More Proof She Was Lying About Lost Dress?

Came across this today thanks to the wonderful blog Inanity. I see that a Spokesperson for American Airlines have actually tried sorting this out with Miranda by sending her the appropriate paperwork to find her lost luggage but they haven’t heard from her at all:

American Airlines said it is trying to assist Kerr.  The only problem, according to the Fort Worth-based company, is that Kerr has not given the airline the information it needs to begin the search.

“Our customer relations department sent her a letter encouraging her to complete PPQ (questionnaire) so that we can search for her property, and we received no response at all,” said Tim Smith, an American Airlines spokesman.

Now considering she is sooo desperate to have that “sacred” dress back, she isn’t even filling in the appropriate paperwork to help locate it! Why could this be?? I will leave you all to make your mind up 😉

~ by nefratiti on November 13, 2010.

30 Responses to “More Proof She Was Lying About Lost Dress?”

  1. Oooh, wonder what excuse she will use this time. Maybe her forms got lost in the post LOL I’m going to go with the bullshit theory. This stinks, sorry shippers and fans, but it does. I’d say the same about anyone other celeb this was happening to.

    • I agree, as this is what she does best- lies. If she had lost some luggage with a designer dress- hell maybe all 4 designer wedding dresses then why didn’t she fill in the forms? Why has she only mentioned this 4 months later? She gave all the “proof” of her being on the planes, but what the hell does that prove apart from that she was on this planes- which we knew they were as we saw the pap set up pics, to me her trying to prove it that way looked mega guilty-a liar always gives too many details when trying to look credible. i think the wonderful blog Inanity got it right, it just so happened she brings up her lost wedding dress story (poor girl, plays violins) when Doutzen’s wedding took place and a photo came out.

      If she is like this now for attention seeking and trying to take the attention of others, what the hell will she be like when the baby is born, when she will get ignored and they are all cooing round the baby?

      • To me, she has seemed to always been in some sort of competition with Doutzen. I remember reading somewhere, I can’t remember where though, maybe twitter, when Doutzen became an angel and started doing the events with Miranda, she was apparently terrible with her, and over talking when she’d try to talk. I wish I could remember where I saw that though.

      • I think so too, and funnily enough people on jj would badmouth Doutzen too!!

        I remember the interview and yes she spoke over her, and wasn’t that the same one where she said she was showing her knickers and pulled her dress down when Doutzen was talking? Well I think she has a lot to be jealous of, Douzen is a classic beauty and has a great body, slim yet curvy and is a very popular model. She also didnt have to trap her partner with a baby either.

      • Well, isn’t she just classy, showing her knickers AND pulling her dress down? The fuck. I didn’t know it was an interview though.

        There’s only certain angels that I like and Doutzen is one of them.

  2. Only slightly related –
    – there’s an interview with Orlando by a German TV station around the Bambi Awards in Berlin, where they showed to him the naked preggers picture of Miranda by W magazine. When you watch the clip, It’s evident that he had no idea whatsoever of that picture ever existing. When being asked about it, he says “it’s beautiful, I’m so proud of her” – but watch his eyes and face, he was caught not knowing and is trying to act the proud husband/father to be. Not working. He seems pissed about it.
    To me this is just another proof that he doesn’t know less then 10% what she’s doing, on the internet and media wise.
    I hope this will backlash to the StuporModel. Go Orlando!

    • (edit) forgot to post the clip:

      • I don’t know if it’s pissed, but it certainly is an emotionless response, not to mention at the mere mention of her he’s adverting his eyes. He also stutters with his words as well. Any proud husband and father-to-be would be beaming. And also at the mention of the Christmas thing, again emotionless response with the same adverting the eyes as if he doesn’t want to discuss it.

      • Yes, maybe not pissed, but at least he isn’t pleased with it. It’s quite evident that he didn’t know about the picture and tried to act the caring and knowing husband in front of the camere. Not quite working when you watch his facial expressions and his bland eyes.
        I just wanted to show that there seems to be proof that he’s not aware of stuff she’s doing online – I wonder if he even knows what she’s writing on FB, her own or Kora?
        With this interview, I so hope he has the guts and tells her to quit the pimping of his child even before it is born, for her PR and her ladder climbing.
        Though, yeah, realistically I have not much hope …

      • @Blitzdings I wonder then if he knows about the 60 minute interview, or the Aussie Vogue? I’m beginning to think that he’s kept in the dark, or it’s just a show marriage, married for public publicity only. The marriage left me curious, as she didn’t take his surname, seeing as they’re oh so traditional?

        @chocolover If that photo was shot in Paris, when she only had half a basket ball under he sweatshirt, I think she should market the magical shrinking and growing belly and breasts. Those swells above them don’t seem very natural.

      • Maybe should start selling them at Kora. LOL

      • @ Rik – I’m beginning to think that he’s left in the dark.

      • He was clearly not at ease and even on that board someone couldn’t keep it and had to tell. You have to be blind not to realize his reaction, cause it shows right on his face. Btw, I love how Miranda always says ‘I didnt’ see the pic’ when some fan of hers posts pics of her cover on FB. The models are the first ones to check the pics right after the shoot, I remember several backstage video of her doing the same. But it is good to play Alice in Wonerland all the time I guess, at least when your fans are as dumb as you and believe everything you say!^__^

    • Thanks, Blitz! Hadn’t thought to post it here. But you are right any other hubby would have known about the pic or would have been at the shoot. If it really was taken in Paris I wonder where he was…
      AN would be the perfect excuse to skip xmas with family. But after he mentioned it and not AN I fear for this movie…

      • There’s new and official info that AN (Albert Nobbs) is starting to shoot Dec 13, and going til end of January or so. Seems it’s quite sure this will happen.
        Why should he mention this small movie to some random German gossip show interviewer? – when even ‘Three Musketeers’ which is a bigger movie and shot in Germany, isn’t mentioned in this interview?

        And yeah, what a perfect excuse to spend Christmas in Ireland and not with Therese and Miranda in LA or OZ.

      • Let’s see if he’s able to get his balls back…

      • I think his balls are rather tightly bound, I’m shocked that he managed to get away for this long, and look at what happens when he does. Nakkie photo, TV interview AND a vogue cover. Guess her “friends” that came to LA were in fact the TV crew, and photo crew.

  3. She may fly first class but that is where it stops……..

    She should be more careful what she posts on FB as it always seems to backfire.

  4. I think it is a lie, she would have put a claim in at the time and now of course when she has the paperwork sent to her. I have to laugh that she thinks saying all this wouldn’t come back to bite her on the arse when someone as huge as American Airlines would look into it and tell people that she was talking BS. I wish this silly girl would just stop it with the lies because she always gets found out, and lets face it AA are not going to be wrong on this.

    • She needs to keep her publicity up to stuff, after all, no DJs or VS. Although if you go by the body+soul interview she gave, she was in NYC when it was done. Does she even know what state she’s in at this point?

      • It is very interesting that it says she was in NY for this interview, I would love to know when this was!

      • The issue is dated, November 14th, but I haven’t a clue when it was conducted. Probably recent as it mentions her being 7 months pregnant (again with the mystery timeline).

      • HMM.. thanks, it must be pretty recent then and LMAO if she has been in NY when saying she was in LA.

      • I don’t know much when it comes to celebrity homes and apartments, but doesn’t one need to be present when they’re planning on selling their home? Not to mention getting everything out…

      • I would have thought so yes, so maybe she was back in ny recently doing that. Amazing that she couldn’t just tell the truth about it though instead of saying she was in la.

      • Would also show her as lying about being grounded from flying… unless she went by car… or train.

      • I bet she flew lol

      • Just de-lurking briefly to say that you do NOT have to be present to sell a house. There are companies that handle this. You just sign a power of attorney that allows the company representative to take care of the selling arrangements and to be present in your place at closing.

        As for the removal of what’s in the property, there’s no reason you have to be present for that either. A representative can also take your place to supervise the packing.

        Back to de-lurking now. This blog is an awesome read, by the way.

      • Welcome 🙂

        Thanks for that info, of course you can get the right people in to do it for you, but it is odd how they said they interviewed her from NYC.

        Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  5. Whoops. Make that back to lurking now. This is why I hate posting: I always get something wrong :).

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