Shocked Or Proud?

Regarding Orlando’s “Explosiv” Interview – I’ve just watched it and had to admit his expression when he saw her bare ass bump shoot wasn’t one of pride (in my opinion). I don’t think I saw a smile cross his face (before and after, yes). If I saw a photo of my partner like that and if I was proud of them, I’d beam, no question. His facial expression was nothing close to beaming (again, in my opinion). I watched the video without sound as I don’t know German, I didn’t see a point. If (for arguments sake) he knew nothing of this shoot – why? Don’t they communicate? Did she not think to tell/ask him? While it may be her body, this is his baby too and that is what the shoot was, supposedly, about.

Here is the video for those who haven’t seen it yet:

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 14, 2010.

78 Responses to “Shocked Or Proud?”

  1. Can I just laugh at this whole thing? I can’t feel any pity for him because he should have found out what she was long before he took the risk to eff her and get her up the duff, so good, i hope he is miserable, you reap what you sew. I don’t think he is really happy but its tough luck, he is stuck with her and his “family”- nice that he calls them that -its obvious his own family isnt going to spend xmas with them otherwise he would have said so instead of mentioning Therese, which is a huge sign that they may not be happy with him and his situation, and if they arent well things must be bad considering how dysfunctional they are.

    • You know its a bad state of affairs when you have seen him look at womens breasts that much he is almost salivating, yet his own wife brings out an odd reaction.

      • lol I’m saying nothing!

        Also, to those crazies who think the interviewer was evol to have shown Orlando that picture, A: he could have said “no” to seeing it (maybe he didnt know it was going to be so bad?), B: he could have refused to speak about it at all (after all, it’s meant to be sacred. Oh no, thats the wedding!), C: he could have asked for there not to be so many zooms of her horrid blacmange breasts (oh yes, he had no say!), D: maybe she just shouldn’t have posed for it in the first place? Why is it so wrong to show a picture dear, sweet Miranda has willingly posed for anyway? Maybe it’s because they didn’t like his reaction but don’t want to admit it.?

      • Is that what people are saying?? How is it evil of them when she has bloody posed for the thing in the first place??

        Looking at all the other photos in that magazine her’s looks totally out of place, she should have been dressed and had Orlando in it, seeing as though it was about FAMILY.

      • @KerrazyLies: Exactly! It wasn’t the journalist who posed naked and I don’t think anyone forced Miranda to do that, so the one to ‘blame’ for this it’s her. He was in Germany for an important event, for a charity award and MK provided the media a stupid and tacky excuse to talk about her.
        Well done, she succeeded, once again!

    • The full clip that aired at RTL and tons of caps up here:

  2. I thought, after reading what people were saying he said in this video, I was expecting a huge grin and him saying that he was proud and she is beautiful with so much warmth, he seems as wooden and dead as a stabbed pinnochio puppet! I don’t think he was aware of her doing this, or the fact she is naked, I wonder where he stands on the pregnant woman stuff, is he one that does really find his pregnant wife so beautiful and radiant (the video says no) or is he the one who gets put off his wife and all thins sexual? The way he talks about Christmas he sounds like Santa pissed in his cornflakes, I don’t know why they celebrate Christmas when they are SGI buddhists (most do not like Christianity) .
    I always thought that when Orlando got married and had a pregnant wife, I thought we would see a happy Orlando reminiscent of the excited, almost little boy joy we saw in the early days like in the LOTR’S days, after all the is how he obviously acts when he is really, truly happy and excited, yet he is very solemn and low key about it. I think he has ruined his life and he knows it, having a child that hasn’t been planned/and/or maybe she has forced upon him isn’t nice for anyone.

    • That’s what I was curious about if they celebrate Christmas or not. Then again, she was the first to mention Christmas…

    • I thought he would be like that too once he settled down, but he has been so “meh” about everything, it is like that old joke about once men get married they have a sad life lol

      Yeah I’m sure they do celebrate christmas like anyone else really.

    • Exactly. I guess he has ruined his life and he has done it with the worst person in the world to do it. He will be embarrashed and regreted about that marriage over and over again. As far as she wants to exhibit herself and get cash he will have to go through it. I wonder why he didn’t demand to sign marriage settements limiting her voracious ambition and her wish to sell the kid, who is their kid.
      About American LInes… I can’t believe she is soooo stupid and checky. Did she really think that American lines wouldn’t say a word about that??? it was a matter of time. I wouldn’t like to be insulted by MK
      and bear all the things she says that are to their discredit? Can’t she lie in a better way? such woman! I can’t believe it. She always suprises me!

      • Welcome πŸ™‚

        He sure has ruined his life, and the fast aging in his face shows that, this past 6 months he has aged fast, stress is a known cause, and what apart from unhappiness can be stressing him out like this? Especially since we have seen that he isnt bouncy and glowing like any other father to be would be

  3. He comes across emotionless when viewing that photo and speaking about Christmas. I don’t know much about Buddhism, but do they even celebrate Christmas?

    And as it would seem, the story of how they met has changed yet again [proof], Miranda is now saying they met four years ago in LA, says that she knew he was someone special, even though she was playing hard to get, and still with Jay?

    • I was reading somewhere that she didn’t know who he was when they first met. She can’t keep a story straight. Again.

      • Oh come on! Everyone knew who Orlando Bloom was 4 years ago. Whether it was for LoTR or Pirates, everyone knew him and everyone in her age group especially.

        You can say now that Orlando Bloom is not a house hold name and the shippers jump on you and tell you how wrong you are yet if he is a house hold name like they claim, then Miranda would have known who he was. So which is it shippers?

      • She might be trying to insinuate that she was in fact the house hold name and he was the unknown.

      • Oh really? I remember an interview with her saying she always thought he was cute even before she met him…. Interesting. Which one is it then? I am pretty sure it would have been impossible to be her age and NOT know who he was…but then again, she could have been self absorbed then too.

      • I didn’t know she said that, but I can imagine her fancying him before she met him especially as she said she “prefers” Will turner lol

    • This is fucked, so she was with Jay eight months after she had met this special Orlando??? I think 4 years is right as the VS show was Nov 2006 and held in LA so that bit could be right, but it doesn’t alter the fact she was with Jay, and putting it across that she always had loved Orlando kind of thing, wow poor Jay, I cannot believe he is still friends with this woman (according to him being friends with her on Facebook that is)

      Seriously she was calling Jay the love of her life in July 2007 for godsake why the hell did she do that if she was going to get with Orlando 2 months later and had thought he was something special???

      • Never try to use logic when it comes to them. πŸ˜‰

      • It is fucked, and no wonder people think these two were screwing on the side behind Jay’s back! I just can’t believe she is stupid enough to think her fans will have forgotten she was with Jay for so long after meeting Orlando. I knew that they had met at the Victoria’s Secretions after party because it was said in the media he was there that night, I reckon he went on the sole purpose of finding that model girlfriend he had always wanted from being younger, he saw her, probably liked what he saw, saw she was easy, obviously she wasn’t going to turn him down, no matter what she says and I bet they fucked that night, and after that saw one another when they could till she split with Jay, that is how I think it happened because it would explain why she got with Orlando so fast after dumping Jay (a month) and ho these two knew each other enough to do that. I think she knew full well who he was because in Australia everyone knew who he was thanks to Lord of the rings!
        I think she covered herself with the “asked for my number and said no he kept asking me out and I said no I had someone”- translation = I gave him my number the morning after us fucking each others brains out all night, and after that snuck around behind Jay’s back when we could meet up for sex, she was saying her version so Jay and the world didn’t think they had been cheating, but now she doesn’t seem to give a damn by what she is saying.

      • @Calpurnia I think it depends on what version of events you believe, her version, an affair happened or they made that up and they met when she signed a contract to be his showmance partner. All I know is there were stories the night after the VS show saying he was at the afterparty, there were never any photos of him there of course, even though every other celebrity was accounted for in photographs, he wasn’t, which at the time, I found most odd, if you err to the side of it all being a fake contracted relationship one could argue his name was dropped there ready for their “first meeting”.

        My take on them having an affair, it is highly possible of course, but then why did Carlii stick up for Miranda if she was cheating on her brother? Why would she say “they aren’t together -yet/at this stage”, when Miranda was still with Jay? Why would Jay still be on OK terms with her? Those are the things that don’t 100% fit with them having an affair.

        Of course we come down to the simple fact that they cant have been 100% fake because she is pregnant with probably his baby so to me at most they were fuckbuddies.

      • They could have very well signed a publicity contract, I actually believe that, but I also believe that they were fuckbuddies as well, might as well get something out of a contract, no? A lot points to this pregnancy possibly being planned, more towards her part. Weren’t there rumors she was giving him ultimatums left and right for marriage? She finally found a way to sucker him into it, and the cost, some poor child that hasn’t been born yet.

        Interestingly enough, I spoke to a friend regarding her pregnancy, and she told me that she didn’t realize she was pregnant until she was two months along. Her doctor also told her that most women don’t realize it until that far along either. It’s a theory yes, but if Miranda says she found out she was knocked up in May, then if you go by the theory, she would have had to conceive at either the end of March or at some point in April.

      • I’m with you on that too, i believe the same thing- fuckbuddies with showmance thrown in lol

        It is a shame she isnt talking in weeks instead of months then we could work out when she conceived it, it is very suspect that she isnt talking in weeks as all pregnant women go by weeks. If you remember about late april/mid may there was an article that said she was prtegnant and they were going to marry, looking back at that now that is very fast to start leaking it to tabloid rags, how the hell would she know that soon? I remember thinking then “hmm, i wonder if she is” because they used the Paris pics and said in these pics he proposed because she was pregnant, i found it in bad taste too because it was too early to be leaking it to the press when she wasnt anywhere near 3 months, after all that has happened now, it had to be her leaking it to the tabloid press.

      • Most likely Carlii leaking it. Odd how there were very few candids of her in April, while at the events she attended, she does look rather… odd? Take into consideration the Victoria’s Secret Beauty Heavenly Flowers launch (April 24th), Alessandra and Candice are doing their VS flirtatious thing, while she looks like she’s about to either pass out or be sick. Same goes for Christie’s Green Auction event (April 22nd) and Minnie Mortimet Event (April 8th), doesn’t look so sickly, but something seems off.

      • I remember then because she was so miserable, which wasn’t like her at all and not doing the usual “showing off” thing, it is hard to work out a timeline but I’m going to go for her conceiving in late march, I have no idea if she was with him then or not lol

      • The candids show that they were together, but who knows how many times these two have split, but kept public appearances up. She only had one event in March, which was for VS all on the 25th.

      • Thought so. I think it his only for the simple reason she may not have dared take the risk getting pregnant with anyone else in case orlando demanded a dna test.

      • Maybe that’s why his family is out of the picture? Heaven forbid they go against the heavenly angel Miranda and her fluffball of white light Frankie.

      • Probably, but I don’t get why he wouldn’t listen to them, he has a close family unit, he has Bast on his doorstep in LA, I don’t get why he would choose her ans the baby over his own family, it is strange. He was apparently seen in a pub in the UK today (don’t know whereabouts) on Twitter, and he has been to the UK a few times recently, I wonder if his family are indeed staying away from him and told him to get on with it? But thinking how Sonia seems to be with him, I don’t believe she could let him do that or have him out of her life.

        PS:Still cannot believe that white ball of light BS LOL!!

      • If Carliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii was the one spreading the pregnancy rumor is May then why was she saying Miranda wasn’t pregnant as far as she knew? Oh yeah….. silly me. It’s like “they arent together yet” all over again lol

      • LMAO!! Exactly, carlii is a shit publicist!!!

      • Wasn’t it mentioned that Miranda was Carli’s one and only client?

      • Yes, but that isnt true I dont think, Carlii is a pr for her own brother (lol) Jay and his band tamarama, some fella called Dr De martini, and I THINK underwear model Jessica Michiba. Obviously looking at her clients she NEEDS Miranda as she is the BEST one she has, wonder if Miranda will ever get rid of her, I mean 4 clients?? LMAO!!!

      • I’m also friends with her on FB and I certainly don’t love her. I like reading her nonsense for a laugh. lol

      • LMAO!! I don’t blame you, she is good for a laugh, her facebook has been priceless and I for one can’t thank her enough for it πŸ˜‰

    • I would think she knew him as he was the heart throb for her age group really, after LOTR, Pirates and even Ned Kelly, I am sure she would be aware of who he was, she seems very interested in pop culture and celebrity so yes I would bet money that she knew who he was.

    • How on earth can she lie so cheeckily and shamelessly???’ it is insulting for people. That’s a proof that she doesn’t care a damn about the people, not even for those who visit her site and treat her as she was honest and sincere. How aren’t people aware of the fact she is pulling their legs and making money on their account so cheeckily???? people are blind or what???
      and what about the dress showing through in her last pic of pregnancy??? is that because she is proud of carrying a baby??? she is showing her legs!!! puke shame on you!

  4. LMAO, his expression when he first looked at that piece of paper, presumably with her nekkid piccie with those grossly distended nipples is absolutely priceless. He looked like he was about to hurl.

  5. i remember watching an episode of CSI, Las Vegas where Catherine was saying that when she was interviewing a witness, the witness kept rolling her eyes to the left and that indicated that they were making up a fake story. Supposedly, if someone was trying to remember an incident, they’d look to the right. Does anyone know if this is true fact? If it is, I wonder what Whorely trying to spin in the interview…

    • I heard something similar on NCIS. That if (I think) look down and to the left you are lying. I don’t remember exactly but it was something like that.

    • Here’s something I found.

    • yes, it is write. If has to do with cerebral hemispheres. You can read more about body language in some good sites about the subject. Plus you can check it up in Paul Ekman who is an expert on the matter. He has written a book “Telling lies” and “unmaskind the face” in which you can find a lot of info about that. But, anyway, you don’t need to read too much to know how unhappy he is and how tired and stressed he looks like. hope it is of some help

      • It is clearly to see for all those who don’t wear pink glasses. The shippers claim he was embrassed/uncomfy because he was asked after he had seen the pic for the first time and ‘handled it perfect’. LOL
        To me it looked like he was wishing to be somewhere else. I still wonder why no one told him about the pic before. It was all over the net for about two days when the interview took place. You would think that the proud daddy to be would know this pic. Whether it was sended to him via MMS to his BB or his assistant/pr person or Bast could have showed him.
        And if it was indeed taken when they were in Paris then he wasn’t present at the shoot. Otherwise he would have known that she was nekkid.
        I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall when he was back in LA and asked her about it. Maybe some ‘raised voices’ and no hug? LOL

      • I’m beginning to think that the photo wasn’t taken in Paris. In the radio interview, they said they had a photo of her in front of them and she knew which one it was (from what it sounded like they could see her and she could see them, skype?), they didn’t give a description, so it could have been the Vogue photos, or it could have been this one… which ever it was, she said it was taken a month ago.

        I think this nude photo was in fact taken at some point in mid-October because in Paris she was hardly that large (she could still hide the bump fairly well). I’m actually going to assume maybe it was taken around the same time for the PSA.

        Even then, he was obviously never clued in, or she told him she had a shoot, but never said for what.

      • That’s what I think too. He maybe was told that she was going to do a photoshoot – which can be easily forgotten because she did some around Paris time and before. But I’m sure he had no idea about the nature and outcome of this shoot. You can tell by the video he had no idea.
        And he obviously doesn’t follow the media on his wife or isn’t told by assistants, his team, his friends (those few which are still around), not to mention by her, what she’s really doing. Or maybe he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear about it, even if people try to point him to the right direction.
        I really blame him for not being more interested in or inquiring her doings, it is his own fault if he has no idea.

      • Let’s hope it will be an eye opener for him.

      • Amen Blitzdings. I don’t really care if he never looked what she was doing before and all her antics like naked shoots and the shit she spouts online, but now things are different she is his wife to the world, and therefore things she is going to do and say will reflect onto him, and mainly the things she does means it will effect badly onto him, and now not only him but this child too, therefore he SHOULD take notice and watch her like a hawk, while there is always the argument that its “Her body blah blah” the fact is, gone are the days where she is only responsible for herself, she is a D list celebrity and her “doings” make the internet, therefore she should think twice as she has a responsibility to her husband and child, he should be making sure of that, and driving that fact home with her, her image is that of a whore who can’t keep her clothes on while she is online trying to come across as earth mother, “I only care for my fans” BS, she should stop with the Jekyll and Hyde too while she is at it! If she will not do that, then he should leave her, simple as that.

        One could argue that he has spent years cultivating his public image, what she is doing will always reflect onto him because that’s how it goes when one celeb marries another and therefore his image will be tarnished. Saying that though, he has made it worse anyway himself-him saying he is proud of her or that she looks more beautiful than ever because he is telling the world he agrees with what she has done and is proud of her for doing so, so really I guess it is a moot point. I don’t feel at all sorry for him because to me he has got what he asked for plain and simple he wanted a whore, he got one and she will never stop acting like one and he is condoning what she is doing, and before anyone cries that I am being unfair “cuz she is pregnint” don’t bother, she only had that showing her anus pic a few weeks ago, and If he was shown that, what would be the betting he would have said the same thing? I don’t know about anyone else but why on earth would he be proud of the world seeing his naked preggo wife with her horrid looking breasts out? Disgusting, the both of them.

      • @nefratiti:
        You’re probably right.
        But on the other hand – there’s not much else he could say at that very moment, just after an unknown (to him) photo was shoved into his face while the cameras are rolling and the interviewer is eagerly awaiting his reaction/astonishment. Should he have said something like “I didn’t know this, how horrid, I hate it!” ? Of course he’s trying to hide his surprise (not working) and blabbing something, probably some standard words which crossed his mind.
        Don’t forget “RTL Explosiv” is a trash gossip show and they were clearly aiming at such a negative reaction.
        If I think myself being in his shoes I wouldn’t expose (ha!) my spouse/marriage by openly showing my real feelings and opinion about this for the world to see. I’d rather keep it by myself and confront my partner with the matter once I see him/her again.

  6. Another interesting oddity.

    Curiouser and curiouser. She says she won’t be able to sign any more copies of her best selling book because of the baby. Huh? I understand nesting and all (it doesn’t hit all women, my Mother never had the urge to nest), but you mean her wittle manly hands couldn’t sign 50 or 100 books? Especially since she’s due early next year, she has time… unless she’s in fact due in December… *Whistles*.

    • If you can go by this here, she’s nearly 8 months… really what does she have against weeks?

      • With month she only has to count to 10…

      • Read this comment and wonder if they even really watched his face during the interview…

        They probably expected a different reaction than they got.
        They probably wanted shock and outrage, but what they got was a very sweet head tilt and smile. That reaction, and the fact that he said that she was even more beautiful than before and that he was very proud of her, probably dissappointed the 12 year old producer.

        I guess his reaction disappointed his Missus too…:P

      • Did they even watch the video? And what smile? I didn’t see any proud smile.

      • @Rik
        This is what I wonder too. Also on Mlove some people had the decency not to comment any further, but some people really see what fits best their little fantasies. And surely pink glasses don’t help seeing things straight. He was embarassed and not at ease, that’s so clear to see and in the full video even the journalist who introduces the report underlines it was a delicate situation cause he saw the pic for the first time. But of course the ones to blame are the journalists for showing it to him!

      • Of course it’s those evil journalists, they just don’t fit into that rose tinted world where O/M are the most perfect couple.

    • What do words mean? Not much. I can say I love Pamela Anderson and Im so proud of her, she is perfect. Doesnt mean I mean it. Everyone knows actions speak louder than words so what he says (or anyone else for that matter) pretty much mean nothing. Not saying he didnt mean them, because I dont know if he did or he didnt but all I know is, words are easy to say.

      His smile was tiny. If he was proud of her, if he did think she was more beautiful than ever his smile would be bigger than ever but that just didnt happen.

      • Welcome πŸ™‚

        LMAO!! Love it! I bet Pameal would be flattered. I do agree with you, but for a man who was flustered he certainly managed to say the right things still didn’t he? If that hadve been me, I would have probably just stuck to the “nice” bit and said no more.

    • So you cant use your hands when you are pregnant? She can use them when shes typing on facebook though. Her poor, poor fans. And they will be poor now they have spent so much money on her kora and book shiz! She really is insane.

    • Neither I have I! And I’d like if someone finally explained me why he should be proud seeing a nude pic (n. 875228841252) of her.. Did she discover the cure for cancer or won Nobel for bringing peace in the world?

      • I don’t get the proud bit either, but what can we expect from a man who probably gets a kick out of her posing nude so other men can see “the goods” and be jealous of him? It is ridiculous that he would of course say such a thing, or that some people think she is the new Mother Theresa!

      • Could it be he was refering to the fact that she trapped him so succesfully?

      • @Choco
        LMAO. Maybe so! It is not the first time I hear someone, basically her ‘fans’ say he should be proud of her, and I am still wonder for what in particular cause what she does best is undressing and this is not anything special IMHO. But maybe the world has changed!

    • WTF?? Why is she such an idiot?? How can she sign more copies anyway when they have apparently “sold out”?? And how can she be typing for ages on facebook?? What a complete nutter!

  7. 60 minutes:

    • Wait… is home even a mansion? I thought it was just a four bedroom house o.O

    • I have watched this- without sound because hearing her voice is like hearing a screech down a blackboard, and apart from them all being a bunch of arseholes, them laughing AT granny kerr rather than with her- which I found really cruel, and Miranda loving herself and being aware of every move she makes, I didn’t come across the point where she looks uncomfortable about talking about him, if anything at the part where I’m guessing she spoke about him (after the pirates clip) her face seemed to soften and she couldn’t hide her smile when talking about him, not saying she is madly in love with him or anything like that, but she seemed fine about talking about him and quite “normal”.

      • Quite the opposite of him. Either she’s a better actor or she knows she’s got him trapped. I’m sure they went over everything before filming.

  8. Something I just noticed… when he’s holding the paper and from where he’s looking, the photo is on the left hand side of the paper (like any photo that doesn’t take up a whole page), so… why is he holding that side of the paper away from himself?

    • I don’t know. He need a pair of glasses? πŸ˜‰

      Is this the Side with the Belly?

      • I haven’t a clue as they were showing her belly from both sides, but then again, one can only assume he handed the paper back to the interviewer.

      • Perhaps he gave the picture back after that again? The video is finally edited.

        In the video they say Orlando would be shy and for me it also looks that way – or closely than the picture would be embarrassing for him; and even a little as if he would begin at once to cry. 😦

        A friend of mine confirmed me in this assumption. He is also an actor and has taught me so something about body language.

        He suspects that Orlando practices his body language before every interview (or also a public appearance) and every divergence like this picture e.g. confuses him.

        BTW, many artists, also my friend, do this.

        And he confirmed me in the assumption (which not only I have this one πŸ˜‰ ) that Orlando of this picture knew nothing before, because otherwise would he have reacted more calmly and would not have stuttered either.

        This was perhaps then the reason why he also disappeared rather fast according to the awarding again (how Sunday was said on RTL): merely no questions more about the nude shot of his pregnant wife! πŸ˜‰

        Or he had a telephone conference with his advocate…

      • I think you’re right, Nicole. His reaction when he first looked at that pic was very telling, you can see the surprise on his face, though he tried to control it. He’s a really bad actor so if he was really proud of her or excited with that pic, he wouldn’t be able to hide it, no matter how bland he tried to make himself look. He’s actually got very expressive eyes and you could just feel the embarrassment coming off him…at least, I could. I don’t think it would have been so bad if it was just a pic of the belly, I think it was that gross nips that did him in. I would bet money, if she’d covered those distended nips with her arm or something, he actually WOULD be having a grin when looking at that pic, instead of looking like he was gonna burst into tears. Orlando seems the type who’d grin and bounce with excitement/happiness rather than the “i’m excited but trying not to show it” type.

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