It’s Not Personal

Thanks to Rik for bringing this to our attention.

It seems Miranda may not be personally signing the “personalization” on her new “Treasure Yourself” book.

Look at the two differences in the two personalized items: Photo | Book.

If you look close enough you can see the writing isn’t the same. The “t’s”, “i’s” and “l’s” aren’t the same. You can argue that, maybe her little twig arm got tired after signing so many but your handwriting just becomes messier, not different. I’m not saying that she hasn’t signed her own name but I have serious doubts she has personalized any of the books.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 6, 2010.

41 Responses to “It’s Not Personal”

  1. TBH when my “littul twig like arm” gets tired my handwriting doesnt change per se- my style stays the same, ie my “t”‘s are the same etc, I just tend to write a little messier, I wouldnt be surprised if she has got a minion (read family member or tammy) to write the personalisation but she has signed the “miranda” bit. She said she would do a book signing once the baby is born- , would she be able to manage poor thing? *snort*

    • Not to mention she had enough time to sign 2000 books. What does she say when she’s doing autograph signings? “My twiggy arm hurts”?

    • I don’t get the point of a booksigning. Why not just sign all the books instead of making people wait for a fricking signing. Or will she be able to charge more at a signing? lol

      • She may be able to charge at the signing, but people who get on line do have to buy the book, that’s how it usually goes, as far as I know at least. It’s a way to boost sales.

      • I think it’s the ‘You are so great’, ‘Your book is wonderful’, ‘You look so stunningly beautiful’ thing.
        She needs attention and what is better than a book signing to meet her dumb fans? Maybe she insists that ‘O’ will show up, too.

    • Same here. I’ve just sat three exams with about a million essays to write for them, and my writing just gets messier and messier after the first hour, but my style certainly doesn’t change.

  2. I was just thinking, seeing as she said she’d do a book signing/tour after the baby is born. Now she says the baby is due in early 2011 (roughly January). Her book was released on the KORA site/DJ stores November 1st (after many, many delays), and will be released world wide on the web December 6th (according to amazon). Why on earth would one want to do a book signing/tour that far after the initial release?

    Normally, a book tour is done around the time of release, to help boost sales, not months after the initial release.

    So, lets look at it this way.

    November 1, the book is released on KORA website and at DJ stores.
    Between November 1st – December 16th (December 16th is a date I saw listed for a book store), book is released to Australian & New Zealand book stores.
    December 6th – book is released online (this date is what Amazon gives).
    January 2011 – the month she is supposedly giving birth.
    Several month after that – her mother staying with her, again supposedly in LA.

    So, looking at that, this book signing/tour she’s planning is going to come rather late after the release.

    She could have very well gone to Australia back in October instead of going to LA. If she didn’t want to go to every DJ store to do signings, then she could have gone to the flag ship stores instead. She still had time yet to do so, unless of course she didn’t want to do signings at any DJ stores due to her lie of the honeymoon/pregnancy (not being able to walk/pulling out at the last minute). Seems like she’s been steering clear of Australia ever since.

    Also, perhaps I missed it but I couldn’t find her book on the publication’s website Hay House Publishers, unless there’s another publication with the same name.

    • Good point! I never thought of that- knowing her she has no intention of doing a book signing and is just saying that, as like you say why do it way after the book has been released? Of course maybe if she is having her booked caesarian for December then she may do it 😉

    • “Between November 1st – December 16th (December 16th is a date I saw listed for a book store), book is released to Australian & New Zealand book stores.”

      I’ll keep an eye on my favourite book shops here in NZ and see if it flies off the shelves. Unlikely.

  3. Could it be that she signed the books but the ‘personalization’ was made by someone else?

  4. FYI regarding the book. Miranda apparently has it dedicated to her “partner”, which many assume is Orlando. My problem with that is “partner” is a loose term, it can refer to anyone. Also, seeing as there was plenty of time to change something between when they married and when the book was most likely printed, why didn’t she have “partner” changed to husband if, in fact, it’s referring to Orlando?

    She also has a photo of her deceased ex-boyfriend, which I find to be poor taste. She’s told the sob story over and over again, and included a photo of her and him in her book. IMO, it comes across as if she’s trying to capitalize on a tragic event.

    • So, she dedicates it to Orlando yet has a picture of the infamous dead boyfriend? I don’t mean to be disrespectful here but she has dined out on that sob story for too long like you say. She also has a bit of a problem naming her “partner”. It’s either partner or “O”, has she forgot his name already or can’t she spell it?

      • I dont know how the dead guys parents allow it, they must know she is full of shit and they had a childhood romance! I know it may have hurt her at the time, but knowing her as we do now, who wants to bet she made it all about her? And who wants to bet that it didnt take her long to get onto the next bloke? If his parents are ok with her doing this, they must be mad, its fine for her to have mentioned it like she has the few times but now its getting too much, and I know why she mentions it all the time, because it is probably the ONLY tragedy she has had happen in her life thats why, its the only thing she can use as an example of “poor me, look what happened, i got over it” says it all!

      • Had to laugh at this from a PRO THINSPO site lol:

        The family moved to Brisbane so Kerr could experience life in a city as a stepping-stone
        before moving to Sydney and, later, New York. But in Year 11, she struggled
        academically after her boyfriend of 18 months was killed in a car accident.

        “Miranda was devastated,” says Therese. “He was a beautiful boy. All through Year 11,
        it was as though the lights were on but no one was home. Then she started doing small
        modelling jobs, which gave her some confidence back.

        “After experiencing death in such a personal way, Miranda values the important things
        in life, such as family and friends. She doesn’t care about broken nails or material
        things. She knows what’s important and what’s not.”

        After high school, Kerr modelled in Australia and Japan before moving to New York City.
        She’s just bought a $1 million apartment in Chelsea with views of The Empire State
        Building, where she lives with her Yorkshire Terrier, Frankie.

        I had to laugh at the “she knows whats important and whats not- and then goes on to mention she had a $1 million apartment- yeah money is whats important lmao!

        And year 11 is 16-17 year old, while I think it did upset her, I really doubt it was for long.

      • Would that, or would that not contradict her going to school to study nutrition/health psychology though? Especially since it says that right after high school she went onto modelling in Australian and Japan.

      • Hard to say Rik as it was a correspondence course I dont know. Course it could all be a load of BS again.

      • “it was as though the lights were on but no one was home.”

        That still applies today LOL.

      • PMSL!! So true. I always thought that kind of phrase applied to someone who was thick, not someone who was dperessed :/

      • Still using a dead ex bf? Classy as always.

    • I read theat…oh, so sweet! Need to get a copy…ROFLMAO
      Being serious, I had the same impression,. ‘Partner’ is really formal and not that appropriate IMHO. But well, some are already crying over this sweetness.

      • Dare I ask who is crying? or is that a silly question? lol

      • On Olove they are surely crying, overwhelmed by this sweetness.
        Oh, by the way, I was banned from Olove today!!!!

      • OMG NO! That is disgusting. Well, you are more than welcome here thats for sure!

      • You were banned?? Dea, that is disgusting!!! WOW! That place is ridiculous, I left there about 4 years ago, I thought it wasn’t a great place then, so I can only imagine by what people have said- how bad it is now!

      • Oh thanks!
        I was already about to leave cause the way some people acted there taking advantage of their role was outrageous. The funny thing is they banned me and another girl not for something we did or said on the board but for some twitters we exchange, where we wanted to do a sort of shut down and not post there for one day. This was considered ‘boycotting’ and they banned us.
        Guess we know who was the spy on twitter! lol

      • KerrazyLies, can I take advantage of this entry to post a link to my Lj?

      • Course you can 😀

      • Thanks!:)
        Here’s the link:

      • Wow! Do you mind if I advertise your LJ from this blog?

      • Fine for me! Thanks!
        I’m not sure I’ll update it constantly and maybe some post will be friends only, but I’ll see later, not sure yet about it.

      • Thanks. Thats a great LJ and read it with an open mouth. I can’t believe OLove actually moaned about being called MLove recently lol

      • Thanks to you for giving me the chance to advertise it and speak my mind, which is not so common nowadays!:P

      • I saw on the LJ community (obloomtalk I believe, I lurk there as well as other communities ;x ) it being referred to as MLove and the defense against that. I’ve lurked at Olove for years, and that’s basically what it’s turned into Mlove.

    • OMG!! NOOOOO!!! That poor dead boyfriend!! How despicable she is, using his death for her own gains!! I can imagine they were kids when they dated and probably didnt know what love was, and since him she has gone from man to man, I know of six men she has been with- and thats without the dead guy! She talks of him more recently as her still having a relationship only it has changed now he has passed :/ Sorry, but doesn’t Orlando find that creepy?

      Why would the book be dedicated to her partner when its helping young girls? ooh-er :/ lmao! She also has her business partner- George Moskos. Most people who write books name the dedication by name, odd how she hasn’t dedicated it to Orlando. Funny thing is I could swear she began writing this before orlando, so why would it be dedicated to him, usually when the book has a subject, like this is for young girls it should be dedicated to them, I would love to know what he thinks of the book, but knowing him and his duuuh brain he probably thinks its a nice idea!

      • I’m fairly certain she’s been writing the book for several years, I can’t recall how long though, but definitely past 2007.

  5. It’s ashame we don’t have a sample of her Mother’s hand writing, maybe that’s who the ghost writer is.

  6. Something interesting that someone pointed out.

    I didn’t even think about it. Then again, this could have been why her Mother was visiting her, for her to sign the books. As of Nov. 6th, MK said her Mother had gone home, but I recall, someone received their by on the 1st or 31st I can’t remember which date.

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