Dead Boyfriend Confusion

OK, while reading the last post I thought of something- How the hell did Miranda date this Chris guy if he lived in Gunnedah/Tamworth- and she lived in Brisbane (435 miles away) attending an all girls school All Hallows? I don’t get how that adds up? Obviously Chris’s parents are still in Gunnedah/Tamworth because that is where she went to do a photoshoot in 2008 as mentioned in the previous post. How did these two see each other when they were 435 miles apart? Obviously they can’t have attended the same school as All Hallows is an all girls school.

Out of interest does anyone here know how old she was when she left Gunnedah for Brisbane? All I know is she graduated in 2000 at All Hallows, which was just after her “high school sweetheart” died.

Very confusing.

~ by nefratiti on November 10, 2010.

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  1. Hmm, interesting. I did a quick search, can’t find when they started dating or when the Kerrs moved to Bris.

    If All Hallows is an all girls school – when did she start there because like you said, he couldnt attend unless he was infact a she. I cant see them having a long distance relationship because she speaks of him so fondly. Would love to find out more deets!

  2. I thought she was probably about 14/15 or so, around the same time her modeling career started. I don’t think there are many model gigs in Gunnedah.

    • As I thought, therefore how did these two date? If she was 435 miles away from him? She was in Brisbane and he was in Tamworth/gunnedah. Are we to believe that they both travelled 435 miles to see one another? A 8/9 hour journey to see one another? I cant believe that, I also cant believe they would be that evil to make this up either though and obviously a Mr and Mrs Middlebrooke exists, so I’m not getting it one bit.

      • When I say exists I am saying someone calling themselves Mr and Mrs Middlebrooke obviously.

      • True. Although, I always thought this was one of the things that was actually true about her life, because I think it would be very easy to check whether a teenager with that name died at that time.

      • I do agree with you, I have checked online and I cant find a Christopher Middlebrooke who dies in 1999 in Tamworth/Gunnedah :/ Of course nothing like that may be online now as it is so long ago, but it is so odd why like everything with her- it is not adding up. Of course one could argue I am being too suspicious but the facts are there about the distance.

    • So they dated for 4 years or so while she was off in Bris, modelling and doing her thing? Would they ever have seen each other? This looks odd to me.

      • The article says that they were high school sweethearts, which is even more confusing.

      • I think so too. I would have said “childhood sweethearts” rather than “highschool” as they obviously didnt go to the same highschool.

      • This is the thing, again I’m not saying they have made this up- as surely that would be too much, but looking at the facts, it isnt adding up and thats all I can say without knowing anymore.

        @Rik, that is why i also double checked to see about All Hallows and it is still an all girls school and has been since it opened in the 1800’s.

  3. She said in this interview he was killed in 1999.

    I’m trying to see if she ever mentions when they moved.

  4. What’s disgusting is that she uses this for sympathy, even going as far as using his parents property for a photoshoot.

    • So true! Didnt’t she request to use their property too? Could I be wrong in thinking the first time she mentioned the dead ex was around the first time she mentioned writing Treasure Yourself?

      • Possibly. Not to mention, I do believe it was her mother that said Miranda was utterly devastated by his death that she basically became a shell, and its in one of those articles that says she saw a therapist or something because of his death. Now she uses this sob story to her advantage.

    • If she really had respect she’s stop mentioning him. Once is fine, two is fine, from the third on is just enough.

  5. Yeah ok, you guys are going to far. I enjoyed reading some of the stuff on this site but now accusing her of making up a dead lover? Seriously this is gone to far. Also I have never heard her mention him until this book. The book is suppose to help you kids through their own personal journey and I believe she is just telling them about hers. I didn’t really like Miranda that much, but now I realise how much she gets paid out for absolutely no reason, I am starting to like her. Thanks for posting this bullshit. You have now turned me into a fan of hers.

    • You have now turned me into a fan of hers.

      Then the best site to have news and infos about her is Olove!

    • Personally, I don’t think she is making it up. I think she does BS a lot, but I don’t even think she would make up something like that.

    • LMAO! Spoken like an already fan of hers!! You think we are stupid?

      Nobody is accusing her of making it up! I am saying it is odd, there could be lots of reasons, like she wasn’t in love with him as she claims or that they had a long distance relationship by letter, I did say, and I will repeat what i said : I DONT THINK EVEN SHE WOULD BE THAT BAD TO MAKE IT UP! Get it now???

    • LOL cannot believe that you can’t read, but then what to expect from an already fan of hers!! Have fun on OLOVE, ciao!

    • I don’t believe anyone here was saying she was lying about such a thing. I wasn’t aware of trying to piece together a puzzle was in fact accusing her of lying.

      And yes, she has mentioned Chris prior to that book release, proof has already been posted. Therese has even mentioned it prior to the book release.

      • Exactly! This person who was pretending to dislike her is a fan, so obvious! Nobody said he didn’t exist, only how they managed to see one another when there was over 300 miles between them that’s all. Reading comprehension is obviously a weak point for you.

  6. Hi All. I’ve been lurking since you started up here but I had to comment on this post. My understanding is that she attended All Hallows in Brisbane for her final 2 years of high school (Australian Year 11 and Year 12 – equivalent to Junior and Senior years in the US school system) so she would have been 17 and half by the time she finished year 12 in 2000.

    The 2 oldest step daughters of a work colleague of mine actually went to school with her in Gunnedah (one of the girls is slightly older and one is the same age) and they both said that she was too stuck up and up herself (ie loved herself sick) to associate with them because they weren’t well off financially or part of the popular crowd. They said she was a nasty piece of work who was basically a bully to anyone she thought was inferior to her.

    Okay, back to lurking now 😀

    • Thats very interesting and I have heard similar things before. I can well imagine it as she seems so stuck up and the kind of person to hate on anyone who she classes as a threat. Thanks for posting 😀

  7. Isn’t it such a coincidence that Miranda has explained the Chris Middlebrooke thing? Apparently in todays herald sun she has said they dated 2 years, then she left for Brisbane, then he died in a car crash and she was heartbroken because they had talked about spending their lives together. So basically I was right when I said it would have been a long distance relationship (till it lasted) if he had been still alive. Thanks for clearing that one up Miranda.

    • With how Therese spoke about how heartbroken Miranda was over it, I do have to believe that maybe Chris was the one true love for her, especially if she was already seeing herself settling down with him. You know, her whole wanting a solar powered farm with a veggie patch thing, maybe that’s what she was planning with him, seeing as he was a farm boy, her little future seems to tie in directly to that, it in no way ties in with Orlando.

  8. Miranda had been dating Chris for 2 years and then when she was 16 she from Gunnadah to Brisbane with her family. She was upset about moving from the country but she made new friends on the first day at her new school. Just after she moved from Gunnadah Chris was killed instantly in a car accident. Stop critisising her when you don’t know that facts, it is an unimaginable pain to loose someone you love who was so young.

    • Well DUHHH! Yeah we know that. Who is critisising her over that? I just wondered how they stayed Boyfriend and girlfriend when there was hundreds of miles between them, is that so wrong? I have also heard they had split up before she moved to Brisbane and NO that wasn’t by someone in the media but by someone who knew her and Chris!

      YES! It is painful and I am sure Miranda was upset, but she cant seem to move on from him (or so it seems) which is very unhealthy especially when she is naming her and another man’s baby after him!!! Say what you like but she obviously has deep issues to not being able to get over him.

      • Have a listen! Who are you to judge? And don’t for one second say ‘Im not judging’ read your pathetic comments about the situation..Saying things like ‘it’s odd’ and ‘it doesn’t add up’…
        Now you are saying ‘she obviously has deep issues to not being able to get over him’?? Okay smartarse, let’s see you lose a boyfriend at that age, an age where you are not physically old enough to deal with something so heart breaking and painful and life changing! She would also probably be blaming herself for not being there!! So when this happens to you, I hope someone tells you to shut your trashy mouth and ‘move on’ as you keep telling Miranda to do.
        Do you not have anything better to do with your life you sad case? Go do something productive rather then question what you THINK is ‘odd’..Silly bitch.

      • Who am I to judge?? Miranda Kerr is in the public eye and tells the world everything, therefore she puts herself out there to judge! Pathetic? So you wouldnt mind your boyfriend/husband wanting to call your child after an ex- dead or not, it makes no difference! If you call a baby you have with another man after a guy you had a childhood “relationship” with who she will have dumped anyway the minute she got tired of him- then you have deep issues over it YES. Miranda soon got with another boy after Christopher’s death, therefore she can’t have been that heartbroken- but I will say this, no actually, I dont even think she has that much deep caring for Christopher, I dont think she ever had SHE WAS A CHILD for god sake!! I think she is LYING and Flynn isnt called Christopher at all, I think it is all for publicity.
        Also how do you know it hasn’t happened to me?? Erm.. you dont know me as I dont broadcast my life to strangers- as it happens I have lost people who I cared about when I was her age- someone I did love dearly, it was heartbreaking- will I be calling any son I have after him? No actually because the life is for the living and moving on, I will call my child what me and my partner would decide.
        I’m not the one who is a silly bitch, that is you and your Miranda- you are a 18 year old girl who knows fuck all about life, the kind of girl who is vain as hell (your email address is a joke!) and who takes pictures of herself kissing her boyfriend and posts it online (sad), oh and BTW, your email is very wrong, you certainly arent as pretty as a princess, far from it, no wonder you defend miranda you sound as shallow as she does! Oh, and lets remind you of your quote shall we?

        “When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I’m already better than them”

        Maybe you should think about that quote next time you come on here sprouting 18 year old “princess” crap! Bye Kyleigh!!

  9. nothing you said was correcct my step dad went to school with miranda and he was best mates with chris it wasnt an all girls school and btw she lived in gunneduh with chris and after he died she left DERR you guys dont know ANYTHING HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • I see, so you are saying that Chris died THEN she left for Brisbane? So can you tell me why Miranda said this:

      We had been dating for two years, and I had just left Gunnedah [a remote town New South Wales, Australia] and moved to Brisbane when he was killed instantly in a car accident and all of a sudden it felt as though my world had fallen apart” [source].

      She had been dating Chris for two years, left for Brisbane then he was killed. The all girls school that was being referred to was All Hallows which is an all girls school. So, someone is lying/mistaken. Is it your step dad or Miranda?? Maybe it’s you that doesn’t know anything as we go by MK’s words. Lets be childish shall we… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA DERR!!!

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