking me off by going to places they KNOW will have stuff said they disagree with yet they moan to those said people- case in point: OBloom talk LJ, there are a few shippers there who talk out of their arses, one who said that haters “look for any sign of him being miserable”, yet then goes on to say that in the German Interview where they showed the nekkid pic of miranda, that he looked happy and wistful!!! So of course they are hypocritical and only seeing what they want to see too!! The funny thing is this “fat n jealous” crap that I have read from a lot of these idiots, I have seen some of these shippers and believe me, some are fat themselves and rather unattractive, so I don’t know how they think it is fine to call people that when they should look in the mirror!! It is a ridiculous assumption that you have to be fat, ugly and jealous to dislike Miranda, POPPYCOCK! How do they explain how i find Kate Bosworth a very beautiful lady, Kiera Knightley very beautiful and even Megan Fox- all these women are beauties, to me Miranda is acually very “odd” looking, she isnt a beauty by any means, Orlando was in love with Kate Bosworth, he fancied the pants off Kiera, yet I’m not jealous of those women, Miranda- I feel a teeny bit of pity actually because she is with a man who has treat her like SHIT, and I for one, would not want to be with a man like that in a million years, I am also married to a VERY clever man, he is a Professor of Geology at our local University, he is also beautiful and blows Orlando Bloom’s ageing looks out of the water, so WHAT am I meant to be jealous of??? That old war cry is so old hat and they need something new!!

    You waste your time with that Kathy anyhow, she is insanely involved in supporting Orlando and Miranda, she- like the rest of them think they are a private, much hounded by the paps couple- yet will not admit that they hired wireimage for lunch with John Kerr that time, they would not have it, even though the proof is there and could even ask wireimage that they can only be booked in advance for EVENTS. I think they all put their fingers in their ears and go “LALALA NOT LISTENING” because they have all the proof there, yet continue to lick Miranda’s arse!! Any SANE person would see all the evidence that is here and think “Hmm.. she obviously isn’t what she seems”, but I know they are far from sane. Still that is more fool them, I kind of get a kick thinking that Mayfrayn thinks she is chatting to Miranda on FB when in reality she is probably talking to Therese pretending to be Miranda,

    The fact that they don’t mind a manipulative, sly, lying piece of work as a wife to their” boy” shocks me to be honest, if they “loved” him as much as they say why would they want that? And now the evidence is all here FACT, nothing can be disputed. They have seen Orlando when he is happy, like in the early days of his fame, he hasn’t been like that for a loooong time now, not when he has married, or has this kid on the way, he has stayed really “meh”.. I would have bet money on him being all bouncy and glowing not able to keep the smile off his face when he got married and had a baby on the way. As he isn’t then something isn’t right. Don’t they think it is very odd how his family isn’t going to be spending Christmas with them, yet his in laws are?? To me that spells his family not being happy with him and the situation he is in, again, if they were good, loving fans, shouldn’t that worry them? True, Sonia said some gushy things about Miranda, but words don’t do it for me, I remember when my son brought home this horrible, horrible girlfriend, as I didn’t want to rock the boat, I was very nice to her, and treat her very nicely and I said she was lovely to all our friends and family at a family event, but I could not stand the girl and knew she was putting on an act with my son and was really a bitch of a woman, luckily they split up and I had told my son when he was with her how much I didn’t like her, in the end he saw her for what she was himself- thing is at the time he didnt believe me about her! if he had married her I would have went apeshit and have been horrified and upset, but would I have said she was lovely and beautiful to all our family and friends, actually yes I would, because I would stick up for my son and if he decided to marry her then it would have been his choice as he is a grown adult, and I would know deep down it would not last, but you have to let them find out for themselves, how do we know that this isn’t what Sonia is facing now? Look at Samantha’s face at his doctorate thingy, a usually very, very smiley girl with a face like thunder at an important event for her brother, what was wrong with her? Only one thing that was different about that day- Miranda was there, I don’t think she likes her, I think she thinks she has trapped him and knows what kind of woman she is, there is a good reason why she isn’t friends with Miranda on facebook, yet is on very good terms with Orlando’s best friend Kris’s wife- she is even on Vinessa’s fanpage!!! The fact Orlando’s family isn’t spending it with him this year, says everything and to be honest, I am very saddened by it, the fact they might be so upset and angry about what has happened with this woman, that they can’t bear to see him at such an important time, people including the shippers should remember this- actions speak louder than words. of course I cannot say this is fact, but it is making me wonder, considering how close he usually is with his family. But maybe the Bloom family are just fat, jealous haters too huh?

    Sorry for the novel, but once I start I can’t stop! πŸ™‚

    • Wow that was a novel like comment lol. But I do agree with most of it.

      Sam has a Facebook?

      • She has it is private but you can see her friends and groups and “likes”, I will dig it out as it is in the public domain and not properly private.

      • Actually if you can message me on LJ, my user name is BEALZE on there and I will ONLY give it to the people who only regularly post here, as I don’t want other nosy bastards seeing it πŸ˜‰ as I don’t want her bothered.

      • Actually, checking again she isn’t findable by search, so I don’t feel comfortable giving out links, but I will take a screengrab of her likes so you can see.

      • I don’t mind a screencap.

      • Thank you for the caps, btw, the second cap shows the URL to her FB. I don’t know if you want that exposed or not.

      • Thanks. I send you a PM on your LJ.

      • AHH!! Thanks can one of the mods delete the 2nd and I will redo it. thx

      • Done. Be careful in the future πŸ˜‰

      • @Calpurnia Better delete the pic at imageshack. Than you can be save it’s really gone. πŸ˜‰

      • @Mystic Thanks- replied πŸ™‚

        @choco: I have done thanks πŸ™‚ best to be on the safe side πŸ˜‰

      • It is odd how she is on Vinessa Shaw’s fan page yet not any of Miranda’s.. I wonder why that would be?? LMAO!

    • I like reading novels! πŸ˜‰

      I agree with a lot of what you have said. I too did notice that he didn’t mention his family spending xmas, just the Kerr’s and that is unusual. I don’t think anyone with a brain cell would see Miranda and think she would be good Wife material for their son, she is OK to fuck about with, but that is about it, I am sure Sonia and Sam can see a lot of what we can see, that she is very contrived and it is all an act, Orlando was always just thinking with his Penis, and it got him into trouble, I don’t think it is hard to believe he has married her just to do the right thing, after what happened with him I think he wants to give a secure environment to his child, but that is marrying for the wrong reasons, and one can only imagine that yes, his mother and sister may be horrified about it, after all it is a waste of his life marrying a woman that he probably doesn’t love and bringing a baby into the world that wasn’t planned- at least by him that is. But I have no sympathy, if you are going to take the risks, and you know there are risks then it is tough when the tiny risks turn into reality,

      • While I agree it is his problem, I can’t help but feel sad for him, I think it is my maternal instincts!

      • I understand, but this is how I will never get how a man will take the risk having sex with a woman he DEFINITELY doesn’t want a baby with, she must have been on the pill (or saying she was) and he has trusted that, why on earth would he take that risk, not only for pregnancy but STD’s, that girl has been around, so how could he trust she had a clean bill of sexual health? I don’t buy that they were using condoms, as let’s say she did plan it, the chances of her getting pregnant the odd time with a hole in a condom wouldn’t work that well- as I have heard men tend to notice the multiple holes AND she should have to get to his condoms, so I say she wasn’t taking the pill even though she told him she was, as they only had hook ups every so often she was very lucky, and him very stupid trusting someone like her, I know she tries t put it across that they planned it, but no way do I believe that, because of what was said and that they hardly saw one another.

      • @nefratiti This entire pregnancy has left me curious as she has implied that it was planned, obviously on her end, because if it truly was planned by both, then why the shotgun wedding (if it was in fact legal, which in this case I’m leaning towards it not be due to what she has said).

        She was with Jay for how long? And she never once ended up pregnant, at least not to our knowledge.

        Perhaps their PR contract (just a theory) was nearly expired and she wanted to continue on with fame, and the only way to do that was to get knocked up? Maybe it was Carlii’s advice? Who knows.

      • Yes she was with Jay for 3 years, they lived together for 2 years I think, and yes, funnily enough she didn’t get pregnant to the “Love of her life” and whom she was in a serious living together relationship, yet here she is a couple of years in with her fuckbuddy and she us pregnant, just like that! Just when Orlando was demoting the relationship to “just hanging out”, there is no way it was planned by the both if them, It’s an age old story “have a kid he won’t leave me then”- why should she be so different to these kind of crazy women?

        I just don’t understand how he trusted her THAT much, I mean I think he has had plenty of one night stands over the years, and if he wasn’t using condoms with Miranda, he may not have been with anybody else either! How lucky that nobody else has gotten pregnant (that we know of).

        I and plenty of others said this way back in 2008 that she would trick him with a “surprise” baby if he wasn’t careful, funny how we knew even back then, can’t believe he didn’t and trusted her that much! There is stupid and then there is absolutely stupid!

      • I am fed up with shippers. I would like to be left alone. they talk about stalkers, but they are the real stalkers. MK doesn’t need a lawyers. She knows very well what she is doing. And I don’t think she minds a care about shippers or hatters. Go to you sites and keep on worshipping her happily. leave us Alone!!!!!

    • A perfect novel at that!

      Look at Samantha’s face at his doctorate thingy, a usually very, very smiley girl with a face like thunder at an important event for her brother, what was wrong with her?

      That’s what has bothered me, the look on Sam’s face, not to mention from what I’ve seen there’s only one photo with his entire family yet a slew of photos of just him and MK alone.

      • Thank you πŸ™‚
        I know Samantha only went all smiley again when her and Orlando went to see the building of the new theatre he is a patron for later that day, what was the difference? Miranda wasn’t there!

  5. It seems that the sane and unstalker-like Mayfrayn has been sending Tweets to Online Bullying on Twitter saying this blog is sort of stalkerish. Erm… does she not know the definition of “stalker”? How is posting about someone’s words and/or actions stalkerish? How is pointing out the blatent discrepancies to show lies stalking? Mayfrayn is more of a stalker. She goes to where Orlando and Miranda are, she sends Orlando gifts with her phone number on, she thinks she is good friends with Miranda, she screencaps all of what Miranda says (we screencap, but not all), she has emailed Colin Stone very regularly, she friended Matty on Facebook and obviously she and her ilk are out to get us fatties. We, on the otherhand, have never posted anyone’s private information publically and/or posed as a lawyer to shut people up (both illegal). Yeah May, we are like, soooo stalkerish! I think you will find team Kerr/KORA are breaking the law more than we are.

    • I cannot get over her blinkered loyalty to those two, especially Miranda, and these days she seems to be more of a fan of Miranda she is now trying to get her into magazines:

      @GraziaMagAus any chance to see Miranda Kerr in your magazine in the near future?Something about her pregnancy? ^_^ 8:44 AM Nov 15th via web

      How pathetic is that? I don’t understand these people, EcoCert is after Miranda’s arse for saying what she has, and they WILL take legal action if she doesnt stop claiming what she is- that is nothing that we have “done to her” or lied about, HER WORDS GOT HER INTO TROUBLE BECAUSE SHE WAS MAKING FALSE CLAIMS!! So what am I missing here? Then Miranda is claming it is always her on facebook but THEN THERESE SIGNS OFF WHILE PRETENDING TO BE MIRANDA TALKING ABOUT HER WEDDING DRESS, again what am I missing there?? Whta have WE done or lied about there? NOTHING. Then we have the Kora Team coming on here IMPERSONATING A LAWYER, THREATENING US AND ILLEGALLY PUTTING ON MCAMPS PRIVATE INFO EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BLOG, again what am I missing here? What have WE done or lied about there? NOTHING.

      What arent these imbeciles getting? We don’t like Miranda Kerr, yes that is true, but THIS is why we don’t like miranda kerr, because she is a liar and a fake and we have FACTS that prove it, so why are we getting the blame? Yes they can jump on us for the speculation we do from time to time, but even then How can they blame us after all we have found out about this woman, and I will be very honest here- I DIDNT EXPECT IT TO BE THIS BAD! I swear, i really didnt think we would catch her out on Kora for one, nor did I think team kora would be stupid enough to post here playing lawyer when they have “KoraOrg” attached to their IP, but guess what Shippers, they have done, and none of it is our doing!!! If you just look at the facts here, and stop thinking “but orlando,.. but” Just think of it all as IT IS, and if it was anyone else, you would thinking bad of them, like I would if it was anyone else too, think of this too, these are FACTS, don’t you think if they were lies Kora could take us to court? of course they could, but they cant because IT IS ALL FACT.

      I am really sick and tired of us being the big bad wolf, when in reality it is your “golden girl” that is, why don’t you go and ask her why she lied time and time again? If there was no lies, there would be no posts here, it really is as simple as that. This is the last time I am even going to talk about this because really, I shouldn’t have to keep saying this, you all obviously want to support a fake and a liar, fine, it says a lot about you, but fine. I think it just a case of you lot sticking to your places, you have plenty so what is the problem?

      Let’s wait till they split- then we will talk- Okay? πŸ™‚

      • Its more ABNORMAL to follow a famous person and ignore their wrong doings and carry on following them. that is quite scarey behavior. i always wonder if Mirdanda killed smoeoen would they ignore that too? they seem to just put their head under the covers and pretend its not happening, like they way they would keep out of the kora posts and Miranda/Thereses posts. That kind of behavior is not right, nto by any means.

      • Yes it is all delusional fantasy. I did study Psychology and they do fit a lot of personality types by their sycophant worship. But ignoring facts to the degree they do is unbelievable.

    • I’m rightfully confused now, I wasn’t aware that this blog was a school.

      • I know! It is just mindboggling! I can get them sticking up for her just because she is married to their obsession and having his kid, but how can they justify all that has come out, all the lies? I can’t get that. Are they scared to admit they were wrong about her?

    • Oh please, that’s pathetic! These people are stalkers, going back and forth on blogs who clearly have certain ideas, saying that we ‘haters’ are the ones twisting words but, above all, being so excited and talking of this marriage and pregnancy as if they were their business! Really funny!!

      • Also another thing. I was actually impressed reading that ‘shippers’ call themself ‘elated’ about Orlando and Miranda’s marriage and baby on the way. I am elated about my friends’ or relatives’ marriages and babies, not about the ones of 2 people I don’t even really know (cause meeting a celebrity for 5 minutes doesn’t mean you know them, just for the record). We are just having fun and pointing out, thanks to Kerrazylies, the evident lies this person has told to date, lies that are proved and clear for everyone to see, everyone who can read and use brain, of course, we’re not jumping on each site that supports them to try to make their fans change their minds, acting like a sort of censoriship team as these people do.
        If this is stalking, then I suppose perez hilton, just jared and all the gossip sites who dare commenting or criticizing celebrities should be shut down!

      • It is so pathetic, being “elated” over a celebrities marriage and pregnancy, wow! Invested much? People get married and have kids every day, it is hardly anything amazing. And like someone once wisely said- someone has to be the first Mrs.Bloom, as I’m sure there will be more. I really think that the shit will hit the fan in this marriage, it is hard for a real celeb couple who are in love to make it- so what chance do these 2 have? Only together because she planned the pregnancy, I wonder if it will turn ugly to the degree of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen? She reminds me very much of Denise Richards.

      • She isn’t mentioning the baby as often as she was in her new FB posts. I think she mentioned the baby once, and that was just her typical “my belly is getting bigger!” and keeping the sex of the baby a secret. Maybe the fantasy of having a baby has blown over?

  6. LMAO. These shippers are quite pathetic, aren’t they? Coming into another’s blog that they KNOW isn’t licking the whorely or dingho’s asses and try to force their opinions to try to change the minds of the people there. They surely new meaning to the FAN in fanatics. These shippers actually remind me very strongly of those religious zealots who try to force people to embrace their religion. They go to blogs not of their “religion” and try to force a change of people’s minds there…and the Bible they’re carrying to spread their “religion” is *treasure yourself*

    It’s amazing, isn’t it, the blind overzealous devotion to a person that no fact or truth thrown into their faces will make any difference? There’s blind worship and then there’s a worship so blindingly fanatical, no point anyone else makes will get them to see things for what they are. And the posting of anyone’s personal info is equivalent of sending goons to your house to ‘take care of the problem’. I wouldn’t put it past these people to cause actual harm to an individual if they actually knew where the person lived.

    • I think that is a perfect way of explaining it, but I have NEVER known a fandom where the fanatical ones will totally pretend that proof of big lying doesn’t exist, that is what is getting me here, I know it shows that these people have a strange brain lol, but it is very weird to me, being sane and all. I used to follow a guy when I was in my late teens, a british actor called Martino Lazzeri- I loved him and yes you could say I had my obsession with him, as soon as I found out he wasn’t how he came across and was a horrible, sleazy pig, I went off him faster than anything, and I had loved this guy for about 5 years! But as soon as I found out about him I just didn’t want to follow him anymore, everything I admired about him was gone, just like that, i certainly wasnt going “LALALALA there’s the evidence but not listening still wanna like him LALALA” I don’t get people like that AT ALL, Especially middle aged women who should no better! So why arent they like that about her, even though the facts are there? It is a mindfuck.

  7. Mayfrayn also seems a bit to interested in tbhis pregnancy of mirandas, wonder if she has some kind of wish or fantasy going on in her head over it.

  8. WTF? I’m only a real Orlando fan when I love her?
    @MirandaKerr Don’t listen to some haters out there posting harmful things, real Orlando Bloom fans like me, love you!!! πŸ˜‰ xxx


    • Oh my world….

    • I think that’s one of May’s buddies.

      Guess that’s the new rule now, in order to be a REAL OB fan you have to first be a MK fan.

    • This man is an Orlando fan and is following us on twitter I wondered why a man would be following us, but of course he must fancy Orlando, how sweet! Still if Ted C is right about what he says he may have a chance with Orlando lmao!

    • Oh and “real Orlando fan”- ha if he had the chance to fuck orlando behind Miranda’s back, he would jump at the chance!

  9. Hello everyone. πŸ™‚ First time poster, so I hope this gets through. xD I used to be a OB fan back in the good ole days when he was still hot, but got totally drawn away from him after the whole accident and the MK mess that has been going on ever since. I realized that there’s not much left anymore in this man when you take away the looks and I’ve learned from that. Today I fancy celebrities who actually got talent and most importantly personality.
    Yet I’ve been lurking from time to time and I have to admit, I’m kinda enjoying the whole mess this fandom turned into. I despise MK with a passion, so finding this blog and reading here once a day really made me realize that a) I was right about her back then , b) I feel kinda sorry for her fans and c) psychology IS indeed right.
    Let me explain this and thereby maybe how people like Mayfrayn (geez, I even knew back then that she’s freakish!) think. There’s this thing called “attribution”, a phenomenon in social psychology which tries to explain how individuals explain certain events or behaviours. It basically says that we tend to blame events or behaviours of ourselves or persons we admire on external causes, i.e. certain situations that MAKE us and/or beloved people behave in a certain way, while we almost always blame internal causes, i.e. the personality of someone for other peoples’ behaviour. Someone bumps into you on the subway – you think he’s rude. You bump into someone – you blame EVERYTHING else but you. Too many people on the subway, the operator hit the breaks too hard and made you lose your balance. Why is that? It’s pretty simple: people try to protect their self-worth as well as the image of the world they painted for themselves.
    This is someone everyone does automatically. It takes active thinking to change this thinking pattern and actually correct this fundamental attribution error. It’s not easy to achieve, especially when correcting your thinking pattern would result in destroying your picture of a perfect world. I think this is why many shippers jump on the more speculative posts here and totally ignore the ones with actual facts in them. That way they can a) protect their world and b) pretend that they are right. I think Mayfrayn is the best proof for this theory. xD

    This being said – I think locking your blog for shippers is the best you can do. In most cases it change their thinking pattern or their point of view, but at least you guys won’t have to put up with it. πŸ™‚

    Back to lurking now. Keep up the great work, I’m enjoying immensely to see their and MK’s world of lies crumbling down. πŸ˜€


    PS – sorry for any typos. No native speaker. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Annie, thanks for posting. I have to say I agree with what you say and the whole analysis is probably spot on but I think we would still get the blame if Miranda killed Orlando lol Everything is the haters fault. Really enjoyed your post!

    • Welcome πŸ™‚

      Thanks for coming out of lurking to do such an awesome post!! I agree with all you said! You should come out of lurking more often πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, ladies. πŸ™‚ Maybe I will, since this whole sharade this supermodel is putting on with her fans is the most amusing thing ever. I’m pretty sure she KNOWS this effect I was talking about, though I certainly do have my doubts that she actually knows the science behind it. I guess she just learned from an early age how to manipulate people and thereby use this whole fundamental attribution error in her favor. I doubt she’s stupid enough to think that her lies wouldn’t get caught. But she certainly is arrogant enough and just never thought anyone would actually dare to call her out on them in a way you gals do here. And that’s why you lot are a threat to her and as a result also to her fans. They will keep reading here, that’s for sure. They have to know their enemy. ;D

        Man, isn’t social psychology like the most fascinating thing EVER? xD Makes the shippers so effing predictable!

      • You are right Annie! Agreed with everything you said. I had a feeling she wouldn’t like this blog because we had proof for her lies and then she began giving us more proof on facebook and of course lying about Kora,and then her team coming here and pretending to be lawyers! I know that the shippers are reading here avidly as our hits tell us that(the admins visits isnt counted in the hits either), and this blog also shows to the admin where people are coming from to read here, if we didn’t bother them they wouldnt be reading here.

        It certainly is the most fascinating thing ever πŸ˜‰

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