Why Miranda Isn’t As Down To Earth As You Think

Miranda wants everyone to believe she is this sweet, down to earth, girl next door kind of girl but the following may indicate she is far from that.

Miranda (and Orlando) have recently been called demanding and fussy guests by a hotel employee. The source said; “She orders soup at 2 A.M. each night, then when it doesn’t come in four minutes, she calls and demands to know where it is. She isn’t friendly.”.

The following encounters are from this blog in 2006. All comments are from before she got with Orlando so these people won’t be the fat, jealous, toothless hater fans of Orlando:

Nicole: “My experience with Miranda Kerr has not been a pleasant one.
A friend of mine went to the same school as her up in Brisbane (where shes from) and we were having lunch with her (as you do).
She is so caught up in her fame.
A 9 year old girl approached Miranda and asked very politely (not even interrupting anything important) “Are u Miranda Kerr?” and she gave the girl a filthy stare, said “NO” in a patronizing manner and laughed right in her face.
The girl just looked down and walked away. SHe laughed about it so hard after, and i’d said “MIRANDA!” and she goes “WHAT? whooooo cares” so nonchantly. shes very rude, arrogant and pompous.”

Adam: “Yeah, i think Miranda Kerr needs some attitude adjustment. She has let the whole thing go to her head and thinks that sun shines where it should not. She is a money grabbing whore who has the morals of a rapist when it comes to the way she treats other people. A word of advice… If you walk past her in the street keep walking and make sure you zip up your bags, hold your pockets and keep a very close eye on her. She has the ability to strip you for all you have and act like it never happened. She has a penchant for sleeping with guys who will be able to buy her everything or get her somewhere and spit them out the minute they cannot give her anymore. You Have been warned…!”


FROM A OVER PROTECTIVE BROTHER” … woah – if it’s untrue Matty, Miranda could have sued… just sayin’!

Desiree: “Miranda, has no class at all… She cares about no one but herself and treats people like shit,… She has become a bit of a primadonna of late and thinks that she is gods gift. Beauty is only skin deep sweetheart.. Take Note, I think she should start telling guys about her STD’s before she sleeps with them…. Look out guys… She might look hot but when you leave her from a steamy night of passion the only hot thing will be the rash between your legs..xx”

Now, I’m not saying these comments are true, I’m not saying they are false but it does make you wonder because she wasn’t famous enough for people to hate to that degree, us haters weren’t around then to be jealous of her and bad comments about her have been doing the rounds for a good while, all in different places, all from different people and I don’t believe they ALL have an agenda.

[Rumor]Someone met Miranda and wanted to take a pic of/with her. Miranda looked at the girl and said something like “change your clothes first” and laughed with her bodyguard.

Stuff from her own mouth:

I was wearing lingerie and high heels and that it was definitely sexy” – Sexyness is subjective dahling. These aren’t the words of a humble, girl next door. Sounds more like a big headed, arrogant thing to say.

“They aren’t living the life” – Her responce to those who say bad things about her. Wow, that sounds pretty arrogant too!

Hey Mr Middlebrooke, have you ever seen a crop duster look this good?” – Miranda in knee high boots talking to her DEAD BOYFRIENDS FATHER! More of that riveting conversation: “Where’d you get that outfit?” Mr Middlebrooke asks. “DJs, of course,” she winks. Wow, flirting with your dead boyfriends father and while you were with Orlando too. Classy and respectful – not!

“If I can make a difference just be coming online and talking to people…” – I don’t have to link to her saying this, we all know she says it at least once a week. To think you can make a difference to someone’s life just by talking to them online – you must have to think you are all that. That is such a pompous and arrogant thing to say. Anyone can go online and quote a load of affirmations to random people, she doesnt say or do anything life changing – FACT!

Every catwalk is different. Sometimes they are really slippery. Some have glitter that’s a couple of inches thick. It gets all up in your toes. It’s a little bit messy – glitter flying everywhere. If it rains we still have to work and that can be miserable. It’s hard to look sexy in the rain.” – Quit moaning about your highly paid, world traveling, easy as shit job Miranda. You don’t know what being miserable in a job is! You don’t know what hard work is!

“KORA is certified/in the process.. blah blah blah” – These words do not come from a nice person. Nice people don’t lie about something so big just so people will buy her products.

“I lost my wedding dress… Love, Therese xxx” – Miranda lies about who is talking to her fans. We have proof Therese has pretended to be Miranda on several occasions and Miranda pretended to be Therese also. Therese saying she lost the wedding dress – does that mean Therese married Orlando instead? Either way, a nice person does not lie as much as this!

Considering Miranda always bangs on about how we should be grateful for things we have yadda yadda, why, oh why was she pushing so hard for her friend Cassie to win a pass to an A list party? You should have either told her to STFU and be glad she has what she has or got her into places yourself, seeing as though you are friends and all. You shouldn’t be condoning such behavior! Her friends and family are wannabe’s too it seems as Matty had how he loves meeting famous people thanks to his sister on his Myspace.

If anyone can think of anymore, fill in the gaps or correct me on things, please do.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 10, 2010.

19 Responses to “Why Miranda Isn’t As Down To Earth As You Think”

  1. She is a vain, shallow, arrogant, patronising cow and that is AT LEAST!

    I can believe all the people who have said that about her in 2006, she wasn’t famous then, wasnt even with VS then, so not many people will have known who she was, not enough to lie to that degree imo, the way she talks and acts that shows the way she is, all the “farmers wife/vegetable patch” shit is just that-shit, it is to make her seem down to earth and that she gets down and dirty, but you can see how she loves her celebrity lifestyle, and she wont be giving that up anytime soon, she would be bored shitless, lets not forget that this “down to earth countrygirl” has manicures, pedicures and oxygen facials when she isnt working, that is very vain for a “down to earth countrygirl” who isnt vain or shallow, she even told men on her facebook “not to wear brown shoes with a black belt” :/- does it bloody matter? Again vain and shallow- its the same with the bikes, she only talks about them in detail so she seems more than a typical model, I dont doubt that she may know about bikes after all it is her fathers obsession so no doubts she will have picked things up over the years, and has probably got round her father ie- a daddies girl, by learing stuff about them too, now that orlando rides I bet she has asked her father to learn her more about them too. Dont forget she took a photo of herself in leathers on a bike and sent it to Orlando, so he probably likes that she is into them maybe, but for a girl who can ride bikes she sure cant seem to put her helmet on and needs help 😉

    I am always shocked that people buy her image because it is so contrived, she wasnt a countrygirl for long as they moved to Brisbane when she was a child rather than stay in the country, plus moving to NY only cements that all the more, she travels all over the world for shoots so she could have lived anywhere.

    As for the slut rumours, we know about 6 men that she has been with(8 if we class greasy and followill), I’m sure there are more we don’t know about, and she is only 27, and as some of them have lasted 2,3 years that is going from man to man literally with no gap, I can quite believe she has STD’s too as the more people you sleep with, the more at risk you are, and don’t forget Orlando was rumoured to have given Kate herpes, so who knows what the two of them have? I can imagine they are/were sluts. I will never understand how a man can marry THAT.

    I find it hilarious that Therese pretends to be Miranda, kind of ironic seeing as thought Therese seems to live through her daughter. Why cant they just be true (like they always claim they are) and just say “hey guys its therese tonight”, why pretend to be Miranda that is lying to all her beloved (ha!) fans, and she proved it without doubt the other night, so nobody can claim otherwise, how sad that these fans are letting themselves be made a fool of, they are all a joke for ignoring the obvious!

    • but for a girl who can ride bikes she sure cant seem to put her helmet on and needs help

      Don’t foget with all her flexibility, she couldn’t get her damn leg over the passenger seat behind Orlando.

  2. If I remember correctly, there are very few people in Australia who actually like her.

    Her being a money monger proves true because of that Adrian guy she was with, with the finanical crap.

    Another thing, it’s somewhere on her FB, she said that she wrote the book in order to change lives and/or that she knows it’ll change lives.

    • Exactly its like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle all fitting together with her, all these people can’t be lying about her, especially pre Orlando. As they say there is no smoke without fire!

  3. Even more proof that she’s full of herself:

    Team Miranda

    • Urgh please!! yes get Orlando to wear one, make him more pussywhipped than he already is!

      My god, so up herself!

    • Does it annoy anyone else when she says “that’s so funny” in response to people. None of them have actually said anything remotely amusing.

      • God yes!!! She is probably that used to saying it like the bimbo she is when she is pretending to all the men cracking jokes she doesnt get are hilarious!

      • She’s probably asking O or Tammy if some of the comments are mentioned to be funny. She lacks a funny side.

      • Seriously, if something is funny say “haha” or “lol”. No one actually says “that’s so funny” in real life if they’re amused. They laugh.

    • Some fans of her, one in particular, could really buy one and walk down the street wearing it!

  4. I have to laugh at Matt’s post to everyone threatening to kill them- how classy! Now THAT is going too far! But what can one expect from someone who says on their facebook that they “like to act like a dick” and “I dont need anger management just for people to stop pissing me off”, and of course the old myspace where he would confess to spitting in food and putting scabs in them, how lovely!! And we are to believe that this is a well balanced 25 year old man who is and I quote “the kindest person I know” according to Miranda!!!

  5. I am sat here with my mouth agape! I cannot believe this. There has been a lot said about Miranda and her family and friends over the years, most I did not believe, I told you all that I was supportive of Orlando and Miranda for a while before I began to notice some of the things that the “haters” were saying, but one thing I never believed that her friends and family ever posted online threatening and being nasty to people, well now I have to take that back, I am incredibly upset that Orlando is stuck with this woman and her crazy friends and family, these people are so bad that they are now acting illegally to threaten and frighten people into keeping the truth off the internet, I am incredibly saddened that I ever supported this woman at all. I am so glad that you checked on this before you believed any of it, I am so glad that they have shown themselves for what they are, now that Orlando is married to this woman he will be tarred with the same brush, and it will look bad for him too, his wife’s friends and family coming on to threaten and impersonating a lawyer and leaking mcamp’s private information is just truly disturbing, and the clear evidence is all there for all to see. I have one little bit of hope that Orlando would be angry at them doing this, or not agree with going about things this way, I really truly hope that, but to be honest after everything, I am not sure anymore.

    • Anon, I go along with you. 🙂

      As I mentioned in another Comment: He will do it at the latest when it really comes because of these criminal offenses (or perhaps also because of another one) to a process. I don’t think that Orlando wants to be dragged into a scandal.

      And if I think about still further I am sorry that Orlando doesn’t have any Facebook profile (or I haven’t found him yet) and I cannot be his friend. I wouldn’t become that him on the lies of his wife – no, he shall already find these out himself – but I can imagine that he needs a friend (or also several), if it is ready. Friends with whom he can be sure that these are really his and not any spies of Miranda. Friends who listen to him.

      You know, what I mean?

      • Nicole, I think people around Orlando know he has chosen this for himself, it is his life and he is a grown man, he can’t wait to be “rescued” from it all because to me he knows about the Kerr’s, after all this was the man who flew to australia when it was Adrian Camilleri’s trial, it could have made him look bad because it came out about Therese introducing her clients to Camilleri, but he went over there regardless, not saying that Therese was guilty of anything, but it doesn’t look good for Orlando’s image, especially when it also came out that Adrian mainly got into it to buy Miranda expensive gifts and fly her all over the place to get her into modellng in the US.

    • I know it is very shocking, even I didn’t think they would ever go this far. Whoever has done this is at Kora and we know it is only Matty, Tammy, John and Therese, so it is one of them people, we are looking into taking this further and have contacted a legal body in Australia about it, so we are waiting for them to get back, and yes we are serious about it, they have committed two offences, One being impersonating a lawyer and the other is breaching privacy laws, we will not be threatened by pathetic individuals who know that the lies on here are “as is” and are backed up with evidence, we are only speaking the truth, the rest is speculation and personal opinion, they need to stop it with the “we are so clever” shit, when they have proven the very opposite.

      I know what has happened though, they have known about this Blog for a while now, long before yesterday, they have obviously panicked when someone brought the Facebook page to their attention and thought “shit lets get this stopped” and come on here thinking we would fall for their baloney, but by now they should have realised we check and double check everything that is posted here when we are suspicious, we are not silly little children who don’t know the law or how professional people go about things, they will have to put up with this Blog because it is not going anywhere.

      As for Orlando, while at the moment I doubt he knows about this, I wouldn’t put any hope aside for him, he will know by now what her and her family and friends are and is still with her, end of story.

  6. Thisw ebsite seems pretty trustworthy to me (not!). I think people are just jealous of her. First of al the arguements are not really strong, why is it so bad that she says that she is sexy, if thats the whole worlds oppinion, its rather realistic than arrogant. Second of all its obvious that most people seaching for miranda kerr are fans, but I only see negative comments, which means the possive once are probably removed, so will be mine I guess

    • This site is very trustworthy, everything here is based on fact. The “jealous” comment is getting old, please come up with a different battle cry. Thinking you are hot shit, acting like you are hot shit and are better than anyone else is not down to earth and she claims to be down to earth and humble. It really isn’t the whole worlds opinion, that is very naive of you, most people are getting sick and tired of her. Comments like your do get let through but we don’t get that many believe it or not. I only don’t let them through if the comment is childish like the usual “your just jealous please die”. Please be better informed before you attempt to post here again.

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