Poor Nan Kerr (FB Round Up)

Miranda was on Facebook tonight typing… which is strange as she said she couldn’t sign books because she was pregnant yet how can she type? *face palm*

First off, she went on a bit too much about Nan Kerr and her B12 shot, as you can see (in no particular order):

B12 1, B12 2, B12 3, B12 4, B12 5. All these times on top of her mentioning it before today and Therese mentioning it today also. Miranda apparently gave Nan Kerr the shot to help her with jetlag so does that mean Nan doesn’t have B12 usually if you are using it for a specific reason? If Nan is usually on it, why give her it before the interview if she acts this way. If she doesn’t usually act this way, then maybe it wasn’t the B12? Miranda even quoted Nan as saying (in one of the caps above), “why are you giving me this B12 love?” is that an admittance she doesn’t usually have B12? If Nan isn’t usually on B12, then how have the Kerr’s got needles etc to give her these “shots”? This B12 stuff seems to be an excuse as to why Nan was acting the way she was, but I don’t get what she said that was so bad.

This brings me onto Nans shocking words. I had the sound off when watching 60 Minutes but have read what other people said Nan said and I don’t think she said anything bad or shocking. During the video, Miranda and Therese seem to look at each other and laugh AT Nan, not with her. I find it incredibly disrespectful and all the B12 stuff just make it look like both Miranda and Therese are ashamed of the way Nan behaved (or Nan full stop). As you can see, Miranda was, again, OTT about Nan and I don’t get why. OMGNAN! What did Nan say that would make her pass out? FFS!

Lastly, the big anorexia came up again but this time from someone who said several months ago people called Miranda anorexic, this was Miranda’s response. “If people saw what I eat… “, “I eat like a horse” and “I have a fast metabolism” are well known phrases that people with eating disorders say but you could see in the 60 Minutes she was eating with barely anything on her fork! Also, the girl who brought up this subject said how she had been bullied because she was thin and cried over it, did Miranda acknowledge this? No! Not once did she say “I’m so sorry to hear that” or “I would never condone any eating disorder” etc etc. Another opportunity missed Miranda dear but yet again, a young girl pours her heart out to Miranda and all Miranda can think about it how SHE can make a difference.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 15, 2010.

40 Responses to “Poor Nan Kerr (FB Round Up)”

  1. When I looked it up, B12 is considered an energy shot. Which I’m surprised they give someone of her age, if she doesn’t have a B12 deficiency. Why didn’t they just give her a red bull instead.

    • Very true but how have the family got hold of needles and the such? Weird. I also heard all the Kerrs are on B12 shots and just noticed someone saying B12 can be linked to weight loss also so I can guess why Miranda is on it if that is true lol

      • B12 increases metabolism, the side effect of which can be weight loss. With regular B12 shots and a combination of other weight loss regimens, people have reported to lose weight much faster and they attribute it to the shot.

        Therese said that she and Miranda have them regularly.

      • Also a side note to consider, it is not recommended to self inject vit b12 at home by Physicians, I would presume because people can overdose, so the fact she does and the side effect is weight loss says it all.

      • Considering this says a lot about the use of B12 as a weight loss.

      • Side Effects of B12 Injections.

  2. So what did Nan say?

    • As far as I know Gran said the following:

      She was shocked when Miranda signed up to VS “Not my Miranda” (probably because it is underwear modelling)

      She told how when people tell her Miranda is in a magazine she goes and buys it and is “costing her a fortune”

      She said that like any couple she has heard Miranda and orlando argue but they always make up with hugs after, and that he is gentle with miranda-so far and a nice guy.

      I am not aware of anything else, so i don’t get why they are acting as if she said something bad.

      • What got me is the “costing me a fortune”. I know where I work, when the restaurants are featured in a magazine, our PR guy receives copies to hand out to the owners. I’m sure the same goes for Miranda, she probably receives copies herself of the magazines she’s on the covers for and mentioned in if it’s not a little blurp. Why couldn’t she just give Nan Kerr a copy, better yet, why couldn’t Therese give her a copy.

      • @Rik, the way Miranda loled at the “costing a fortune” comment, its like she doesnt want people to think her nan is poor or anything. I cant see Miranda giving out any of her magazines because she probably has them sprawled all over her own walls.

      • I agree! She should get free magazines to give to friends/family so that is weird.

        I have to wonder IF her and Orlando are fake, do you think granny Kerr knows anything? or do you reckon that they act like a real couple to her in case she “tells it like it is?”

      • Probably wallpaper.

      • @nef, if they are a fake couple or not what they seem to whatever extent, I dont think they would be able to tell nan about it because she seems like this motor mouth who talks and talks and the way Miranda says she was worried about what nan would say indicates to me that she either speaks before she thinks or maybe nan knows something that Miranda is worried about her spilling lol

      • I do agree with that, but on the other hand how awful must it be to lie to your grandparents that you are “real” with someone if you aren’t? I know i could never do that. Of course that is an IF, but I can see Granny running her mouth off to anyone who will listen, after all didnt MK say tonight that she had been on the Radio?? I wonder what that was about.

      • @nef, you mean THIS? Yeah, seems Nan Kerr is the one the media run to. Could it be because they know she has a loose tongue? lol

    • Honestly, she didn’t say anything horrid, probably what you’d expect a grandmother to say.

  3. What I am not getting is this B12 shit is this: In one comment Miranda says she has Gran there and is showing her the 60mins interview and gran says to her :”why did you give me that b12 shot,love?” as if that is why gran Kerr is going on and on and on, yet in another comment Miranda says that she always “says it like it is” as if she is like that all the time, so I’m not getting why they are “blaming” the B12 injection on her talking a lot and so bluntly :/

    They seem really “guilty” with the OTT mentioning of this B12 thing as if they are ashamed of her like you say, I also was shocked how in the video they looked at one another and laughed at her and were so disrespectful towards her, I HATE it with a passion when people treat older people like that, it is so patronising. To be quite honest I don’t get why they had granny kerr on, they could have done it just her and Therese (love Therese’s overly botoxed face-woah!) I find it odd how Miranda’s father and brother havent seen her since before she married either, it is very odd considering she is pregnant, wouldn’t they WANT to see her at a time like that rather than waiting for Christmas, that’s why I find it hard to believe she is really close to her father.

    Her response to the girl is disgusting, so self absorbed, she doesn’t give a shit that this girl is telling her something that has upset her, all Miranda cares for is people who buy her book and Kora range and tell her how good it is, she should be ashamed of herself.

    I noticed the empty fork when I watched it and found it hilarious, she really looks freaky throughout that whole interview her eyes are further apart than ever and her face is like Stay Puft ghost’s more than ever!

    • I think there’s been a lot cut out and wasn’t shown, there was a small blurp where Nan Kerr was starting about something and then it cut to something else.

      The looks Therese and Miranda exchange when she said that their men should be there was also interesting as well.

      The empty fork killed me, then she’s trying to act like she had a large amount of food in her mouth by over chewing.

      • You are probably right that a lot has been cut out- if only we could see the unedited version!! lol

        I know, it is very odd. I don’t get what was so needed to have Gran there? Why wasn’t it Miranda, Therese, John and Matty? And maybe orlando? lol That is the main family unit of Miranda so why not? It is odd how John has stayed away from seeing his daughter since the last time she went to oz, especially when she is pregnant, what father does that, especially when Therese has visited her twice since she found out she was preg?

        I know!! The chewing nothing killed me too! That should be made into a gif and posted all over the internet!!

      • Make a gif with “if people saw what I eat”. ;x

      • A GIF will have to be made!!! Watch this space 😉

      • Whoooo!

    • Hmm true, never thought of that! So either Nan is this “tell it as it is” lady all the time or she’s just like it when on B12, which is it? My gran can say some embarassing things but if she did, I wouldn’t blame it on the 4 pints of gin she had earlier.

      I know, terrible isnt it, she just cant acknowledge how bad eating disorders are can she!

      • Exactly- as per usual they contradict themselves!

        She again had the PERFECT opportunity to say something about eating disorders, yet she goes on about herself and what people say about her, I hope that poor girl who messaged her can see that she doesn’t give a fuck about her!

  4. So this B12…it’s like …crack? It makes you awake AND encourages weight loss? Where the hell can I get this!? I am seeing my naturopath on Wednesday, perhaps I should bring it up! lol

    • LOL I was just thinking the same.

    • i diont think my doc would let me inject myself with that stuff but ti sounds like speed or somethign

    • I once took B12 supplement (in pill form), and it had me wired and made me very jittery. My doctor told me not to take it as it wasn’t something I needed.

      Honestly, she gave Nan a B12 shot, yet the interviewer, Charles, she suggests awake tea or whatever for jet lag. Interesting no?

      • Poor old nan!! She could be injecting anything in her! Very interesting though. Shame she didnt inject Charles in the ass too.

      • If Nan Kerr was taking any type of medication (and I don’t mean Noni juice) the B12 shot could have interacted with it. When my Grandfather was alive, his doctors needed to know what sort of supplements he took so they knew what NOT to give him.

  5. I think Anne Kerr is kick ass. I think she is great. she sees really honest and sweet. the best kerr out the lot ❤ i do think it is disgusting the wasy she looks when she is putting the empty falk in her mouth, like she hates food. Miranda kerr eats air, yeah! Im also pretty angry at her ignoring that poor young girl. the first thing id be saying is im so sorry, peopel can be cruel but im sure you are beautiful regardless etc etc but she just goes on abotu how SHE (MIRANDA) cant please everyone blah! SELF CENTERED

  6. Seems like MK was a little OOC tonight example. I don’t recall her ever using “u” for you before. Perhaps I’m wrong. But it begs the question, was someone else from her team masquerading as her tonight then?

    • Good catch! I don’t think I recall her using “text speak” like U before :/ I would guess with text speak its Matty.

      • Really OOC now that I look back at it, of course the one “fuck you Miranda” was amusing ;x

    • With “U” I would say Matty but not sure Matty could keep up with the ethereal way Miranda talks when all he probably wants to say is “FUUUUUUUUUCK” lol Maybe thats why “her” chat tonight was very short and sweet. Unless she has used it before and Ive not noticed.

      • I haven’t noticed it before, I do think it’s Matty because looking back at his posts he makes those little faces.

    • Yesterday was definitely not MK [proof].

      • Good catch yet again Rik!! 🙂

        I see it is the american spelling on the one last night, I wonder, because matty went to a Canadian university in Vancouver, is it possible he picked up the american/canadian spellings, as in Australia and the uk it is spelt with an “S” rather than a “z”.

  7. I see some similarities in how they treat Anne, to how my family treat my Grandmother, and I hate it, what happens in life that dictates that once a human being gets past a certain age that younger family members begin to patronise and belittle that person as if they were a child or were a few sandwiches short of a picnic? I defy anyone here to say that if they were over 60 that they would like being treat how Anne is by her daughter in Law and Granddaughter in this video and by what Miranda and Therese say everywhere else- how they treat her all the time. I don’t find anything wrong with Anne, in fact I like her, she seems very astute and doesn’t see what is wrong with being truthful, she is a straight talking, no shit Australian,- unlike the rest of her family. Watching this interview infuriated me because the disrespect and laughing at poor Anne, made me very sad, here was a woman who is “all there”, yet they laugh at her as if she is a joke and miranda acts as if she is a huge embarassment to her, so much so that she has to make it clear EVEN BEFORE THE INTERVIEW AIRED- that Anne “never shut up because I injected her with B12”- that is cruel, because it is a lie as in the next breath AFTER the show aired Miranda more or less says that is how she always is. What also infuriated me was Miranda’s patronising talk about her Grandmother about the way she dresses and said something about her “being a “little fashion icon” wearing little high heels -bless her”- how ridiculous is that? Why shouldn’t Anne wear high heels? Why shouldn’t she make an effort in her appearance, is it because she is over 60 that she shouldn’t? I pity Anne, because it seems Miranda only “gets her out” when she serves a purpose ie: talking to the press about things Miranda wants talked about, she once said about a year ago that she thought Miranda shouldn’t marry as she was too young, and there are “plenty of men out there” -or words to that effect, and I think recently in the “wedding” interviews Anne seemed very sad that she had married without them, I feel very sorry for Anne, I have to say.

    • THIS! So hard!

      When Nan Kerr was saying her first opinion when she found out about Miranda joining VS, and Miranda reaction as “oh great!” overly exaggerated. She should have just kept quite, this is how every grandparent would view something like that. They see you as a little child who would once climb up onto their lap to read a book, or do a puzzle, not some grown up stripping off clothes and posing nude or in your panties.
      So much was obviously cut out, and I believe it may have been whatever secrets Anne knows, the exchanging of looks between Therese and Miranda says it all.
      As for the B12 shot, I think the constant mentions of it, almost allude to Miranda trying to post blame on anything weird in the interview on Anne, or perhaps it’s actual guilt

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