Did You Do That With Terry Richardson, Miranda?

So, did Miranda and sleaze ball Terry Richardson “build a great relationship”? Did she really “get to know” him? I don’t think Miranda was as uncomfortable as she made out during her Pirelli shoot. Even if she was, it certainly wasn’t because of Terry as both Miranda and Orlando seemed fine posing for a pic for old Tezza (which was after the Pirelli shoot).

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 19, 2010.

11 Responses to “Did You Do That With Terry Richardson, Miranda?”

  1. She just likes to try and play the innocent and pure card… way too late for that.

    Funny, she said she was uncomfortable with that shoot, yet perfectly fine with that nun photoshoot.

    Very interesting.

  2. HA. she looks just as into that shoot as she did any other. im sure Terry likes to get to know all his moedls intimatley. She can play innicent all she likes I have no sympathy as she has always got naked and done worse things since Pirelli,

  3. I have seen her with her photographers- she flirts with every one I have seen her with, so why not Richardson? That is all she can do, shake her (non existant) Tits and arse at men, and only the stupid ones fall for it lol

    They both seem very pally with Uncle Terry who knows what the 3 of them got up to on New year 😉

  4. I am sure that her and Terry Richardson have a great relationship, like he does with Orlando (that photo of him and terry at the New years party, Orlando looks like he loves him :-/ )
    As usual she talks donkey’s bollocks, you don’t need a good relationship with your photographer at all, the key is just being polite, professional and take direction well, after all how many sleazy photographers will there be, and yet the models probably feel so icked out, yet they do fine during the shoot. Sometimes a shoot only lasts a few hours, you don’t need a “relationship” whatsoever.

  5. Uncle Terry has his own website, if you are in the mood when you really hate yourself and wanna suffer, make sure you check out the pictures, you will want to shower for hours to get rid of the dirt.

  6. Speaking of photography, dont forget this little gem. Trying to make everyone aware of a telethon for Child Health Research and uses that photo as advertisement for it…

  7. I missed something, what shoot are we talking about? What pics?
    The links won’t load for me.
    I’ve always suspected Orlando swung both ways, but of course I have no proof.

    That picture for the children charities is hilarious. Come on kiddies it’s panty party time! LMFAO!

    • The shoot Im refering to is the Pirelli calendar but I guess the shoot could also include the Russell James one but it applies to anyone who takes an intimate photo of Miranda.

    • When you have an event for CHILDREN and have a picture like that up, does it give people ideas on child porn or pedo-invites?

      • I just can’t stop laughing that of ALL her photos THAT’S the one they picked? I mean seriously, thank you, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages. Oh, Miranda… I mean, it’s not even a full panty it’s a thong. AHahahahahahaa!

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