Does She Know The Meaning Of The Word “Sacred”?

Lies and backtracking, don’t you just love ’em.

Miranda has said on more than one occasion on her Facebook that she will post a picture of her wedding and post a picture of her baby bump – she never did and either cried “we want it to be sacred” or ran to the media first.

Lets recap.

The wedding.

She gets wed then tells her fans on Facebook that she will post up a wedding picture at some point (see how she PROMISES). It doesn’t happen.

The pregnancy.

She tells her adoring fans on Facebook at least 3 times (1, 2, 3) she will post a picture specially for them and one time she was asked to post a pic of the bump but says she will consult her mother on it (wtf, is her mother her agent?). This doesn’t happen either. Instead she does a blog post about how the evil paps beat her to it (even though this is about a month after she announces she is with child, plenty of time to post a pic) and posts the actual pap video. For someone who hates paps, this is weird (when called out on it she… guess what? deletes the video). She then does a naked shoot for W magazine. Fuck you fans, you don’t pay my bills!

The backtracking.

Now, fuck the fans part 2, she wants to keep the wedding private and, her favorite word, “sacred” (even though in one breath she wants to keep it sacred but in the other she says she still may post a pic – huh?). How can this super secret wedding not be sacred one minute then sacred the next? Isn’t it sacred from the off? Silly me, but I would have thought your naked baby bump would be more sacred? After all, you are showing your body with your unborn child in it, this child has no say on whether he/she wants to see naked pictures of you carrying him/her. The world does not need to see this and seeing how your clothes fall off at the click of the fingers, it’s not as if you’ve done it as a “special occasion” as you always do it. Infact, if you had have kept your clothes on I would have been shocked. Get your priorities right, your unborn child should be the sacred one! You are going to be a terrible mother because you have failed on so many levels already and the child isn’t even born yet!

Poor kid!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 10, 2010.

11 Responses to “Does She Know The Meaning Of The Word “Sacred”?”

  1. I’m going to look for the comment when I get home, unless someone beats me to it ;x

  2. No she doesnt, all she understands are the words:MONEY and FAME. She fucks over her fans because she doesn’t tell them anything, give them any exclusives or anything- yet some of them are really loyal to her, buy her shit, and she cant even mention that she has done shoots showing the bump when someone has asked, she only goes on there to sell her Kora shit, preach to people, brag about her apparent wonderful life, and to love all the lick arse comments, I don’t know how so many people can be fooled to be honest, I remember when I thought that hey, maybe I was wrong, maybe she is a decent person, but she has proven me time and time again that she really is all I thought she was- and more, if I’m honest. I wish these people would wake up and take away what she craves- attention, because she is just a holier than thou lying cow, that kid is doomed, because it is between a rock and a hard place, I will let you all work out who is who.

  3. I’m going through the comments now, I just can’t remember if it was a comment that was a reply to something she posted or if it was a reply to what someone else posted and which FB it was on X.x Why can’t she just make KORA her official FB, she’s on that one majority of the time anyway.

    • That’s what I thought. I think she may have deleted that comment as I know there was more than just a few of us who remembered it. Oh well, thanks for looking!

  4. Phew, found it finally, plus another little gem that I don’t remember if it was ever mentioned…

    [Proof] That she promised a photo.

    Plus, she says that they had been planning the wedding, it wasn’t a spur of the moment as Orlando said, [Proof]

    • Many, many thanks, have added it to the post. Hmmm that does read like they did plan it after all as she kind of says they planned it to be private and they did “get away with it”. Thanks so much xx

      • What he was quoted as saying from The Times back in September: “We decided to elope. It was the most romantic thing — a bit spur-of-the-moment, but so great, so lovely, just the perfect fit for us.

        It just contradicts what she says. Then again I saw a comment she said nearly the same thing, minus the eloping and spur-of-the-moment part.

  5. What is interesting: the swedish prince looks like Orlandos relative and just like Orlando he is now dating an uderwear-model that is just up for one thing: fame and being admired. Sofia Hellquist, too, posted on Twitter, bragging she was dating the prince. She has friends and relatives (and herself with pseudo name) making comments on Svenskdam about how lovely, beautiful and sweet she is. She founded a charity project, using poor kids in Africa to make her suitable for the crown. And…it is very likely that she and her family/friends call the paps whenever she is out with princy.
    Sounds similar.
    What is it with those guys? Is their self-esteem so low that they think they need an underwear-model to brag about to other men? Only with a model wife they can proove that they are real men? Miranda is surely pretty, but I know a dozen other girls prettier an they are no models. They would never get an Orlando though, seems the “model” is important to him. As a movie star he just has to have one. Very low self-esteem indeed! Poor guy!!!

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