If you look at this screencap, you will see Miranda explaining the difference between certified organic and 100% organic.

She says no cream based product could ever be 100% organic because cream based products need stabilizers. So does that mean she is admitting that NONE of her cream based products (i.e Soothing Day/Night Cream, Tinted Day care Cream, Purifying Day/Night Cream etc) are 100% organic? But hasn’t she claimed to be 100% organic? I know SassyBella and JJ and most other places that talk about it seem to think she has. The 100% organic part must have been in some sort of press release as the majority of the sites I have seen all say it. I’m pretty sure Miranda and/or her team are deleting a lot of what Miranda has said on her FB and blog as there are things I remember her saying that miraculously aren’t there anymore.

On a side note, someone did say something very interesting about KORA today. A skincare line already existed in Oz called Kora and that David Jones may have bought out the original Kora and slapped Miranda’s name on it. Would make sense as to where the original “Kora” vanished to.

Also, wasn’t KORA meant to be changing its packaging? Miranda said on her blog that the reason the KORA prices were increasing was due to the packaging change. Am I the only one who thinks that pretty disgusting?

Credit to Rik for screencap.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 4, 2010.

79 Responses to “More KORA BS”

  1. Backtrack much??? Only months ago she was saying her range was 100% organic and now she is saying this? I wonder why 😉 lol

    That is very interesting about them buying out the old kora and just putting her name on it, what a shame we couldnt find out lol

    • I remember but conveniently can’t find it. I wish someone knew more about the old Kora though.

    • I’m not sure if this is it or not, but I found the company details here.

      I hope the link works e.e;

      • Thanks. So she actually registered the “company” in nov 2007?? When she had just gotten with Orli pops? And there has been 3 name changes. Why cant the girl just make her bloody mind up for a name lol.

  2. I actually noticed many of the mentions of KORA being 100% certified organic has been removed actually, I couldn’t even find it on the site where they said it was in the process of being certified. I could be wrong though and it’s still on the site, I didn’t go looking everywhere.

    I do remember something about a Kora cosmetic line or something that was supposed to be release previously, I know I saw someone snooping to find out the details about it and they were found actually. It was right before KORA launched.

  3. I also see Miranda still hasnt changed the “still in the process of being certified by Eco-Cert”: . Tsk!

  4. Regarding the price: other organic companies use high quality ingredients but can still afford to charge less than what Kerr does for her kora crap, new packaging or no new packaging! The Aus organic company “Bloom Cosmetics” charge less and are really good. How ironic.

    • PMSL never knew there was a Bloom organics lol How quaint!

    • Although they do not claim to be organic, but botanical, Mario Badescu (I use this skincare and absolutely love it) is cheaper than KORA, and it’s a high-end skincare line, even with a mention of KORA’s blog. Example of the price difference, KORA’s Rose Hip oil turns out to be 35.11USD for a 0.676fl oz bottle, Mario Badescu’s Rose Hip oil is 20USD for a 1fl oz bottle.

      I wish I could have screen capped it, as someone on her KORA FB said that they were buying $249USD+ worth of her products and yet they were still charging her $50 shipping and handling. It looks like someone deleted it though.

      • “someone on her KORA FB said that they were buying $249USD+ worth of her products and yet they were still charging her $50 shipping and handling. It looks like someone deleted it though.”

        That’s OUTRAGEOUS! Maybe it’s just me being cheap, but I would NEVER pay $50 for shipping, no matter what it is I want to buy.

      • I wish I had grabbed it because the person mentioned how KORA had free shipping if you went over a certain limit, like many other sites, but apparently that disappeared or something. I’m not sure.

  5. 100% organic/ no such thing as 100% organic… this girl is cray cray!!! Why couldn’t she just stick to one thing? Her flip flopping just proves she is full of bullshit!

  6. Oh, here she goes again!! She definitely said it was 100% organic because it was on her website and she has said it dozens of times when people asked her on Facebook, she has obviously been reading here or been told to stop with those claims, but either way she said it was 100% organic, therefore SHE WAS LYING! *GASP*

  7. Slightly OT but it also looks like her dad is working for Miranda in someway as he is emailing people about her book being delievered. So he is either working for KORA (as the book is ordered from the KORA site?) or for her lol Just saw it on the KORA FB.

    • Hope Orlando won’t end up working for her as well and e-mailing people about her Kora line…lol

    • That tells us all we need to know about how well Kora is doing- obviously not that well because she would be employing STAFF to do the menial work like answering emails etc not members of her family! And how pathetic do they have to be to work for her like that? While Therese may look “fancy” being General Manager of Kora, everyone else seems to be a skivvy, and when that is family, that’s a tad unfair, I would kid of expect it if this business was one ran from home or something not professional,- oh! maybe I just answered my own question there then lol She has been going with this stuff for over a year now and she is having a family and a friend/hanger on working for her too- this is the best it will be for her IMO because she wont ever be more known that she is now, so using it for her “name” isnt working now, it never will and when you are paying $30au to ship internationally, she isnt doing herself or the sales of her products any favours, lets face it if I wanted ONE product lets say I wanted the soothing day and night cream which is $59.95au, with the shipping it is $89.95au, that is $91.23US(£56.07), now WHO can afford nearly $100 for ONE mediocre face cream? WHEN I can get an ECOCERT CERTIFIED CREAM for £22.12 and would only cost me £2.33 in delivery!! (and lets say you were in america, the delivery for this cream is only £6.57) link here:

      I am also really curious as to where all this stuff is made too. I know she has had the packaging desinged for her by some woman, but where is this stuff made?

      • OMFG!! I just looked at the Oz postal service ( from Oz to UK for you and it would cost approx $11 (AUS) for up to 20kg. So yes, she is well ripping people off, especially when they are buying one thing..

      • WOW! She really is using the delivery costs to make more money! What a rip off merchant she really is, there is NO WAY her Kora will last at this rate, no way!

      • Her prices and shipping costs are ridiculous.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff is not even made in OZ.

      • I HATE it when I see all these people saying to her “they are saving up to buy some of her products”, makes me so mad that they only buy her shit because she says it is wonderful, these people obviously cant afford it, but she doesn’t give a damn. She has lied to them about this skincare range saying it was certified when it wasn’t and in the process when it wasnt, how do we know what REALLY is in those creams? She has lied about something so important with those products so I wouldnt trust her or her creams one bit .

      • Sad thing is that there seems to be no way to make it public on bigger blogs/sites. *sighs*

      • I know 😦 I guess we could keep using the twitter with the Kora one being mentioned daily to “spread the word” as it were, only thing thats left really.

      • I’m curious as to where the products are made too. Knowing her she’d say the magical family farm, and she does it all herself with her dog of white light, her trusty rose quartz and help from her handbag, Orlando.

      • LMAO!!! I can imagine her saying that too! I wouldnt be surprised if she had people in poor countries making it for 50 cents a day or something! Wouldn’t this be all public record where its made? Because I would love to know how she is affording maybe a factory and workers when I can imagine kora is probably losing money!

      • I think she has a company who produces it for her. I can’t see her having a factory on her own for the little amount of stuff she sells. And it’s cheaper because you don’t have to rent/buy a factory, pay employees and all the stuff you need to produce the creames and stuff.
        I know that here in Germany often cheaper stuff is produced by subcompanies of the ones with big names. Or supermarkets/drugstores let produce her own range by them. Only with another label and slightly different ingredients.

      • Good thinking, I didn’t think of that! That is what it most probably is.

  8. One would think the information would be public, unless its something else she’s hiding.

  9. She has claimed to be 100pc organic, Ive seen it myself many times.

    I have a question, does anyone think/know if Miranda reads here?

    • I think she probably does, she proved she read delphi over the years, so I’m sure she will look here.

    • It’s quite possible that she does. Wasn’t it speculated that “Sonia” was her?

      • Yep, Sonia seemed really angry with us and took it far too personally, plus the IP was LA, and this was the day after she landed back in LA.

    • Well, lets put it this way: our link has been doing the rounds in Facebook private messages and this blog has had 3 visits from someone who sent our link through email and Im sure we can guess who that is! I definintely think “someone” has told Miranda or her “team” about this place.

      • Not. Surprised. At. All. LOL

      • No surprise there ;x Especially since she’s been back tracking and keeping rather quiet, which is amazing.

      • LOL! Seriously? Oh man…I bet we can tell now who contributed to Treasure Yourself’s sold out!lol

      • I saw that the book sold out, the announcement coming from Matty (when’s Frankie going to start posting). Oddly enough, its only sold out at the KORA online store, it still can be bought at DJs. It also seems like people who placed orders were given numbers, most likely to match up to the 2000 books that were “special”.

      • Her/him saying they had sold out, does anyone here know if that was said after what we said on here last night about the book being crap and cheap on amazon?

      • never mind, I checked, seems she said it after we had the convo where i said “this wont sell”- and funnily enough she/he posts that its sold out?? Oh what a coincidence-not!

      • I can’t get over the fact that in USD the book is nearly $26 on her site, BUT is only 284pgs where as I could buy a book that’s 400+ pages for anywhere between $19-$25USD.

        I wonder if the book is made out of recycled material, or better yet home grown, organic paper that she made herself.

      • Exactly! And don’t forget the shipping costs on top of that too! She must be insane if she thinks any intelligent being would think she has sold out of her books, ha as if!

  10. I thought this was interesting, someone did a break down of the ingredients of KORA’s Hydrating Day & Night Cream here.

    The conclusion the person gives is that it’s an overrated moisturizer ;x

    She also gives a link to chemical free cosmetic myth, which is something Miranda claims KORA is.

    • Thanks for posting Rik, that is a great read, and these people are obviously unbiased too. At the end of the day she isnt selling anything that is amazing, or unlike anyone elses.

    • “Noni juice (what is that?) is not likely to harm you, but also will not give any benefit too.”
      “It’s fine for companies to sell products that use novel technologies. But you should avoid any company that would lie to you about the lack of chemicals in their products. Chemical-free cosmetics don’t exist.”
      Love it! Thanks for the link.

      • If only this could be posted on her facebook without being deleted within 30 seconds!

  11. On which post did “Sonia” **cough cough Miranda*** post on? I am terribly curious after the IP address similarities!!!!!!

  12. Something just struck me, after reading about organic/natural skincare lines, has Miranda ever mentioned anything about expiration dates on her products?

    • Can’t remember that. I have never thought of it. Over here every product has to be an expiering date and a note how long you can use it after open it ( i.e. 6 month). But it can’t be long. Do you remember that mention from a girl who saw them at DJs?

      • I remember a couple of girls complaining how their DJs had the display unkept though.

        Any reviews I’ve come across, oddly enough they have photographed the front of the bottles, but never the back where the manufacturing information would be ;x

  13. LMAO!!! I see amazon uk are selling TREASURE YOURSELF for £6.74 instead of £8.99 with free delivery, to be selling it so cheap BEFORE it even comes out they must know this shit wont sell:

    LOL@ the repeated title of “supermodel”, all those claims that she NEVER classes herself as a supermodel, yet it is on her press for her book, on her twitter and website that she is a supermodel!! She isnt a supermodel because she hasnt been on every cover of every high fashion magazine or been in demand by all the top fashion designers, so FACT she ismt a supermodel! LOL also at the biography of the author:

    About the Author
    Miranda Kerr is one of the world’s top ten best paid supermodels. She is an advocate for Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and Children International. She practices Nichiren Buddhism and has her own skincare line. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

    REALLY?? She is a supermodel and lives in Sydney, australia? A place she never goes to these days? I would have thought that team kerr would have provided amazon with a up to date bio about the author, what rubbish!

  14. Apparently half the book is affirmations….sigh…is it unnatural to not need to chant inane phrases to make it through the day? I also don’t understand what she ever needed in the way of self-help. She has lived an utterly charmed existence.

    • I want to buy it for the lols but dnot want to line her pockets!

    • Welcome btw! 🙂

      You hit the nail on the head there! She has had a charmed easy life, how can she give advice when she hasnt experienced things like hardship, having to work hard for a living etc? That is why I would refuse to listen to her drivel whether I liked her or not, some brainless bimbo telling ME how to live, what to eat, what to think, that you get the life you deserve- urgh how DARE SHE she is a panty model who is more known for her association with Orlando, I am more likely to be interested in orlando’s take and the hardships he has gone throu and come out the other side!

      She is 27 years old, and has been lucky, seen the world, yeah, been to some fab parties I would wager, met some celebrities, made money for nothing,but to know how it feels to be down, depressed, in a pit of despair, to work so hard you dont know how you go through each day, how the next bill is going to get paid, to have hang ups about your body etc, she knows none of that no matter what she claims and it maddens me that she thinks she has the right to preach at people while she is living in her own little bubble in Miranda land where everything is cosy. I would LOVE to know what orlando thinks of her book and her preaching at people, he has experienced lifes ups as well as downs, doesnt he ever get infuriated at her holier than thou attitude and easy lifestyle?

    • So very true! I mean, she is 27, not really lived, not known poverty, hardship, bullying etc so I don’t get why she thinks she is qualified to write this bloody book. No doubt half the affirmations are from other people with maybe the odd word changed to make it look like its hers. If I thought for one minute what she says was genuine and from the heart, I would give her more credit but she is smug, she gloats, boasts (living the life comment anyone) and thinks getting glitter between her tootsies is hardship. Only when you have hit rock bottom and clawed your way up again do you have the right to write a self help book!!

  15. I have another question:

    Does anyone know what the fuck “live in my skin” means? Im sick of reading it and the only thing Ive heard similar is “walk in my shoes” when someone is having a shit time. I dont want to live in her skin thanks!!

    • LOL! That “live in my skin” is the creepiest thing, it sounds like you wear her skin urgh!! lol She is a self absorbed, self entitled spoilt brat who thinks she knows it all, yet knows nothing about REAL life, and it irritates me, you know some people do have a charmed life, and I say good luck to them, but NOT when they are preaching at me and others telling me how to live, eat,think etc as if they have been there when they havent. It is the simplest things that irritate, the “always eat organic”, a lot of people just can’t afford organic, and that is a fact, she forgets she is rich and has access to whatever she likes, the best foods money can buy, chefs, personal trainers etc, I would LOVE to see someone who has a very demanding job live on what she says she eats, they would be fainting all over the place, she needs to know who she is, a pampered hypocrite who should just do what she does best- say nothing.

      I have no problem with people having the best things in life and being able to afford the best etc, but I also wish people would just be who they are with no pretense, she cannot be a modest, down to earth, girl next door who people can relate to, because she isnt a person who is living a real life.

  16. Perhaps I’m slightly cynical, which is definitely possible ;x But someone posted their personalized autograph on their book, and looking at Miranda’s hand writing from an autographed photo, it looks like two different hand writings o.O

    The autographed photo vs the autographed book.

    Perhaps she had her time to sign all 2000 books and the autographed photo was done in person, I don’t know. But the As, Rs and Ts appear to be different as well as the word Love.

    I’m just saying. ;x

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