Miranda On The Radio

Thought I’d create a thread for those who want to discuss Miranda’s interview on radio today. I haven’t listened to it yet so please carry on without me but apparently she has killed the IQ of at least one of her fans when they listened to her.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 15, 2010.

30 Responses to “Miranda On The Radio”

  1. She says now she’s due in January, so we’ve gone from being due in January, to being due early 2011, to being due in a month (a la that 60 minute interview) to being due in January again.

    • So let me get this straight, she has verbally said two differing dates for the birth?

      • On her FB she has been saying she’s due in early 2011, on that 60 minute interview, the interviewer (forget his name) said she’s due in a month, and now in the radio interview she says she’s due in January 2011.

        She also said on her FB last night that she’s nearly 8 months.

        She discussed the wedding, and said it was JUST the two of them on the beach (in the Caribbean) for the “union” and that the witnesses were the people who were also on the beach. No mention of someone actually performing a ceremony.

  2. The guy, Kyle asks her about VS if she quit or not and her main response “I’m pregnant at the moment so I’m not parading around in my underwear.” She says she might go back or she’ll see how she goes after she’s finished being pregnant.

    Kyle also asked if the baby is really Orlando and she laughs and says something that you can’t really make out.

    But yes, your IQ will drop after hearing her talk.

  3. Thanks for listening to it Rik, I am going to bed soon and can’t bear to listen to that nightmare inducing voice, so thanks for that 🙂 xx

    So if their witnesses were members of the public, not ONE took a sly photo? or have said anywhere online they were there? NOT. ONE??? Very odd in this day and age- after all I can imagine it isnt everyday you get asked to witness a “union” between a huge movie star and superdupermodel right (sarcasm)?!

    This baby’s birth is all over the place and why? If she is nearly 8 months that means she is due in December, yet she is saying January on radio – something is mighty fishy about this, and I am still saying it is because she is going to have a caesarian in dec and cry “it came early for cwistmas” lol

    Aw I would love to know what she said after the laugh shame it cant be made out, but how did that laugh sound? just normal or like forced as if she was guilty?

    • Also meant to add, she says she is “pregnant so not parading about in her underwear” yet she has posed naked with her tits out-so don’t get what she is trying to get at there, as usual hypocrisy is her middle name.

      • It’s also a backhand insult to VS, her answer of “she might go back” is basically saying that she really doesn’t need them, but they need her.

      • How true. And her attitude angers me, makes me wonder all the more if she really been dropped by them, I really wouldn’t be surprised with what she said.

      • at Rik:

        I think it wont be her decision if she doesnt go back to VS.

      • No, it won’t be her decision, unless it’s been made and she’s bitter by it which is why her response was as such.

    • A normal pregnancy is said to be 40 weeks. 4 weeks to a month so that would be 10 months. But since most people don’t find out till after a month they never seem to count it. If she is almost 8 months then that is about week 32 so about 8 more to go.

      • I get what you are saying, but she is still saying next month in 60 minutes and then January on the radio :/ so weird lol

      • @Mystic This is why we’d rather her say how far she is in weeks rather than months so we can figure out her timeline. I know there’s a rumour somewhere that she’s also due in Feb. I read it over on Delphi, but I don’t recall the source of that.

    • She said the only way to keep the union private was to keep it private. *Cross eyed* I was wondering about the public being witnesses, but if there was no ceremony or no one performing the ceremony, one can only assume that they exchanged their own vows and there’s no marriage license then.

      She also mentions about wanting to buy a mold to do a casting of her belly; Kyle asks her who would do the mold and she says she would, wait not Orlando? Kyle says that she can get Orlando a mold for a certain organ, her laugh is rather uneasy at that.

      As for the laugh, it’s hard to tell because her phone cuts out, but it sounded fake imo.

      • LOL Typical her by not keeping it private! I am really back and forth on the whole marriage thing tbh, while none of what they say fits that much, I also think its possible that he would marry her so he had more legal rights to the child. But as my sister got married in the Caribbean on the beach- I know that 2 witnesses have to sign the wedding certificate, so she still isnt making sense with that lol

        Urgh who would want a cast of his little peen? but yes why not him wanting a cast of her belly, after all she looks “more beautiful then ever “according to him lol

        Also if someone said that to me “are you sure the baby is orlandos” I would have been offended and hung up, why on earth would you laugh and continue to talk to them, he is basically saying she is a slut! Yeah thats as maybe, but why wouldnt she be offended and hang up like anyone normal who was asked something like that? I bet she doesn’t even show any anger.

  4. Also a quick note, she has a new photo on her personal FB of her reading her book, she says on her KORA fb that it was taken at her home in LA. Just… I don’t know how any pregnant woman can possibly sit like that and be comfy.

  5. Love this back handed compliment on er kora facebook:

    “Dana Seaman: Mirandaaaa, your my favorite vicky secrets model not just bc your image, but bc of things you stand for and because you have features that are similar to mine that i used to hate until i found out about you!”

    that cheared me up.

  6. *Whistles*

    “Unless it comes early.”

    All I’m saying.

  7. Just listened to the interview and I had the feeling you all had that is the speaker was constantly trying to make fun of her and probably she didn’t even realize it or she did but didn’t care.

  8. This is part of the article in the Sydney Morning Herald

    I’ve taken my career as a model one step at a time and never had any expectations about where it would take me. I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I have had. There have been many great moments, from my start with Dolly to shooting Italian Vogue with Steven Meisel. But there have been plenty of challenging moments, too. At the beginning of my career, when I had moved to Paris, I considered giving it up. I was missing my friends and family and wasn’t sure I could handle all the uncertainty and rejection that comes with modelling. I owe it to my parents for reminding me that certain opportunities only come once and to not grab them only leads to regret.

    I thought she started modeling in Australia then went to New York o.O

    • Nothing is ever clear…!

      • She also says she wants a happy life and a healthy baby. To me it should be “-a happy married life and a healthy baby.”

        ;x I could say that perhaps Orlando was just the sperm donor.

  9. I only have one thing to say on this, the fact she LAUGHED when he asked if Orlando was really the father tells me all I need to know about this waste of space, it is like she gets some kind of kick from being called a slut. Any self respecting woman would have been utterly furious and would have slammed that telephone down on that guy! But Miranda obviously doesn’t mind at all! Makes you wonder!

    • That’s what bothered me the most, she laughed. If she wanted to be the bigger person, even if it was a rude joke, she could have merely said of course rather than laughing. I actually have seen some of her fans finding it amusing that the host even had the balls to ask her something like that (any of her fans that are mothers though wanted to tear him limb from limb). Well, obviously the host (although utterly rude from my understanding) must know something about the affirmation princess to even think of asking her that.

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