Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink

Not just a lie, but also just a lol

So, we are to believe Miranda likes and “gets” Monty Python? Yet she doesn’t get this?

Matt to Miranda:

Miranda to Matt:

In all the time I’ve known of Miranda, especially on her Facebook, not once have I seen her crack a joke, have a laugh, mess about etc I don’t think she has a sense of humor at all. The only Python sketch she probably gets is the Ministry of Silly Walks, everything else is probably way over her head. She probably only said she liked them because of Orlando.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink”

  1. Well, seeing as she’s one of those privileged people, she’s probably under the impression shoelaces are sold separately.

  2. HAHAHAHA!! EXCELLENT!!! You can tell this guy has put it to “trap” her and she fell right into it, oh how stupid!!! But it doesn’t surprise me, you can tell she is one of those bimbos who laugh at any mans jokes, I bet she does it with Orlando and he thinks he is the funniest man ever- that is why he obviously goes for thicker women than him, so he can feel superior and “like, so wise”- as Kate once said of him. If he can convert all the women he dates to be SGI then they must be dumb.
    No way does she get humour that is surreal, she hasnt the brain. Obviously she mustve heard/read Orlando likes Monty Python.

    • Kate said this of him? Not saying he is stupid but as smart as he can be he seems just a normal man, not a genius.

      • I remember her saying something like that, which I always found funny. I think he’s one of those people who thinks he’s a lot smarter and wiser than he actually is.

      • From what I have heard and read, he is smarter than people think. He just makes a lot of stupid mistakes like any other person. Even the smartest people can make the stupidest mistakes.

      • Yes she said it in an interview, I think it could have been the infamous GQ interview where she said it.

        I don’t think he is very clever, I’m not going by his so called mistakes either, I’m just going by the things he comes out with and how he seems to be and when he tries to come off intelligent it just doesn’t convince me, hey I know we aren’t all clever and intelligent, but I wish people would just be true and try not to act clever when they aren’t because they fail spectacularly.

        Either way I don’t think that him choosing 2 bimbos who almost sound the same (read that kate GQ interview and see she sounds EXACTLY like Miranda- cant find the full interview but here are some quotes : ) is a coincidence, men who go for considered “hot” women with no brains are the type who have low self esteem, aren’t very bright, so go for that kind of woman to make themselves be envied, look and feel clever when the bimbo thinks “he is like, so wise” when he is talking SGI, getting energy saving light bulbs and the like. Why do you think we have never seen him date an attractive, clever, intelligent, funny woman? Because he would feel threatened IMHO.

      • I agree, Nefratiti. I think if he was more intelligent he would actually research the stuff about the environment instead of believing and repeating most of the BS he hears about it. Just because it’s the new celebrity fad doesn’t make it correct. He does come across as intelligent sometimes, but I just think he tries way too hard to be perceived that way. As for his girlfriends… Well, I guess even genuinely smart men can be sucked in by cutesie girls offering sex.

  3. LOL Maybe you have to be a fat jellus hater to get the point. LMAO
    But you have to think that she probably wasn’t having the half brain cell at that day…

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