Threats From Team MK

As some of you may be aware, I have received a threat from someone claiming to be a lawyer. I was “advised” to remove this site or face the consequences lol

First off, a lawyer called Lindsay Howeland does not exist, neither does LH Lawyers and Co. Lindsay’s email address was, now I have never known a company use a free Yahoo Mail account lol How unprofessional. Not to mention the spelling is pretty bad.

Secondly, I know Tammy from the lovely KORA has been notified of this site and a Facebook page that proves KORA is not organic so I’m pretty sure this is probably Tammy.

Thirdly, when I receive a notification email of a message I need to moderate, I get IP’s and a few other bits of information and lookie what was there:

Can anyone else see… kora after the IP??

One thing’s for sure, someone is scared but it certainly isn’t me. Keep trying! If you want this site to stop running, tell Miranda to quit it with her bullshit, it’s the only way, sorry.

ETA: If Miranda would like to leave a message, I would gladly leave it hidden. If she has anything to say, I would be willing to hear it. Don’t hide behind fake lawyers and fake “ooh you made me a fan” kind of people. Have some balls. If you want to have it out, I’d be more than willing, provided it is in a mature fashion. See, I’m willing to let you put your side of the story across Miranda.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 11, 2010.

31 Responses to “Threats From Team MK”

  1. Another tidbit, when I did a fast look up before it told me to pay for it ;x the location I got for the IP was Gunnedah, Australia.

  2. Oh, how convenient -koraor -KORA ORGANICS!!

    Listen I hate to break this to you guys but we are going to have to take this further, impersonating a lawyer is illegal, so I am just about to speak to the right people right now. Oh, and I am serious about that.

  3. Oh and here is the proof that it is illegal:

    “Impersonating a lawyer is a criminal offence in every state and territory of Australia. You would not be wise doing this”.

  4. I also do believe Tammy is said to be in LA with Miranda, as I recall MK mentioning that Tammy arrived.

  5. Ok I have started the ball rolling and contacted the right people in Australia saying we have been threatened by a fake lawyer as this is illegal.

    If Miranda has a problem then it is tough luck, we back up lies with proof of lies, therefore how can we be sued? Everything else is all speculation and personal opinion, and on that is she going to try and sue all the other people who say things about her that she doesn’t like?

    • Perhaps she doesn’t understand that not everyone is going to be a fan. Does everyone like Megan Fox? No. Do you see people taking her apart? Yes. Do you see everyone loving Lady Gaga? No. Do you see people taking her apart and calling her names? To be in the business where your in the public eye, you have to develope tough skin, if something like this bothers you, then how the hell are you going to get through the rest of life? Whining, complaining and wanting other people to fight your fights? No, you learn to let it roll off your back, ESPECIALLY if you know none of it’s true. The only time it hits a nerve, is when there’s truth to what people are saying.

  6. Also if we are talking shit, then whats the problem? if all we are saying is bullshit please prove it! I would like to see how when all the lies are BACKED UP WITH PROOF FROM YOUR OWN MOUTH MIRANDA!

  7. First of all…I don’t think I even ever posted here you stupid cow. Secondly, what the hell does my personal information have anything to do with my opinion of a panty model? My employer has nothing to do with what I do on my email/twitter/facebook/myspaceaccountthatIhaven’tbeenoninyears. Thirdly, neither does anyone else with the same last name as me. So thanks. Don’t threaten me, or I WILL hire a lawyer (a real one) for harrassment and for being threatened, and you WILL be sorry.



    • Very true! Surely the posting of your private info has to be breaking some laws? I don’t see why anyone has brought you into this!

    • Actually you may have a case against them, you have zilch to do with this blog, you have never even posted here, they have posted your private info without your permission, this is breaching privacy laws which I’m sure is illegal, maybe seeing a lawyer is a good idea, I am hoping to take this further after the australian legal body I have contacted gets back to me on this.

    • Seems you would have a case against them if you are interested in doing so:

      I am really sorry you have been brought into this, I would seriously like to know why they have picked on you!

    • Also mcamp, what this person did was potentially dangerous. If this comment had have got through like this “LIndsay” wanted it to, it had addresses and phone numbers in the post which any crazy shipper could do something with. I really think you should do something about it as this “Lindsay” still has your information and who knows what they are capable of.

      • They picked me because I was banned from MirlandoLove after saying I was going to boycott them for being ignornant asskissers. My planned boycott, although I never got a chance to stage it because I was banned, brought a lot of attention to my sn’s. I know my info is readily available online, in fact I was just talking about that today at work…interesting.

      • That is so childish if that is the case, god forbid you boycott a site that is hypocritical!! It may be readily available online but that isnt the point, posting it without permission is just terrible, I don’t know who they think they are!

  8. I think fi AMAZON can sell a book that is a guide for pedophiles, I dont think anyone wuld have a chance tryig to shut down or sue a blog. All of this comes under the freedom of speech act anyways real lawyer or no real lawyer.

    • I saw that last night urgh! So disgusting!!!

      I agree there would be no gossip blogs whatsoever if that was the case too. It is like when Ted Casablanca is talking about Harland Fuss and it is so obvious he is meaning Orlando, shouldn’t Orlando be suing him? Shouldn’t the guy who posted that article yesterday ted Velvet be sued? etc etc etc.

  9. I think as much as team MK want to shut down this blog, they should be careful because they have broken 2 laws already. They will end up getting themselves into trouble while trying to fuck us over because no way am I going to let this fake lawyer drop!

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