Potential Lie

Evil American Airlines have lost Miranda’s wedding dress… or have they!

The story:

Miranda and Orlando got wed in secret somewhere in the Caribbean in July. Miranda, who had zero time to fly her family and friends over for the important event, managed to get 4 wedding dresses flown over instead. Yesterday, approx 4 months (yes, thats FOUR months) after coming back from honeymoon, Miranda did a post on her Facebook about how American Airlines lost some of her luggage, included in the lost luggage was her wedding dress.

The proof:

No proof she has or hasn’t lost any luggage.

The verdict:

A few reasons make me think this is complete bullshit.

1) Why would it take Miranda 4 months to mention this? She supposedly asked people on her Facebook for help (like you do) but wouldn’t you do this ASAP?

2) This site says that AA says that Miranda has not given the airline any information to help then find her luggage. Suspicious.

3) How convenient the papers want to interview Miranda over this.

Oh, and while Miranda was on her Facebook talking about this subject to her adoring fans, she signed off as Therese (yet again). As “Miranda” was saying “I” (regarding the lost dress) then this is definitely Therese pretending to be Miranda.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 9, 2010.

30 Responses to “Potential Lie”

  1. I didn’t even notice that she signed off as Therese! Or is it Therese signing as Miranda yet again?

    • KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr Thanks so much for your advice, I always have my bags labelled and keep my tickets but I have been trying to locate my bags now for four months and no luck 😦 nevermind, if that is the worst that can happen, it really isn’t that bad xxx Miranda

      To me it’s bs.

      • It reeks of bs. It’s just like her and her whole “in the process of being certified” crap, especially since the airline has no record of her reporting her luggage as missing.

        Not to mention, if someone found it, it’s labelled, don’t you think it’d be all over the web as the person who found Miranda Kerr’s wedding gown if there was one.

  2. More lying? I am sure if this was true American Airlines would have her details, and they don’t-shock horror! She just can’t stop with the lying can she?

    So Therese is posting as her- i think we can have no doubt about that, as she is pretending to be Miranda there, so in effect she is lying to all her fans who think they are talking to Miranda when in reality they are talking to Therese”big face small features in the middle” Kerr, again WHY CANT THEY JUST BE HONEST??? Absolutely ridiculous.

    • She is on line right one.
      KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr Thanks Olivia, I was flying on AA2298 on 25 July from the Carribean to Miami, picked up my bags and we gave them to security who then checked them in to fly from Miami to Los Angeles that same night, flight number AA1125 8:50 arrive LAX 11.10pm. but they never arrived. thank you so much for your help, it is so greatly appreciated, much love Miranda xxx

      • Thanks for bringing that over Dea!

        Way to make it obvious that she is reading here, “hey fatso, a tip for you! Give your details to AMERICAN AIRLINES, not on facebook, otherwise you will NEVER get your luggage back!!” But then obviously that is why she has mentioned it as NO WAY will she get her stuff back now, it has been way too long and they don’t eve have her details, aww! And the dress is so speshul to her too! aww! Maybe it is just Karma Miranda, you should know all about that!

        Quit it with the attention seeking lies Miranda, it is pathetic! And as always- transparent.

  3. Oh dear!!! Yet again she gets shown up for the fraud she is!!

    And posting again as Therese??!! Oh my word she is fun, like watching a funny circus act!

    OH and HOW FUNNY that she gives all the details ON FACEBOOK rather than AA once this post was made- too funny!

    • She might not let AA know because the luggage isn’t missing, she probably forgot where she put the luggage ;x

  4. This is about EcoCert, can’t look fro the specific post here as of right now, so I post it here, in case it could be useful.
    Hi Haya, our products are formulated in accordance with the guidelines of ECO-Cert. All products have to contain a preservative of some description to be safe. I will do a post on the KORA blog on this so that everyone is clear on this issue.
    Love Miranda xxx

  5. Perhaps if she wasn’t clinging to her haggard looking “partner” at the time of going through Miami for a perfect picture photo-op (there’s footage of the picture perfect moment she did just for their pap friends), she wouldn’t have lost her luggage which I doubt she did.

    BTW, she had previously mentioned that she’d post a photo of the secret wedding I believe back when the wedding took place in July, now she’s back tracking saying she won’t because “somethings are meant to be kept sacred”.

  6. She’s complaining about lost luggage four months after ? She hasn’t reported it to the airline in question, but complains about it on Facebook? Despite her sacred wedding dress supposedly in that luggage (how very convenient!)? And signs off at FB as Therese?
    MK has proved many times before that she’s dumber as a box of rocks, and obviously thinks her fans are likewise. Which seems so very true if they believe this crap.

    Next we’ll read about how there are no wedding photos around anymore to show off at FB because either the camera crashed just after the pics were taken, or the camera was in said lost luggage.
    Or, wait – wasn’t it reported that there had been a photographer around to do the job? Poor guy was probably eaten by some Caribbean sharks just after the event, including the camera he was clutching at.
    Complains about this will reach the coast guard probably next month – or never.

  7. Oh, right, ’cause if I lost my luggage waiting four months to mention it is exactly what I would do. *cough*

    WTF? Because her facebook fans are going to brow beat American Airlines into searching for her long gone luggage? It’s not 4chan, Miranda. And seriously? They gave the bags to security to check onto the plane? Are they really so useless that they can’t do it themselves? Oh, to be rich, famous and thick as shit.

    • From the looks of it, they had a luggage handler in Miami, but then again we never saw them land at LAX when they reached LA. I can only think they had a luggage handler there as well.

      • Which I find ridiculous. Why can’t famous people just push their own luggage trolley?

  8. I thought this was a little interesting”>, seeing as it has to do with her missing wedding dress (what about the four other gowns?)

    It’s this part that’s interesting: “-had my wedding dress in it which is something I would ha…ve loved to show my children and to wear again when we celebrate our wedding with all our family and friends in Australia.

    I wasn’t aware Orlando was now Australian.

  9. Collette Dinningan offers to replace Miranda Kerr’s missing wedding dress

    I do find this comment to be amusing: “How nice of her to give an already ridiculously wealthy celebrity even more special treatment. Why bother making a new dress if it’s not her actual wedding dress? Donate the thousands of dollars to charity instead of making a dress to sit and be forgotten in Kerr’s probably massive wardrobe.

    • OMG! Whats the betting she will accept it. Like you say, whats the point, its not her actual dress. All the poor people who get their luggage lost everyday dont get treatment like this. It angers me that rich and famous people always get special treatment, it would anger me even if it wasnt Miranda but Im sure Dinningan is seeing a PR opportunity here too.

      • She modeled for Dinningan didn’t she? I find it odd that she had to name the designer of the dress by name, it was speculated that, that was the designer. But I don’t see why she had to point out that’s who designed the dress, unless it was for publicity purposes.

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