Miranda Does Not Give A Fuck

My friend had seen a very disturbing Twitter account about an anorexic (“thindoll” couldn’t wait to get Miranda’s book). This person is also a member of a “thinspo” site where Miranda is a “thinspiration”. To cut a long story short, my friend posted on Miranda’s KORA page about how Miranda is an inspiration for anorexics and how she would think Miranda wouldn’t be happy about that (and capped it), which is true, Miranda only promotes healthy eating/living right? I went over to KORA to see the post and what do you know, Miranda deleted this comment after about 10 minutes. This was Miranda’s opportunity to look good by saying how terrible she thinks it is and how she doesn’t agree with it yadda yadda but instead she just gets rid of it. She could have seen this as potentially saving people’s lives as, if she could save one person from dying through an eating disorder, it would be worth it. Obviously she doesn’t give a shit, nice one Miranda, you just sank even lower in my estimation of you. Sure, it could be her “team” deleting such comments but it’s a subject Miranda could stand up and talk about, they delete it as if it’s a dirty comment but she will leave up a comment from some stalker asking her how she will have her baby! Maybe it’s just a touch subject!

You know me guys, I never point the finger without backup:

The post on KORA

The post disappears from KORA

Cue post about her stance on eating disorders in 3… 2…


Another girl posted up an anorexic picture of her younger self to raise awareness then deletes it as soon as my friend wondered why hers got deleted and this girls hasn’t. The girl quickly deleted her post and photo, we discussed it on this blog then the girl posted on KORA saying why she deleted it! There are a couple of explanations.

1 – the girl saw the post my friend made and decided to do a post of her own but why has hers stayed and my friends, deleted? The girl also could have easily have just deleted my friends comments rather than the whole post and picture.

2 – the girl is in some way connected to Miranda or her team and posted it to counteract what happened with the deleting of my friends post yesterday.

3 – coincidence, but can all these coincidences just happen?


The explanation by the girl (mentioned above) has also vanished. Did she delete it as soon as we saw it? Maybe it was for our benefit… but why?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 8, 2010.

37 Responses to “Miranda Does Not Give A Fuck”

  1. I just read through some of that twitter. It’s HORRIBLE.

    Maybe Miranda should say something, it might do some good (probably not much, but a little).

    • I think her deleting the comments shows she doesn’t care and doesn’t want to acknowledge it. If she mentions it now it will be for our benefit, nothing more, nothing less!

      • Agreed, she would have said something even if it was “Thanks for letting me know, will do a blog post about this subject”, the deleting it says it all.She is so thick and stupid that she let a moment go that actually shows she does have a heart. I pity any child that she will probably always remind about weight as they grow up, I know what that is like and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

        Even if one of her “team” deleted it- why? What are they so worried about? It was addressed to her so if they deleted it, they had no right, they just dont give damn.

      • Thanks for this. apparently stalkers rule, everywhere! Lol

  2. Yet again she proves all she cares about it HERSELF. That was a perfect opportunity to actually “make a difference” like she bangs on about because she is a “public figure, and with it comes responsibilty”, if that is so, WHY didnt she respond to it? Why didn’t she say that she is saddened by it and hates the the thought that she is held up as an example to someone suffering from a potentially fatal illness?? I know why, because she doesnt give a fuck about anyone but herself, all she cares about is people licking her arse, people asking questions that are to do with her , asking about the book or buying her Kora shite, that is all she is about, she bangs on about “treasure yourself” yet how can she say that and then delete something that sge could actually speak about, and make a little bit of a difference? Even in a pessimistic way, it is a PR dream for her to have responded saying how sad she is etc. In fact it would “tie in” with her book really.

    it only strengthens what I think in that she has an eating disorder herself and thinks “so what? My body is perfect when my hip bones and spine is sticking out”- she has alluded as much during this pregnancy of “trying to be good with cravings and feeling guilty after ONE cheeseburger even though she hardly eats anyway!

    I wouldn’t be surprised that if indeed she does read here she may do a post about eating disorders, but it is too little too late, whats the point in writing a “self help book, to inspire and give advice to young girls”- if she cant even respond to something that is getting more and more prevalent with the said young girls that she says she cares about- all she cares about is Money and fame, and that is it, she has just proven that to me all the more.

  3. Well, im very disappointed to be honest. This subject is rife with the youth of today – the youth she claims she wants to inspire yet cant even reply with a “thanks for letting me know”. Im really upset right now!

    • Hi there

      Are you a fan of hers?

      • Yes, not a big fan, i just liked her.

      • Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

        You would be surprised how many people were Miranda fans before they woke up to her lies and that she isn’t how she seems (ie sweet, down to earth and innocent). I know a lot of people like her just because she is with Orlando, and because they think he couldnt be with someone who was far from sweet and caring, but it happens to the best of us, and he isnt all he seems either!

  4. One could say that this is a sore subject for Miranda, after all she was called out on being entirely too thin and wasting away. Her excuse was, it was the camera angle.

    I think that right there is the answer.

    That could very well have been a shining moment for her and/or even her team/family.

    Then again, it wasn’t about the “bub”, KORA, her book, or herself, so… that’s all I’m saying.

    • Definitely a sore subject. Still as we know since being with Orlando she got skinnier so she wasn’t at her usual size (before the pregnancy) Orlando certainly knows how to choose his “problems with food” women!

      • She got very thin I believe near the same time Kate did into their relationship. I don’t know what he does to women.

        This is part of the reason why I don’t understand how she got pregnant to begin with. I’ve always been under the impression if you are that much underweight, that becoming pregnant can be difficult, or if you are underweight and become pregnant it’s difficult to carry to full term.

      • I know :/ When he was with Kate and she got so skinny I said, “if his next one gets like that then it has to be him”-Then lo and behold Miranda gets all skeletal, I cant think what he would say or do to get her/them like that, as the women he has named as women he fancies arent exactly skeletal just slim, so I don’t know :/

        Totally agree with you on the pregnancy thing too, I thought she may not be even menstruating.

      • “Iโ€™ve always been under the impression if you are that much underweight, that becoming pregnant can be difficult, or if you are underweight and become pregnant itโ€™s difficult to carry to full term.”

        Yes Rik, I know two Woman which was underweight and get pregnant. At the first the Child was born 4 weeks premature and the second was 2times pregnant. At the first she had a miscarriage in the 5th month, the second Baby was also born 4 weeks premature and it was too thin (like the Mother).

        If I look at ‘normal’ pregnant Woman and Miranda… I mean, they get weight not just at the belly and the bust.

  5. Looks like someone else made a comment about anorexia and bringing awareness to it… shall we see what happens to this post?

    • What a surprise!! NOT. As she was online last night she must have deleted the comment, then she has either saw what we have put here, or on twitter and has thought she would do it the way we said she should have done, but to me it is too little too late if she does, she had no reason on earth to delete that comment, as usual she tries to fix everything. It is all here to see that she deleted that comment and that’s that.

    • Seems her post has been deleted too or she deleted it herself which I can’t see.

      • That is very odd! The poor girl! I cant see her deleting her comment as she had a reply from a Miranda lick arse, so no can’t see the girl deleting it. Hopefully people will now see what an uncaring cow she is.

      • The girl deleted it herself.

        I only posted my picture to give other girls a more postive outlook. Not to bring up negative controversy . So out of respect I removed my photo. I should have realized it would do more harm than good.

        That was her comment as to why she deleted it.

      • The girl only posted it up in the first place because she has seen either the original post by my friend get deleted or she has seen this blog. I believe in coincidences but ones like this. Her explanation also ties in with me posting her post vanished too. The only negative reaction it recieved was leaving one person wondering why their anorexic post got deleted and hers was left which is a fair point and question!

      • LMAO!! What negativity though? Her posting a photo about anorexia is surely a good thing right? As the girl has overcame it. I find it HIGHLY suspicious that this post and the photo was posted only a few hours after what happened with the deleted comment about anorexia and miranda being a role model, sorry but that is no coincidence. What harm has it done her posting it? I’m not getting this at all. Someone asked why their samey post got deleted when it was such an important issue, how is THAT harm? Seems like Team miranda’s excuses are as shit as the way she conducts herself and fake image. *waves at miranda*

        Time and time again she proves she reads places like this because SHE ANSWERS SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT WE SAY- again no coincidence.

        If she is going to take our ideas then we should get paid, because we are giving her ideas of what she SHOULD be doing, sorry doll, but I dont give my ideas for free- so watch out.

      • So, the plot thickens then.

  6. The lady who made the initial entry about the anorexia issue posted again complaining about her post being deleted. Let’s see how long that will be available.

  7. So the explanation comment has also been deleted? What the hell is going on here? Was it for our benefit? Why else would it be deleted? Why cant anything to do with her EVER be normal!

  8. I think that’s the main reason for it – Miranda is taking the subject of anorexia far too personal. Most have hit a chord with her.
    She was accused being anorexic several times before her pregnancy and this is just bad PR. Especially if you want to promote a self-help book for young girls.

  9. Yeah, I think she has an eating disorder too. That is why she has deleted everything, she probably LOVES being seen as an anorexic’s role model, she seems pathetic like that.

  10. I am not itself meager addicted but as far as I know it about my friends there are different stages of the anorexia. One of this it’s, that slanders the person affected his illness. Also during a pregnancy.

    What for me means: either she is meager addicted and slanders still her illness or she isn’t and prefers to have to do nothing with that either. Although, why she then deletes the comments is a riddle to me … And so I trend towards the first.

  11. so, i’m the girl that you mentioned in this post. first of all, i’m not “pro anorexic” nor do i belong to any thinspo websites. someone told me about this post, so i thought i’d drop by and mention that a) i do not think of miranda as an “inspiration”, she’s just an amazing person overall. b) my twitter is not disturbing. and c) i hope you get some kind of sick fulfillment out of this, as your life must be truly sad to have an entire blog dedicated to someone famous that you will never have any involvement with whatsoever. good luck with that!

    • Shes such an amazing person as she lies to all her fans – lovely. I dont want any involvment with her thanks. I like having quality people in my life. Also, fawning over a book some dumb model has wrote, sounds like you’re way sadder than me but thanks for your input.

    • Your Twitter came across as Pro anorexic as I don’t recall wanting to be so skinny that your bones stick out being what you would call a healthy way of wanting to be slim, so actually yes you show anorexic tendencies, and looking at your tumblr, I am seeing more of the same. If you want to be a bag of bones, which is anorexic, be honest about it, but then maybe that is why you like Miranda, as she claims she is healthy too when her bones are sticking out. Get a life yourself, your obsession with being “skinny and bony” is actually very disturbing actually, after all what is wrong with just being slim and healthy? No wonder who look up to Miranda Kerr.

      • In fact look at what you posted on your tumblr, this IS NOT HEALTHY


        So don’t bother posting here anymore you are wasting our time and your own. I really hope you get to where you want to be in life as you sound so so depressed, as a girl who has had eating disorders of my own- be careful what you wish for when you are wanting to be a bag if bones, trust me on that.

      • Christ! People with serious eating disorders are usually in denial but yeah, this girl needs help. Not sure if its my eyes deceiving me but that diet looks like 100 cals a day or something? If a girl like this thinks Miranda is amazing that says it all to me anyway. So sorry to hear the nef *hugs* hope you are ok now?

      • I know, ridiculous it is!

        I’m fine now thanks, obviously there are still days when you have problems but you have to tell yourself that being slim and healthy is what is important. I guess this is why I get angry about Miranda, I was once an impressionable teenager, and can see how easy it is to think listening to a celebrity if they are saying “you can look like me” etc actually is a good thing , when in reality is very damaging and unhealthy.

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