Since When Was KORA A Law Firm?

Just when you think Miranda and/or her team can’t lie anymore, or things can’t get any crazier, we get a fake lawyer by the name of Lindsay Howeland telling us to shut this blog and her IP links to KORA. Sound confusing? Well read on and read the evidence I have found.

Earlier today, I read on KORA Facebook how Tammy was notified of a FB page and a site (maybe ours?) that claims Miranda lies. We get the mysterious Frederick posting, who we miraculously converted to being a Miranda fan, then the lawyer, Lindsay Howeland, who said we will be sued for defamation. Where to start with this one.

1) Frederick (who has posted previously and has said he doesn’t like Miranda) has the same IP as Lindsay Howeland

2) I am unable to find a Lindsay Howeland who is a lawyer in Australia.

3) I am unable to find a Lindsay Howeland who works for any lawfirm.

4) No lawfirm would use a free Yahoo email account.

5) The IP of Lindsay Howeland (and dear Frederick) is linked to KORA.

6) The indepth information Lindsay gave about mcamp is able to be found on her Myspace and Twitter (some of the info is even wrong).

I don’t mean to sound arrogant here but honestly team Kerr, we at this blog are smarter than you lot put together. Why do you bother when you keep getting found out. Like the old saying goes (or maybe I just made it up?): call someone a liar – if they aren’t a liar, they are offensive, if they are a liar, they are defensive and you guys have been defensive throughout!

I really don’t care if you can fool people into thinking you are honest, true, sweet, innocent etc you can only fool the foolish, they don’t matter to me, they are people with half a brain, people who read the evidence and still don’t believe it. I guess that’s because to an outsider all the lies you have said are pretty unbelievable. You have fooled less people than you think and more people are seeing you for what you are. You now go to the lengths of a fake lawyer who posts someone’s private information, someone who has nothing to do with this blog – that’s pretty low, I’ve never done and would never do that, not even if I had Miranda’s private info, that’s how low you are sinking team Kerr, you have broken 2 laws today, you are seriously insane. The lengths you have gone to to protect your cashcow astound me. Why not be honest? You are entitled as Miranda’s family or friends to not agree with this blog to pretend to be people who don’t even like Miranda is just weird.

The bottom line is, only Miranda’s lies and bullshit keep this blog going… see a pattern?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 11, 2010.

51 Responses to “Since When Was KORA A Law Firm?”

  1. Thanks!
    I’d say at this stage proofs are not even needed anymore. It all seems a joke!

  2. I am liking the Frederick thing now though, I am gobsmacked that someone a friend or even family member of hers would come on here and say they didn’t like her and the IP is the exact same as the fake lawyer- this is so priceless that nobody would believe you if you told them, because they would think -who would be THAT dumb.

    I agree the fans won’t see this but part of me has come to the conclusion that they really don’t want to see this because they don’t want to face up to how screwy and insane all this is, and Orlando could never be with someone like that could he???? Or be like that himself could her??? nah- that doesn’t bear thinking of ,as it breaks their good innocent, down to earth couple image that they have in their heads- after all what celebrity is going to lie, or only care about money and fame, and be batshit crazy?? no that’s ridiculous!! *rolls eyes*

    • Her fans that refuse to see what is in front of them remind of fans of former US President George W. Bush. There is one on a LJ community that no matter what anyone presents to her about him she is still a faithful fan. Said fan admits that she does’t want to because it would pop her dream world or something. Truly sad if you ask me.

  3. Can I just confess for my love for you now? Yeah.

  4. I am sure that there is still which ones under the so-called Shippers which even accept the opinion of others and (perhaps) is slowly irritated by Miranda fairytale hour too. 😉

    Also I liked Miranda as an Orlando’s possible new girl friend (and I really was been happy for him) until point in time when she told stories that Orlando would be sloppy and so. Allegedly good friends were then such good friends that they told it to at once the press – what a coincidence! 😉 Or were the friends anybody from the press at once?

    No matter, whether she told it to the Press alone or another ones worked in her order: Miranda doesn’t have sense of tact – this is a thing, one clear this one under himself and doesn’t tell her further. And because of this, I didn’t like her since this time any more.

    Orlando then also had possibly tried to part with her and had lied to her because of this, he would be during the Oscar weekend in Asia and give the pictures with Rumer launch? I would at least react so – but I am even a woman. 😉

    And I can like Miranda still less now. Not only because of all the lies (and now also this one criminal offenses), but because I even have the suspicion that she had lured Orlando into the baby trap for fear of losing him (and thus also her career). And, also surely accepted that isn’t the child of him. And – I even almost have forgotten this – not only herself exposed to the danger to catch HIV by unprotected sexual intercourse. 😦

    I only hope Orlando is also irritated by her, make the right thing and his role flings Miranda’s fairytales down quite fast. No matter what it means for him. Yes, perhaps Sebastian talks him this week (in which also they are alone Europe) in the conscience. He will do it at the latest when it really comes because of these criminal offenses (or perhaps also because of another one) to a method process. I don’t think that Orlando wants to be dragged into a scandal.

  5. Just found this blog. I have always liked Miranda Kerr and am shocked to read this because I have bought some of her Kora products and I thought they were certified organic, I saw the Facebook group about it not being and now I am angry about why she lied. I don’t understand it. Now I have read this threat from a Lawyer that it supposed to be for Miranda yet it is someone at Kora pretending, I am really surprised and think that is just terrible.

    I will not be buying any more Kora products even though they were quite nice to use, but nothing anything different I have tried before either, they are not certified Organic, way too pricy and I now refuse to line her pockets, it is funny because I asked her once on Facebook if they were certified organic and she replied saying yes! I really liked Miranda because she seemed so natural, kind and super caring, I thought she was too good to be true, obviously that is so.

    Peace, Michelle

    • Hi Michelle!

      I think her products are just “meh” and so like everything else out there already, her products remind me of the Garnier creams you can buy, they try and put as much natural ingredients in, but it is still loaded with chemicals, even thought they smell lovely and feel very luxurious on the skin, but they still bring me out in a rash lol

      I never did buy the “nature, kind sweet” girl act because there is too much that says she isn’t like that at all, I did give her a chance in the beginning in case she wasn’t what I thought, but that Harpers Bazaar interview kind of did it for me.

      • What Harpers Bazaar interview?

      • The first interview she did where she was asked about Orlando and she showed them the phone with the photo of them kissing, and making innuendos about a riding crop she was posing with and seeing him for his birthday etc. I knew then that she was going to be an irritating arse who couldn’t keep her mouth shut lol

  6. I just bought a facial toner, moisturizer, cleanser, mist, and rosehip oil from Aubrey Organics for a total of 68 dollars, including shipping! Aubrey Organics is actually certified organic and vegan, not in the proverbially ambiguous “process.” I like Miranda, but I think Kora is EXTREMELY overpriced to say the least, and it isn’t even organic. To have bought comparable products from Kora, I would have had to pay at least 250 dollars. It’s sad really, because she has tons of money from modeling. Why does she feel the need to rip people off and not offer an affordable line?

    Also, I calculated out the calories for her daily diet (the one she posted on the Kora blog) and it’s over 1,800. I think she must have lied about that too, because NO ONE can be 5′ 9″, 109lbs, and eat 1,800 calories a day (noni juice or no noni juice).

    • I knew KORA was over priced but not THAT over priced. My god, thats probably more than a months wage to some people and no doubt the prices of KORA will be going up and up like she recently said.

      1800 cals? Really? That does shock me because veg, fruit, seeds etc have very little cals but if you have done your math then you must be right. She said in an interview she is naturally very thin (notice the *very*). If she was, why would she eat this way? People who are naturally thin can eat like a normal person and not put on weight.

    • Her shipping prices seem a bit absurd as well (example, you buy her book and it’s $50USD to still ship it). Not to mention, her company has never looked into customs and such either.

    • That is the downfall for her range, the shipping costs, it is ridiculous. If she was as sweet and as down to earth as she claimed “wanting to make a difference” she would sell it very cheap or give some of the profits to charity, I always feel sorry for her fans saying “I cant afford it but am saving up for some”, It is ridiculous just because it is her crap. I doubt very much that she is making much from Kora.

  7. Spelt biscuits are loaded with calories, as are nuts , avocados, and seeds. Also, the toast, yogurt, fruit, fish, teaspoons of Agave, add up. Let me put it this way: I’m 5’8″, 115lbs, and I eat about 1300 calories a day to maintain it. If I ate the diet she claims to eat, I would gain weight in a heartbeat, and my metabolism is normal.

    I added it all up on Livestrong but didn’t save a screencap. That’s definitely a post worth doing. Ten bucks says she eats between 800-1000 and even less before big shoots.

    • She could very well be just taking a bite or two out of the things she says she eats, or her portions are very tiny, probably smaller than what the restaurant I work at serves in a la carte.

      I don’t believe she ever clarified if she eats a handful of nuts or just one or two.

      • She probably just inflated it to look like she eats a normal amount. By toast with avocado she probably means three bites of toast with avocado and the rest for Frankie!

  8. (P.S. Mischa Barton claimed to be naturally “very thin” also, and that is clearly untrue now. People who try to maintain very small weights always claim to be naturally thin. My philosophy is not to lie about it. I have to eat really healthfully and strictly to remain at the weight I’m at. I’d rather be honest with people instead of making them feel like shit because they don’t have a magical metabolism.)

    • How true! I can put weight on very easily, so I have to be careful, it is ridiculous how some celebs lie about it as if they all are soooo thin naturally and eat so much!! Total damage control for them not eating, being bulimic or using drugs to keep their weight down, I’m sure some are naturally thin and eat like a horse as it is possible, but with Miranda, she weighed more before she got with Orlando, so no way is that natural, it is weight loss!

      • Orlando is notorious for only liking very, very thin girls. He dates slim girls and turns them into skeletons…Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst, Miranda Kerr…need I say more?

  9. I am sat here with my mouth agape! I cannot believe this. There has been a lot said about Miranda and her family and friends over the years, most I did not believe, I told you all that I was supportive of Orlando and Miranda for a while before I began to notice some of the things that the “haters” were saying, but one thing I never believed that her friends and family ever posted online threatening and being nasty to people, well now I have to take that back, I am incredibly upset that Orlando is stuck with this woman and her crazy friends and family, these people are so bad that they are now acting illegally to threaten and frighten people into keeping the truth off the internet, I am incredibly saddened that I ever supported this woman at all. I am so glad that you checked on this before you believed any of it, I am so glad that they have shown themselves for what they are, now that Orlando is married to this woman he will be tarred with the same brush, and it will look bad for him too, his wife’s friends and family coming on to threaten and impersonating a lawyer and leaking mcamp’s private information is just truly disturbing, and the clear evidence is all there for all to see. I have one little bit of hope that Orlando would be angry at them doing this, or not agree with going about things this way, I really truly hope that, but to be honest after everything, I am not sure anymore.

  10. I had posted it in the wrong place before- sorry!

  11. So hows it going with the whole legal thing? I’d hope that something happens and that Twit will be brought down.

  12. Simple Google Search (as Jaded reminds me now and again: Google is your friend).
    There is no Lindsay Howeland. There is however, a Lindsey Howland, a partner in Knights Solicitors, out of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Gloucestershire. She specializes in wills, tax planning and contentious probate matters…
    Total BS (not VS) on Dingho/Dingho phriends/Dingho phans part.

  13. Just for the record, Miranda replied about this certified or not certified question and she considers it a ‘misunderstanding’:
    KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr Hey everyone, we are in the process of being Certified Organic, we actually have our audit coming up. Unfortunately people misconstrue information and make up stories, but thats ok.
    Lots of love

    Am I wrong or she was the one assuring people who asked her that Kora was already certified organic? I don’t see any misunderstanding here, just a lie someone (not me) told in the past to fans.

    • She contradicts herself majority of the time. I did notice when she was posting yesterday, that she wasn’t really signing off with “Lots of Love Miranda xxx”, it was mostly “Love Miranda xxx” to “Miranda xxx” then down to “xxx” which isn’t consistent with how she usually posts, makes you wonder if that was really her posting.

    • Way to backtrack Dingho (idiot). Of course there will be people who will agree but then said people are as stupid, if not more, as she.

      • Hmm I wonder if she is not lying this time about it getting audit.

      • she could ge away with this one because she has not mentioned the ecocert this time and not naming who you get certified with can be safe. so she finally gets an audit after 3 years of waiting for a certificate? hah i think not. either she is lying or she has put in a request now after being made too. Does anyoen knwo if ou have to pay money to Eco cert for them to certify you?

      • I’m going to guess that you do have to pay a fee to be certified organic by Eco Cert or any other body for that matter. I don’t know how long the certification process takes and I have no idea if she has put in a request now or not but, contrary to what a few people think, KORA is KORA. If I asked EcoCert about KORA Ass Wipes, they would still find a KORA Organics on their list. I would like to share this email I recieved from David Jones a while ago as I complained about Miranda and her KORA BS. Its practically more of the same so didn’t think it was important. Again, to those who think I’m lying, email DJ’s and Eco Cert your-friggin’-selves.

      • I’m sure you do have to pay a fee, most likely dues. For example, I work in the restaurant business, and the company has to pay dues yearly to be part of DiRoNAs. If we do not pay the dues for each restaurant under the company name, we can’t say we’re endorsed by DiRoNAs nor would the restaurants be up for awards either.

        I don’t believe being certified is a one time deal either, I could be wrong though.

    • Looks like this one isn’t about to give up and accept her answer quietly. Calling Miranda out regarding certification.

      Props to whoever that is.

      I’m still amazed that, that tread hasn’t been deleted yet.

  14. WTF have I missed?? Damnit!! I can’t believe that her friends and family have gone this far! It really shows them for what they are, that they are liars and viscous to the end, and of course the killer proof that the IP is from KORA, pmsl that is the icing on the cake. Would LOVE to know what the shippers make of this!!

    • The shippers would still find some way to deny it. I always thought it would be fun to accuse them of denying everything and see what they say.

      • Indeed. The shippers are already seeing theories and trying to guess who’s the responsible of this situation, putting of course in first row me and mcamp, but it’s not our fault if MK HERSELF used to answer to people that her Kora line was certified organic. Unfortunately I don’t have screencaps, hopefully someone can provide an example of her replies to her supporters where she assured them Kora was already certified organic. It was her who wrote that not certainly me. Each of us is responsible of his/her actions, this applies to anyone, even to ‘supermodels’.

      • The post regarding her back and forth certified/process is here. If they are blaming other people for what she is saying then they really are struggling for excuses.

        ETA: Here is the post where Eco Cert said they have had no request from KORA for certification. People can argue that I asked about KORA Skincare Products when infact it is KORA Organics but they would either have a KORA or they wouldn’t, I’m sure they would ask if I meant KORA Organics and I would ahve said yes but they just, like, didn’t!

      • Pretty sure the screencaps of her saying it was certified are on this very blog. Amongst the first posts on here.

      • Thanks dark Lord! People should be more careful about what they read. But of course some of them only see and understand what fits their point of views.

  15. Huh! The only “misunderstanding” is between her brain and her typing fingers.
    “…and make up stories, but thats ok”

    Hey Pot, Kettle called and said he wants his colors back.

    Seems to me, any making up of stories has ALL come from her side.

  16. Bravo!

    Regarding the 1,800 cal. diet – I’d like to point out that just because she has it on the menu doesn’t mean she actually eats all 1,800 calories of it! Not saying she doesn’t, but it seems like in every picture or her and OB in an outdoor restaurant ; she has half a plate of salad in front of her and Orlando has nothing left in front of him.

    • Agreed. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t her “diet” contain things she would eat and an “or” (e.g slamon OR chicken)? If thats the case then maybe someone has added up ALL the calories but she said she will either eat one or the other. Not sure if Im making sense.

    • She may have half a plate in front of her in some pictures, but don’t forget, Orlando could be the one that ate half of the plate.

      I wouldn’t be surprised though if she’s consuming only 1800 calories a day while pregnant, as if you look at her nekkie preggo photo, you can still make out a rib or two.

      Then again, she’s genetically blessed so much that oops the women in her family don’t get stretch marks at all, nor cellulite.

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