Update: KORA

Thought I’d keep you updated with all the latest KORA news I keep getting.

I emailed Eco-Cert after I read Miranda was having an audit soon as I wanted to find out if she had finally put in a request for certification. THIS is their response. Now no one can argue that I inquired about KORA Skincare Products rather than KORA Organics because they know it’s Miranda Kerr so everything they have told me is correct.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 15, 2010.

59 Responses to “Update: KORA”

  1. Now that’s interesting seeing as she just mentioned eco-cert on her KORA fb recently.

  2. Thanks for this! Lying on small things who don’t involve other people and their money or interests is one thing but fraud is way more serious. And claiming your product had quality that it actually doesn’t have is fraud and also an example of misleading advertising.

    • Everything that KORA is you can find else where for a much cheaper price. I will grant her that Rose Hip Oil does work, however I bought i from the brand that I have been using and it’s much more well known (Mario Badescu) then her little brand.

      I would never take her advice because what she suggests for people that have the same skin type as me would actually make my skin worse. She automatically assumes that everyones skin is the same because they have the same skin type. Example, I’m Combination/Oily during the Summer/Spring and Combination/Dry during fall/winter, but I have very sensitive skin. For Combination/Oily she suggests her foaming cleanser, and for Normal/Sensitive she suggests cream cleanser, the problem with that is, I cannot have anything that has any sort of soap or soap like foaming, they both dry my skin out badly. I need to have a gel cleanser, which has no foaming agent or soap agent.

      So, really and truly, her suggestions are poor, and she does not take into consideration that everyone has their own skin type, not a one is the same.

  3. Go girl!
    Now I wait for her to explain THIS!
    Next we hear is that AA is still having no documents from her. LOL

  4. Oh dear!!! HAHAHAHA!!! This is just too funny! Kudos to you again Kerrazy lies!! xxx She really wants to watch it because this will get serious if she doesnt stop this crap. She cant have an audit as she claimed because EcoCert would have said so and not be seemingly angry about this! Which leads me to the big question:


    It is actually making me wonder what is REALLY in her products if she isnt going through the process

    • Maybe cos the main ingredients in her “highest quality ingredients” is bullshit and she knows it’ll never get approved by EcoCert?

      I guess she feels she’s so important that she’ll get away with whatever crap she spins and no one can do anything about it.

      If she was a cartoon character, all we’d hear when she opens her mouth is a high-pitched whine and literally *see* the word LIES come pouring out.

      • I was thinking the same thing! To me what else can it be, otherwise she would have applied a long time ago. Her fat headed self importance makes me want to puke!

        lmao I can just see her like that!!! 😀

    • One of the reasons why she hasn’t started the certification process could be the costs of it, I guess it isn’t exactly cheap. Normally I’d expect a serious company to get the certification BEFORE you launch a product like any other company is doing. But that’s what happens when ignorants try to run a business – failure is close. Even if she’ll get the certification now she’d have to change all the bottles and packages to have the label printed on which also would mean a little investment on her side. Of course she could just unpack everything and put the labels on manually …

  5. Wow this is just awesome. Though you should tell them that she is in LA at the moment. No idea of course if she is staying at OB’s house or somewhere else.

    • I think as her kora business is based in oz, that is where they would have to send it.

      • She isn’t following the yellow brick road though, she veered off it a LONG time ago.

        I don’t understand why the e-mail would take so long, unless KORA has a poor server, it’s had to be upgraded a few times.

      • @Rik- I think they meant mail as in postal mail and not email.

      • Well, I just had a doh moment then. ._.

  6. Im a long time lurker and Ive been stealing your stuff to take over to facebook to show her dimwit fans what shes really like, hope you dont mind. Either way, its failing, they are all too wrapped up in her cute and wonderfullness. Let them get on with it i say, you can lead a horse to water…
    Great blog, appreciate the hard work, sorry for pinching your stuff but i was really angry but I wont be going back to her kora facebook anymore. My head is sore from banging it against a brick wall.

    • Welcome 🙂

      And, no problems about using our evidence, you are very welcome. I think her fans that can’t see the truth are ones that have only one brain cell and are blinded by her fake down to earth bullshit.

      Thanks for the compliment too, hope you stick around 🙂

      • Thanks very much. I do keep coming back as you always seem to have more stuff to post lol I dont like her anymore but i dont hate her eitehr but it does make compelling reading. I think she really is a bit nutty.

    • I can understand. It is really amazing to see how people believe everything she says (or writes) even when it is so senseless and clearly useless. But yet again, to like her, they can’t be much smarter than her. If she really wants to help people, as she constantly claims, it is ok, it’s wonderful, but lying surely doesn’t help and just raises her pockets.

      • That is so true and something that really annoyed me. i was going to buy some Kora for my (now ex) girlfriend but then stumbled across something somewhere (cant remember where) that said it was all a lie then i noticed what she saying wasnt fitting. to be honest, i think my girlf would have been annoyed if Id have bought her some kora haha i dont believe many women would like such crap. I know I wouldnt like my girlf buying me shit brad pitt endorsed, id think “so you want me to be like him?” lol

      • LOL That is why that “love guaranteed” pack irritates me, I mean WTF? LOVE GUARANTEED???? What a pile of bollocks that is! I think I prefer to always buy my own skincare products rather than my partner buying me some, he can buy me other things lol

      • exactly, its like “you saying i need skin care or summat?” haha i have seen Miranda say “i promise it will help you honey” its terrible. one more thing, i was thinking after reading this blog that maybe miranda doesnt know everything that goes on. the amount of times miranda has signed off as therese makes me think is it always/mostly therese on there so maybe its therese getting her into this mess?

      • Her promises irk me, she has no right “promising” that her creams wull help because all skins are so different, put it this way, looking at the ingredients in her creams I would most probably come out in a rash (I have used creams with similar ingredients and that has happened) but what is the betting if I asked on FB, “I have sensitive skin, that is also combination skin, prone to spots” she would no doubt tell me it would be perfect for me and promise that it will help my skin, Hell, I am even allergic to pure Aloe Vera that is how sensitive and strange my sin is lol

      • @nefratiti Consider this, she says water infused with rosequartz works wonders or is a miracle worker. It goes hand in hand with the ball of white light. ;x

      • LOL! You are right there!! And who wants to bet that is just normal water that hasnt had any rosequartz in it?

    • Like they say ‘Can’t cure stupid’. I can say when people are so into a delusion no matter what proof/evidence you have they will not believe it. You can have video of her saying/doing horrible things and people will still defend her.

      • True, She’s been called out telling lies more than once and still people believe her crap. She is a model, she may be good or not at her job, but she is no doctor, so she should keep doing what she does. that is posing naked or in underwear and nothing else.

    • I saw you on her fb the other day. I was going to friend you, but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself, as apparently I’m being watched by her “lawyer”… Lol welcome indeed

    • Hi Paul, I don’t mind if you take our stuff lol It’s there for everyone to see so no probs.

  7. WOW! Geil!
    (sorry, have forget to translate 😉 ) I mean:

    Super! Awesome!

    I’m wordless and anxious to see, what happen at next. 🙂

  8. “but unfortunately it takes a long time to send a mail to Australia”

    – she said “A” mail – which I understand as sending an email and not via snail mail. But even if this was send via mail letter – you wouldn’t think such a letter takes two weeks from the US to OZ?
    Either way, this reeks of Kora (or rather Miranda) trying to sit the matter out. Like an ostrich, head-in-sand – Just Go Away!
    Seems a pattern of behaviour with her, as we’ve seen it before many times. And hopefully it will bite her in the @$$ this time.

  9. It takes approximately 7 days by regular airmail to get a letter or small package from Australia to the US (doesn’t matter if it’s the West or East Coast – I’ve done both) and around the same time to get a letter from the US to Australia. (Unless you’re posting a parcel from the US to Oz at Christmas time, then it takes weeks!).

    And if she’s talking about email and it takes weeks to get an email to Australia, then she needs a new email server and a faster internet connection.

    • I dont have much knowledge of postal stuff but Eco Cert is in France, would this take any longer to send a postal message to KORA in Oz?

      • I wouldn’t have thought so. I’ve posted letters and parcels to the UK and to Europe from Oz and it generally takes the same period of time – 7 days. Maybe a little longer from Europe back to Oz – perhaps up to 10 days at most. I get letters and cards from friends in Europe that are postmarked 7 days previous to me receiving them. There’d probably be an express airmail service (at a cost of course) as well.

      • That’s what I thought too. It seems they probably contacted her via mail the very first time that kerrazy lies reported her to them and no doubt she probably is ignoring it so she can drag it out, if they have sent her another postal communication. no doubt she is doing the same.

  10. O/T: Does anyone believe that they don’t know the gender of the baby? I get the feeling that Dingho would like to know early to be able to set up everything.

    • I think they do know because during the 60 Mins interview she kind of slipped up. According to the transcript on the 60 Mins site, this is what was said:

      CHARLES WOOLEY: Do you know whether it’s a little Orlando or a little Miranda?

      MIRANDA KERR: No, we’re keeping it a little –

      CHARLES WOOLEY: A big secret?

      MIRANDA KERR: Keeping it, yeah, a secret, a surprise.

      I could be wrong but she sounds like they are keeping it secret to me.

  11. Sorry for the OT but am I the only one who has isuess to access Delphi? I tried different browsers but always got a blank page….

  12. It looks like Delphi is back.

  13. I LOVE YOU 😡

    Seriously, well done in all you have investigated in this, it has been priceless and for me the most blatant lie she has told and STILL tells to this day even though she has been caught, but she knows that these idiots who believe her word is like taking candy from a baby. People need to wise up and see this chick for what she is, this lie about the Certification is a bad one, because it is bordering on Fraud and false advertising, and that will land her in very hot water if she keeps it up, but the girls ego is so huge she can’t help herself in bigging up her Kora as being certified or they have the audit to be certified, she is stupid, but people like her always get their come uppance in the end, there is no room for misunderstanding here either, as anyone can see that it is all FACT.

  14. How nice that the shippers support this kind of woman, one who lies to people just so tjey will buy her skincare range. This cannot be explained away because they can check with ecocert themselves the screenshots prove what Miranda said to them that it was certfied/in the process, a lot of the people who asked her KNOW what she replied yo them about it being certified.

    Of course they dare not say anything about this because she is Orlando’s wife and baby momma, but this has NOTHING to do with Orlando I don’t think he is even aware of her claims or about Kora as a whole- she could have him fooled like she has fooled so many of you lot- he has hardly spent time with her these past 3 years, so how would he know the REAL her? Think about it, if men knew what some women were really like there would be no such thing as decent men getting fooled by golddiggers, famewhores etc, and there would be no men who would be divorcing these kind of women once they do find out, but look around Hollywood is full if this and this happens all the time, Orlando isnt above being fooled by a woman putting on an act, he isnt the cleverest guy is? Still when the shit hits the fan and they split- then what? I cannot wait to see you guys reaction. But for now, live in your dream worlds, you have FACTS here that you cannot dispute about her, all adding up and making her a crappy person, but of course Orlando could never get involved with a woman like that, or a woman who makes sure she gets pregnant so she can make sure he doesnt dump her anytime soon- nah, not Orlando!

    • Consider that, if they still are her fans, then they don’t have to be way smarter than she is.
      What impresses me is this: they think we are jealous of course and fat and vicious and bla bla bla but they keep on coming here or on other sites where it is known people have certains ideas and this makes no sense. There are communities out there about this couple and boards who love her more than him now, so just go over there, and have fun!

      • THIS!! So true. Thats why it can only be what we say hits a nerve otherwise, why does it matter who likes her and who doesn’t? Plenty of boards out there for shippers like you said!

      • It’s curious isn’t it? They feel the need to come here or any other place that doesn’t support OB/MK and make a scene so to speak, yet you don’t see any of us going over to their boards/communities that are obviously marked OB/MK friendly and making a scene.

        Although, there are shippers out there, that understand others will have difference of opinion and that not everyone out there is going to like MK.

      • @Rik
        You don’t even have the time to try to make a scene in those place, cause even if you try to speak your mind in a polite way, they ban you, so no problem! They’re not very democratic with people who disagree!

      • Why would we be jealous of her when there are some real gorgeous women out there with gorgeous partners and a seemingly perfect life?? I stopped thinking orlando was a hot piece a long time ago, I was jealous of kate bosworth, because she has a beautiful face and had him at his hottest- I admitted that back then too, now it is just a case of knowing she has lied about so much and proving it- that’s all I am here for now as I find it amazing and I would never have believed she was such a fake liar if I had not seen such cast iron proof that we have, if I found out that any celebrity was lying big time and had proof like we do here, then I would post it in the appropriate places whether I liked them or not, I am sick to the back teeth of these celebrities lying to their fans/people all the time.

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