DJ’s In The Dark Over KORA

Small post today. I emailed DJ’s recently, complaining about Miranda and her certification BS. I received this email from them a few days ago but thought nothing of it as it was more of the same but just thought I’d share it because DJ’s obviously have no idea Miranda Duh is saying its certified or in the process or whatever she is claiming these days.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 12, 2010.

17 Responses to “DJ’s In The Dark Over KORA”

  1. Uh… can I just say, ouch. Basically, she should stop claiming that KORA is certified, in the process of being certified or in the middle of the audit.

  2. DJ obviously is pointing all claims and thus whatever fault to MK. Which is right – they never claimed Kora is certified organic or in the process of getting such a certification (probably never tried), but MK did – several times.
    MK’s lie should be very bad PR for DJ, but then whatever PR they did for Kora died long ago, the products are getting dust on the shelves. I wonder if they even care at this point because it seems she is no longer associated with them and Kora is a dead end, marketing and sales wise for DJ.
    Would be interesting to know if her contract with DJ and thus any Kora contract or agreement is still valid like it used to be in the beginning when it was launched …

    • It would seem as if she hung herself when it came to DJs by saying she pulled out of the fashion show for her honeymoon, even though she already committed to the show, yet could fly to LA for a Vogue photoshoot… go figure.

  3. HAHAHA! Good one!!!!

    What I don’t get is how come all the people who asked her if Kora was certified Organic- and there were a hell of a lot that asked, dont remember that Miranda actually answered them to say “yes Kora is certified organic”, this the thing, she has answered that to lots of people who asked her on facebook over and over again, day after day- week after week, so they will know themselves that she said it was certified organic.

    • Maybe DJ doesn’t care much anymore, not after she dropped her contractual commitment with them because she’s on her honeymoon, while at the same time she did find the time to do the Vogue shoot instead.

      • I think you are right. I would bet that they won’t even get more stock in once its all sold out, or if they do they hardy sell any- can any aussie tell us if they are A:still selling Kora or B: Do they have lots of products on the shelves? I refuse to believe that Kora is making much profit, I can imagine a lot of people have tried it, but after that I doubt they think it is special enough to justify the disgusting price.

      • She seems to only be doing high fashion now.

      • @nefratiti I remember something being mentioned I think on her FB, about the KORA shelves being in disarray, scattered about or something at one of the locations.

      • @Rik I remember that and I wonder if it is the same, I would think so I would bet by now she has a tiny shelf for her Kora products.

      • I remember it too, it was several months ago – it wasn’t on her site but on some other FB or twitter where people complained that the products were dusting on the shelves and there was even grease or something on the top lids of the bottles/jars.

  4. David Jones new jingle:

    “Don’t blame on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on DJ’s, blame it on the dingho” HEH! PWNED!!!!!

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