An Interesting Article

Not a lie nor an oddity but I read an interesting article regarding Miranda and her naked pregnancy shoot. Shippers take note that this is a STRAIGHT man and not one of us haters yet I agree with everything he says.

“This is what’s wrong with women, modest when they shouldn’t be and brazen when they should cover that shit up. Do I want to see a girls breasts when she looks like a beach bunny or when she looks like a fertility idol from Cameroon? This whole pregnant celebrity posing naked thing is so old and tired that there are barely words to describe how annoying it is. We get it, you have a kid in your stomach, big fucking deal. Does that make you special? Only if it’s mine bitch. I try to get into the reasoning behind women feeling a need to get naked and show off their pregnant bodies but it’s just so counter intuitive that I can’t. My brain just isn’t stupid enough to figure out why once the baby has bloated a woman’s midsection to Marlon Brando territory and her tits look like a New Guinea head hunters, she chooses that moment to show off the tainted goods.

I know women get excited when they’ve finally done what they were put on this earth to do besides drive men into murder suicide rages. They spread em, took the seed, got knocked up and now they want to show off and act like the baby they are having is the first of it’s kind, the wunderkind, zee uberbaby, Jesus #2, JFK, Mother Teresa,Princess Diana Tom Brady and the great gazoo all rolled into one little fetus, but trust me, that kid will be just as a big a fucking idiot as the rest of us, and in Miranda Kerr’s case, much worse. That kid, whose dad is movie star Orlando Bloom will be beautiful and perfect looking and will be given every advantage, raised with wealth and never want for anything; except maybe attention from its obviously self involved parents. I don’t think I’m breaking any psychological ground when I say that Mom’s naked pregnant photo reveals a massive case of raging narcicism that will lead to the needy kid getting addicted to crystal meth.
Why do you think so many mom’s get post partum depression? It’s because they have this big build up to the great unveiling. For years they have built the perfect baby scenario in their minds, the happy family, the perfect child everything will be just so. They get compliments and gifts and showers and validation for being so womanly and then the baby comes and everyone comes to see the baby and it’s wonderful and the baby is beautiful and again you are feted and heaped with praise but soon enough everyone goes home and it’s just you and a little person that you have to raise and take care of and serve and commit almost all of your energy and life to and an equally baffled husband that pretty much expects you to, ya know, be a mom and do the shit that’s supposed to come naturally. The bloom comes off the rose. It’s you, a crying time suck and a husband that you don’t give a shit about anymore because you have the new thing that you have no clue about how to raise. You suddenly feel very alone. Pretty soon you complain, the husband doesn’t do enough to help, the baby wakes up at night and wants to be fed, you’re tired, your nipples are raw the baby isn’t the most perfect thing in the world, it is a monster that wants you to be there for it and give it everything you have. You find yourself not so in love with your baby. The feeling of the immediate bond didn’t come. You have an alien screaming in its crib. Time to either freak out and drive away at 3:00 am or call the doctor in the morning to get some happy pills. You wish you had thought about the whole, “let’s have a baby thing” a little more. Welcome to hell, you’re a parent. Congratulations Miranda Kerr!”

In my opinion, Ted Velvet has got everything down to a tee. It says a lot to me that Miranda was the only naked person in this magazine. Isn’t it funny how us “haters” and people who aren’t invested in KerrBloom in a way that can only be described as “fanatical” (yes, a lot of people I have spoken to think this way too) can see this whole situation for what it really is? Maybe what we see in Kerr isn’t down to jealousy, or hate, maybe it’s down to realism. A regular Joe Bloggs has seen the NPD in Miranda without us having to utter a word and how she will ruin this childs life. What will all the shippers being saying if the child does infact turn out to be a fucked up coke addict because of its self obsessed parents who are more concerned with their own celebrity. Ted was right when he said that doing a naked, pregnant shoot is indicating you think are going through something special and the whole world should see it. I don’t want to see any naked, pregnant lady, not just Miranda. This child will either turn out as fucked up as them, get its tits or penis out at every opportunity as that will be all it knows or be ashamed that “mommy got her tits and ass out while pregnant with me” and “all the kids at school have seen mommy naked”. You should not subject that on to your child when it has no say in the matter. Ok, I’m going to get off my soap box now!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 11, 2010.

20 Responses to “An Interesting Article”

  1. Ted just hit the nail in the coffin with that. I don’t want to see a pregnant woman naked. If they want to show case the bump that badly then do something more tasteful, keeping your clothes on. Why she was even included in that magazine is beyond me, she’s the only naked one there, plus she’s the only one whose child is STILL inside the womb.

    That kid is going to be fucked up, especially with how it’s mother is. There are women who go through postpartum depression, seeing as she’s oh so organic, how is she going to deal with that? Noni juice and Goji berries won’t help her with that.

    With the way she is, this kid is going to be raised by a nanny 24/7.

    • “I don’t want to see a pregnant woman naked.”

      Yeah, pretty much. I don’t want to see that either. I hate seeing that every time a celeb does it. It’s not special, they’re not the only ones ever to be pregnant. Nor do I find it ‘beautiful’ or the pics ‘tasteful’. I’d sure as hell be embarrassed if my mum had done that, famous or not.

      • If my Mother did that, I’d burn the photos then burn the negatives.

      • Thanks for the update!
        Actually I still have to get why she chose to keep sacred their wedding pics but had no problem in showing off her bump in a nude pic, which is not original at all. Everyone already did this. Demarchelier too an identical pic of pregnant Natalia Vodianova, (
        These kind of pics are all the same now, it would have been more original not to pose or pose in a different way. I think pregnancy is just so intimate that shouldn’t be showed off like that, it is not about human body, of course a pregnant woman’s body is amazing, it is the epitomy of life, but it is something that really should be sacred and kept between the parents to be. But I guess money is quite a convincing reason when it comes to these kind of things…

  2. I don’t find ANY woman posing like that tasteful, pregnancy is something that a couple should celebrate- between themselves, why in hells name do i want to see someones naked body with big baby bump? She is having a kid- big deal, women do every bloody day, the important part is being a MOTHER to a child, not just posing with your latest accessory. The fact he has obviously not minded her doing this is disgusting too, the kid will be ikked out that not only has the world seen its mother naked, her anus and everything but her labia and vagina- but was photographed while pregnant with him/her showing off her gross looking nipples, the second question will be to “Daddy” -“why did you let her do this??” It is his child too!!

    I agree with the whole thing because it is what we have been saying for a longtime now, they are both attention seekers who only care about themselves and who is talking about them in the press, if he was a decent sane man he would take his kid away from her- or try to at least and keep it away from all this insanity, but he won’t he is as bad as her but does it by proxy, he looks more “innocent” as she is the one doing it all, but Iam sure he is fine with it all, otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.

    I agree that the kid will probably end up being brought up by a nanny, and will end up fucked up, if she has planned this kid then that is even worse- what kind of crazed control freak is she? If she would go that far, then who knows what she is capable of? She is 100% a narcissist and I am glad someone unbiased is seeing it!

    • Oh, how could I forget, everyone has seen the outline of her labia!!! I’m sure they imagine.

    • On a side note, a co-worker of mine who saw the photo, could careless about them, in fact she didn’t even know who Miranda Kerr was before this, said that her nipples look like pepperoni slices with olives on top, even asking if they photoshopped her boobs to look more perky despite being pregnant.

      As for being a control freak, she’s obviously a massive one. It’s been her, her family and Carlii only to be constantly confirming and commenting on everything in the relationship. And this kid is just another accessory to her, as Orlando is her handbag, this kid will be her Gucci wallet.

      Something that has left me curious regarding this shoot, is what she had to say in the write up, “I don’t feel pressure to get back to work.” Did something happen with her contracts with DJs and VS then? Because when she announced she was pregnant, she said several times on her FBs that she was going to be going back to modeling after the baby was born, and now a 360?

      • Urgh LOL! My mother has nipples like that and they have always made me shiver, she said hers never went back to “normal” after she had us kids, so maybe she has that to look forward to lol

        I know. I hate the fact she was able to get pregnant and ruin this poor kids life, which we know she will, she is fucked up good and proper, so she will only make the kid that way, they are both too self obsessed and immature to have kids, some say this will be the making of him, I’m not so sure, after all the novelty has worn off I bet he wont be able to wait to get back to work and can he truly say hand on heart that he will never look at that kid and resent it, because if she did choose to get “oops” pregnant without his say so then he will always regret not having a say and having it with a woman he actually loved. Lets hope the sex was worth it for him *snort*

        Yeah I am wondering the same, has she been dropped from Vs and DJ’s? Did she know this when she concieved? Makes you wonder doesnt it?

      • Along with her tummy tuck, she’ll get the knockers fixed as well probably.

        I did find something that was fairly interesting regarding one of her most beloved fruit, the Goji Berries:

        Dr. Daoshing Ni, in his book The Tao of Fertility, highly recommends Goji berries for
        the follicular phase and the luteal phase of a woman’s cycle. These berries help with
        the development of the egg (especially good for women age 30 and over), regulating
        ovulation (great for those who aren’t ovulating regularly or who have PCOS) and
        creating better quality fertile mucus.

        Dr. Ni also recommends the use of this berry during the luteal phase, which is the
        second half of a woman’s cycle when the uterine lining is thickening, preparing to
        nourish the fertilized egg. If the uterine lining doesn’t grow enough, baby cannot
        implant well and the result will often be an early miscarriage. In fact, if you think
        you’re ovulating, but you’re not getting pregnant, you may actually be conceiving, but
        the fertilized egg isn’t implanting well and you could be experiencing very early
        miscarriages and not even know it. Goji berries can help with this.

        Goji berries also increase sperm count and vitality, so encourage your husband to eat them also.

        I was wondering, was there ever a congratulations to Miranda from either VS or DJs? I do believe VS released a statement congratulation Doutzen when she announced her pregnancy, but I don’t recall if one was out for Miranda as well.

  3. Loved this article, thought ti was spot on. reagrding the “nanny”, I think Therese will look after it a hell of a lot, a lot more than sonya will, not the sonia who posted here though lol Miranda has spoke about baby, weddings and Australia so i think her side will be more important than his side. If Therese gets within 100yards of that kid, it will be doomed just like Randa!

    • I find Sonia’s silence (thats orlando’s mother not the poster on here lol) very telling. She spoke about the engagement and wedding, but the most important thing- a baby? Nope not one word, why so silent Sonia?? The fact she added the “they are going to start a family right away”, that she said that had nothing to do with anything when talking about the wedding was very suspect, she seemed almost like she was worried that her boy had knocked up that woman by accident and rather it looked like they were trying for a baby , the problem with that is the fact that these two have never lived together before. so how did they know they would be marriage material never mind parent material- they saw one another once every 4-6 weeks, that is not a serious relationship but “just hanging out” as orlando said at the beginning of the year, methinks Mother Bloom is a tad ashamed of it all and was trying to cover, but it was too late, she had concieved before they even got engaged which- funnily enough happened right after they knew she was pregnant- nice try Sonia love!

      She can say all she wants about it being planned, yeah, planned by her. Otherwise things wouldnt have happened how they have.

    • It’s obvious that her side is far more important than his, considering she said they were going to be having a second wedding for their family and friends in Australia. That’s why she so terribly upset over her gown being missing, y’know the one of four gowns she had flown in for the elopement. And again, when you look at the one and only time she’s posed with his family, none look happy, Sam’s expression says it all in the photos.


    I strongly suggest you remove this website, your Twitter and any reference to Miranda Kerr on your social media sites as it is defamatory and you will more than likely be sued. Your comments on this sight, Twitter and other sites have now crossed the line. Failing to remove your sites will result in all of your information being forwarded to the appropriate people to commence legal action against you (some comments you may not appreciate your work seeing).

    A deformation case and the loss of your job will be costly.

    Lindsay Howeland

    • Lindsay dear, please don’t post up personal details of mcamp as I am not mcamp if that is what you are trying to say. I removed all the personal information you posted, if it was my info Id have let it through as I have nothing to hide.

      First off, nothing remotely illegal going on here, you can see everything I have posted has got proof there. Any lies going on are from Miranda. You can sue me if you like, I have no worries because I have done nothing wrong and I urge you to try and get something on me. Eco-Cert will also back me up if you are refering to KORA. We have proof of her other lies too, if we aren’t sure we state its specualtion. So, sorry if you are trying to scare me but I really dont think a lawyers would have a free Yahoo Mail account. Maybe you are Tammy? Either way, sorry but this site (not sight) is staying put! Cant find a Lindsay Howeland lawyer or LH Lawyers and Co, sorry!

      Thanks Lindsay Howeland,

    • I have an idea who this is by the details that I have found regarding your IP, pretending to be lawyers is a little ridiculous don’t you think? Your spelling is atrocious you can’t even spell DEFAMATION!!! What kind of Lawyer are you? Like Kerrazy said, the lies are backed up- they are “as is”- anything else is all “odd things” and speculation and peoples opinions, so what case do you have? If Miranda has nothing to worry about, then what’s the problem. I know how you got Mcamps details too, so that isn’t impressive either, do you think we are stupid? You are the stupid ones for thinking we wouldn’t check the IP and your name and company online? You fool. Next time learn to spell “site” and “Defamation”.

      The article that was posted also was written by someone called Ted Velvet on blogspot- maybe you should also contact him too?

    • In the words of Hermione Granger: What. An. Idiot.

  5. […] some of you may be aware, I have received a threat from someone claiming to be a lawyer. I was “advised” to remove this site or face the […]

  6. Well! If I ever go to australia and wanted to sue someone, I’d sure as HELL wouldn’t use “LH Lawyers and Co”. This DEFORMation of SIGHT, is it kinda like a skewered view? wahahahaha

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